songs that get more relevant with time

So after I found out that @kazliin was maybe going to use starring role for one of the chapters of her fic I had to draw v sad viktor to go with my favourite lyrics from said song cos I am hugeeeeee marina fan (although now I realise that perhaps the line ‘cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed’ is more relevant for poor sad umfb!Viktor)
Keep in mind that I haven’t actually done work with pen for like a whole year and I’m really not happy with this but hey ho
(I also gave him an Electra heart on his face because he’d be drama lyke that tbh)

taeyong; misjudged

Request; Can you please do a proper angsty fic? Like I wanna cry. Ive been feeling like the dessert recently cos I just haven’t cried ( its good to let your emotions out ya know). Possible about Winwin where his gf is still in China? I don’t know, it’s up to you really c: Maybe Taeyong’s girlfriend is comforting him after all this unnecessary drama that’s going on with him :(xx Thanks for reading, you don’t have to do this if you aren’t comfortable <3

A/N; ugh, I get it 100%! With all the stuff concerning Taeyong I think that’s actually a really good idea! So I think I’ll do that one! I hope this is okay, I don’t know how emotional it’ll be but we’ll see Xx

Also, if you ever want to set a sad scene, I feel like the song So Cold by Ben Cocks is always a must when creating an emotional setting. Maybe that’s just me but it might work for you to get those tears out (even if the song itself isn’t really relevant to the scenario) :) X


You had known Taeyong since he joined SM Ent. Somehow you got close and that eventually led to something a little more than friendship. Before you made anything official, though, he thought it would be best if he explained to you in detail about the person he was before becoming a trainee. You were shocked at first, of course, but because you had been given the time beforehand to get to know him, you knew exactly what sort of person he was now. And Past Taeyong was a different person entirely.

Ever since, you had been noticing more and more how affected he was by what he had done. As if he didn’t have to deal with the guilt, he also had to deal with the constant reminder through comments on every social media related to the boys. Though lately it had been getting even worse.

“He won’t come out of his room again,” Ten sighed over the phone. “It’s not like the other times, Y/N. He hasn’t eaten all day.”

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why is casual affair about ryden?

Thank you for asking anon, I’m going to tell you all about why it is. Um, disclaimer I guess, I’m going to be talking about this as if Ryan and Brendon most definitely dated. It makes pleading my case much easier to do it this way. Don’t take this too seriously, all in good fun. Also no readmore because they don’t work well on asks.

Now before I even dive into the lyrics of this song here are a few things to consider: the studio version of the song off of Panic!’s official youtube channel, along when this song was performed live, has a small introduction taken from an anti-gay propaganda film from 1961 entitled Boys Beware. Interesting to put something like that right before a song about an affair that has zero allusion to either party’s gender no?

On the track by track explanations of the Too Weird Too Live Too Rare Too Die album, Brendon avoids talking about the meaning of the song, going into the beat of it. Then starts in talking about celebrity crushes. (Like uh no one writes a song like this because they were just thinking about the fantasy of an affair. Not with lyrics like these.) Along with in this same video, Brendon talks about the song Collar Full, and says it share a meaning with Casual Affair. That’s two songs about affairs on an album that was written and made after Brendon was in a long term relationship with someone hmmm.

Lastly, Brendon’s breakdown in Seattle singing this song. This is my favorite part of my theory surrounding this song. Seattle is a huge city when it comes to Ryden lore, interesting how he more or less loses it the way he does singing a song about and affair in such a relevant city. Watch for yourself and you’ll get what I mean.

Okay lyric time

“A lover on the left, a sinner on the right”

For an affair to be an affair, one person is being unfaithful to a lover, while for the other party the unfaithful person is their lover. And we all know Ryan doesn’t exactly have a clean track record when it comes to staying faithful to girlfriends.

“Break involuntary ties a secret so the spies could never find us out.”

