songs that have been stuck in my head all day

I was wondering what it would be like if Hannibal was really into kpop and I mean REALLY. Like instead of him writing songs on the harpsichord it’s him in his room singing and dancing. What if he has like a group of girls to dance with him?
It’s like…
“Mr.Hannibal why do we have to dance?”

Fifteen minutes

Pidge x (non-binary) reader

Request: how about…… pidge with a non-binary s/o. *slips you 3 dollars* extra fluffy – Anon

A/N: Smooth…real smooth anon. Anyway your wish is my command. I used the song ‘Fifteen minutes’ by Mike Krol from the Steven universe episode ‘last one out of beach city’ to inspire me. This song has been stuck in my head for days’ guys…I really tried with the extra fluff guys.

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What if I told you that the world was gonna end

Somehow, you and the paladins of Voltron had managed to find some doom buggies on this ‘fun-central’ planet. There were carnivals 24/7 and everyone was having the time of their lives. You and the paladins were all in your casual clothes as you drove down the coast of the planet in the buggies. You were sharing a doom buggy with Pidge, you let them drive since you found the foreign controls a little perplexing. “This is so much fun!” you shouted to the wind as you stood up in your seat. “Be careful Y/N! We don’t want you to fall out of the vehicle now do we?” Pidge looked to you, clearly worried. Sitting down abruptly, you made sure that Pidge didn’t feel like that again, you didn’t want to ruin the day by getting hurt.

And you had fifteen minutes to spend with me or your friends

After a while, Pidge got sick of driving and you both decided to take a break. Pulling over, you signaled for the guys to go on without you both. Resting on the grassy bank at the side of the road, you laid down watching the sky change into a series of different pinks and purples as the day went through its daily metamorphosis to turn into night. “Penny for your thoughts, Pidge?” you asked out of the blue. They gulped slightly, scratching the back of their head. “I don’t know…I just had a lot of fun today…with you.” They added hesitantly. “Pidge?” you sat up, looking into their eyes as they sparked. They started to blush as you made awkward eye contact. Both looking away from each other like the nervous teenagers you were, you decided to watch the peculiar sunset instead. “Look Pidge!” you gasped.

Would you take the first bus over to my house

A rainbow burst through the sky as the sun made contact with the horizon. You both watched in awe, as you realized that with each new planet, there came new discoveries with each one. Surprising you in every little unique way, almost each and every day. It was an awesome adventure that never seemed to end. “Do you miss home?” Pidge questioned as you both gazed upon the magnificence of the new sunset. “…Sometimes.” You answered slowly. “I miss it too…but I’m here to get my family back, even if that includes having some fun every now and then.” They mentioned as they turned to you shyly. Shuffling closer to them, you rested your head on their shoulder. They froze up for a moment, before relaxing under your touch. They sighed, a harmony of sound filling your ears.

Or would you take the last plane over the West Coast.

Both of you fell into a relaxed stupor for a few moments of your lives. But you wanted to stay like this forever, just with each other in a peaceful silence. You could easily say it was one of the best experiences of your life, even if it barely consisted of any conversation what so ever. “Y/N?” Pidge checked to see if you were still awake, it would have been oh so easy for you to fall asleep in such a taken moment. “Yeah?” you lifted your head to rest your chin in its place. Pidge stiffened as you made eye contact with them again. Their green eyes captivated you, rapping you up in a warm blanket of their gaze, even though you chose to ignore their nervousness. But they just sighed again and closing their eyes, resting their forehead on top of yours, even though they had moved their neck to an uncomfortable angle, which was what all you could think about in that somewhat intimate moment.

See at times like these with a change of heart

Choosing to ignore how close they were to you, you just shuffled even closer, finding yourself hugging them. “I find myself taking quite a liking to you Y/N.” they whispered into your hairline. “Pidge?” you spoke their name uncertainly. Confusion was all they could find in your features, so, swallowing their pride, Pidge leaned forward and captured your lips in an abrupt kiss. Your eyes widened in surprise as they continued to kiss you. But you soon fell into their silent confession and started to kiss them back. This was amazing, was all you could think. But oxygen soon ran short and you found yourselves staring into each other’s eyes, with flushed cheeks and gasping for breath.

It was over and done with before we had a start

“I think I like you a lot Y/N.” Pidge whispered hurriedly. “I’m not surprised after that…that was quite, something.” Your Y/E/C eyes sparkled as the last rays of the sun shined on your face. Soon, day turned into night and stars were making their first appearances. You both chose to just continue relaxing there, cloud gazing turned into star gazing. Your hand with intertwined within theirs, leaving a faint blush on your cheeks.  Pidge was so proud of them self, they just told the person they’d had a crush on for like ever, that they liked them and now they were their significant other. “We should probably get back.” Y/N mumbled to no one in particular. “They know where we are. Don’t worry.” Pidge didn’t want to leave just yet, they wanted to stay exactly where they were. Having this moment last forever in their mind by staying.

