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Prompt (that was fast lol)

World: Sonic 2017 game again

Couple: Sonamy (Possible classic Sonamy?)

Prompt: Okay, wow, I really want like the rebellion losing hope, and Sonic just raises morale or whatever by asking Tails to play an old record and dancing with amy, I just really want a dramatic ‘Hey, Amy. Let’s dance’ moment, okay??? (you can put classic learning how to dance too btw, okay thx bye)


The team looked at the world falling apart around them, seeing the old projector show a lovely home video of a human family playing in the park, before Eggman’s invasion started happening.

They turned it off and Tails started to look through more of the old box, but Rouge stopped him, gesturing with her hand, “Stop it, Fox boy. It’s not doing anyone any good….” she put her arms around herself, as if showing that she was closing herself off for a moment. Blaze held her arm and looked away while Silver closed his eyes and turned away, ashamed he was also too late.

Shadow folded his arms, and Sonic looked to everyone, upset by the loss of hope everyone was showing through their body language.

“Pfft.” Sonic flicked his nose, “Don’t give them any mind, Tails.” he waltz on over and put an arm on Tails’s shoulder, bending down and taking out a record player disc, and spinning it in his hands for a minute. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” he looked around, bouncing it in his arms for a moment, and moved past team Chaotix. “Excuse me for a moment.” he scooted by them and dusted off an old record player in the back, and blew off any remaining dust from inside. He put the disc down, and a nice old time beat started playing.

He had his arms folded, before his head started nodding and his feet began to tap. “Yeah… that’s more like it!” he turned around, everyone’s eyes on Sonic, as he sped over in front of Amy, surprised at his action. “Amy! Care to dance?” he winked with every bit of his natural charm.

She giggled excitedly, she wasn’t one to despair for too long either, and took his hand as he quickly spun her around and started to dance with her, the box formation.

“Come on, everybody! Loosen up!” he then sped off to pair people up, Cream and Tails, Silver and Blaze, Rouge got Shadow, and Sonic zipped by Knuckles, placing a half dolled up broom with a tapped ruler for arms in his hands. “Figure it out yourself!”

Knuckles looked at the broom, then groaned and shrugged, dancing a close slow dance with the broomed figure.

Vector looked around too, before laughing and scooping his two partners up and twirling around with them, ‘Wweee’ing all the way across the room; Espeo and Charmy looking a little dizzy… not to mention uncomfortable.

Everyone was a little awkward, as the classics looked up at all the pairs in curiosity. “Woah!” “haha!”

Sonic went straight back to Amy, getting into the right position for dancing again. “Now, where were we?”

She was over thrilled at his ‘idea’ to lighten the mood and followed his lead.

Rosy stared as if entranced at the two, putting her hands together and admiring them, even with slight envy. She then covered her face as she blushed and looked to Sonic, batting her eyes away and moving her hands down as if implying she was waiting for him to ask her to dance as well.

Classic Sonic got the hint, but leaned away, folding his arms and scratching his nose, before Classic Tails looked over. “You’re not gonna dance?”

Classic Sonic shook his head defiantly.

“Ohh… it looks fun.” Classic Tails encouraged, seeing as Classic Knuckles was dancing by himself with a little dustpan he had acquired.

Classic Sonic remained well stated… And poor Classic Amy, the Rascal as she was, only let her face hang long in sorrow, seeing as he might not ask her to dance either.

“Well, suit yourself.” Classic Tails shrugged and flew over to Classic Amy, tapping her shoulder, “Hey, you wanna dance-?”

The second he made that bold move, Classic Sonic pouted, narrowing his eyes in anger and grabbing her, racing out near his other self, glaring back at Classic Tails. (lol, I’m pretty sure it’s a bro-code thing. #BROken)

Classic Tails looked amazed one moment, but then cheekily smirked in his hand, chuckling, as if he knew he would do that all along, and went to dance with a small doll figure with red hair.

Classic Sonic looked down but still eyeing Classic Tails, before looking up at Classic Amy, whose joy was radiant and almost scary at how excited she was. He sweat-dropped as she grabbed his two hands and started spinning around, making him dizzy.

He quickly got out of her hold and started running away, causing her to happily chase after him with hearts everywhere after her.

Modern Sonic rolled his eyes up, as Amy just laughed, thinking the two cute, and looked to Sonic. “Aren’t they darling?”

“Classic us.” Sonic sarcastically stated, going for the pun.

Amy looked back at them, “Rosy, sweetie? Why not let Sonic lead?” she encouraged, as Classic Amy stopped, hearing her nickname, and nodded, waiting for Classic Sonic to return.

