sonia sanchez

Sonia Sanchez (b. 1943) is an African-American poet, most commonly known for her association with the Black Arts Movement. She is the recipient of a 1993 Pew Fellowship of the Arts, and the 2001 Robert Frost Medal, one of the most important prizes for poetry in the country.

She taught at San Francisco State University, where she introduced Black Studies courses, the first of their kind in the United States. Later she became the first Presidential Fellow at Temple University.

“Negro is an interesting word. This country couldn’t call us Africans, because if it had, we would have understood some things about ourselves. We would not have been this “Negro America”, constantly enslaved even after slavery. It would have given us a sense of continuity. So, they had to say ‘colored’ and 'Negro’ and 'nigger’ to keep us in our place- to remind us that we were only from this country.”

~Sonia Sanchez

Pan-Afrikan Education