Cloud computing

We’ve all heard about the advances cloud computing has brought the modern software industry.  It’s important to me that our customers know they already benefit from these advances.  

Example: Songwhale’s SMS system is entirely cloud-based, giving you the speed and reliability you can’t get anywhere else.
One of the things we hear from defectors to the Songwhale SMS system is “Thanks for saving our butt”–

Often times these new clients simply grew tired of waiting for real improvements in speed and performance from their old provider, or grew frustrated with clunky and buggy interfaces that would freeze and crash.
That sucks!

We fix that problem for you so you can get back to business.
In fact, we have managed the transfer of SMS service (including vanity shortcodes) to Songwhale for many happy clients to date.  We are there to offer the enterprise-level cloud-based service they now require.

When your business needs to reach a higher level in mobile, let us power your evolution.

Want to know more? Contact Jon Greenlee, CTO of Songwhale at