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Halsey song lyric imagine

wordcount: 2.1k

Summary:  Y/N and Jughead take a long drive out of Riverdale for a road trip and discover their hidden feelings for each other 

Warnings: swearing, slight smut, drinking

‘Swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes off this’

We’d been driving for hours, we didn’t even know where we were going anymore, or what were running from. The sudden impulsive decision to get out of town and take a road trip was decided by Jughead. He had been distressed at school lately and said he had a lot of stuff going on in his head, and he needed to get away. 

Me being the good friend I am, and caring a great deal for him, didn’t want him to be alone so I decided to make the offer on taking him away for a while. 

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Goofing Around With Zach Would Include
  • “Zach no”
  • “Zach yes”
  • you obnoxiously singing the Backyardigans theme song to him
  • him singing it back to you but he has such a good voice so you don’t mind
  • fake proposals in public so you would attract attention
  • “Oh, Y/N L/N, you are the net to my ball, the egg to my sperm-”
  • a few people shake their heads and leave
  • you’re too busy snickering behind your hand
  • “-Will you do the honor of marrying me, Zach Dempsey, future marine biologist and basketball star?”
  • “Sure, I guess”
  • supermarket dates
  • him pushing you around in the cart
  • he would let you go and you would go rolling into a display of fruits
  • “Babe, it was an accident, I swear.”
  • “Mhmm”
  • you get back at him by putting back some of his things
  • “Babe! The cashier forgot to pack my fruit snacks!”
  • you thinking it’s funny until he drags you back to the supermarket to get his fruit snacks
  • your dates are never boring
  • bets
  • the bets are usually stupid
  • “I bet you won’t run into Monet’s right now screaming “I dropped my croissants!”, pantsless”
  • “You’re on.”
  • falling over in laughter when you saw him getting hit with a dirty cloth by Skye
  • getting kicked out of places for being too loud and disruptive
  • “They just can’t handle the fabulousness.”
  • everyone would just be so tired of you guys
  • especially Justin
  • “You guys are so stupid, why am I even friends with you.”
  • “Because you loveeee us, Justey.”
  • going to his basketball games decked out in the opposing team’s colors
  • him mouthing, “Oh, that’s cold.”
  • cheering for him whenever he made a shot anyway
  • blowing raspberry’s at each other in class
  • the teacher shaking her head because this is the tenth time she’s told you guys to stop doing that this week
  • you guys never getting bored with each other

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prompts! Tsukkiyama and 135, bc that's something that definitely tsukki would say.

”The hills are alive, with the sound of bullshit.”

Yamaguchi learned fairly early that the Tsukishima brothers shared many things in common, whatever Tsukki might say to the contrary.  Other than a shared love of volleyball, they both had something of a sweet tooth (though Tsukki’s was notably worse), were both lazy in different ways, and they were both incredibly fond of music.  

The thing is… Tsukki listened to all of his music privately, in his head, his listening experience entirely self-contained and almost reverent.  Akiteru, on the other hand, loved to sing aloud and share his musical experience with the world.  Unsurprisingly, he loved musicals and musical theater and no matter how much he couldn’t hit the notes across various Julie Andrews solos, by god, would he try.  Add their mother’s love of Takarazuka, some days, the Tsukishima household was a stage.  Tsukki couldn’t stand it.

Yamaguchi secretly loved it.

He loved the music Tsukki shared with him, but he also loved the music that Akiteru shared simply by being around.  As a child, desperate for Tsukki’s friendship and approval, he held a silent appreciation for it.  

As an adult, he had come to sometimes sing them in the shower.  Not that he knew enough English to sing any of it competently, but–

“Is that Hamilton?!” 

Crap.  Tsukki had come home earlier than usual.  Nearly ten years he’d manage to keep this music to himself and now–Yamaguchi heard the sound of the bathroom door opening and through the shower curtain, he called,

“You’re home early, Tsukki!”

“Did you get the Broadway music from my brother?” 

“It’s just a new rap I’ve been hearing lately–”

“The hills are alive, Yamaguchi, with the sound of bullshit.” 

Yamaguchi stuck his soapy head out from behind the shower curtain with all the indignation he could muster while naked and exposed.  “Yeah?  Then what does it say about you since you recognized where it was from?”

Arms crossed and leaning against the bathroom doorway with the most obnoxious smirk in his arsenal, Tsukki cocked his head and shrugged.  

“Hamilton’s all right.”  

Say You Like Me- Calum Hood

“She’s the girl that no one ever knows. And I say hi, but she’s too shy to say hello.

She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand And shake her up.

I bet I could.”  -Say You Like Me, We The Kings

Love this song…listen to it!!! Hope you like it anon and sorry it took so long. Thanks for reading!!!

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“So how long have you guys been together?” One of Calum’s friends asked, you couldn’t remember their name.

“Almost 3 months now” Calum said behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your cheek.

“Yup” You said, giving him a tight smile, and pulling back from his embrace.

You never were a touchy-feely person, especially not around other people. I mean when it was just you and Calum, that was a different story, but even then you didn’t randomly grab his hand or anything. It felt awkward to you, and you were kinda shy, so you didn’t do the whole overly-affectionate thing. Calum on the other hand was more of the affectionate type. He often grabbed your hand, and pulled you against him, and it wasn’t terrible, just weird. You weren’t sure if he did it for his own benefit or yours, but you tended to shy away from him in public despite trying your best to go along with it.

“You want something to drink?” Calum asked you, shrugging off your latest attempt to brush him off. Something was different this time though.

“Sure. Babe will you get me a coke?” You asked, throwing in the pet name to try to make him feel a bit better

“Ya. Be right back”

When he returned with the soda, everyone was crowded in the living room watching Ashton and Michael put on a show for the small party. Ashton banging away on his drums, Michael strumming his guitar…they were great. But there was no surprise there.

“Whooo!” Calum cheered when their song was over, as you clapped.

“Calum why don’t you come over here and provide some vocals? I would ask Luke but he’s not here tonight…so it’s up to you” Michael asked.

“Oh no, I don’t-” Calum begin to protest, holding up his hands.

“Oh come on! Calum! Calum! Calum!” Ashton chanted, gesturing everyone else to join in.

Before long everyone in the room was chanting Calum’s name, even you.

When he saw you chanting, he smiled and rolled his eyes. It was then you realized he had given up.

“Fine!! What are we singing?” Calum said, walking over to stand next to Michael.

Instead of answering, Michael played the intro to Don’t Stop and laughed.

