sonic adventure 2 battle

Dialogue I will never forget as long as I live
  • sonic: hey that's!
  • shadow: that blue hedgehog again of all places
  • sonic: i found you!!
  • sonic: faker!!
  • shadow: faker??
  • shadow: i think youre the fake hedgehog around here
  • shadow: youre comparing yourself to me??
  • shadow: HA
  • shadow: you're not even good enough to be my f
Escape From The City
  • Escape From The City
  • Jun Senoue, Ted Poley, et al.
  • Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 OST

What’s up you amateurs? Taking a short break from requests today, because today is my lovely roommate’s birthday! If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be into Sonic in the first place, or even here on Tumblr! I know this is one of her favorite songs, so happy birthday, torchic!

This is also fitting, since apparently, today was the release date of SA2 in North America! How fancy is that? I think everyone and their mom, dad, and grandmaw auntpaw know this one, especially since it’s (likely) the first stage you do on this game. It starts out with such a kickin’ bass riff, as you’re falling from the sky and sliding down through the city streets. This song is really high energy and fast paced, and goes by super fast, holy! Just a straight up rock mix; the guitar riffs are really nice throughout this whole thing. I think the real standout is the bass, however; Crush 40/Senoue’s work always has some crazy slap bass work going on, and it’s especially evident in the chorus, where it takes the stage. I’m often singing the bass there instead of the actual words. The melodic structure of the chorus is easy to sing along to, as well as easy to harmonize to. I love the sound of the vocals themselves too. The drums are pretty straight forward, fills in all the appropriate places, keeping the groove and drive forward. The chordal structure is fairly simple, but this is a rock tune, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated to be effective.

This was the first Sonic game I played, and I picked it up around summertime last year, so it’s bringing back some little nostalgia for myself. Also, you wouldn’t believe the trials my roommate went through to try and get an A rank on this stage! (She did it, by the way…eventually.) Also, sometimes I think vocal tracks for Sonic are structured so that you do the stage before the song is over…can you imagine doing City Escape in 2:14?

“Take my lead, I’ll set you free…”