sonic blue telecaster


Thursday Night Guitar Shopping at the amazing Cosmo Music megastore just north of Toronto, Canada:

  1. Not sure…this may be one of the 60th Ann. Strats or it may be a “Select”.  Either way it is distinctive.  Check out the “binding” on the neck.  It’s actually a channel cut into the maple into which the fretboard is inserted.  Looks like binding…but it ain’t binding!
  2. Incredibly gorgeous Custom Shop Jazz Bass.  Wow.  The price tag is “wow” too…  :\
  3. Is this a dream rack?  Or a rack of monotony?
  4. Speaking of cool basses…here’s a Custom Shop Jaco Pastorius FRETLESS JB.  I won’t even consider telling you the price lest you have a heart attack and die and I get sued by your grieving relatives for sending you to an early grave.
  5. Hahaha…the Strat bookends (sorry for the repeat, but I love them so much!)
  6. Yes Suhr!
  7. Yes Suhr!  Part 2.

some goodies seen whilst at our regular “Thursday Night Guitar Shopping” trip, at the Long and McQuade store in Brampton, near Toronto, Canada:

  1. Lovely Sonic Blue American Standard Telecaster.  Note the “binding” on the neck which isn’t actually binding, but a channel cut into which the rosewood fretboard is inserted, leaving a rim of maple around the fretboard.  Clever!
  2. Holy!
  3. Used 2013 SG “Original”.  I think it was $1,350.  New it would have been around $1700 - $1800.  I think.  :D
  4. Left: Gibson USA (i.e. NOT Custom Shop) all gold ES-335.  Middle:  BB King “Lucille”.  Right: Cherry ES-355.
  5. I want so badly to like Gretsch.  This was intersting until I picked it up and found it weighed somewhere between 9 and 40,000 pounds!  But seriosly, It was definitely over 9 lbs…which I think is ridiculous in a semi hollow!
  6. I LOVE this this style of American Deluxe Tele, but I was sure it had been discontinued.  This one was new…so maybe they aren’t discontinued??   

Tuesday night guitar shopping this week at a great store called Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill Ontario, just north of Toronto (Canada).

It’s always interesting to visit this shop…they are huge.  They even have a special room upstairs for the high-end stuff.  And man, they have some seriously high-end stuff!

  1. It’s a Les Paul sandwich!  Custom Shop Strat (top left) and Select Tele (top right).
  2. Fender - I have to say - you guys are really getting experimental with the finishes!  So many different ones have popped up on various lines over the last year or two.  Here’s an American Deluxe in a new copper-gold colour.
  3. (see above)
  4. An American Standard in a hand rubbed finish…also interesting!
  5. Custom Shop early 50s Tele Relic.  Note to self: black ‘guard on blonde with round string tree = early 50s on a Telecaster.  Just an FYI if you ever see one in a pawn shop…  :D
  6. RORY!
  7. Here’s another look at that Rack-O-Strats.  I heard a sales person saying that some of these were Olympic White and Sonic Blue (or Daphne Blue???  Damn I can’t keep this stuff straight!!) rather than Surf Green…
  8. Another example of an interesting new finish on an American Deluxe.
  9. This might have been an American Std. HSS (rather than a “Deluxe”) but again…another new and different finish.  Thanks Fender for keeping things interesting!  :D