Calum laughed too, rolling his eyes at both his best friends. Nevertheless he sang…

“This goes out to my beautiful girlfriend Y/n over there! And babe, You’re like perfection, some kind of holiday…

(Calum demo came on…had to do it….omg so beautiful)

You blushed at his words, knowing that for a moment there everyone’s attention was on you. You bit your lip, and played with the soda can in your hands, trying to forget about everyone around you and focus on the music. You loved the sound of Calum’s voice, you could listen to it all day long and often encouraged him to sing.

When the song was over, Calum did an obnoxious bow and waved goodbye.

“We should be leaving,  bye everyone!” Calum said, grabbing your arm. You waved goodbye as you were led out the door.

When you got back to the apartment you shared, Calum was in a mood that could only be described as, well, silly.

“You loved me singing didn’t you?” Calum teased, knowing how much you loved his voice.

“Well I didn’t dislike it” You winked.

“Oh you loved it” Calum said, wrapping you into a bear hug.

“Yes you caught me, now stop I have to start dinner” You laughed, pushing his chest so he’d let go of you.

He did as you asked but his expression afterward looked…troubled.

“Y/n? What is it? Is it me? Do you not wanna be here, is that it? Because all you do is say the word” Calum said, voice mixed with pain and anger.  

“Cal? What are you talking about?” You asked, completely confused as to where he was getting all this from.

“3 months Y/n. 3 months and you still push me away. I try to give you hugs, and kisses, and just grab your hand to show you that I care and all you do is throw me off of you! I even sang for you tonight, and you looked as if you’d rather disappear”


“No what is it Y/n? Because I love you, yeah I said it. I love you Y/n. You’re beautiful and smart, and you can deal with all the drama that is my life, and I don’t want any other girl standing in front of me right now. But you know what if you don’t love me then fine. I-”

“Calum…” You said, placing you hand on his check, then taking it off, grabbing his hands instead. “Calum I love you too…I love you so much you don’t even know. And I’m not pushing you away, at least I don’t mean to…I didn’t really know how to tell you and thought you’d kinda get the hint. I don’t like being the center of attention, and I’m not really a touchy feely person, I never have been. And it’s not that I don’t like you holding my hand, or pulling me close to you, it just feels weird, and awkward to me. I’m not really used to it, and I know that’s not fair to you-”

You were interrupted by him pulling your lips to his, kissing you so tenderly and so full of love, a kiss like none of the many kisses before.

“I don’t care Y/n…you love me that’s all that matters…I should have seen that, that was stupid of me. I’m sorry”

“No I’m sorry Cal…and I’m really trying ok? But I’ll try even harder for you alright?”

“Mmmmm” He said, pulling you to him once more.


Author’s note: So it’s official. Gonna try to post every Monday k? Thank you guys for everything. Requests are always open. Love you guys -Lydia

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B you have to listen to leaving on a jet plane by john denver could totally picture H singing that to his girlfriend when they have to be away for a while.

Oh I loooove that song. And he’s sing in the most obnoxious of voices, with big gestures and dance moves just to make his girls stop crying.

“ So kiss me and smile for me!” He’d sing, voice deep and a smirk on his face when he sees you giggle through your tears, closing the zipper to the last one of his bags. “Tell me that you’ll wait for me and hold me like you’ll never let me gooooooo!” 

“You’re such a knob!” You exclaim, sniffling and wiping away a stray tear with your fingers, fighting tooth and nail to keep from crying again. You had already made a mess of his t-shirt, you can see the wet spots on it from where you stand, on the opposite side of the bed, as you watch him making jazz hands and moving his hips from side to side, to try and get a smile on your lips.

“Cause I’m leeeeeeeaving on a Jet Plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again!
Oh babe I hate to go!” Even through your tears, he just keeps on going, crawling on top of the mattress towards you and crumpling all of the clothes he’s decided to leave behind, only to stop in front of you, big smile on his face while both his hands cup your cheeks. “C’mon, gimme a smile, angel.”

“I don’t want to.” You sniff, sobbing once when he presses a kiss to your temple with a sigh.

“Thought you’d be used to it by now.” He frowns, thumb rubbing gently against your cheekbone, wiping your hot tears away at the same time he tries to soothe you. You didn’t usually react so strongly to him leaving for tour and he’s right, you were supposed to be used to it by now, but this time your emotions are all over the place and you’re already missing him even before he’d stepped one foot out the door. 

“I just miss you, ‘s all.” You shrug, hands wrapping around his wrists when he leans in, mouth pressing against yours in a sweet and gentle kiss. You’re still shaking a bit, small sobs making their way up your chest and even while you kiss him, your mouth pressing tighter to his when his tongue licks against yours, you feel hot tears sliding down your cheeks.

“Everyplace I go I’ll think of you.” He mumbles as he breaks the kiss and you nuzzle against him, face hiding into the crook of his neck while your arms wrap tightly around his shoulders. “Every song I sing I’ll sing for you…” His arms wrap around your waist, squeezing you against him so close there’s no space between your bodies, in an attempt to mold you two together so that he won’t have to leave you.

He’s playing it cool and making a joke out of it because he knows this is the hardest part of being with him and you never took lightly to it. Ever since the two of you started dating, every goodbye was peppered with a few tears and extra tight hugs and the nights before he actually had to go were the worst - he’d catch you sniffling quietly as you cooked him dinner (something you always did because you knew he wouldn’t be getting a good home-cooked meal in a while) and when the two of you headed to bed, you’d seek his touch almost immediately, your bodies intertwining in a slow, sensual and desperate dance that only proved to him how much you wanted him close. 

What you didn’t know is how hard it hit him - seeing you cry broke his heart every time and being the reason for the tears just made it that much harder. Touring was the best part of his job and, at the same time, the worst, because it deprived him of your presence. He missed being in bed with you and waking up to the smell of your hair every morning, he missed your kisses and the way you’d play with his hair, lulling him back to sleep when you knew he’d had a rough night. He missed cooking dinner and just being around you but most of all, he missed you. Your support, your love, your understanding… that’s what he missed the most.

You press quick and tight kisses to his neck and he feels you inhaling sharply, committing the smell of him to memory as you squeeze around him once before you pull back. 

“Ok, ok, you have to go…” You tell him, voice quivering and eyes brimming with tears, your teeth biting your bottom lip to avoid pouting in front of him. “The car is almost here an-”

“When I come back I’ll bring your wedding ring.” He sings, eyes glued to yours.

Silence takes over the room as you look at him, stunned. Before he was full of mischief and playfulness, his way of disguising his feelings and trying to make this easier for you, but now, there’s not a hint of a joke in the green of his eyes. He’s staring at you intently, face serious and you can detect a hint of something sparkling in his eyes… hope, maybe?

“Harry…” You say his name in a warning tone, hands suddenly shaking at the implications of his words. 

