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PACKING? So, you want to study abroad?!

Oh my golly. I have read so much and watched so many videos on PACKING for my trip. This post will be a summary of all I’ve learned. I will link to some good videos as well…maybe make my own when I go to pack :D My advice comes from others mostly and not from experience YET. I will do an update after my plane trip IN JAPAN :O

I will be taking a carry-on and a suitcase for my trip. I’ve debated if I should just take a carry-on for my trip since it’s just a two week trip, but if I buy things I want room for those things. Also, if I took a big carry-on including my backpack and purse, it may be too much, especially going plan to train to bus and etc. BLAH!

My plan is to take a backpack with a purse in it for my carry-on and a checked suitcase. Anyways, what will I be packing and what advice have i collected??

For a carry-on, keep it as light as possible! That’s the main. Also, keep all important money and documents on your person, none of those should go in your checked baggage because it could get lost! You can pack copies of important documents, which is helpful if your main documents get lost. Otherwise, protect your documents and keep them with you.

The flight to japan is a long one, so pack things you want to entertain you. Phone, computer, books, etc. Download podcasts, books, games… you know the deal. You will need to take your computer out at tsa so have that ready. Pack chargers in a small bag to keep in compact, both in suitcase and carryon. Headphones!

Fluids need to be at 3 oz or below. All bottles will need to fit in one plastic bag (check tsa for info on size) keep it small. Leave it behind if you don’t REALLY need it. full sized products can be packed in luggage I believe…need to check on that… Make a ready kit for personal cleaning for the plane.

Pack some clothes in the carryon in case you luggage gets lost. Also, wear something comfortable, don’t pretend to be some jet-setter. You’ll be in coach and squeeze into a hot space. Wear something comfy and stylist. :D I’ll link a good video on that.

I’m still learning about packing. Check the weather for what type of clothes you need. I’ll need a rainjacket and rain gear for a summer in Japan, but that depends on where you’ll be and when.

I’ll let you know more when I learn more too!!

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