i understand that critrole’s length can be super intimidating because there’s just so MUCH of it and it can be easy to want to get caught up as quickly as possible but like

i can’t help but shake my head real hard when people say you should be able to jump into the show at any point past 24 because that’s… very wrong. 24 is when the story arcs become much heavier and intertwined, plus its when character and relationship development really starts going. if you start after the whitestone arc, you miss what’s generally accepted as the best arc in the entire show.

“but the campaign has been going for two years before, so no matter what you’re jumping into the middle of it!“ except, you know, the underdark arc mostly serves as an intro for the audience and shows them the characters and their relationships. the underdark arc has had little impact on the broader story and is literally matt’s way of giving the audience an easy in.

tldr; episode 24 is the latest you should be skipping to, episode 14 is the end of the underdark arc and cuts down a lot of hours+you don’t miss much that’s story-relevant for more than a couple episodes, and episode 1 is always the best place to start

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So in the script of 2x13 it say that jamie read claire da mi basia mille in bed one night. Imagine that ;)

Liv says: As usual, I kinda suck, got carried away…and did not double check the prompt before I started writing this *hides*. The poem is in the fic, but the setting is different. Hope you still enjoy, Nonny! :)

Lallybroch, August 1745 (Show!verse)

“A bit like old times, isn’t it?” I said, flicking hay scraps from my bannock. “Was Leoch two years ago now, or three? Feels like ten.”

Jamie and I were taking a mid-afternoon snack in the stables, both needing distraction from thoughts of tomorrow’s journey. Jamie had been working tirelessly with Ian, their days spent strategizing our appeal for Old Lovat’s support. I, meanwhile, had been gathering the necessary medicines for prolonged travel, as a swift return to Lallybroch seemed increasingly unlikely. Further word of Charles’ plans had reached Broch Mordha, and all of it alluded to months on the road.

Fortunately, I had found a helper in Rabbie’s mother. Mary MacNab was an earnest woman, eager to please and obey instruction, though to something of a fault. I’d been agitated all day as she’d twittered at my elbow (“D’ye need anything else?”; “Is this how ye do it?”) and eventually fled to the stables for an hour’s peace.

“We were wed in the summer, so…” Jamie squinted, considering. “About two years, then.”

“Mmm, two years married to a savage.”

“Regret it, do ye?”

“Never,” I said, smiling. “But it’s rather strange to think we hardly knew each other two years ago.”

“We’ve always known each other, Sassenach. Whether we realized it or no,” Jamie replied, and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. 

“But aye. To think two years ago we were sitting in Auld Alec’s stables – you, Claire Beauchamp, and me, an outlaw wi’ a price on his head.” He brightened suddenly, glowing with mischief. “Though I guess no’ much has changed in some respects. I wanted to bed ye back then just as much as I want to bed ye now.”

“Good to know I can always count on that, at least.”

I broke off a piece of bannock and tossed it into his open mouth, though he pulled a face as he chewed. 

“Not to your liking? I could pick some grass…” I teased, remembering the story he’d told me once. “I do know how fond you are of it.”

“Verra funny, Sassenach – but nay, I’ve a hunger for something else today.” 

One red brow arched in suggestion, rising high above a twitching eye. I laughed as I always did at the graceless lowering of the eyelid, the scrunched face compensating for its stubborn left side. My husband, Jamie Fraser – capable in all but the winking of his eyes.

“Grass may be good when you’ve nothing else – and it keeps the scurvy away, too. But I’m free of the scurvy, see?” He beamed for my benefit, exposing a neat row of teeth set in healthy gums. I faked applause. “I am fair starved, though. A man needs a proper feast after his labors, aye?”

“A feast, is it?” I replied, making a point to raise my own brow. I feigned more playful ignorance. “Well, there’s plenty of potatoes to go around. That ought to do the trick.”

“I dinna want potatoes,” Jamie replied, the word bursting with disgust. “I’ve had more potatoes than any man should.”

“More than anyone should, I’d wager,” and I jokingly held out an arm for inspection. “Have I turned into a potato yet? I swear I’m starting to look like one.”

Since unearthing Lallybroch’s successful crop, our diet had consisted of little else. Whether boiled, mashed, or baked, we’d prepared the vegetable in every way imaginable – and a few, to Fergus’ credit, beyond imagination. The monotony had made some of the younger tenants creative, and they’d taken to piling their potatoes with whatever extras they could find. (“Try it, m’lady! It is quite good with syrup.”) Jamie, on the other hand, now ate them with his nose pinched, like a petulant child forced to eat his greens.

