sonia rykiel shoes


“I’m wearing an Ann Demeulemeester jacket and Edwardian era skirt both dyed green by me, a Sonia Rykiel purse and Acne shoes. My style is inspired by whatever I can gather from the piles of clothes on the floor of my bedroom. I’m currently dying all my white clothes with coffee grounds. I’m inspired by stains.”

Sep 9, 2017 ∙ Bushwick

Kashton, 23

“I love to play with different fabrics and textures within the same color palette. Suede, leather, brushed silk and linen are some of my favorite pieces to collect in my wardrobe. All my clothes are from my work, Wasteland Vintage Shop on Haight Street: AllSaints jacket, YSL button-up, Sonia Rykiel pants, and Céline shoes.”

Jan 6, 2015 ∙ Haight-Ashbury