She Put Her Arm Around Her Dying Sister. No One Expected What Would Happen Next.
There can be lots of complications during pregnancy. These things are multiplied when you are having twins – but these twins had a literal miracle happen to them instead. source Meet Kyrie and Brielle Jackson, two little newborn babies who were born 12 weeks earlier than expected. They only weighed barely 2 pounds (1kg) and their...

Does anyone have any future bass song recs? (examples: marble soda by shawn wasabi, refrain boy tekina remix, ra-mu-ne by snail’s house, grape soda by snail’s house….)

Orrr if anyone has recs for upbeat/fast jazz songs (i.e. not smooth/slow jazz)


Day 2 of Inspirits-only 12 days of Christmas Challenge : Two Favorite Songs or MVs

( 2 / 2 ) 소나기 / Shower / I Need You Back

Don’t forget, don’t forget,
I’ll miss you too
It was short but like the shower
That fell from the clear sky