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Corbin knows what he did and will accept the consequences
PS:Corbin said that infinites braid was ugly and gadget will not hesitate

Prompt (that was fast lol)

World: Sonic 2017 game again

Couple: Sonamy (Possible classic Sonamy?)

Prompt: Okay, wow, I really want like the rebellion losing hope, and Sonic just raises morale or whatever by asking Tails to play an old record and dancing with amy, I just really want a dramatic ‘Hey, Amy. Let’s dance’ moment, okay??? (you can put classic learning how to dance too btw, okay thx bye)


The team looked at the world falling apart around them, seeing the old projector show a lovely home video of a human family playing in the park, before Eggman’s invasion started happening.

They turned it off and Tails started to look through more of the old box, but Rouge stopped him, gesturing with her hand, “Stop it, Fox boy. It’s not doing anyone any good….” she put her arms around herself, as if showing that she was closing herself off for a moment. Blaze held her arm and looked away while Silver closed his eyes and turned away, ashamed he was also too late.

Shadow folded his arms, and Sonic looked to everyone, upset by the loss of hope everyone was showing through their body language.

“Pfft.” Sonic flicked his nose, “Don’t give them any mind, Tails.” he waltz on over and put an arm on Tails’s shoulder, bending down and taking out a record player disc, and spinning it in his hands for a minute. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” he looked around, bouncing it in his arms for a moment, and moved past team Chaotix. “Excuse me for a moment.” he scooted by them and dusted off an old record player in the back, and blew off any remaining dust from inside. He put the disc down, and a nice old time beat started playing.

He had his arms folded, before his head started nodding and his feet began to tap. “Yeah… that’s more like it!” he turned around, everyone’s eyes on Sonic, as he sped over in front of Amy, surprised at his action. “Amy! Care to dance?” he winked with every bit of his natural charm.

She giggled excitedly, she wasn’t one to despair for too long either, and took his hand as he quickly spun her around and started to dance with her, the box formation.

“Come on, everybody! Loosen up!” he then sped off to pair people up, Cream and Tails, Silver and Blaze, Rouge got Shadow, and Sonic zipped by Knuckles, placing a half dolled up broom with a tapped ruler for arms in his hands. “Figure it out yourself!”

Knuckles looked at the broom, then groaned and shrugged, dancing a close slow dance with the broomed figure.

Vector looked around too, before laughing and scooping his two partners up and twirling around with them, ‘Wweee’ing all the way across the room; Espeo and Charmy looking a little dizzy… not to mention uncomfortable.

Everyone was a little awkward, as the classics looked up at all the pairs in curiosity. “Woah!” “haha!”

Sonic went straight back to Amy, getting into the right position for dancing again. “Now, where were we?”

She was over thrilled at his ‘idea’ to lighten the mood and followed his lead.

Rosy stared as if entranced at the two, putting her hands together and admiring them, even with slight envy. She then covered her face as she blushed and looked to Sonic, batting her eyes away and moving her hands down as if implying she was waiting for him to ask her to dance as well.

Classic Sonic got the hint, but leaned away, folding his arms and scratching his nose, before Classic Tails looked over. “You’re not gonna dance?”

Classic Sonic shook his head defiantly.

“Ohh… it looks fun.” Classic Tails encouraged, seeing as Classic Knuckles was dancing by himself with a little dustpan he had acquired.

Classic Sonic remained well stated… And poor Classic Amy, the Rascal as she was, only let her face hang long in sorrow, seeing as he might not ask her to dance either.

“Well, suit yourself.” Classic Tails shrugged and flew over to Classic Amy, tapping her shoulder, “Hey, you wanna dance-?”

The second he made that bold move, Classic Sonic pouted, narrowing his eyes in anger and grabbing her, racing out near his other self, glaring back at Classic Tails. (lol, I’m pretty sure it’s a bro-code thing. #BROken)

Classic Tails looked amazed one moment, but then cheekily smirked in his hand, chuckling, as if he knew he would do that all along, and went to dance with a small doll figure with red hair.

Classic Sonic looked down but still eyeing Classic Tails, before looking up at Classic Amy, whose joy was radiant and almost scary at how excited she was. He sweat-dropped as she grabbed his two hands and started spinning around, making him dizzy.

He quickly got out of her hold and started running away, causing her to happily chase after him with hearts everywhere after her.

Modern Sonic rolled his eyes up, as Amy just laughed, thinking the two cute, and looked to Sonic. “Aren’t they darling?”

“Classic us.” Sonic sarcastically stated, going for the pun.

Amy looked back at them, “Rosy, sweetie? Why not let Sonic lead?” she encouraged, as Classic Amy stopped, hearing her nickname, and nodded, waiting for Classic Sonic to return.

Once he knew she had stopped, he skid to a halt, dodging people while he did so, and folded his arms, still not happy about the idea…

“Look, if it makes other happy…” Sonic looked down to his old self, giving him a reason.

Classic Sonic didn’t approve, looking up at Sonic, before back at Classic Amy, swaying back and forth, her hands tight together in front of her, chin down, hopelessly waiting for him to sweep her up again and pull her to the dance floor.

“It’ll be fun~” Amy encouraged, but even Modern Sonic’s expression looked like he didn’t believe her.

Classic Amy made one final attempt at appeal, and looked sadly to him, before outstretching her hand, and smiling cutely. A sweet invitation…

He looked away, then back, and finally took her hand and started to look down, back and forth, at his feet, not knowing where to place them.

Sonic caught his attention quickly and started doing the box formation again, showing Little Blue how it’s done.

Classic Sonic followed, tilting and turning every now and then, but boy was Rosy that Rascal giggling with an open smile, jumping every now and again in her joy at dancing with her hero.

“Sonic…” Amy looked up from the two below to Modern Sonic, who also, surprisingly, had a smile at the two. “This was a good idea.”

“Swell, right?” he winked and teased.

She laughed, and nodded. “I never knew you were so good on your feet.” she slightly flirted, at least, tried to be funny about it, lowering her eyelids as she did so, and turned her head slightly.

Sonic took it more as a challenge or dare, and raised an eyebrow with a wicked grin. “Oh? There’s plenty more fancy footwork where that came from!” he suddenly did an elaborate dance step and dipped her.

“W-woah!” she was pleasantly surprised! As he winked again, and laughed as he brought her up.

“I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Suddenly, Classic Amy also let out a shocked noise, as Classic Sonic had mimicked his older self and dipped her too, doing more flare by lifting his hand behind him, moving his leg behind the other in a crisscross form, then looking up at his older self, and winking.

After that, the two Sonic’s battled it out in dance, swinging Amy around as they tried to out-best the other.

If you want more, you know who to call!

lisaz1972  asked:

TUMBLR PROMPT: Killian getting a pet (unconventional) because Henry asked & Emma comes home & finds out ;) (Not the goat, unless you want to do part 2 of the one!) Love ya hon! :)

I hope you enjoy this pile of fluff! <3 (I may have slipped my favorite animal EVAH into this one.)

“We should name him Sonic,” Henry decided.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow when Henry laughed, but the boy didn’t have time to explain. The two of them spun around as the front door swung open.

“What the hell, Killian?” Emma took one look at the little creature Killian had in his hand, then back up at him. He could tell right away that she expected an answer, knowing he’d give her one she really didn’t want to hear.

“Henry asked for it,” he blurted out.

“Hey!” Henry grumbled, “way to throw me under the bus!”

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