“When I come back I’ll bring your wedding ring.” He repeats, this time not singing and you inhale, new tears, for a completely different reason swell in your eyes and he smiles, pulling you closer. “‘S that okay? ‘S that good for you?”

Nodding fervently, you press your mouth to his, fighting against both your smiles as your kiss him over and over again, your hands diving into his curls and pulling him as close to you as possible. “I love you.”

Smiling, his eyes map your face, trying to remember just how happy he made you before he left. “Love you too, angel.”

softly, sweetly

A/N: hey yall so this is my first 5sos written thing! i’m lowkey banking on it being chaptered, so lmk if you want more!! it,,,also doesn’t have a working title yet please feel free to suggest titles

Pairing: Calum Hood x Y/N

Word Count: 1,252

I do take requests!

one | two 

Calum Hood was, to say the least, incredibly attractive. With his strong arms, brown skin, and plump lips, he was anyone girl’s dream, including yours. The problem with this picture was those plump lips of his seemed to be kissing a new girl each month. The second problem within first said problem, was none of the girls he kissed were you. You’d been fawning over him since first year, and now, it was senior year.

This year, you’d decided, you would either get over him or get with him.

“How do you even plan to do that? I’ve tried to get you to date someone else for almost two years! And you never want to!” your best friend’s exasperated sigh came once you’d told her your plan.

“Well, I mean, it’s a rough draft of a plan, okay?” you retaliated sheepishly.

“It’s barely a plan at all, unless there’s something else to it.” She cocked a skeptical eyebrow at your responding grin.

“I said or get with him,” your confidence was blind, but it had some reasoning to it. “He gets with, like, every girl in the school, why not me?”

“Exactly! He gets with every girl in the school. That’s not a good thing!”

You simply rolled your eyes and let her words blow away in the early autumn breeze. The two of you had been sitting on the bleachers of the school football stadium, sharing food and watching the football team. Or rather, you were watching Calum on the football team while your friend ate. Before your friend could voice any more of her doubts, the two of you heard the football team doing their vaguely ridiculous chant they always did at the end of practices. The team began to stream out of the field and into the locker rooms, and once the last sweaty, pubescent boy was in there, you friend stood up.

“Alright, the show’s over. Now, we can go,” your friend huffed, practically dragging you down the stairs. You only grinned and followed.

You knew your friend meant well for you, and her doubts were her way of protecting you. But sometimes she had a point. If he kissed every girl in school, it was liable that you’d become just another girl kissed. Just another rock skipped across the surface until it sunk to the bottom. Part of you knew your fantasies were just that: fantasies. But the other part couldn’t help but wonder ‘what if?’

Your friend drove you home, the two of you occasionally bickering over who controlled the auxiliary cord but for the most part settling to sing obnoxiously along to the song. That was how you arrived home, windows partially rolled down and your noise level turned up.

“I bid you adieu,” you said dramatically and gave your friend a two-fingered salute once you’d stepped out of the car. She drove off with a middle finger and a laugh from you, and you put the key in the doorknob of your front door. You lived with your dad, who was currently still at work, so you were home alone for the time being.

“I’m in deep with this girl, but she’s out of her mind,” you sang to yourself as you helped yourself to a yogurt. Yogurt was quite possibly one of the true blessings given to Earth.

You headed upstairs, singing in between bites of yogurt and using your spoon as a microphone once you’d finished. You entered your room to find your cat on your bed, blinking up at you with mild irritation that you’d woken her up.

“Hello, Kitkat,” you greeted your cat with an affectionate tone before flinging your curtains open to let the sunlight stream in. The cat didn’t acknowledge you, instead opting to move to where the sunlight was the warmest. “I love you too, Kitkat.”

You heard voices outside your window and looked down to see your neighbour, Luke, and none other than Calum himself. The best part of living in this particular house was getting to see Calum around all the time (albeit through your window, but you’d take what you could get). Luke was Calum’s best friend, despite how different they both seemed. Luke came off as much more reserved than popular boy Calum, but you’d seen how he grew more extroverted around his friends.

Only then did you notice you were staring at precisely the same time Luke noticed you staring. He shot a dimpled smile to you accompanied with a wave, and you saw Calum turn to see who he was acknowledging. You locked eyes with Calum, and a blush rose to your cheeks before you pulled the blinds shut on the window.


“Who was that?” I asked Luke, one of my few close friends. He’d been waving to a girl in the window of the neighbouring house. I recognized the girl; she always sat up in the bleachers with her friend during football practices, but I’d never talked to her.

“That was Y/N. How do you not know her name? She’s been going to our school since our first year,” Luke laughed while unlocking the door to his house.

“I dunno. She’s just never crossed paths with me, I guess,” I shrugged it off easily and followed Luke into his house.


“Calum is beside me,” you said into the phone, the excited smile evident just from your tone. “Well, I mean, he’s in the house across from me, but it’s close enough, right?” You grinned when you heard the silence on the other side of the phone before your best friend spoke that meant she was rolling her eyes.

“You’ve been obsessed with him for entirely too long,” your best friend’s voice was singsong with a pinch of frustration. “Just talk to him. It can’t be that hard.”

“But what if I talk to him wrong? I mean, say the wrong thing. You get what I mean,” you stumbled over your words out of nerves. The thought of just walking up and talking to Calum felt awkward and unceremonious. You’d had Calum on a pedestal for so long that it seemed something mundane like ‘hello’ wouldn’t be worthy of his time.

“You’re not going to talk to him wrong,” she reassured you on the other end of the line. You uncrossed your legs from the position you’d been sitting in and laid back flat on the bed. Silence echoed through the room as the two of you each thought of different plans.

“I have an idea,” you said at the same time your friend said, “I have a plan.”

“Can I go first? I’m going first,” you declared, excitement from your idea speaking for you. The idea had struck you and was beginning to blossom into yet another extended fantasy, but the difference between a fantasy and a plan was voicing it.

“Okay, so you know that party they’re having after the next football game? Calum will be there, right? And we’re going. I’ll look super hot, and he’ll notice me!” Determination lit your voice with ferocity that deflated a little when the eye-roll pause came.

“Or you could just talk to him at school instead of when he’ll most likely be surrounded by other girls. You two have that class together, right?”

“Yea, but it’s not as cool.”

“Since when have you been cool?”

“Fair point.”

“You’re going to ignore my idea and drag me along for the ride, aren’t you?”

“You know me so well.”

no offense but in the flesh wasn’t cancelled and amy is alive and kieren and simon exchanged a series of emotionally charged e-mails until they worked their shit out and they live in paris now and they’re doin okay and kieren is going to school and simon writes an overly long overly pretentious postcard to sue and steve every week and gary got locked in an industrial meat freezer and jem has a girlfriend 

Zach Werenski #1 - Skate Date

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where you guys go on a skate date and you play hockey too?