As with pretty much all affairs, the repercussions of the secret relationship being found out are awful. Especially if you’re two boys living a life where your personal lives are plastered all over. And “spies” this affair went on with trying to be hidden from the media, but also hidden from fans who were digging deep to decode what is their odd relationship. The most interesting is what I find in this line is “involuntary ties” Ties that were not made by choice. 

“Stay for as long as you have time, so the mess that we’ll become leaves something to talk about.”

They want to keep this going as long as possible, it’s too good to stop and they know it will leave quite the disaster once it ends. The last bit of this line, we all know what a mess the band’s split was. Not only is it incredibly shady on all aspects besides Ryan and Brendon’s relationship (friendship if we’re being official.) All that they’ve done before the split is still heavily talking about today, there’s still people out here trying to figure what on earth really happened.

“I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it…I did it again…”

Again, it’s quite hard to quit an affair once it’s started, ‘oh it’s fine it’s just one time..’ Oh look. It happened again. Ryan and Brendon only wanted what they were doing to be a short, on time thing. Possibly just pent up tension from being around each other all the time back in the day, but feelings caught.


Paul on “Bungalow Bill” and animal rights: I remember John singing “Bungalow Bill” in Rishikesh. This is another of his great songs and it’s one of my favourites to this day because it stands for a lot of what I stand for now. “Did you have to shoot that tiger” is its message. “Aren’t you a big guy? Aren’t you a brave man?” I think John put it very well. Funny enough, John wasn’t an overt animal activist, but I think by writing this song he showed that his sentiments were very much that way. One of the nice things about Beatles songs is that in many cases they do seem to stand the test of time and this is an example of one that’s getting better with time. It’s becoming more and more relevant. If you look at veal crating and listen to this song, or look at the hunting of nearly extinct species like tigers and rhinos, well, this is a very good song. In that context it’s fabulous.

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image source: beatles

i know it’s always the same discussion over and over again but it’s so frustrating cause Louis did GREAT, the performance was very good and he was good, the singing was good, the energy, Steve was great and it was his DEBUT on US television and we all know how hard it is to get the american market in music especially if you are not justin bieber or you are from another country or not the most famous member of one direction and instead of using the 6 minutes of interview to talk about this, help him spread the song and show him as the respectable artist he is, or even ask about how he found performing on his own, they spent half of the time or more talking about things people don’t care and that are not relevant to his career nor the projects he wants to do in music. it’s INSANE honestly and it’s so fucking unfair to him and his talent 

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iiimmm sorry but you saying that this crack vid about bill was good amv made me feel a lil bit sad considering the fact that you used like amv's. let me show you some good ones /watch?v=sGNtU2Se4Uk /watch?v=2ZnP2TmVwkM /watch?v=JplEB9kscjo /watch?v=C14AyAPnItc and here are ones from gravity falls /watch?v=_USwKq3Gis4 /watch?v=SdeFok2vUSo /watch?v=ojcdSwLfiP0 /watch?v=186I58EZh8s ~~ just a few. sorry for sending this but it tohught you might like it ouo

Okay, I legitimately don’t know what you mean by “crack vid”. Is that … a bad thing? Are you sad because I like something that you don’t agree is good? 

I sat down and watched a few of the music videos you sent me and I believe we actually have very different tastes in AMVs. Now while it’s totally fine that you like what you like, and I can objectively see why you would like them, I actually have some strong feelings about them! Granted, most of that is probably because I’m coming down with a cold and didn’t get enough sleep, but I am going to stop what I am doing and defend My OpInIoN oN tHe InTeRnEt!

Here, for me, are the markings of a good AMV: The song chosen is relevant to the footage chosen, the editing of the footage is minimal and subtle, and (most important!) the footage matches and enhances the natural rhythms of the music. That last part is what makes AMVs both really difficult to put together and super rewarding to watch. To me there’s nothing more rewarding than a perfectly matched edit. 

One of my favorite AMVs of all time is Evangelion - Engel. I admit that I know nothing about the band Rammstein, nor do I speak German, but dang, doesn’t the intensity of the song reflect Asuka’s character perfectly?? It is both hilarious and weird when she starts “singing” the lead singer’s vocals, but by the end of the song, I’m totally into it!

