Und dann hörst du dieses Lied und dir gehen tausend Erinnerungen durch den Kopf. Doch anstatt in Tränen auszubrechen, musst du lernen, damit klar zu kommen und anfangen loszulassen. Manche Dinge kommen nie wieder zurück, egal wie sehr man sie vermisst.

Like most people I’m not really happy with what is going on with the
world. Some older songs, like Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ en
‘What’s Happening, Brother?’, still proof to be very relevant in a
way. On the other hand some new protest songs get written every day.
Joe Purdy is an excellent songwriter. ‘Maybe We All Get Along Someday’
is one of the most touching and important songs that he has written.
The whole album, Who Will Be Next?, is highly ma.

~ Maurice Dielemans

I truly love this (protest) song, Maurice!

~ Gehoorwurm