This is officially my first answered request.  Anon I hope I did your prompt justice! I kind of flip flopped the prompt so that the date came last, I hope that is okay. I also took the liberty of picking OSU because of its closeness to the Nationwide Arena and because Zach went to the University of Michigan. Cute couple rivals? Maybe… 

Being from the north, hockey had always been a huge part of your life. You were four years old the first time a stick touched your hands and you never looked back. For girls though, you understood the serious lack of ability to pursue the sport as a career but when The Ohio State University offered you a full ride to play for their team you readily accepted. You were unfamiliar with Ohio seeing as how you weren’t originally from there but it quickly became home.

A certain tradition existed with your team you soon found out, when after a particularly grueling practice the captain called everyone into a huddle. As a way to get to know the team better and still keep it hockey related, the university had a program set up with the local NHL team; the Columbus Blue Jackets. They sent both the male and female hockey teams tickets to a game and potentially provided the opportunity to meet a select few players. This was all part of their plan to get good press and persuade the local student population to attend their games.

You of course were beyond excited to attend. As a student your budget is pretty limited and while you loved hockey, you couldn’t find it in you to spend your small savings on a ticket. This small stroke of luck, as you fondly remembered it was how you were introduced to your boyfriend; Zach Werenski, a defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The game against the Wild had been too close for any of you to relax properly but in the end the Blue Jackets squeaked out a 1-0 win. While the other fans filed out you and your team sat firmly in your seats as instructed and waited for security to find you and escort you to a more private location. No information on who you’d be meeting was revealed and on the walk down you listened to your team discuss who they hoped it’d be. You tuned out of the conversation because if asked you didn’t know if you’d be able to stop yourself from revealing your horrible crush on a certain defenseman. Only your roommate knew of your infatuation and that was because you two practically lived in each other’s pockets with how small the dorms are.

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Annabeth is a lowkey Hamilton nerd and eventually gets Percy into it and they just sing all the parts together randomly

This is literally my family you’re describing lol we just randomly start singing the songs and it’s obnoxious but great. And like I feel like Leo would be into Hamilton? Like I can totally see Annabeth being into it and dragging Percy in but I also can really see it as a pipercy or liper friendship thing idk but I love it lol

Gotham villain christmas headcanons
  • Oswald and Eddie wear ugly christmas sweaters (ozzy did force eddie to wear it), Jervis has a christmas themed hat, barbara wears an elf dress,and Jerome fucking dresses as santa clause.
  • Jerome is constantly trying to get barbara under the mistletoe
  • tabitha is annoyed that jerome is trying to kiss her girlfriend, so she pushes eddie under the mistletoe with jerome, which is hella awkward  but jerome still kisses him cause why not (eddie is disgusted, jerome liked it)
  • Jerome and Barbara go around obnoxiously singing christmas songs 
  •  They ask what christmas movie they should watch and of course jervis says alice in wonderland and they are like “Shut up jervis that’s not even a christmas movie, wait how the fuck did you get in?’
  • Tabitha doesn’t really care about christmas, but still puts up a tree cause she knows barbara loves it, and also always gets barbara a gift.
  • Eddie just drinks all the eggnog and talks about how christmas is stupid and makes no sense (than barbara and jerome start singing mr grinch)
  • Barbara is the kind of person who is like ‘’Oh we shouldn’t do gifts this year’’ but than gets everyone the best gifts
  • Jerome gets barbara a best friend bracelet and is so excited when she opens it and is like ‘’put it! Put it on!’’
  • Jerome gets tabitha some kind of weapon with a note on it which says ‘’Ur brother is a dick but ur cool i guess’’
  • Oswald gets drunk and sings all i want for christmas is you to eddie
  • Jerome still  believes in santa 
Heejun Boyfriend:

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A/n: Again, I am keeping this fluffy (and omg I was smiling the whole time while writing this bc Heejun is a small bean and he makes my heart happy :’) )

How he’d ask you out: 

  • He would have a lot of fake confidence
  • like he would tell himself that he wasn’t nervous but the minute he saw you he’d literally start choking up. 
  • you would’ve seen it coming, like you would know he was gonna ask you out the second he walked up to you
  • He would wear a nice suit (bc he looks vvv good in them) and he would buy your fav flowers or your fav anything honestly and be all over the top about it
  • it would seem like a proposal almost lmao
  • he would probably get all cheeky and smiley while asking you out and he already had your whole first date planned out before you even said yes
  • After he asks you out he would act a little cocky??
  • he would hold his head up like “yeah I asked her out” kinda thing (does it make sense??) 

Boyfriend stuff: 

  • He would buy you two couple items, especially hats and flannels. 
  • He would write you cheesy but cute love songs and sing them obnoxiously whilst playing the guitar 
  • He would teach you how to play the guitar
  • back hugs (from you lmao)
  • okay but there would be nights where you guys spent the night with each other and it would be like 2 am 
  • and he would wake you up just to talk about the random thought that popped into his head
  • or the cute animal he saw earlier that day
  • he would send you the weirdest snapchats
  • like a picture of a trash can or someones foot with no caption
  • when you two were alone he would follow you around like a puppy
  • he would be vv clingy and want to always be holding you, even if it’s just your pinky
  • I could see him wanting to go hiking a lot or just being outdoors
  • also he would like to show you off
  • he would be like this is my vv beautiful/handsome gf/bf Y/N and sneakily post you on twitter but cover your face and say it was a staff member or something 
  • he would also be very supportive of you, he would always tell you how much you meant to him and if you were in college or doing a job or something he would say he is very proud of you, etc. 
  • Lastly, you two would have so much fun together because he is so energetic and crazy and fun. 

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Do you remember last night?
  • Warnings: Swearing
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

“Are you drunk?” you questioned in amusement, pushing Sirius back in the direction he slumped, returning him in his drunken state to the upright position on his chair.

“Not drunk enough,” he cheered, attracting a lot of attention to the pair of you as he stood up and pushed you over to the bar of the Three Broomsticks. In fear of falling flat on your face, you sat unsteadily on a bar stool, hearing several disapproving mutters regarding underage drinkers. Being 7th year students, Sirius had already turned 18 and with your birthday looming, he had brought you out for a “pre-birthday piss up.” Swinging around on your stool to give them a piece of your mind, you were span right back around again before you even had time to open your mouth.