“Nay, ye look bonnie, Sassenach. And ye dinna taste like a potato, thank God.” Jamie pulled me towards him, and his tongue flicked the side of neck. “Plenty to go ‘round of what I do want, anyways.” His hand slid downwards in demonstration, palm cupping the round expanse of my bottom.

Too exhausted to play at mock-offense, I melted into him. “Well, who am I to stand between a man and his feast? Though I do wonder…Of gluttony and lust, which is the worse Deadly Sin?”

“They’re both sins, and they’re both ‘Deadly’,” Jamie replied, though his voice was suddenly distant. My cheek lay against his breast, and I counted his heartbeats as they tapped against my temple. Fast, powerful.

“I suppose one can suffer from a lustful gluttony…” I tickled Jamie’s leg but he didn’t acknowledge me, remaining still as stone despite my touch. “Jamie, are you listening?”

When I craned my neck to face him, his eyes were faraway, searching beyond the frame of the stable door. The fields shone bright beneath the sun, potato plants exploding in leafy, green blooms from stable to house. Most had produced a fruitful crop, the results of which now lay in piled sacks for storing. Still, we had made quick work of our supply since July, and thoughts had already turned to next year’s planting. Lallybroch would need enough to last through the winter – and whatever would follow it too. I knew Jamie worried.

“They’ll be all right, Jamie. Truly.” I waved my hand, encompassing the rows of potato plants as proof. “There really is enough to go around.”

“You said as there’d be a famine – after Culloden,” Jamie whispered, eyes breaking from his invisible horizon. “And ye were right in telling Jenny to plant the potatoes, Sassenach. But what if it isna enough?”

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Who here remembers this game? Or did not even know it existed?

As Halloween is getting closer and closer… I REALLY wanna replay this game. It came out when I was still so into TNBC and I put so many hours into this game. I played it on nightmare mode and got S rank from all stages, except one. Haha!

Oh god, if I could, I’d love to maybe even let’s play it… But alas, no ways to stream console games atm.

Ferrum Gloria

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Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Nightmares have been plaguing your dreams lately. What could they mean, and what effect will they have on your relationship?

Word Count -  2,812

Warnings - Fluff, angst, cursing, canon-typical violence ie. temporary suicide/death? (I really don’t want to spoil the story, but I want people to know that reader does take her own life. It is non-permanent and is described very briefly, but I don’t want to risk anyone getting triggered.)

A/N - This fic is a part of @torn-and-frayed ‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 1 Challenge! The song I chose was In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. ‘Ferrum Gloria’ is latin for Iron Butterfly- or at least that’s what google translate told me. Heh. This is the first challenge I’ve ever done, so let me know what you thought!

You weren’t sure how much more of it you could take. You spent too many nights waking up in a cold sweat, heart racing from your dreams. There wasn’t much to them, just darkness and a sense of foreboding. They’d been happening for what seemed like a month now, slowly eating away at you.

What scared you was the fact that lately they’d gotten worse. They began to feel even more real and you couldn’t understand what they meant. Dreams were the brain’s way of dealing with life, right? So what could your dreams possibly be about?

You were glad for the consistency and monotony of daily life to distract you from your situation. You climbed out of your bed slowly, careful not to wake your boyfriend in the process. He grumbled in his sleep at the movement, pulling his pillow in closer to his face before settling with a small soft sigh.

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I have very quickly developed an unyielding love of Lori... Can you tell me more about her?

Lori is from what could be called the country side in the Galra nation. A small mountain covered planet, they have terrible reception (I have this hc about the original Galra nation where it was a solar system with many planets and the main Garla species migrated to different planets in the system and over time adapted and evolved differently to the conditions. so the further the planet is from the sun the more fur the species have. made a rough drawing)

I thought about this waaaay too much (s2 gimme info i must know)

back to Lori. She is the 4th oldest out of 7 children, has 3 parents, is an auntie. Courted one of the head generals of Galra’s military and the sous chef of the royal Galra palace kitchen. loves em.

Loves being the Red Paladin, but gets homesick a lot. She becomes really close to Coran quickly, seeing him as family, even brought him over to her planet to introduce him to her family.

During the war against Galra’s empire, Lori was able to penetrate through Zarkon’s forces and Lori’s last transmission was she was going to go and try to talk some sense back into Zarkon

and that was the last time she was ever heard of…