Once he knew she had stopped, he skid to a halt, dodging people while he did so, and folded his arms, still not happy about the idea…

“Look, if it makes other happy…” Sonic looked down to his old self, giving him a reason.

Classic Sonic didn’t approve, looking up at Sonic, before back at Classic Amy, swaying back and forth, her hands tight together in front of her, chin down, hopelessly waiting for him to sweep her up again and pull her to the dance floor.

“It’ll be fun~” Amy encouraged, but even Modern Sonic’s expression looked like he didn’t believe her.

Classic Amy made one final attempt at appeal, and looked sadly to him, before outstretching her hand, and smiling cutely. A sweet invitation…

He looked away, then back, and finally took her hand and started to look down, back and forth, at his feet, not knowing where to place them.

Sonic caught his attention quickly and started doing the box formation again, showing Little Blue how it’s done.

Classic Sonic followed, tilting and turning every now and then, but boy was Rosy that Rascal giggling with an open smile, jumping every now and again in her joy at dancing with her hero.

“Sonic…” Amy looked up from the two below to Modern Sonic, who also, surprisingly, had a smile at the two. “This was a good idea.”

“Swell, right?” he winked and teased.

She laughed, and nodded. “I never knew you were so good on your feet.” she slightly flirted, at least, tried to be funny about it, lowering her eyelids as she did so, and turned her head slightly.

Sonic took it more as a challenge or dare, and raised an eyebrow with a wicked grin. “Oh? There’s plenty more fancy footwork where that came from!” he suddenly did an elaborate dance step and dipped her.

“W-woah!” she was pleasantly surprised! As he winked again, and laughed as he brought her up.

“I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Suddenly, Classic Amy also let out a shocked noise, as Classic Sonic had mimicked his older self and dipped her too, doing more flare by lifting his hand behind him, moving his leg behind the other in a crisscross form, then looking up at his older self, and winking.

After that, the two Sonic’s battled it out in dance, swinging Amy around as they tried to out-best the other.

If you want more, you know who to call!

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Sonamy 12 please! :)

This took way longer than it should have! But at last it’s here, I hope you enjoy it! #12 - Pets

There were a lot of things that the general public didn’t know about Sonic the Hedgehog. While he wasn’t exactly what you would call shy, there were certain things the blue hero preferred to keep to himself. 

Those few things he liked to keep under wraps, he fought to do so with his life in most cases, lest anyone use that information against him in the future. Underneath the “too cool” exterior was a hero weighed down by a lot of burdens and responsibilities. 

Granted, they were self-inflicted, but they were burdens and responsibilities nonetheless.

That was why he ran all the time, to relax and briefly remove that weight from his shoulders. Having the wind run through his quills and the comforting silence that came from breaking the sound barrier was a sensation that was more therapeutic to him than anything else in the world.

And Amy Rose knew this.

She knew more about Sonic than anyone else in the world, even his best friend and adopted little brother Tails wasn’t able to read him as well as she did. Of course, whenever she said stuff like that, her friends would just roll their eyes and humor her ramblings, even Cream didn’t really seem to believe her when she talked about how well she knew the inner workings of Sonic the Hedgehog.

But she didn’t mind, she knew the truth, and in the end, that was all that mattered.

The desire to know more about him, to get closer to him, that was all part of being in love. Maybe her methods weren’t all that effective, chasing him around wherever he went and glomping him at every opportunity…but hey, she had to get her hugs in somehow.

Today however, Amy planned to use a different approach. For the past several weeks, Amy Rose had noticed a change in Sonic’s everyday demeanor, one that was so slight, that not even Tails had picked it up…but she had. Sonic seemed a bit more flighty, like he was in a rush to get to places, more of a rush than usual that is. 

Oh he’d still hang out, make jokes, do all those Sonic-y things that made him Sonic…but after a certain amount of time, he would start to grow anxious, and then he’d promptly excuse himself in a very Sonic-like manner, and in a flash, he would be gone.

This mystery would not go unsolved.

Amy knew that just asking him what was going on would make Sonic uncomfortable, the blue hero had this shield of cockiness and attitude that gave him the ability to simply brush off questions he didn’t feel like answering. His charisma, his laid back way of life, it was enough to make anyone else just laugh off any concerns, and they’d go back to the way they were before.

But not her, Amy knew better.