It goes on in my head and I’ll wind up dead

“I wanna stay too Pidge, but we don’t want them to worry now do we?” you leaned over them. Starlight glinted off of Pidge’s glasses as they turned to look you in the eye. They didn’t feel so shy around you now, but there was something about you that made Pidge hesitant to approach it. Ever so slightly, Pidge leaned towards you to wrap their arms around your shoulders and peck you on the lips, blushing at the still new action. “I suppose not.” Pidge stood up, brushing the grass off of their jeans. They offered you their hand, looking up to meet their green eyes once again, you took it. Pulling you towards their small body, their arm fell over your shoulders as you placed yours around their waist. Making your way to the doom buggy, you both fell into a new routine of a newfound couple.

Singing sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

As you got back to the castle-ship, Pidge’s hand within yours. The rest of the team turned to find the new couple. “Finally!” Lance shouted to the sky as he skidded onto his knees. “What do you mean, finally?” you spoke aloud. “We’ve been waiting for you two to get together for like ever.” Hunk input. “Really?” Pidge asked, clearly experated. “Well of course. It was impossible to see you two together without one of you getting nervous and avoiding eye contact.” Shiro explained slightly. “Oh geeze…it was that obvious we like each other?” you asked everyone. Keith nodded along, agreeing with everything everyone said. “Oh good lord.” You pressed your forefinger and thumb together on the small of your nose.

What if all the stars came crashing to the ground

“Forget about it, c’mon Y/N.” Pidge intervene, dragging you towards their room. Sighing heavily, you followed after them. When you got to their room, for the rest of the night you just cuddled on their bed. Pidge being the little spoon whilst you were the big spoon. Skipping dinner, you fell asleep together, tightly wound into each other’s embrace until morning.

I can’t do this by myself

(A/N: This was kinda short but I hope you guys enjoyed it!)

My First Spell

The first spell I ever did is, to this day, the most successful spell I have ever done. The funniest part? It was completely unproffesional, to put it lightly. It was wholly amateurish, unpredictable, and improvised- and yet, it was POWERFUL. It all started when I was coming back from a friend’s house. Apparently, she had been living under a rock her whole life, so she had never heard of Bohemian Rhapsody. I took it upon myself to right this wrong, and I showed it to her (which is how, coincidentally, the song got stuck in my head).

When I got home that day, it was playing through my mind and I could NOT GET IT OUT, so I decided to embrace it and dance.

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I took out my wand (which was literally just a stick. Not even an oak or pine. Just some random stick from the ground that happened to be arm-length) and began to spin in a circle. I whipped the wand around like I was doing the cotton-eyed-joe. 

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I pictured the gathering storm clouds in my eyes, whipping them up like cotton candy, all the while singing the chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody.

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When I was done, I felt ready to collapse from magical-exaustion. (a first for me). It wasn’t until several hours later that it happened- a full fledged, living, breathing, and roaring thunderstorm rolled into town. It howled, pounding at the windows and the walls, throwing itself into my very soul. I was so proud. From that silly little song, I had caused a huge storm. A storm that shook the walls, knocked down trees, and caused people to scatter. A storm that needed a storm alert, because on a scale of five stars, it was a four star beauty.

Looking back, I realize that that totally could’ve been a coincidence, but I choose to believe it was my working. Something like that is so empowering, to know that YOU have the power to do something incredible-something unique. Be your own storm- cause a little chaos. Trust me, It’s worth it.



“Oh, hey Gabe!” Gabriel heard his boyfriend call as he walked into the house. He grunted a reply back, placing his coat on a hook.

Jack poked his head around the corner of the kitchen, raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

“People at work are fucking idiots,” he grumbled, walking towards Jack. “What have you been doing all day?”

“Well,” Jack drew out, “since Jesse is coming over in a few days, I decided that I was going to try making some dish that you said he liked, since it was my day off and all.” Gabe hummed and wrapped his arms around Jack’s waist, laying his head in the nape of his neck. They stood in silence, Jack cutting chilis while Gabe started swaying to a song he had stuck in his head from listening to the radio.

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For the song fic: "Something Just Like This" By Coldplay/Chainsmokers, and killervibe!!! (Mainly because that song has been stuck in my head legit all day, and Killervibe is my fave ♡) Thx :)

I know this is so, so late! I hope you’re still around to read it, nonny.

The song!

Also, I may or may not have recently spent the entire damn day traveling.

Something I Can Turn To (somebody I can kiss)

Cisco braced himself on the handle of his suitcase, pretty sure that he would fall right down the escalator if it wasn’t there to hold him up. His flight from New York had been delayed five hours. Five hours of sitting in the airport, feeling his butt go numb on the thin vinyl seats, watching the board, pushing his departure time ever further away with every update.

And then when it had finally taken off, the flight itself had been the usual nightmare of being squashed into a seat like a cow into a milking stall, surrounded by fussy children and snoring seatmates. He’d managed to doze a little, but he could never really sleep on any kind of transport, and he felt sick from tiredness.

Cisco considered himself a pretty upbeat guy in general, but modern air travel could ruin anybody’s day.

He took a deep, steadying breath. You’re back in the CC, he reminded herself. You’re a half-hour car ride away from your own bed. With maybe a slight detour to that one Big Belly Burger that’s open twenty-four hours. Or maybe waffles. Yeah, waffles. Hang in there, dude.

