sr-poseidon  asked:

I also thought it would be something different, suspenseful, thought it would be more deaths, not really enjoyed the last episode, was strat better, he was cool =)

the writers built some tension between the 2 groups the whole second part of the season, something huge… i guess most of the fans were expecting something different, with more suspens, more fights, more deaths (tbh i was pretty sure someone from the team prison would die, like maggie or beth…) but overall, i’m still thinking it was a good ep, lot of things will change in season 4… like the governor is kinda on his own now, he doesn’t have any army anymore (but martinez -i guess he could switch to team prison somehow- & shupert) so rick’s group has a pretty huge advantage now… and i guess that’s the cliffhanger for starting season 4 : what will the governor do ? will he try to get his revenge ? will martinez turn his back on him ? but yeah, i’m kinda disappointed as well.