sonia sews things


I finally finished him! 
A plush version of Agni from Digital Devil Saga. 
I actually really like how he came out. He has floppy heads, which I will fix later. The little markings on his arms could be better though, since they’re more purple than blue. (thank goodness Kazuma Kaneko has reference sheets of this guy. :U bless his demon painting heart.) I wanted to have this done by DDS’ 10th anniversary, but I didn’t really have time for that…Well.. at least he got done on time for Quantum Devil Saga’s English release this Thursday. :’D yay.

I hope you guys enjoy this little guy. 


Looooo~ It is done~ (¾ commissions done)

This is a plushie of Hevvin, the lovable, homicidal unicorn from the webcomic Warrior U!

I’m actually super proud of this because this is the first plushie I’ve made that is only made out of minky. :U no felt or anything. 

=w= I’m also proud of the somewhat decent embroidery of his mouth. 

uvu I’m so happy to finally have him finished and ready to go to his new home.

Enjoy a cuddly, hopefully non-homicidal Hevvin Plushie.


God, the lighting in my room sucks right now. :I

Here is the finished Brycen Plushie, which means I have 2 out of 4 commissions finished now. :3

It was fun making his mask and his robe thing. ouo

I’ll have to mail him out soon.
I’m also probably not gonna start on the last two commissions until maybe the end of next week.

I have some projects to finish this week, and then there’s finals week. So yeah. ;3;


There, used to be an Enderman over there and he sees
Me right now, he’s looking across the waaay~
Buuut he can’t figure out how to get to meee
So I will walk over to him and we’ll talk and we’ll have a good time over the lava~
I compare you to- one of those roses that are falling
Why’d you just fall to the pit of obsidian~ (Yeah~)
Now that your roses are pink-

Anyway, here is an enderman plush I made in literally a day. He came out ok. :3 and his arms are posable too.

:3 enjoy

(Kiss from a Rose parody by Toby Turner btw. )