So the first step would be to get Sonic to lower his shield, and the best way to do that was to go through his stomach. That meant chili dogs. Sonic didn’t often stop for things, especially if they came from her…but there was one thing she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt would get his attention, and that was a hot plate full of hotdogs slathered in chili from her own signature recipe. 

She’d spent weeks mastering the recipe over the years, and she knew she had a winner when Sonic not only finished the plate she gave him, but actually asked - or rather begged - for more.

The pink hedgehog spent all morning whipping up a batch of her signature chili dogs, and after wrapping the plate in some aluminum foil to keep them warm, she started the short walk to Sonic’s apartment in Station Square.

That was yet another thing she knew about Sonic that no one else did: the blue hedgehog actually did have a place to call home. Most people assumed that he just lived with Tails, considering that was where you could usually find him when he wasn’t running around the world somewhere. 

But Amy knew he had an apartment, she’d seen him going in and out of a large apartment complex on occasion, and she was the only one who ever thought anything of it.

When Sonic found out she knew, he’d sworn her to silence.

“What a bunch of nonsense, like Eggman doesn’t already attack the city on a regular basis.” Amy shook her head in remembrance of the confrontation she’d had with him. Oh, she agreed to keep it quiet, but she’d also made sure to let him know he was being ridiculous. 

Hiding the fact he had an apartment, a little place to call home, wouldn’t have caused any trouble for anyone. “If anything, it’s his reputation he’s worried about, God forbid someone find out that Sonic the Hedgehog actually sleeps in a bed instead of on tree limbs and rooftops.”

Finally she reached Sonic’s apartment, a rundown little place on the third floor with the number ‘six’ hanging upside-down and making it look like a ‘nine.’ The pink hedgehog scoffed and rolled her eyes at the sight. “He still hasn’t fixed the door.” she knocked on the door and waited for Sonic to answer, but after about a minute or so, the door had remained closed. 

“That’s weird…he’s usually home at this time.” Out of curiosity, she turned the door knob, and gasped when she found the door had been left unlocked. “That’s weirder…”

Slowly making her way into the apartment, she took note of the fact that a couple of lights were on, indicating that someone had been there recently at the very least. “Sonic?” She received no answer. 

Placing the chili dogs on the countertop, she summoned her hammer and silently stalked her way through the rooms of the apartment. The bathroom was…dirty, and the closets were unorganized and messy. Had this been anyone else’s place, she would’ve assumed the place had been burglarized…but this was Sonic.

“Like he’s gonna bother cleaning up. Ugh.” She lowered her hammer and scoffed. “He must’ve just taken off somewhere and forgot to lock his door.” Then her fur began to stand on end, as a faint noise reached her ears. “On second thought, maybe I’m not alone after all.”

Amy sneaked over to the source of the noise, and as she drew closer to the closed door of Sonic’s bedroom, the noise grew slightly louder, until she pressed her ear against the door and was able to get a clearer idea of what she was hearing. “Someone’s rummaging through his stuff!“ 

Lifting her hammer up over her head, the pink hedgehog steeled herself and prepared to confront whatever burglar dared to try and steal from her beloved Sonic.

With a battle cry, she charged through the door and started swinging on instinct, then stopped as she caught her breath and looked around the room. “Huh? There’s…there’s no one here.” Her eyes slowly scanned the room, and in her peripheral vision she caught movement in Sonic’s closet. “Ah ha!” She leaped in front of the door and raised her hammer up over her head to attack…and then she slowly lowered it, as she stared in shock at the figure she had been about to beat up on.

A little chao, cowering in fear as it stared up at her.

“A chao?” she made her hammer vanish, and she knelt down in front of the tiny creature and held her hands out to it. “Hey there little guy, what are you doing here?” the chao shuddered in fear, and Amy gently took hold of it. “Hey, easy,” she said as the chao struggled to get free. “I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t know you were here.”


“Yeah,” she smiled down at it as it stopped fighting to get free. “I’m not gonna hurt you, it was only a mistake. I’m Amy, Amy Rose.”

“Chao?” the chao’s eyes widened, and then it smiled as it turned around and embraced the pink hedgehog with its little emotion ball shaped like a heart. “Chao chao chao!”

“Well, that’s quite a mood swing there,” she raised the chao up and nuzzled its face with her nose. “Aren’t you just the cutest little thing? What are you doing here in Sonic’s apartment…unless…” Amy suppressed a laugh. “No way…do you belong to Sonic?”

“Hey Speedy! I’m back little buddy!” Hearing the voice coming from the kitchen confirmed Amy’s suspicions, but then a chill went up her spine at the next thing she heard. “What smells so good?”