“Less time picking fights, more time drinking. Let’s try not to get banned from here too ‘ey?” he teased, sliding you a firewhiskey across the bar, now in a pint sized pewter tankard instead of your previously small glass. Narrowing your eyes at his comment, you refused to react…he knew it was a sour topic that you had accidentally gotten the whole gang banned from the Hog’s head.

“I’ve told you a million times, that wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know that when James challenged me to a charms battle it was going to get that out of hand,” Sirius knew better than to continue on the topic, chuckling and shaking his head as he helped you off the stool and back to your table in a quiet corner.

You widened your eyes at the weight of the tankard as you made your way back across the pub, “Shit Sirius, you are going to kill me,” you groaned, his face filling with a smug grin. It wasn’t until you moved that you had realised how drunk you were, of course you weren’t going to tell him this, you were fed up with your best friend calling you a lightweight and were adamant to keep up with his drinking tonight.

“How exactly did you manage to talk Madam Rosmerta in to serving me alcohol tonight though?” you quizzed curiously. Sirius chuckled at your wincing face as you took a sip of his favourite drink, the burning sensation of the firewhiskey a bit too strong for you.

“Oh it was rather easy really. I just had to apply some of my manly charm,” he sarcastically joked before looking over to the bar and waving in a ridiculing manner at the landlady of the broomsticks. You knew exactly what he meant by that, even before she smittenly waved back.

“So, you chatted her up then?” You cackled, not surprised by the typical Sirius actions, he was gorgeous and he definitely knew it, often using it to his advantage.

“What can I say? I just have so much dedication to your birthday cause,” he teased, “anyway, let’s not pretend like it wasn’t enjoyed by both parties” he added cheekily. To avoid saying something you shouldn’t, you took a large gulp of your drink, feeling a strong pang of jealousy in your stomach. Pushing this feeling away, you reminded yourself that it wasn’t uncommon, all the boys at Hogwarts fancied Madam Rosmerta. She was beautiful after all and he only saw you as his best friend, even if you wanted more.

“Your heroic flirting has once again saved the day, what would we do without it?” you replied, snickering a half laugh and trying not to sound bitter.

“Although I do have to admit, she wasn’t as good to flirt with as you are” he replied casually with a jokey wink. Not expecting this, you were lost for words and you were sure that it was just the firewhiskey talking…it was after all known for giving you courage. Knowing your friendship was naturally flirty anyway, you dismissed the comment, it probably didn’t mean what you hoped. Opting instead to down the remainder of your nearly full pint, Sirius stared at your unusual behaviour in shock before proudly and embarrassingly clapping very loudly.

“I taught you well my friend. This calls for some celebratory shots of red currant rum.” He dashed off to the bar, leaving you alone with your confused feelings and thoughts.

You were sad that the others weren’t able to make it tonight due to being stuck in detention, but you were so gleeful about what they had done that you let it slide. While you and Sirius were out practising quidditch for a few hours in the morning, Sirius’ ex Marlene McKinnon had made a rude comment to Lily in the common room. Consequently; James, Peter, Lily and a reluctant Remus skipped their morning classes, spending the whole morning learning a yellow pus-secreting spell.Coming back from the field, you were both in fits of laughter when you found Marlene with uncontrollable yellow goo squirting from her nose and much to your delight it took the professors half the day to work out how to make it stop.

After many more drinks and hours later, the pair of you were so intoxicated that your vision was going, your speech was slurring and you were definitely swaying in your seat. Despite the lack of company, you and Sirius still had the best night ever, neither of you ever failing to be bored when in each others company. Realising the pub had massively emptied, it was the early hours of the morning and you decided to call it a night and head back to the castle. Nearly falling flat on your face when you tried to stand, Sirius grabbed your arm, catching you before you hit the floor. You cursed yourself for trying to keep up with him, when would you learn that it never ended well.

“Oh fuck, you’re a mess,” he laughed “I love it,” he added, slinging your arm behind his head and over his far shoulder to hold you up when you began to sway. “Well it looks like I will have to piggyback you home again” he falsely sighed, mocking you. “Hop on you lightweight, but I’m warning you, don’t touch my hair.”

You guffawed loudly in your highly intoxicated manner, one of your favourite things about Sirius being his complete inability to not swear. You nodded in response, before using all your concentration to jump on to Sirius’ back, his strong arms catching and securing you tightly to his back. You slumped your head down on his shoulder, losing control of your body, it was feeling too hard to hold up your heavy jelly head.

“But I swear to fucking god (Y/N), if you are sick on me again it will be the end of our relationship. I have a reputation to keep you know,” he joked slurring. He was now stumbling jaggedly down the dark back streets of Hogsmeade to avoid getting caught, still carrying you effortlessly on his back.

Your froze at this, your breath catching in your throat and you felt Sirius do the same. It was as if his own words had accidentally slipped out and even caught him by surprise. “What did you just say?” you asked replaying his words in your head. You were drunk, but definitely not deaf, you were sure he just said you were in a relationship. The words came out his mouth so easily, boldly and fluently that it was slightly frightening - it was like he actually believed them.

With no going back, Sirius had no other option than to ride out his accidental drunken confession, trying to play it out casually. “Oh don’t act like you don’t want to be my girlfriend,” he smirked nonchalantly, keeping his cool on the outside. “You are a bad liar, but an even worse actor,” he laughed.

“You’re right, I do want to be your girlfriend,” you admitted into his neck, neither of you expecting that response, nor for it to be so instant. You immediately knew you shouldn’t have said that, you weren’t sure you could cope with the rejection and didn’t want to lose your best friend. You regretted that firewhiskey more than anything else right now.

After a moment’s silence you began to panic, thankful when Sirius spoke up. “I think I want you to be my girlfriend too,” he admitted, his serious side emerging. You had come to learn with him that serious conversations were rare and few, the joker scarcely wanting to show his vulnerability. But this meant that when they did, you always knew to take his words as genuine.

“I thought we just got on well because you’re a girl and my best friend, but so is Lily and it’s not the same with her. There’s something else there with us, so I guess that means you are more than just a best friend to me?” He pondered for a moment, before breaking back to his usual self. “Also, It’s not often I find someone as cool as me, would be a shame to waste it,” from the tone of his voice, you didn’t even need to see his face to know the arrogant smirk that would be plastered on it. You always told him off for his witty egotistical arrogance, but secretly you found it to be one of his most attractive qualities.

“Well then…I suppose I better had promise not to be sick on you” Sirius seemed pleased with your response, chuckling loudly. You decided to change the subject, feeling now was the wrong time to discuss something so important while being so drunk - your brain was barely working and you actually were beginning to feel sick. “How you not drunker though…we had the same?” It took all your might to talk coherently.

“A magician never reveals his tricks,” he chortled loudly at his own terrible pun, earning an eye roll from you. “No I am actually very drunk, but I clearly can hold my liquor better than you, lightweight,” he snorted the last word. He knew you hated being called that, but he could never resist teasing you. You were too drunk to bother replying, instead placing a sweet kiss on the crook of his neck, feeling bold in the moment. With that, Sirius tightened his grip on your legs, spending the rest of the walk home obnoxiously singing cheesy folk love songs, which was the last thing you remembered before you fell asleep.

It wasn’t until he tripped over the common room sofa and dropped you on the floor with a loud thud that you were awoken abruptly. Lying next to the fire in front of the sofa, you were rolling around on the red rug laughing maniacally. You weren’t mad, if anything you were impressed he had managed to even sneak in this far without getting caught.

“Oops, sorry,” he apologised, collapsing down next to you before grabbing a blanket off the sofa and throwing it over you both. Falling asleep cuddling, the pair of you were content where you were, the fire keeping you warm, neither of you wanting to break your bliss and bother with moving to bed. 

You weren’t sure if it was the harsh light or the sharp prodding that woke you, but both you and Sirius awoke confused and on the common room floor. Remus stood over you both, clearly the culprit of the prodding, looking relieved when you both sat up alive…well, just about. Lily and James sat on the sofa looking amused at your wincing faces and clearly getting enjoyment out of your pain. Peter standing above you with glasses of water and painkillers, which you both sat up and appreciatively took quickly - your mouths drier than ever and your heads thumping.

Clutching your sore head, you groaned, lying back down and covering your face from the sun with your blanket receiving chuckles from all. Despite the pain, you had woken with a smile. It was impossible to not be happy after last night; you no longer had to hide your feelings and knowing he had them back was the best feeling in the world. Grimacing at the strong churning in your stomach, you were sure that the culprit of that was more than likely the alcohol.

“You better get on your feet! We have divination at 9!” James chirped, in a deliberately irritating and overly fake happy tone before snatching the blanket away from you both leaving you without protection from the morning.

“Fuck off James,” Sirius whined. “Divination is crap anyway,” he grouchily added before pulling you back upright, he wasn’t going to suffer alone. Despite being drunk, you remembered everything last night clearly, you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about your conversation on the way home and you were glad there was no awkwardness between the pair of you this morning. Deciding it was best to act normal around your friends, you were waiting for a moment alone with Sirius so that you could talk about what you both admitted the night before.

“You could have at least bought back some breakfast for us,” he whined at your friends, wanting pity in his tender state as he scooted to sit with his back resting on the sofa.

“No way, this is self inflicted,” Lily added with an evil smirk. “If we had to miss out on the fun then we want you to suffer too,” she high-fived James loudly. “By the looks of you, I bet you have some great stories to tell though.”

You laughed at this, nodding your head in agreement. “We will tell you all later, but right now I think I am dying,” you moaned.

“You are on your own with that one (Y/N), I can’t remember anything onward from you nearly starting on those men by the bar,” Sirius spoke directly to you, grinning proudly at your antics as he spoke. 

You could barely hear everybody’s laughter as you looked back at his face, your stomach dropping… you knew him well enough to tell from the look on his face that he wasn’t lying. You knew he was drunk, but he had actually forgotten. How could he forget?

“Nothing at all? Not even the walk home?” you casually asked, trying hard not to raise suspicion or show your disappointment in front of him or your friends.

“Nope, nothing. I don’t even remember leaving. Sign of a good night I think,” he playfully added, shoving you lightly on your arm, before standing up slowly and helping you up after.

“Yeah definitely, it was one of the best nights I have ever had,” you answered, devastated that he couldn’t remember why.

“We are going to make your actual birthday even better,” Remus added.

“We will all be there for a start,” Peter scoffed, earning whoops from your friends.

“It is going to be great, I can’t wait,” you spoke with a false tone, trying your hardest to pretend like nothing was wrong in front of everyone, but the truth was you didn’t care about your birthday. Nothing mattered to you in this moment other than Sirius forgetting.

Feeling yourself about to cry, you knew Sirius was on to you. Knowing you better than anyone he began to pick up on your strange tone and facial expressions. Even if the others had yet to notice anything was wrong, you knew it wouldn’t be long before you slipped up your facade - like Sirius said last night, you were a rubbish actor.

“Well I better go and get dressed,” you excused yourself from your friends in the most inconspicuous way you could, desperate to get away as you turned your back to them and began to walk towards the staircase leading to your dorm. You noted Sirius furrowed brows as he watched you leave, taking a step forward to follow you before deciding to instead confront you about your odd behaviour when you were alone later. He knew that would be his best chance to get the truth from you.

As you ascended the stairs, out of sight, your tears finally split over and with a single stern movement you wiped them away. You knew it was time to make a plan, wracking your brain of a way to remind him of what happened the night before. You refused to cry over this, you had no reason to…he liked you back, even if he couldn’t remember admitting it. You weren’t going to let it slide again, this was the push you needed. As your muggle Mother always said; a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

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i associate you with tip-of-the-nose-kisses, saying something "mushy" and then scoffing bc "no i am a tough badass. grr.", those loud, warm laughs everyone loves, dancing and singing obnoxiously in your underwear to a song you'd be embarrassed for anyone to know you like, perfect grunge aesthetics, randomly blurting poetic thoughts, black coffee, the pretty purple of the sky when the sun has literally made its first appearance, white roses (no, not black. white roses are punk rock too)

Andy: This is awesome!!??????

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Could you do something with the reader getting jealous of Murdoc when he's flirting with a bartender while at a hotel for a concert, and just leases to go to their room and gets somewhat drunk. And then when he comes back he finds like like that and they confess? (Gorillaz-Imagines-Pickle here btw. Im kinda obsessed with this idea right now tho.)

(A/N: this took a slightly different direction than I had planned i’M)

You stare across the bar at the scene unfolding. Murdoc; leaning forward and smirking. Impossibly attractive bartender; laughing and touching his arm frequently. It wasn’t like this was unfamiliar to you– in fact, whenever you tagged along on tour, it was commonplace. Murdoc seemed to have this insane sexual magnetism around anyone with functioning eyes, and you’d known this for some time– but it still made you so irrationally angry. You frequently confided your feelings to either your journal, or Noodle.

She typically watched as you struggled to make a move with Murdoc, always stopping before things could get really interesting. She had told you a thousand times that he wanted to get with you, but at times like this, it was hard to believe. Especially when she was halfway across the building, mingling with strangers effortlessly. You scanned for everyone else; 2D was in the corner, chatting with a group of girls, and Russel was sitting with a few collaborators, cracking jokes. You took one more look at Murdoc, who was now closer to the bartender. You watched as he winked at her and beckoned for her to get on his level. You gulped down the rest of your drink and made your way up to your hotel suite.

After hopping off the elevator, you stormed into the room and opened the liquor stash. Your hand grasped for a bottle of gin, which you gladly pulled out and cracked open. You took a glug and said a cheer to the empty room.

“Cheers to bein’ a fucking idiot, and never having the courage to do the shit I want to do the most!”

You chugged down a bit more and winced at the taste. You knew that you’d be trashed soon, but you didn’t care. Alcohol removed feelings from the equation anyway. And why would you have feelings for that blithering idiot, anyway? He practically waved his dick at anything with a hole. Why would you be special? Why would you be different? Your thoughts faded as you drank more of the gin. You started to feel drunk way too fast, and thought it was a good idea to sing obnoxious love songs to yourself, dedicating them to Murdoc. At least, like this, your affections didn’t hurt.

A loud knock sounded on the door. You bolted upright in panic and clutched the bottle. “OCCUPIED.”

You heard a chuckle from the other side of the door, and heard it unlock. “Ah, no worries, y/n, I just didn’t wanna find me key, see, I-I was thinkin’ it was lost as hell, an’ I find it in my pocket–”

Murdoc went silent as he walked through your door and saw you holding the bottle to your chest, looking like you’d seen Satan himself. His eyebrows furrowed slightly and he stumbled over to your bed. He plopped down next to you and held out a hand for the bottle. You whimpered pathetically.

“Don’t t-take it from me! I wanna be blasted out of my head!” You held the bottle away from him and frowned. “Besides, you-you’re probably more drunk than I am. OH WAIT.” Your words slurred and some spit flew from your mouth. hot. “YOU were too bust flirting with that s-skank ass bartender to get drunk! Guess I could share then, huh?” You held out the bottle to him and took it back before he even reached for it. “TOO BAD.”

Murdoc stared at you in puzzlement. “Okay, normally I have a hard time figurin’ out what you’re sayin’ when you’re drunk b-but you are speaking an entirely other language right now, Y/n. Just…:” He leaned forward more. “… Give me the damn bottle.”


You got up off the bed and hold the bottle to your chest and decide to bolt to the bathroom. Murdoc follows after you and slings you over his shoulder with ease. You kick and squirm, which causes the bottle of gin to fly all over the floor. You instantly begin drunk crying, and at first, Murdoc thinks it’s only because of the gin. He sat you on your bed and started to reassure you about the alcohol, until you held up a hand and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You fucking moron! It isn’t the alcohol for once! It’s you, actually! ‘S always BEEN you!”

Murdoc looked at you confused. “Okay, what are you on about? Why are you so angry? I actually want to help and–”

“WHAT AM I ON ABOUT? Oh god, you’re dense. So dense.” You tried to pull yourself together to no avail, still drunkenly crying into your sheets. “I’ve got the hots for you, you pickled fuck! I want to be with you!” You sniffled a little before sitting up. Murdoc kept quiet and locked eyes with the floor. An almost unbearable silence manifested between the two of you.

You got up and started packing your clothes into random suitcases, throwing the things that weren’t yours into the corner. You regretted everything you said instantly, yet you refused to take it back. Murdoc watched you for a moment before getting up and holding your hands at your sides. You huffed.

“Let me go.”

Murdoc leaned forward to whisper into your ear. “No. Why would I do that now?”

“Because I’m… I’m stupid for thinking you’d be into someone like me, okay?” You turned around to face him after breaking his grip. “You’re this rockstar with the potential to score anyone, and I’m not like the other people that you–”

Murdoc let out an exasperated laugh and pulled you forward, kissing you as hard as he could. It took you a moment to process what was happening, but you kissed him back just as hard. His hands started to wander down your back and to your hips, pulling your entire body close to his. Your fingers tangled in his hair messily, and your breath started to hitch in your throat. Before he could continue, you grabbed both of his hands.

“You’re not just doing this because you’re drunk and horny, right?” Your words stumbled over one another. “Because that’s not what this is.”

“Listen, sweetheart, I may be drunk and horny, but I’m not wanting this to be a one-time thing.” He removed his hands from your grip and placed them on your hips. “Understood?”


(also @gorillaz-imagines-pickle I did ur thing idk if i ever told you haha oops)

Levi and Eren are neighbors. Levi’s just moved into a new apartment and he hasn’t met his neighbors yet but he knows the owner of the apartment to his right is annoying as hell because the walls are thin and he constantly sings. Levi gets fed up one day with the obnoxious singing (some goddamn Frozen song) and starts belting out Love is an Open Door. The voice on the other side stops as Levi keeps singing at the top of his lungs. He gets to the part where he goes, “We finish each other’s-” and the person on the other side shouts SANDWICHES. And suddenly they’re finishing the song together and Levi is shocked because the person on the other side actually has a beautiful voice when they’re trying to sing and not shouting out the words. After they finish the song he hears a knock on his apartment door and a cute boyish voice sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

the signs home alone (100% accurate)
  • Aries: searching the refrigerator for food then complaining because there's nothing
  • Taurus: sleeping
  • Gemini: constantly saying to themselves "if a robber came in I would do..." and coming up with different scenarios
  • Cancer: probably hasn't realized they're home alone
  • Leo: ends up leaving home
  • Virgo: singing their favorite songs obnoxiously loud
  • Libra: probably taking a long ass bath
  • Scorpio: looking out the window and watching every car pass
  • Sagittarius: probably talking to themselves
  • Capricorn: watching Netflix
  • Aquarius: probably half naked just wandering
  • Pisces: calling for their mom over and over again until they realize no ones there
Relationship with Fred Weasley

Who gets jealous more: 

t’s a constant battle. You get jealous when Fred unknowingly flirts with other girls such as Angelina and Katie during practice. It drives Fred absolutely bonkers seeings you so much as talk to other guys. He tries his best not to act on his feelings and become the possessive boyfriend he knows you hate but sometimes he can’t help it. Usually Fred will casually walk over when you and Dean, or whomever it may be are talking, and wraps his arms around you placing a chaste kiss to your forehead, silently letting the other guy know that Fred has no intention of letting anything happen. 

 Who is a worse drunk:

 You are, by a lot shot. Plenty of parties are thrown in the Gryffindor common room and the second the fireball whisky is brought out, Fred knows he will be babysitting for the night. He will constantly warn you throughout the night to watch your intake, but you always shoo him away claiming you know your limit, which you obviously don’t. Fred would then spend the entire night keeping an eye on you from a distant as Lee, George, and him talk. You are more of a funny drunk and tend to laugh at everything at hand, even the non humorous subjects. When the party is over Fred has to practically drag you back to your dorm room and tuck you in. You would beg him to stay which he would of course give in and tell you little jokes just to hear your contagious laugh. 

Who gives more surprise gifts:

Fred loves, loves, loves, giving you random gifts. Chocolates, new socks, scarfs, quills, books, blankets, sweets, etc. Whether they’re small or large, they are always so meaningful and have amazing stories behind them. The smile that lights up your face illuminates Fred’s heart making him the happiest man in Hogwarts. 

Who is more fascinated with the Muggle world:

You are by far. Growing up on the hills of Ireland, you never spent much time learning Muggle customs due to your pure blood parents. This being said, it amazed you beyond belief whenever you learned the faintest things about Muggles. After finding this out, Fred was asking his father, Harry, and Hermione questions left and right just to impress you by sharing fun facts. For your seventeenth birthday Fred took you to London and the two of you spent the week pretending to be typical Muggle folks and even went on tours around London just to experience the tourist feel. You bought t-shirts that say  ‘I <3 London’, tried to break the stone exterior of the famou guards, took millions of photos in front of Big Ben and rode on a double decker bus during a tour. 

 Who hates the cold more:

 You do. Fred sleeps with his windows open and fan on the highest mode no matter the season. He urges you to just use him as body heat which makes you laugh. You lay next to him shivering to death but Fred claims it’s better cold so you can use more blankets. You know the truth is he just likes wearing less clothes and having an excuse to snuggle up. 

 Who loves cuddling: 

As mentioned before, this would go to Fred. Fred Weasley absolutely loves cuddling, he lives for it. It was actually pretty funny to see such a tall man turn to a child at the mentioning of snuggling up with you. When the two of you are studying Fred is at work trying to convince you to step away from your business and cozy under a mountain of blankets with him. He would tempt you with offers that hurt to pass down and would do anything just to have you in his arms. Fred’s favorite cuddle session was right after Gryffindor’s big match against Slytherin. Sadly Gryffindor had lost by a mere slid and it broke his heart. You waited outside the locker room for him to finish his shower and the second he stepped out, you snatched his hand and dragged him to the boys dormitory. The rest of the night was spent in a change of positions, this time you being the big spoon. It was a nice change but Fred knew he much prefered holding his world in his arms and having the upper hand of kissing you anytime he wanted. 

Who gets on the others nerves the most:

Whether it was on purpose or not, Fred managed to be on your last end at least once a week. Although he had a heart of gold, sometimes that Weasley boy just didn’t know when too much was too much. You fell target to his pranks on numerous occasions and finally enough was enough and you’d snap. Fred would feel terrible of this and do everything to make things right. He would gift you with roses, treats, and even let you prank him, not that you needed his permission at this point. Without him knowing, you and George would master the perfect prank to get back at Fred. Even though he would be mildly embarrassed and a tad upset, Fred would shake it off. It impressed him to see you turning the tables. 

Who steals the other’s food: 

You steal Fred’s food whenever his eyes leave his plate. During meals in the Great Hall Fred cautiously guards his plate not falling for any of your tricks such as, “Oh Fred would you look at that” or “Fred do you see what the first year is doing over there!” From years of experiences Fred has learned all your ways and typically counts on grabbing extra food just incase. 

Who tells the terrible jokes:

That would be you. You make the worst jokes at the most awkwardest time. Especially your terrible puns that never seem to stop. Sometimes Fred laugh to humor you other times he does it out of pity and in hopes that you’ll stop. You never do, they just keep coming. 

Who cries the most:  

You are known for crying. The salty tears come in a variety of ways from tears of joy, laughter, sadness, anger, and confusion. Fred comfortes you no matter the reason for the water works and will hold you all night long just to see you smile again. But he will admit his favorite tears are the laughter ones you get after he tells a bone tickling joke. 

Who made the first move:

Fred did, by accident. He had a crush on you his whole first year and when the two of you were paired up for a class your second year at Hogwarts, Fred’s mouth moved faster than his brain and he managed to slip out how beautiful he found you to be. He was extremely mortified and tried to push the subject away wanting to get back to his work. You were still blushing furiously at his words and squeaked out your feelings for Fred as well making his eyes bug out in astonishment. Luckily for him, by the end of the class period he had scored a date with you. 

Who sings horribly:  

Fred. Fred Weasley was not known for his wonderful singing voice, the reason being was that it didn’t exist. He for some reason absolutely loved singing every single song in the loudest most obnoxious voice in the world. He’d change his voice a million different octaves, change the words, and pitches at his heart’s desire. You began to think he enjoyed seeing the look of annoyance on your face. 

Who makes breakfast for the other:

Fred has no bloody idea how to cook without setting off an alarm so you would be the baker in the relationship. You couldn’t makes much, just waffles, eggs, pancakes, and bacon but that was enough to make Fred’s heart swell. Waking up to the smell of fresh breakfast wafting through the air heightened his sense the second it hit him. Fred would roll out of bed and drag down the hall only to find you wearing one of his shirts and waiting intently to flip the golden brown pancake. He would smirk at the sight and walk over soundlessly and wrap his arms around your waist causing you to jump and scold him for being so stealthy. A million kisses would litter your neck before you’d finish the meal. Fred would then help you pile everything on a tray to bringing it back for a special breakfast in bed. 

Who steals the other’s clothes:

You of course. Everything Fred owns you have worn at least once. His sweaters, jackets, t-shirts (you attempted his sweatpants but that was a miserable fail since you were swamped in them), scarfs, and almost mixed his robes with yours on accident after a late night together. Fred teased you for this but secretly loved seeing you in his clothes. Every once in awhile Fred would complain about his lack of clothing because you kept stealing them, but he would never ask for them back. He was far too sweet and cared about you way too much to steal any of his stuff back, it was a bonus for him to see how adorable you looked in them. 

Who gets more excited about the holidays:

Its split between both of you. Fred loves going home for holidays to visit his family and spend time with his sibling and parents, despite seeing his brothers and sister everyday at school. Bringing you home to see his family was also something he loved. You lived for family moments but it was also the excitement and build up of holidays was your favorite thing. It was also just hanging out with your friends, family, and Fred that made your happiness towards holidays grow. Fred would beg you every year to come home to his parents house with him to spend Christmas with him and when you did, it was quite the show. Fred would smother you with extra love because of the holiday spirit, and all his family members would throw thousands of questions your way, none bad just unusual. Like Molly seemed to love asking about what you and Fred planned for your future while Arthur asked random questions about your life and places you’ve visited. Holidays at the Weasley’s was by far the most exostic yet heart warming events you’ve ever had.

- Daizy xx