But the thing I love most about this video is the timing. It is SO ON POINT. By what bizarre chance did the swishing of her hair happen to match that bass motif as it came in?? How satisfying is it when the melody kicks in at the EXACT moment she does that little bounce as she turns to face us (which is also the first time we see her straight on–it’s a fun little reveal)?? How perfectly matched are the rhythms during the End of Evangelion fight sequence?? 

And the AMV creates this great little narrative. It has moments of high intensity and moments of quiet. It builds to our first reveal of Asuka (leading in with the brooding scene in her bedroom and the creepy doll) so that you already want to know more about her before the song even really gets going. Honestly, the main reason I even LIKE Asuka as a character is because I saw this video before watching the series.

This is why video editing is so cool!! Not only can you feel the skill and patience involved in making it, but it can fill you with energy and excitement to learn more about the characters and story they came from!!

By comparison, let’s take one of the videos you sent me– SWAG - Chainsaw. Now, as a brief disclaimer, I want to point out that I may be biased against this one because I really … REALLY don’t like Black Butler. But that’s a whole other rant. I think my issues with this video in particular are pretty removed from the series itself.

“Chainsaw” is all about adding a ton of edits and special effects to FORCE the footage to match the song, rather than allowing the audio and video to compliment each other. There’s soooo much added stuff–all the zoom-in and zoom-outs, camera pans, the timed lyrics onscreen … half the time I can’t even tell what the characters are doing because everything moves so fast.

I’m really impressed by the amount of work the creators clearly put into the video, but they did SO MUCH manipulation of the footage that you could practically shove ANY old video footage in there to the same effect. I could be watching cat videos or … even still illustrations and they would probably feel the same. 

Also, while the use of techno (or is it eurobeat? electronic?) music does provide a lively tempo, it’s all the SAME tempo–super super fast. I found myself getting bored with it because it doesn’t really go anywhere. 

Again! I want to emphasize that it’s totally cool that you like this stuff. I’m sure a ton of people love these types of videos and that’s awesome! But don’t diss the kinds of videos that I like just because they’re not as fancy as yours!


Ok, so, as a meta writer and consumer of meta, this was really fascinating to me.  They are asked about their favorite songs that have been on the show, and they answer, and then someone in the crowd yells “What about Shake it off?” and that’s where the video is cued to start.


  • It wasn’t the original ending.  They were called back 2 months later for the reaction shots.
  • Jensen didn’t want to do it.  Is still obviously embarrassed and didn’t even want to tell the story. 
  • Jensen would have played it where he did change the song, but concedes “I don’t cut the show”.

There were a bunch of good metas talking about how this moment showed character development for Dean (being more comfortable to like whatever the hell he likes) and we LOVED IT.  Look at all the fan vids out there now set to that song.

The producers clearly thought it important enough to call them back months later, so the note at the end has to be more than just a tie back to a joke in the show (even though that’s how it was sold to J/J for the reshoot?).  And we agree, it MADE the ending.  And tied into themes they seem to be developing.

So Jensen’s uneasy response to it to me illustrates how Jensen can sometimes be an unreliable narrator on the subject of Dean.  Although he knows “daily” Dean better than anyone, he does not necessarily know “macro” Dean as the writers and producers are developing him.  He doesn’t know the full story arc being planned, and sometimes notes like this that get put in for the purpose of the larger story can catch him off guard. 

In the afternoon panel he actually talks about how he’s not a writer and not good at conceptualizing stories - he’s better at nuancing existing concepts/stories.  So the fact that he was surprised by Demon Dean when he got the script for the end of season 9 (continues to) make sense.  He (and Jared too I think) are living the scripts and characters day to day and not necessarily attuned to the larger themes being developed.