“Uh oh.”

“Wait a second…chili dogs? And they smell like…” the next thing Amy knew, there was a gust of wind and in the doorway stood Sonic, eyes wide as dinner plates as they locked onto her and the little chao who was happily snuggling into her chest. “Amy?!”

“Uh…hi Sonic.” Suddenly the chao squealed and escaped Amy’s grip, and it began flying around Sonic’s head in happiness, finally settling down on the blue hedgehog’s head, a content smile on its face. “So…does it belong to you?”

Sonic narrowed his eyes at the girl and scowled. “What are you doing here Amy?”

Amy stood up and lowered her head, scuffing the floor with the sole of her boot and her hands held behind her back. “I wanted to come and visit, I even brought chili dogs!” she tried to smile when she mentioned his favorite food, but the scowl never left his face. “I’m sorry Sonic, I didn’t mean to just barge in, I saw the door was open and I thought you just didn’t hear me, and then I heard noises coming from your bedroom and I thought maybe someone was trying to rob you, so I went charging in and I scared the living daylights out of this cute little guy, and then I-”


Amy stopped her babbling when the little chao frowned at her and flew off Sonic’s head to go back to her, rubbing its face against hers in an apparent show of comfort. “Aww, aren’t you the sweetest?”


Sonic watched in awe as the little chao snuggled back up to the pink hedgehog, relinquishing a chuckle as he shook his head in amusement. “Well whaddya know? Speedy’s taken a liking to ya.”

“Speedy? Is that his name?”

“That a problem?”

“Of course not!” Amy smiled. “I think it’s a perfect name for the pet of the fastest thing alive!”

“Chao chao!”

“Yeah, well, I’m glad you approve.” Sonic turned around and headed back to his kitchen, and Amy followed him with Speedy still nestled in her arms. “Look Ames,” Sonic took a seat at the kitchen counter and eyeballed the plate of chili dogs before finally deciding to start biting into one. “I don’t need the fact that I have a chao gettin’ out, it wouldn’t exactly look good for my rep.”

“Oh come on Sonic, it wouldn’t be bad for your reputation, it’s not like you’re the only one who has a pet, lots of people do!” Amy raised the chao up and nuzzled his face with her nose. “And this little guy is just soooo adorable, how can you not wanna show him off?”


Sonic sighed and shook his head. “It’s not that simple Ames, it’s like I told you before, if Eggman or any of our other enemies-”

“Oh no you don’t! Don’t even try to pull that excuse with me Sonic the Hedgehog! If you were really worried about Speedy’s safety, you never would’ve gotten him!” She was momentarily distracted when the little chao flew out of her arms and over to a paper bag that apparently had him very excited. “Although that does explain why you keep taking off early nowadays, you’re probably coming back here to feed him and take care of him.”

“If that’s what you wanna believe.” Sonic shrugged and started chomping on another chili dog.

“It’s what I’ll go with until you give me a better explanation.” Amy went over and took a seat next to the blue hedgehog, watching him for a moment as he ate from the plate she’d brought with her. “So, what made you decide to get him in the first place?” When Sonic stopped eating and glanced at her with his eyes, she scoffed and rolled her own eyes. “Whatever the reason is, I swear I will take it to the grave, God forbid anyone should ever find out that Sonic the Hedgehog actually has a more tender side to him.”

Sonic swallowed his mouthful of food and wiped his mouth with his arm, exhaling through his nose before he finally cast his eyes upon the little chao who was digging through the contents of the paper bag he’d brought. “Look, I just…” he sighed. “I thought it might be cool to own one, I see how much fun Cream and Cheese have together all the time, and I thought hey, why not?“ 

Sonic got up and grabbed the paper bag with Speedy still in it, and he pulled him out and placed him in his lap, even as the chao shook a small toy microphone around. "So I went to the chao garden in the Station Square Hotel and I decided to bring an egg home. The rest is history.”

“Well if you ask me, I think that’s really sweet of you. Do you know how many chao have to grow up without anyone to take care of them? Cream tells me all the time that she wishes she could take more chao home, but Vanilla doesn’t want anymore since Cheese is already there full-time and every once in a while one of Cream’s younger friends will bring Chocola to her house for her to take care of him.” Amy placed a hand on the blue hedgehog’s arm and smiled. “Don’t you see Sonic? You did it again, you’re a hero! Only instead of saving everyone’s life, you saved just one…and that one matters just as much as if you saved the whole world.”

The blue hedgehog chuckled a little. “I guess you could put it that way.”

