Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games demo impressions

It’s been 4 installments over 8 years, and yet again the only ones to get alternate costumes for different events are the female characters.

Why not have this. Why make these poor guys swim fully clothed

The new Sonic game ACTUALLY looks dark!! Finally no more kiddy shit 8) (I hope)

My only complaint is, I wish classic sonic was replaced with sonic’s existing friends, that would have been awesome to see Tails, knuckles, amy even shadow help out. But it still looks like it’ll be great! Please be great Q^Q

I haven’t drawn anything in like 5 years, but Sonic Mania has been stuck in my mind ever since I saw how beautiful Studiopolis Zone is so..-

Fun fact, nearly every color used in this has been taken from Sonic Mania screenshots. Studiopolis has an absolutely gorgeous color palette.

Hope you like it! I think it’s pretty okay for a 5 year art hiatus.

So remember  that post I made last night about “Game Theory:Sonic Edition”? Well I decided to actually watch the entireity of the Tails video and it may just be one of the dumbest things I’ve watched this year, and a perfect example of the pseudointellectual “Game theory” bullshit that I DESPISE because of how it twists the source material and its original intent to try and fit  some bizarre “mature” notion about the franchise that the maker of the theory intends to push as outright FACT