Which means my tag has anyone told Jensen remains relevant.  We see the themes signaling the trenchcoat of true love, of a bisexual Dean, but it is entirely possible Jensen does not.  And so hopefully when he gets that script, he won’t find the Dean staring at him from the page too entirely different from the Dean he thought he was playing.

mitam first listen

so to start off, I want everyone to know that at the end of the first listen, louis told all of us to talk about the album on social media, so no I am not breaking my nda :)

Hey Angel - NOTHING like you expect. they described it as the clouds of MITAM and I 100% agree. it’s upbeat and totally a jam.
End of the Day - it was really good & louis described it as like simple but perfect at the same time - the chorus really brings the whole song together. something about liking who you like and saying what you say at the end of the day 

If I Could Fly - FUCK. that literally is all. it’s soosososoosososoo larry (they showed fetus larry videos during like 90% of the song???) and it’s about wanting to be with the person you love & not being complete without them. it keeps saying something about knowing a person on like a private level.

Long Way Down - SAD. they described it as being like on the top and coming down (they sorta hinted at the break) and it says stuff like flying a spaceship but not being able to land it. 

Never Enough - 21939048 times better than what it sounded like in the leak, it’s odd but in the best way.

Olivia - Harry rambled on for about 10 years about how the name doesn’t always mean a person it can mean a place (????) and it’s really cute!! harry’s tweet about summertime and butterflies blah blah blah is from here! (also it had this part where it sounded like something straight out of willy wonka) 

What A Feeling - It was super good and they compared it to fleetwood mac which was 110% accurate 

Love You Goodbye - really isn’t as sad as it sounds - it’s still sad though, don’t get me wrong. the love you goodbye is actually more about wanting to get with an ex one more time before saying goodbye rather than like love you, goodbye. LOUIS HAS A HIGH NOTE AND IT’S AMAZING. (Totally not relevant bc I don’t remember that well but I think it was this song that was giving me really strong apologize by onerepublic vibes) 

I Want To Write You A Song - SO FUCKING CUTE. that’s literally the best way to describe it. it says something about wanting the song to be as beautiful as that person is sweet and it’s just full of the cutest lines imaginable

History - it’s the song we all need tbh. they said it’s for the fans and all the history we have with them and towards the end it says “it’s not the end” 

Temporary Fix - literally no control 2.0. they said it was about being in a bar and seeing some guy who’s had too much to drink and he just won’t stop flirting with this girl so they walk over and offer to be her temporary fix. basically a song about booty calls. niall said when writing it he was thinking of sex on fire so that’s something

Walking In The Wind - it was really cute (that’s a common occurrence??) and it was about like saying goodbye to someone for now but you’ll see them again  
Wolves - as liam said, your girl is hot and there’s a bunch of guys wanting her like wolves. sososososo good like it makes you feel like you could kill a man or something 

A.M. - HOLY SHIT okay so it’s about basically talking shit really late at night with your friends. it says something about talking out of your asses so that’s nice

