songs that make you bounce

chalie510  asked:

9, 10, and 13!

9: A song that makes you happy: the gold song - the bouncing souls
10: A song that makes you sad: real love - john lennon
13: One of your favorite 80’s songs: age of consent - new order or home sweet home - Mötley Crüe

thanks, homie!


Narrator: Are you tired of having all back and no butt?

Woman:*nods as she looks  down at her flat butt*

Narrator: Are you tired of your butt looking like a balloon thats deflated?

Woman: Yes

Narrator: Then you need Sebooty master 2.0

Woman: Whats that?

Sehun:*pops up out of nowhere*

Woman:*Looks at him* Who are you?

Sehun: I’m Oh Sehun a Korean Booty God…I am here to help you turn that pancake into a stack of waffles

Woman: *Smiles and jumps for joy*

Sehun: Now let’s get that booty to first things first stretch them legs

Woman:*Starts to stretch*

Sehun: Goodness look at them legs…

Woman:*Smiles* I know…i’m quite curvy

Sehun: Oh honey no…no you’re not…they’re like sticks…

Narrator: Just watch him work his magic

Sehun: Now one thing that helps is listening to the booty Goddess herself nicki minaj *Starts to play “anaconda”*

Woman:*Gives him a look of confusion*

Sehun: That song always gets the booty a make sure you have on your best booty shorts

Woman: I don’t have booty shorts


Woman: I don’t…I’m sorry


Woman:*shuts up*

Sehun:*rubs his temple*

Woman: Well i’m wearing skin tight jeans so that can work

Sehun: How dare you…skin tight jeans..what do I look like? Harry styles

Women: No I just-

Sehun: Just shut up…now you see what you’ve done…my booty is jiggling with rage

Woman:*looks down at it* is..

Sehun:*rolls his eyes and looks at the camera* You can go from that to this…sebooty is all real and natural

Woman: So aren’t you going to help me?

Sehun: Oh heavens no…that pancake has no hope…whatever was there died a long time ago..I’m a motivator not a miracle worker


Narrator: Buy Sebooty master 2.0 for only $19.99 trust me you won’t regret it

He’s so nonchalant about everything, but he’s an amazing musician and he has great ideas. When you’re having a bad show and staring out at the crowd, wondering if you’re going to make it through the last three songs, and you see him bouncing around in a baby-blue flight attendant outfit, it’s really inspiring.
—  Dave Grohl about Pat Smear (1997)