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  • Sun Jing: Alright, so I have this song that's been stuck in my head for the past couple of days and it's driving me crazy.
  • Qiu Tong: Okay, what do you remember of it? Maybe I can help.
  • Sun Jing: It's like BOM BOM bombomBOMBOM bom bom bombom BING BONG BONG BOM BOM bombombomBOM bombomboM DUNUNUNUN BINGLEBINGLEBINGLEBING
  • Qiu Tong: ... That doesn't help at all.

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nickname: dipsy 
zodiac: pisces 
height: 5′4′’ / 162/163cm idk 
last thing i googled: ‘why some tweets won’t show up in notifications’ 
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Religious or spiritual: On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m probably 6/10 religious.

Favorite Color: There’s no color better than blue imo

Average hours of sleep: Currently 8-9 hours

Lucky number: i don’t have a lucky number, but my fav number is 7.

Favorite Characters: please pm me and i’ll mention all 100+ of my fav characters Marth and Shigure from FE, Sharla and Phog from XC, aaand i guess that’s it

Dream job: Graphic Illustrator/Concept Artist

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Owari No Seraph ♔ 10 Day Challenge (Day 8/10)

Favorite Romantic Relationship: Yuichirou/Mikaela

It’s he for me and I for him, throughout life,
He has told me, he has sworn to me, for life.
And from the things that I sense,
Now I can feel within me
My heart that beats.

-La Vie En Rose

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The first and the third one of the soulmate bond thing for andreil please

I’ve already done #3 for Andreil (check out my aftg tag), but here’s #1: “You’ve had that song stuck in your head for days and it’s driving me nuts too.”

I don’t really know where this went, but hopefully it’s what you wanted!

Objectively, this was Matt’s fault.

Neil and him had hung out all Saturday and on some whim, Matt had played the song, “Ice Ice Baby” on repeat for about an hour before Neil snapped and wrestled the player out of his grasp. (Matt may have been over a foot taller than Neil, but Neil was both determined and agile and eventually propelled himself up enough to grab the offensive device).

Unfortunately, a day later, the song still wouldn’t leave his head. Since it was their day off, he was driving around with Andrew, no particular destination in mind. Neil leaned his head against the window, trying to force the song out of his head.

As the trip wore on, Neil noticed Andrew subtly turning the radio up louder and louder. Neil sent him a quizzical look, but Andrew ignored him. Finally, when it was loud enough that it was starting to hurt, Neil ignored Andrew’s hand whacking at his and turned it down.

“Why the loud music?” he asked.

He could’ve peered into Andrew’s head, but he didn’t like to do that without asking and even then only in important situations.

He waits out Andrew’s answer, which eventually turns out to be, “You’ve had that song stuck in your head for days and it’s driving me nuts too.”

Hearing those words said in Andrew’s characteristic monotone was too much for Neil and he let out a laugh. Andrew rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the road, but he kept the radio at the lower volume.

Neil eventually drifted off to sleep, as he usually did when Andrew drove. He woke up slowly to the slight jolt of Andrew putting the car in park. The sun was still high in the sky and waking up sun-warm made him feel a bit like a cat.

“You are a stray cat,” Andrew said, acknowledging his thoughts, “Always begging for scraps.”

Neil hummed out a laugh. “You’re the one who lets me keep coming back.”

“For now.”

“Liar,” Neil said, leaning over to kiss him. He waits for Andrew to close the final gap, and when he does Neil smiles a little into the kiss. He’s warm and he’s with Andrew, and he’s happy.

Andrew pulls away. He calls him a sap in response to Neil’s thoughts, but Neil just grins and says, “You weren’t being quiet with your thoughts either.”

Andrew doesn’t respond, but Neil hears him clearly: “I don’t hate it here.”

Neil doesn’t respond to the words, but rather to the feeling of peace he registers from Andrew. Andrew feels safe here with him. It’s enough to make Neil’s heart jump and he sees Andrew’s body relax minutely as he stares at Neil, probably because he felt his joy.

They don’t talk for the rest of the time there, just sit and enjoy the peaceful silence. They’re both feeling more relaxed in the car on the way home, with the cursed song finally out of their minds.

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what did your last relationship teach you; I’ve never been in one um…

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lucky number: 3

favorite characters: oh god well where do i start?? Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Morey my bbys :’), Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Mazikeen, Sara Lance, Cisco Ramon, Mick Rory umm and a lot more lol

how many blankets do I sleep with: one 

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I had Lost Heaven stuck in my head the other night. (L'Arc En Ciel song, end credits for Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa.) Forgot by the time I woke up yesterday morning. (Er, noon.)

Decided to watch Saiyuki: Requiem. End credit theme Tightrope (no, not the one from Gensoumaden, this one is by Tetsu69) plays. It is very, very similar in sound and style to Lost Heaven, so naturally it got stuck in my head again.

Totally unrelated, Lost Heaven has been stuck in my head all day again today, which clearly means I need to watch Conqueror of Shamballa, but I would have to not be watching Saiyuki for that, so. *shrug*

This is the part where I wish I had access to decent song editing software because those would make an INCREDIBLE mashup.