NHL teams as villains
  • Anaheim Ducks: stereotypical school bully from like any tv show when you were a kid. then turns out THEY were bullied but you're still kind of like "screw that guy"
  • Arizona Coyotes: They're the villain you don't see coming. First there's this really obviously evil person but then the Arizona Coyotes kill them and you're all happy about it but then they lock you in a room to die on a deserted island that no one knows about and take off in a helicopter.
  • Boston Bruins: The smug arrogant villain. The "I've always won" villain. The villain in a boxing movie where they've gone undefeated and say something terrible about your past demons. This is what gives you the motivation to beat them. Ultimately they were their own downfall.
  • Buffalo Sabres: They're the villain because all their life no one did shit for them so they had to do it for themselves but nO ONE TAUGHT THEM THAT MEANT NOT KILLING PEOPLE
  • Calgary Flames: That kid in school everybody likes and is always smiling and sweet but you know deep down there is something wrong with them.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: The rich guy who wants to tear apart an old park that you grew up in to build a strip mall.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: was birthed under a love spell therefore can never feel human emotions. the ultimate evil.
  • Colorado Avalanche: The old guy who is granted one wish so he wishes to be young again so he can finally be a success. Is ready to trample on anyone to get to the top.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Is REALLY evil THEY PROMISE can someone just TAKE THEIR EVILNESS SERIOUSLY.
  • Dallas Stars: Doesn't know they've turned into a villain, was always the hero in their own eyes and then at the end of the movie the rain is pouring and they catch a sight of their reflection and see the damage they've caused. "Look what you've done" the hero says "this isn't who you are."
  • Detroit Red Wings: The villain you killed in the beginning of the movie just before the credits who comes back stronger than ever in the final fight scene
  • Edmonton Oilers: So you see someone broke down on the side of the road. You get out to help them but they steal your car instead. Then a few hours of walking down the road you find them broken down AGAIN this time with your car. that's the oilers.
  • Florida Panthers: You had to study for your midterm and they offer to help. They have you study the wrong chapters. You fail and they get a 100.
  • LA Kings: Draco Malfoy
  • Minnesota Wild: Pretty self explanatory. Your a lone survivor from a plane crash. They're the wilderness that throws as many terrible things at you as possible.
  • Montreal Canadiens: The old monarch! Sits atop their throne and when told that their citizens are fighting over bread, ask why they don't just eat cake instead.
  • Nashville Predators: The really hot villain that you have a weird romantic tension with.
  • New Jersey Devils: Lock you in the janitors closet and steal your song for the talent show. You escape just in time to do your own performance. You improv a guitar solo. You win. they stomp off in defeat.
  • New York Islanders: the tragic villain. You can empathize with their ways.
  • New York Rangers: The cool uncle that crashes into your life and gets you into a lot of trouble and when your family tries to point it out you get pissed and run off.
  • Ottawa Senators: The opposite of the Arizona Coyotes. Thinks they're a lot more relevant to the plot of the story than they are.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: YOu know that episode of spongebob with the guys in the leather jackets snapping. That's them. Were they bad guys? I think so.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: the Evil queen from snow white
  • San Jose Sharks: The villain in a recurring tv show that loses every time but keeps coming back. For example: Swiper from dora the explorer.
  • St Louis Blues: Everyone thinks their the ultimate evil and they're like "okay sure, i'm evil, but have you checked out this other guy? you should probably check that out" and everyone's like "RED HERRING" and they're like "okay yeah i'm not going to stop robbing banks but you should REALLY check the other guy out."
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: the vampire your mom starts dating and you need to call on less evil vampires to save her.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: ....let's not kick them while they're down
  • Vancouver Canucks: YOUR BIGGEST FAN that you screwed over when they were like 10 and now they won't let it go and come back years later when you have a family to exact revenge. so basically, the incredibles.
  • Washington Capitals: Every guy in a break up song by Taylor Swift.
  • Winnipeg Jets: a lost phone signal that causes a really important text not to be sent without you knowing it.

and someone explain what the hell the point of continuing to ask whether calum’s ‘learned from his mistakes’ regarding the snapchat nude leak actually is? Your job as an interviewer is not to spend time acting like a chastising parent! Imagine how much interesting information and cool little facts we could get out of Calum who is just bursting with creativity and passion for music if we didn’t get so caught up on the bullshit that is not at all relevant, nor is it interesting. Imagine actually getting to learn the reasons behind why he loves the bands he does or what his recommended song of the week is. Imagine actually learning more about the bass and giving more recognition to the rhythm section of bands, including, but not just limited to 5SOS. It’d be great if we could pull our heads out of our asses and actually appreciate Calum Hood for who he truly is. 

Louden Swain SPN Writing Challenge

I just had this great idea, and I hope ya’ll like it, too! As we all know, Rob Benedict is the lead singer for the band, Louden Swain, and he writes all of their original songs. All of his songs are awesome, and I was thinking, what if we did a writing challenge for Louden Swain songs? We’ve done challenges for Adele and Taylor Swift, why not our own house band?

Let’s show Rob and the band some love by letting their songs inspire us!

