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I always think of performing and being in a band sort of like what it feels like to be in love, you know. There’s a comfort when you just start to know somebody and you’ve been together forever and you start looking like each other and dressing like each other. But, I think the part of love that’s so attractive and addictive is you know, that firing of chemicals and not knowing what the result is gonna be and what the feedback is gonna be, and, you know there are definitely nights where you know it’s a kin to the 5 years in a relationship watching Teen Mom on the couch with your partner that you dont feel like you have to shave your legs for anymore and then there are nights where it feels like your first date.
—  Sara Quin- (SONiC 102.9 Livestream)
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Full session of Tegan and Sara at SONiC 102.9 in Edmonton on March 3rd, 2013.

Back In Your Head (00:59 - 04:07)
Closer (10:09 - 13:56)
I Was A Fool (20:37 - 23:49)
Alligator at the very end is cut off because the stream suddenly stopped.

The radio station has posted the performances of Closer and Back In Your Head in better quality, so check their YouTube channel.

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this just in: angry white radio host pulls the “i’m not racist!!!!” card when i point out that his extremely opinionated post (made on behalf of the radio station he works for) is total bullshit

and yet people flock to defend him like he’s some kind of hero for saying what he did

god. what a fucking dick


Arctic Monkeys Interview
March Madness of SONiC – 2015

It was a great year, with the biggest upset we’ve seen yet. Foo Fighters were knocked out in the Final Four, and we were guaranteed to have a new champion. The winners of March Madness of SONiC 2015 is…

July Talk (60.91%) over Jack White

HUGE thank you to everyone who voted, commented, shared, liked, retweeted, moaned about this year’s bracket. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

(Peter Dreimanis being interviewed on the band’s win.)


Back In Your Head | Tegan and Sara (Sonic Session)

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Part of Tegan and Sara soundchecking for their session at SONiC 102.9 in Edmonton (March 3rd, 2013)

The radio station has posted the performances of Closer and Back In Your Head, but I’ve uploaded the whole session from the live stream (including the interview) to YouTube.

//edit: The video got blocked and I had to remove it due to a copyright complaint from Warner :/
GIG CITY | USS INTERVIEW: Skewering Human Kebab

Based on a true story: After shouting at some kids to get off his lawn, an old man gets into his car one Friday night, turns on Sonic 102.9 FM radio and is pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar strains of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2. …

Awesome article about SubSONiC and haters of SubSONiC.
Kebab isn’t the one mixing the songs, but “You still pushed play, bro."  Hilarious.

Keep pushing play Kebab. SubSONiC


Hollowpoint via SONiC from 2009. 

I didn’t recognize Jay at first in this…

Also Ash signs an autograph for his biggest fan at the end, it’s pretty sweet.