Richie’s feet crunched the orange and red trimmed leaves as he walked the distance from his house towards Eddie’s. He had his backpack slung around his shoulder, a small speaker shoved into the side pocket. He sighed, a little chilled in the night air and fiddled with his fingers as he thought about the past week. It hadn’t been his best, he had to admit. He bit into his lip.

‘Eds, I’m sorry!’ 

‘Fuck, off Richie.’

Richie frowned. While he wasn’t quite sure where he stood with Eddie at the present moment, he hoped it wasn’t too bad. Though, telling their friends about their relationship before Eddie was ready was not the best thing he’d ever done. 

He had ruined a perfectly good moment between them by making a joke out of it like he always did. Eddie was mad at him for days which lead to provoking questions from their friends. And finally, Richie just got so annoyed that he spilled the beans. Eddie’s face had been beet red with anger. He shivered.

He tugged the strap of his bag as he crossed Sonia Kaspbrak’s neatly trimmed lawn. He set the bag down, crossing over to pick up a few pebbles. He shook them in his palm, specks of dirt flung off as he took to the prime place to toss them. 

Now, He’d never actually seen that movie ‘Say Anything’ but Eddie had and begged Richie over and over to watch it with him. He had yet to actually manage to get Richie to sit still long enough to watch it. But he’d heard Eddie describe the famous scene enough times to weasel his way through this. 

He went to through the first pebble before he remembered something, turning over to the backpack. “Shit.” he bent over and took his phone in his hand, flicking Bluetooth on.

 The speaker lit up with a ‘Bluetooth is start’  and Richie rolled his eyes, repeating the poor grammar in his impression of the lady’s voice. When he seemed to get everything settled, he stood and dusted his knees off. He threw his arm back and whipped the first pebble at Eddie’s window. It ricocheted off and fell back into the grass.  He threw most of his pebbles by the time Eddie’s window was flung open and the tired boys head peeped out, looking dazed as ever and rubbing his eyes. 

“Richie? What the fuck, my moms gonna-”

“I came here to apologize! You know I’m shitty at words so I’m just gonna let this speak for itself!” Richie cupped his hands around his mouth as he shouted, a little smug smile on his face. Eddie looked down at him with suspicion as he tore his phone from his pocket and hit the green button from his Spotify playlist. 

After the few second of awkward silence, it finally piped up “Want a break from the ads? Watch this short video for thirty minutes of ad free music…” 

Eddie leaned on his window ledge, a smirk growing over his face as Richie fumbled with his phone.

 “Shit, hold on…” Richie hit the button at least thirty times before it registered and rolled the thirty second ad. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he watched the blasting ad. 

“This sure speaks volumes, Rich.” Eddie’s amused voice called down to him. Richie looked up at him and was just so glad to see Eddie muster a smile up for him that he momentarily forgot the embarrassment. 

Richie opened his mouth to say something snarky back in the habit of their little game but was beaten to the punch by the start of a song. 

“ Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed-”

Can I ask how this is an apology song?” Eddie yelled back down at him as the song kicked in. Richie cringed. 

“It’s on shuffle!” 

“Why the fuck would you think that’s a good idea?”  

“I don’t have premium, ok? I was hoping to have enough skips…” Richie started pressing the skip button over and over and hoping to see the album art for the song he wanted to play. Eddie’s laugh in the background was making him all the more flustered. And he finally caught himself before he managed to accidentally skip it. 

“ Even though I’m in love, Sometimes I get so afraid I’ll say something so wrong
Just to have something to say…”

Richie grinned and finally was able to stop fussing around his phone as he let the song speak for him. 

“ I know the moment isn’t right to tell the girl a comical line to keep the conversation light I guess I’m just frightened out of my mind…”

He was sort of smug with his song choice, it was the perfect one. He glanced up at the window but Eddie was no longer there. His stomach dropped and was frozen in his spot. He shook himself and went to turn the racket off before Sonia came out to do it herself but he heard the door fling open. 

Eddie strolled over to him with a shy smile on his face. Richie shoved his hands in his pockets, not quite sure what to say. “I guess I forgive you, asshole.” Eddie reached over to pinch him. 

Richie’s confidence was back in five seconds flat as his smirk returned. “I knew you couldn’t resist me. I tell ya Eds, you gotta be swooning for this” He gestured at the speaker. 

Eddie rolled his eyes. “You tried, that’s what matters.” He put on a teasing voice and Richie swept him into a hug. 

“- It’s undeniably real, Leave a tender moment alone. Yes I know I’m in love
but just when I ought to relax I put my foot in my mouth-”

“Accurate.” Eddie mumbled into Richie’s chest, he gave ruffled his hair the way Eddie pretends to hate in return. 

(This is based on a post I saw by: ! So thank you! The songs mentioned are ‘All star’ by Smash Mouth and ‘Leave A Tender Moment Alone’ by Billy Joel) 


Tuesday 7.21 am

Anita: Oh. My. God. Have you seen this?

Joël: Seen what? 

Anita: It’s about the Landgraab Awards last night. I’ll read it to you. “Tongues were wagging at the after-party when Sonia Goddard, the pregnant wife of well-known Sports Agent Roy Goddard, was spotted in a series of romantic embraces with a petite mystery woman thought to be in her early twenties. Their PDAs got more intense as the night wore on and Roy Goddard was observed to be looking unamused by his wife’s antics, although when he was asked about the identity of the mystery woman he snapped that she was merely a family friend, adding "People should mind their own *expletive* business." It was reported by a number of eyewitnesses that at the end of the night Sonia and Roy left the venue separately, but we were unable to confirm rumours that stunning brunette Sonia and her ‘friend’ shared the same limo as Player of the Year and popular man about town Malachias Jones.”

Joël: Wow. Shit got real.

Anita: I don’t understand. What’s going on?


Claire: I don’t understand. What’s going on?

Sonia: What are you trying to say? You don’t want me here?

Claire: Of course I do. But what’s the deal with you and Roy? Are you like, over

Sonia: Roy crossed the line last night. I need to take a step back and reassess my options. That’s all I can tell you at the moment, sweetie. Please be patient with me. I know it’s hard, but-

Claire: But do you think divorce might actually be a remote possibility?

Sonia: Oh, it’s a lot more than a remote possibility, sweetie. Trust me.

Claire: Sonia. Listen. I told you the very first night we spent together that I’m totally fine with you using me for revenge sex. Hell, you can use for me for any type of sex you like. But if you fuck around with my heart then that’s a whole different story-

Sonia: I’d never do that. I’d never do anything to hurt you, Claire. 

Claire: Okay. Well. That’s good enough for me. I love you, Sonia.

Sonia: And I love you. That’s the one thing I do know.