sonic & knuckles

A conversation I had with my sisters while seeing the opening to Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Younger sis: [To our Older sis] Look look, he’s about to fall out of the car! This is why you wear seat belts.

*The car Tails drives swings over and Knuckles hangs off the car, climbing back up*

Younger sis: Why is a 7 year old driving a car anyway??

Me: He’s actually 8 and its because he’s super smart

Older sis: Wow like how old he is makes a difference. How old is Sonic?

Me: 15

Older sis: Why is the younger one the one who’s driving then??

Me: The one behind them [Knuckles] is 16

Older sis: Even worse!

Younger sis and Me: *Hysterical laughter*


Me: They’re all a bunch of teenagers actually [The sonic characters]

Older sis: Like you! Maybe thats why you like them so much