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In Undertale, you can encounter Aaron after playing Nastablook's music and spook him. Is there something similar in Royalblue with Shyren and Hapstablook ?

Something similar, yes.

A capella songs just have this melancholic feeling to them, you know?

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[TRANS] Episode - 'Fantastic 4' with A.R.M.Y

“D-Day of fulfilling their promise for winning first place with 화양연화 pt.1”
J-Hope: How many times do they repeat the “hu-uh part”?
“The members are having fun singing to ‘Fantastic’”
Jimin: No, no  there’s the female part too…
Jin: Sing the female part too…
Jimin: But didn’t they record separately?
“Hope has excitedly parted his front hair before meeting the fans!”
J-Hope: I excitedly parted my front hair today!
Jimin: We will enjoy the movie~
Rap Monster: 2, 3! Bangtan!
BTS: We’re BTS!
V: Why are you here today?
Fans: For Fantastic 4!
V: Right!
Suga: That’s right, to watch Fantastic 4! The song which was composed by Rapmonster after watching the movie…
Rap Monster: Fantastic!
Suga: Yes, for Fantastic 4. Don’t you think we should hear the song now?
Rap Monster: Shall I sing?
“Rap Mon raps to his part in "Fantastic”, self produced track"
Jimin: Yes, we have to get inside to watch the movie.
Suga: With your pretty faces, we are all going to take a group photo.
“Selfie time with ARMYs!”
Jimin: I think we’re all appearing well now.
J-Hope: It looks good!
Jimin: OK! 1, 2, 3!
Jimin: 1, 2, 3! Kim-chi~
Jimin: Then I’m going to watch closely to see if Rap Mon hyung’s song plays in the movie.
Jimin: You never know. It could be there.
V: And…
J-Hope: Let us all dive into the Fantastic world!
V: Let’s go!
Jungkook: That was amazing.
J-Hope: Guys! Did you enjoy the movie?
Fans: Yes!
“Members share their thoughts after watching the movie”
Jin: We made a promise during our 'I Need You’ promotion with you all. But we were very worried about when we were going to fulfill our promise. However, adventitiously Rap Monster got a wonderful opportunity to promote and also a chance to fulfill our promise with our fans so I think this is very meaningful.
J-Hope: We kept our promise~
Jimin: I think I enjoyed the movie because we got to watch it with you all. I think it was fun because this is the first time we’re together with our fans apart from our fanmeetings.
Jungkook: Girlfriends~
Jimin: Please show your support to Rap Monster hyung and the movie!
V: We will make promises for winning first place and fulfill them again!
V: Thank you!
Jungkook: I think I was thrilled to watch the movie  because of our ARMYs.
Jungkook: I couldn’t concentrate while watching the movie!
Rap Monster: I’d like to thank you all for coming here today and we’re grateful for having the meaningful opportunity to watch something with you.
Rap Monster: Thank you for sparing your precious time and it was great to see you! Thank you! Bye~
“With hopes that ARMYs had a pleasant time, the movie event ends!”

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Jungkook: Girlfriends