The first scene/teaser of The Wrath of Nazo is out!! Will be updating a FAQ shortly

Sega conducting research for a game in-development:

“I started out from Frankfurt, where I hired a rent a car, and I installed a video camera on the car. I drove around Monaco and Monte Carlo, along the mountain roads of Switzerland, stopping in hotels in Milan, Venice, and Rome, collecting data for a fortnight.“

- Yu Suzuki

“While we were in Peru…we noticed some people boarding on sand dunes. We were so impressed with this. We had no idea this kind of sport actually existed. It was so new and exciting for us to see this, we knew that we had to add this element to our game. And we figured that Tails, if anyone, was the most appropriate character to use.”

- Takashi Iizuka

Nintendo conducting research for a game in-development:

”Our landlord’s name was Mario”