soni alcorn hender

“Even the Raven King - who was not a fairy, but an Englishman - had a somewhat regrettable habit of abducting men and women and taking them to live with him in his castle in the Other Lands.”

The Raven King, with bird and book. Illustration by Soni Alcorn-Hender.
Inspired by the character John Uskglass from the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

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Teacher / manipulator / traitor / torturer / murderer of Celebrimbor.
Sauron‬ disguised in fair form as ‘‪Annatar’,‬ when he taught the Elves the craft of ring-making. It wasn’t until he forged the One Ring in secret, the ring made to rule all others, that his true identity and purpose were revealed.
Illustration by Soni Alcorn-Hender, inspired by the Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien.

Gentleman with the Thistle-down Hair in the Venetian Mirror. From Susanna Clarke’s book: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; illustration by Soni Alcorn-Hender
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