What inspires me? People. Straight teeth. Crooked teeth. Gray eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, long eyelashes and short ones, thick eyebrows and thin ones, short hair and long hair, blond hair and red hair, small hands and big feet, memories and dreams and everything in between. Music. Songs of destruction, of falling apart, of staying strong through the bad times and rejoicing in the good ones. Voices so high they bring you into heaven, notes so low they strike a chord in your soul. Love. The pure love of friends as they hug and laugh and play with each other’s hair, the fortitude of the love of two people who have memorized the feel of their partner’s hands in their own and who have memorized the taste of their partner’s lips on their skin. The cosmos. The stars swirling above our heads in a never ending pool of darkness and if we stare long enough, we’ll be looking at something we’re not even sure exists anymore, the soft oranges of the sun setting over a horizon and bringing an end to something, the majesty of the navy blues and midnight purples that exist, suspended among space and time, somewhere in the universe. Nature. The cry of the wolf, the hunt of the lion, the croak of the toad while it rains and rains and rains, the cats sitting on their owners laps and the loyal dogs waiting at the door for reasons unknown, the slow growth of the cherry blossom tree, the smell of petrichor and moist earth.
—  an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #237 // there’s a lot that inspires me

There’s always going to be really good books that your going to stay up all night to read. There’s always going to be really wonderful songs that are going to make you want to get up and dance. There’s always going to be beautiful sunrises and glorious sunsets. There’s always going to be new places calling out to be explored. There’s always going to be another adventure waiting just around the corner. This is your story. So turn the page and live your life.

not to be Clearly Unhealthy but how do other people cope without being constantly all consumed by an obsession with a fictional world, experiencing periods of intense boredom and complete lack of personality before latching onto a new piece of media to direct all their attention into and base their entire being around lol

Just finished reading Song of Solomon for the first time - and, what a fucking phenomenal book! The story and its structure were incredibly strong; the language was, as always with Toni Morrison, heartbreakingly lyrical and clairvoyantly astute; and, the characters were beautifully and imperfectly carved by their life experiences, dominated by their mistakes, and, ultimately, left with the realization that they should have loved (and been loved) more.

It is officially my favorite book of all time, ever.

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I am so thankful
and I feel so blessed
to be existing
at the same time as you

To be able
to see your beautiful smile
and hear your gorgeous laugh

And I honestly do not understand
how anyone can make it through the day
without admiring the crinkles
around your eyes.

—  // 52 words poem
  • The Song Of Achilles

I first listened to The Song of Achilles on audio book; I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this is one of the most passionate and well-produced things I’ve ever heard. Frazer Douglas gives the performance the intimacy and gentleness it deserves, and all of his portrayals of the cast, from Patroclus to Achilles to Odysseus, are completely spot-on.

Enjoy this clip from the beginning of chapter six. I thought the fandom needed to hear this so they can go and experience the beauty and the heartbreak all over again in a new and profound way.


In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun.

― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles