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My Top Ten Favorite Musical Numbers From Cartoons

My buddy, @theromancescrooge, did her top ten favorite original musical numbers from cartoons a while back, and I was hesitant to make my own list. There are just so many good choices I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten. However, as time went on more picks just solidified their position should I make a list. Rules are it has to be from an animated television show, but no anime. Also, one per show. Covers are okay, but no direct lifting of previously existing music. So here it is:

10. “I Got a New Routine” from Milo Murphy’s Law

I love Weird Al. I never got into Phineas and Ferb because reasons. So you give a platform like that to Weird Al and let the gems come naturally. 

9. “Sweet Shop” from Littlest Pet Shop

This cute little diddy is very reminiscent of songs from the 1950s. I like this kinda sound and it plays like a very pleasant commercial. The show is done by the same crew as MLP:FiM, so you can see the talent in animation and casting.

8. “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from The Fairly Oddparents

I like this song. It sounds nice. Hey, shut up. Everyone shut up. Stop laughing at me. Just go to the next one. The next one. But seriously the keyboard is a nice touch and Chris Kirkpatrick’s vocals are smooth.

7. “The Campfire Song Song” from Spongebob Squarepants

Damn, is this song a bunch of fun. Patrick trying his best, but failing makes me laugh everytime. Some would argue that it’s too short but shut up.

6. “The Wizard” from The Looney Tunes Show

I really wanted to put “We are in Love” but after listening to both songs back-to-back, I just like this one better. Much better. A fantasy metal track as Daffy pretends to be an all powerful wizard and the lyrics blur the lines between what he thinks he’s doing and what is actually happening.

5. “Music Revolution” From loliRock

I know I said in my thoughts on loliRock that the songs sound a little too overproduced and I still think that. That being said, I think this song is pretty cool. It’s energetic and has that right amount of vocal harmony that I love in my music and, dare I say it, a little sexy.

4. “This Day Aria” from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This song is an epic piece. This is some Disney quality stuff. The back and forth between Cadence and the imposter is great. The harmony is amazing.

3. “Hello Nurse!” from Animaniacs

Animaniacs has A LOT of great songs, but this one I have to stop and sing every time. This is the song a guy sings when he’s asked to describe the perfect woman. 

2. “The Ballad of Star Butterfly” from Star vs the Forces of Evil

I love Fall Out Boy. Having Patrick Stump sing Star’s Princess Song was brilliant. It’s a four part rock opera going from a traditional princess song and ending with a big reveal of love. Starco is OTP, baby. Even if Starco isn’t your thing, this is great song.

1. “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe

This song will always be my number one. The first time I heard this song, I cried. I cried because I knew I needed to hear this a long time ago. If I would have heard this beautifully written and performed song when I was a kid, it would have saved me from years of self-loathing.

That’s all I got and thanks for reading.

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favorite gorillaz songs?

sweet satan how could one make me choose ⚡️
first o’ all, im making a list, purely for the aesthetics and the sake of me commenting on it. (the songs are not listed in any order) 🍒
1. rhinestone eyes - not to be fake deep or anything but i’m gonna be fake deep and say that this song saved my sorry ass from ending my life
2. kids with guns - good song, good lyrics, great bassline.
3. plastic beach - got a sense of sunrise melancholy, example of murdocs midlife crisis on the trash island
4. let me out - blast it into trumps face
5. amarillo - gives me the 2d feels, lonely bastard missing light in life (also once read a good fanfic with that name… can’t find it anymore)


