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Camila’s conversations with Taylor Swift 


Camila’s conversations with Marielle Guzman (+ friends)

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Camila and Lauren

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Camila about Harry Styles and Michael Clifford 

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Lauren and Lucy 

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Lauren using homophobic slurs (and other problematic stuff)

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Dinah fat shaming 


Fifth Harmony - Goodbye 

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The Ride audio masterlist

Planning to add more as it comes, thanks to everyone thats posted anything!

Van’s Handwritten Lyrics to All the Songs

1. 7

2. Twice

3. Soundcheck

  • It’s out on iTunes and stuff

4. Postpone

5. Anything

6. Glasgow

7. Oxygen

8. Emily

9. Red

10. Heathrow

11. Outside

all audio previews thanks to @sex-drugs-and-indie-rock

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1 bucket of fried chicken (everyday or every other day)

3 cups of poodles (preferably named Monggu, Janggu, and Jjangah)

100 tablespoons of “dreamlike” songs

1 cup of Ne-Yo’s “Part of the List”

12 pieces of Michael Jackson albums

1 box each of Keigo Higashino and Bernard Werber books

1 whole day at a dance studio

10+ hours of sleep, NOT minced

365 days spent with family and friends

1 guy named Do Kyungsoo (give him to Kim Jongin untouched and unharmed pls. And oh, dress him up in a penguin onesie. Thnx.)  

Queen's Don't Stop Me Now is the top feel-good song of the past 50 years... and a scientific formula has proved it
  • Cognitive neuroscientist studied pop songs from the last fifty years
  • He has created an equation to reveal what makes a song ‘feel-good’
  • It reveals that a major third key, a high-tempo and holiday lyrics are key
  • Using this formula, the top feel-good song is Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now  

Despite being released 37 years ago, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now still has the ability to lift moods and fill the dance floor.

Now a neuroscientist has confirmed the impact it seems to have on listeners with an equation that shows it is the top feel-good song of the past 50 years.

The 1978 hit has just the right tempo, lyrics and is played in the musical key identified as producing a happy feeling.


Top ten feel good songs

1. Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

2. Dancing Queen (Abba)

3. Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys)

4. Uptown Girl (Billie Joel)

5. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

6. I’m a Believer (The Monkeys)

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)

8. Livin’ on a Prayer (Jon Bon Jovi)

9. I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

10. Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves)

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Opening Night

34 songs

1. Meet Me In The City
Introduces The River album
2. The Ties That Bind
3. Sherry Darling
4. Jackson Cage
5. Two Hearts (W/ It Takes Two ending)
6. Independence Day
7. Hungry Heart
8. Out in the Street
9. Crush On You
10. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
11. I Wanna Marry You (W/ Here She Comes intro)
12. The River
13. Point Blank
14. Cadillac Ranch
15. I’m A Rocker
16. Fade Away
17. Stolen Car
18. Ramrod
19. The Price You Pay
20. Drive All Night
21. Wreck on the Highway
22. Badlands
23. Wrecking Ball
24. Backstreets
25. Because The Night
26. Brilliant Disguise
27. The Rising
28. Thunder Road
29. Rebel Rebel
30. Bobby Jean
31. Dancing in the Dark
32. Born To Run
33. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
34. Shout