sonic an knuckles

Finally finished this. I’ll probably make another version involving the Eggman Empire but maybe. Clip Studio Paint is great but I couldn’t dint the layer opacity for Silver’s aura so I just kept the outline.

anonymous asked:

How do you do the long muzzle on Sonic characters? I've been trying to figure it out for years, but to no avail. You make it look so good what is your secret?

Its taken me quite a lot of practice for me to get the muzzles for my style juuuust right. But I made some ref sheets here to help you out!

I’ve been drawing animals, especially cats, for as long as I can remember so I think that’s what helped me most in drawing muzzles on Sonic characters. Everything basically starts with basic shapes, and then I build upon them from there.

Canines will have longer and pointer muzzles, while felines are more rounded and short. Hedgehogs and echidnas are basically the same except that with the echidna muzzle it’s slightly longer and points upwards at the end. Hope this helps you out kiddo!