iconic girl groups, class 2016

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Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness- Smashing Pumpkins
Me vs Madonna vs Elvis- Brand New
The End of All Things- Panic at the Disco
Skinny Love- Bon Iver
Hollow Body- Pity Sex
Cancer- My Chemical Romance
Tunnel- The Used
Asleep- The Smiths
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shots- Brand New
Alone Together- Piano Tribute
Transcendentalism- Death Cab For Cutie
Passengers- Death Cab For Cutie
Teeth- Fireworks
Phone Tag- Modern Baseball
Giving Up On You- Real Friends
Love Your Friends, Die Laughing- Man Overboard
A Walk Through Hell- Say Anything
Lua- Bright Eyes
Adam’s Song- Blink 182
Romance is… - Lights
First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes
Nothing- The Script
Never Be What You Want (Acoustic)- We Are The In Crowd
The Scientist- Coldplay
Kiss Me Slowly- Parachute
Slow Dancing In A Dancing Room- John Mayer
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds- Mayday Parade
We All Roll Along- The Maine
Breathe In, Breathe Out- Matt Kearney
The Girl- City & Colour
Fix You (acoustic)- Yellowcard
Stomach Tied In Knots- Sleeping With Sirens
Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been (Acoustic)- Reliant K
Alibis- Marianna’s Trench
Be Calm- Fun.
Everything is Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
Round Here- Counting Crowes
Therapy- All Time Low
Hear Me- Imagine Dragons
One Step At A Time (Acoustic)- Four Year Strong
The Gambler- Fun.
What A Catch Donnie- Fall Out Boy
Twin Size Mattress- The Front
Can’t Have You- The Jonas Brothers
A Little Bit Longer- The Jonas Brothers
Sad Songs- The Maine
Hebron- Real Friends
The Night I Drove Alone- Citizen
Remembering Sunday- All Time Low
Oh Calamity!- All Time Low
Death beds- Bring Me The Horizon
Snakes Start To Sing- Bring Me The Horizon
How To Save A Life- The Fray
When We Were Younger: You Me At Six
Hold On Til May- Pierce The Veil
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Basketcase- Green Day
Brain Stew- Green Day
Time Of Your Life- Green Day
Pain- Jimmy Eat World
I’m Just A Kid- Simple Plan
Astronaut- Simple Plan
This Song Saved My Life- Simple Plan
The Downfall Of Us All- A Day To Remember
One of THOSE nights- The Cab
Let’s Get Fucked Up & Die- Motion City Soundtrack
Hospital for Souls- Bring Me The Horizon
Local Man Ruins Everything- The Wonder Years
Typical- Cartel
Runaway- Cartel
Save us- Cartel
Northern Downpour- Panic at the Disco
Meteor Shower- Owl City
Boring- The Brobecks
Fix You- Coldplay
Golden- Fall Out Boy
Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
I Do- Rocket To The Moon
Wherever You Go- Rocket To The Moon
Ashes And Wine- A Fine Frenzy
Back To Black- Amy Winehouse
Between You And I- Every Avenue
Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons
Machines- Biffy Clyro
Sex (acapella)- The 1975
Cough Syrup- Young The Giant
Petulia- The Kooks
Don’t Know Why- Norah Jones
Superman- Five For Fighting
Good Love- The Maine
Happy Ending- Mika
Hear You Me- Jimmy Eat World
Heart of Me- Tim Urban
Here’s To The Nights- Eve 6
I’m Sorry- The Maine
Little Things- One Direction
My Heart Beats For Love- Miley Cyrus
Near To You- A Fine Frenzy
One Headlight- The Wallflowers
Passing Through A Screen Door- The Wonder Years
Return To Pooh Corner- Kenny Loggins
Six Feet Under The Stars (acoustic)- All Time Low
Stay Awake (acoustic)- All Time Low
Strawbear- Keaton Henson
Vienna- Billy Joel
Waiting For The Dawn- The Mowglis
Youth- Daughter
1979- The Smashing Pumpkins

(Imaginary Numbers album by The Maine is perfect. So is any album by Secondhand Serenade.)

Did I do good????

Urban Legends

The white lady who waits
in the fog on a dangerous
country road,

went out to dinner with
ol’ hookhand, and they
talked about fear

and the old stories,

about the young lovers
he killed,

the drunk-assed kids
she saved.

She wailed her sad song
for him, and he ate Mongolian
barbecue off of his hook,

and they parted ways–

her back to her country road,
and him back to his lovers’ lane.

Waiting for another generation
to frighten, to warn.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

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SUPER JUNIOR D&E「Let’s Get It On」MV [Short Ver]