sonia's pick


In the end Roy had gone to pick up Angus, because he could get there quicker than Sonia. Luckily it was Friday afternoon, nobody was going to give a rat’s if he left the office early. Angus had been waiting almost forty minutes by the time he arrived but the kid had still insisted on going to his Scouts meeting because he was being awarded a new badge.

Oh, yeah. Your um, First Aid badge, right?

My astronomy badge, Dad. I got my First Aid badge a year ago.

Hey, I knew that. I was just yanking your chain.

: Sure, Dad. Is Mum going to be okay?

Roy had told him that Sonia couldn’t pick him up because she’d been struck down by a sudden and violent strain of explosive diarrhoea. 

Roy: Oh yeah, she’ll be fine. She’s really embarrassed about it though, so don’t mention anything about it to her, okay? Promise?

Angus: I promise. I don’t even want to think about it. Ewwww

Roy: Good boy.