Dignity & Respect

The Dignity & Respect Campaign is an effort to have people pledge to include, value, and appreciate others. It began as a workplace initiative, but is now being promoted regionally. 

Along with taking the pledge via text, users can visit the mobile site at to take the pledge, see the monthly Champions, learn tips to promote dignity and respect, and read more about how the program got started. 

For the SMS piece, users are asked to text RESPECT to 94253 and receive:
Take the D&R Pledge! I will treat everyone with Dignity and Respect. Reply YES+zip (ie,YES15201) to agree. Reply STOP 2quit or HELP


Whale Song

Whale song is a rustic and elegant beach house, standing right next to the shore.
The cottage is large and spacious with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, leading onto a terrace. The windows are large and airy so you can enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean. The ground floor has a large kitchen with a breakfast nook, a laundry room, spacious sitting room and reading snug.There is a good sized study and a surf room to store those surf boards and equipment.
The cottage is decorated in a rustic style, with a coastal charm. It has a cozy and timeless feel.
The garden is landscaped and just perfect for a stroll down to the shore for a swim or to surf the waves. There is a dining terrace overlooking the sea: catch some fish and enjoy the lovely ocean breeze!

You need the Bon Voyage EP to play his Lot.


A tribute to mobile marketing

As the first blog poster at Songwhale, I feel a responsibility to pay tribute to that massive mobile marketing gateway living on the phone in our pockets- text messaging. 

Whether you have a smart phone, iPhone, or retro flip phone, they have one thing in common- the ability to send and receive sweet little attention-grabbing 160-character-holding text messages- which means this is the best place for your business or organization to begin your mobile marketing efforts. 

Building your mobile text messaging database is as easy as providing a keyword to your audience, an incentive for them to join, and an ongoing stream of news, offers, alerts, or contests to keep them engaged. Interesting and valuable content equals satisfied users and brand strength.

Interesting and valuable means different things to different people. What does your company or organization have to offer that is interesting and valuable to your users?  A text with the price and contact information for a home or property a user is interested in buying…a score alert from their hometown team…an event update because of a weather delay…a link to listen to a new music release…you can probably think of a long list of snippets you would like to communicate straight to your customers’ pockets- and Songwhale’s text messaging platform gives you the speed and flexibility to accomplish it.

I’ll be waiting for your list this week @ :)

Cloud computing

We’ve all heard about the advances cloud computing has brought the modern software industry.  It’s important to me that our customers know they already benefit from these advances.  

Example: Songwhale’s SMS system is entirely cloud-based, giving you the speed and reliability you can’t get anywhere else.
One of the things we hear from defectors to the Songwhale SMS system is “Thanks for saving our butt”–

Often times these new clients simply grew tired of waiting for real improvements in speed and performance from their old provider, or grew frustrated with clunky and buggy interfaces that would freeze and crash.
That sucks!

We fix that problem for you so you can get back to business.
In fact, we have managed the transfer of SMS service (including vanity shortcodes) to Songwhale for many happy clients to date.  We are there to offer the enterprise-level cloud-based service they now require.

When your business needs to reach a higher level in mobile, let us power your evolution.

Want to know more? Contact Jon Greenlee, CTO of Songwhale at

The Launch of Paywhale

These are extremely exciting times for Songwhale. With our new mobile payment processing platform called Paywhale, we are continuing to provide cutting edge solutions to our partners and consumers. Through Paywhale we are enabling consumers to tie their phone to their credit cards so that they can make purchases via a single text. This system is similar to the convenience of iTunes or the Amazon “One Click” program, except for the first time it is available via a universal text platform that allows any consumer to participate without downloading an app or having a smartphone. We have increased the mobile consumer audience to 100% by launching this cutting edge platform.

The Paywhale platform can also be used for text-to-donate, giving the non-profit industry an entirely new way to obtain donations from constituents. Not only does Songwhale have the fastest backend around, but we also have created the lowest cost mobile donation platform in the country. In the past, non-profits have had to wait up to 3 months to receive their donations as they’ve run through the carrier donation cycle. In addition the providers and carriers can take up to 60% of the donation. Songwhale has solved all of those deterrents with the Paywhale text-to-donate platform.

We are in the midst of an incredibly exciting time for the industry! These scalable platforms will re-shape the mobile purchasing landscape. Look for Paywhale to be coming soon in sporting arenas, restaurants, magazines, television, and more!

As CEO of Songwhale, I’d love to tell you more about this platform. Feel free to reach out to me at