“There’s just one thing I still don’t get Sonic.”

“What’s that?”

Amy smirked. “When I told Speedy who I was, he practically jumped for joy and hugged me like I was his mama, how does he know who I am?”

Sonic’s cheeks were suddenly turning red, and he coughed into his fist as he refused to look the pink hedgehog in the eye. “Well, ya got me there Ames, I mean I told him about you guys, but I dunno why he thinks you’re so special.”

“Real smooth Sonic,” Amy leaned in closer, and Sonic leaned back as a result. “What aren’t you telling me?” Silence. “Ok, new question…what did you tell Speedy about me?”

Still refusing to look at her, Sonic frowned. “I told ‘im that you’re a nosy brat who doesn’t know how to mind her own business.”


“Chao chao chao!” Amy looked down at Speedy and saw that the chao was glaring in disapproval at Sonic. “Chao chao chao, chao chao!”

“You’re supposed to be on my side,” Sonic sighed even as his cheeks grew warmer. “I also told ‘im how…how special you are to me…and that there’s no one I would trust him with more than you, not even Cream.”

“Oh Sonic,” she swooned. “Do you mean that?”

Sonic groaned and scratched the back of his neck. “You’re making this tougher than it needs to be Ames…” he finally looked her in the eye and nodded an affirmative. “Yeah, I meant it. I guess he got the impression that…you’re his mom, since I’m supposed to be like his dad or whatever.”

Amy blushed and smiled tenderly at the blue hedgehog before she took Speedy into her arms and rubbed his head, making him close his eyes and sigh in contentment under her loving touch. “Well, I think I can fulfill that role, if you want me to that is.”

Seeing how happy his pet was with the young girl, Sonic couldn’t help but smile as he felt his heart swell in a way he never could’ve expected…watching Amy interact with Speedy, she looked just like a loving mother…and for some reason, that mental image made his heart beat faster in a way that wasn’t entirely unwelcome…in fact, it felt nice in a way. “Sure Ames, I guess we can raise this little guy together, he already really likes you, so I can’t really come up with a good reason not to.”

“Thanks Sonic, I promise I’ll do a good job with him.”

“Knowing you Ames, he’ll probably be the happiest chao alive.”

As the two looked at each other in comfortable silence, they were given a real treat when Speedy began to sing while still in Amy’s arms. “Oh he’s singing! That’s so sweet!” she looked up with jade-green eyes sparkling with happiness. “Come over here Sonic.” It took a moment for Sonic to react, but eventually he did give in and went over to them, wrapping one arm around her shoulder as they both watched and listened to the little chao sing in his own language. “Isn’t this adorable?”

“Yeah, sure is.”

Of all the things she expected to find, a tiny blue creature living with Sonic was not one of them, but now with Speedy sitting comfortably in her lap and Sonic by her side, Amy Rose felt that there was no way she could be happier…until Sonic leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed profusely and turned her head to look at him, and she could immediately tell that his face was just as hot as hers was. “S-Sonic…”

“S-Sorry Ames…” he rubbed his neck. “I dunno why I did that…it just kinda…felt like the right thing to do, know what I mean?”

She graced the blue hedgehog with a loving smile, and captured his lips with her own before he would have a chance to react. After a few moments, she felt Sonic start to give in, and even return the affectionate gesture in his own awkward way. A few more moments later, she broke the kiss, and smiled at him with her eyes half-lidded. “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”

“Chao chao.”

Then they looked down and saw that Speedy was looking at them both with a big smile, the little ball floating above his head now shaped like a heart. Amy looked back up at Sonic and smiled at him, and her heart swelled when she saw Sonic giving her a very similar expression.  "And I think Speedy does too.“

A/N: I think I did pretty good with this one! What do you guys think? One more to go! So stay tuned!

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TUMBLR PROMPT: Killian getting a pet (unconventional) because Henry asked & Emma comes home & finds out ;) (Not the goat, unless you want to do part 2 of the one!) Love ya hon! :)

I hope you enjoy this pile of fluff! <3 (I may have slipped my favorite animal EVAH into this one.)

“We should name him Sonic,” Henry decided.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow when Henry laughed, but the boy didn’t have time to explain. The two of them spun around as the front door swung open.

“What the hell, Killian?” Emma took one look at the little creature Killian had in his hand, then back up at him. He could tell right away that she expected an answer, knowing he’d give her one she really didn’t want to hear.

“Henry asked for it,” he blurted out.

“Hey!” Henry grumbled, “way to throw me under the bus!”

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