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My favorite Archie Sonic moments

Saw some other people doing it, so now I wanna share my favorite moments from my favorite comic book.

Sonic running up and hugging Sally as he tears up because he loves her and knows she’s safe.

This scene that pays homage to The Killing Joke, and did it better!

The fight between Metal Sonic and Shard

Shadow giving this little speech

I love this scene so much I made a whole post about it

Naugus using his power to spread fear throughout the concert

The fight between Knuckles and Shadow

I love Scourge so much and he has so many cool moments. Like Super Scourge, conquering his entire planet, etc. But his escape from prison is easilly my favorite

Here’s another scene I made a separate post on. Absolutely heartbreaking and I love it

And finally, Sonic’s monologue after out-smarting Scourge. It’s such a great hero speech and I never tire of reading this scene


Knuckles: “I feel so bad when she gives me those eyes, so I panicked and told her my mom’s the reason i have it…. she started crying.”

 Knuckles: “But anyways, weirdly enough, Sonic is the only one who hasn’t asked me yet.”

Reblog if fictional characters have helped you find your type

My example;

Boys: Naruto Uzumaki, Knuckles Echidna, Raphael the Turtle, Lord Hater, Red Scout, Jack Spicer

Girls: Amy Rose, Lord Dominator

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on sonic shuffle. I'll admit it's not as fun as a good Mario party game, but I had some fun with the game.

The game itself is so-so, don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other.

However, I’m thankful for it’s existence, because without it, we wouldn’t have such gems like…

Smoke the Pipehog

Knuckles the Love Machine

…and Pope Robotnik XVI.




 feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo!! ^_^

its been a though year, but finally we are here!

another one its coming.. we’ll make it through guys, together

the best wishes and hope you like it!!