As an added bonus, I’m going to ChiCon in September, so I was thinking of printing out the fics written and presenting them to the band! (If you want to participate, but don’t want your fic presented to the band, just let me know, and I’ll leave you out of it.)

Here’s the rules:

 - Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert or OC, or even no pairing, whatever floats your boat.
 - Can be fluff, angst, smut, whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.
 - Pick a song and send me an ask with the song you have picked to sign up. Deadline to sign up is August 1, 2016. I will update this post with the songs taken. Songs will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
 - Tag me in your fic, plus use the tag #Louden Swain SPN Writing Challenge.
 - Let me know if you don’t want your fic shown to the band.
 - Post your fic by August 31, 2016 at midnight CDT (Chicago time). No late entries! I need time to print and put everything together before ChiCon.
 - Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song. Since Rob will get to read these, I’d rather the fics be more relevant than just a song playing on the radio in the background, but do what you can.
 - Your fic can also be a part of another challenge, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a Louden Swain song playing in the background.)
 - If I haven’t liked or reblogged your post within a couple days, let me know I missed it!

Any questions?

Here’s the list of songs and participants so far:

She Waits - @mysupernaturalfics (because she encouraged me to do this and helped me with suggestions, she got first pick)
Honey Bee - @mrswhozeewhatsis (because Rachel gave me a great idea for this song while we were talking about this)
Hey Darlin - @iwantthedean
Medicated  - @torn-and-frayed
Cool If I Come Over - @roxy-davenport
Bandaged Hand - @hideyourdemoneyes
Like The Heart Goes - @thegleegeneration
Prom - @attractiverandomness
Help You - @winchester-enthusiast
Homesick - @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki
Wave - @manawhaat
Reunion - @castiels-forbidden-angel
Something To Say - @loveitsallineed
Kind of Guy - @sams-little-toy
Carpool Lane - @notnaturalanahi
Past Perfect - @lizblogging / @anotherwinchesterfangirl
Long Way - @growningupgeek
Gamma Ray - @brothersinsync
Codependent - @cici0507
All I Need - @samanddeanwinchester67
CA Nation - @robbenedictandco
Big One - @stunt-idjit-number-two
Mamma’s Jam - @toastiel
Holiday - @themistressfox
Worlds Collide - @i-dont-understand-that-url
Downtown Letdown - @curliesallovertheplace
Be Me - @saritaa-chan
A Lot To Learn - @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
Blank Card - @pastelspn
Angela - @padamooseandgrasshopper
Head Check - @personal-boogeyman
Crooked Wheel - @ellen-reincarnated1967
Boy In Need - @adriellej
Trigger Finger - @icecream-and-gadreel
Pop Tart Heart - @witty-ass-username-here
Eskimo - @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki

Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead Talks Philly, Inspiration and More
  • Question: So, Day of the Dead as a concept. What brought you to this being both your first track and the title of your album?
  • J3T: On our last record, about 4-5 months after we finished the album our label A&M [Octone], went under. There was nothing we could do without them. We barely toured, and the album [Notes from the Underground] didn’t get the representation we wanted. So, this kind of like a comeback. We were fired up and pissed off about our last record, [so this was] a return to form, a re-representation of Hollywood Undead so to speak. And when you’re in a band, there are a lot of reasons that push you not to be in one, and this reminded us why we are in a band. We worked really hard. The label knew they were going under and everything was good – a giant company knows months before they go under that they’re going under. They knew and we felt really deceived. Not the first time this kind of stuff that happened, and this made us question, ‘Do we want to continue?’ [So], we took a break. And that’s when you remember why you make music at that point – purely based on the passion, forced to think why you were with them – kind of like a fight with your girlfriend. We didn’t have a label at that point, so we kind of recorded this one guerrilla-style.
  • Question: Does the Mexican holiday el Dia de los Muertos have any particular influence?
  • J3T: I can see why people would think that, coming from L.A., [but there was] no influence, never – [it] never was the intention.
  • Question: After listening to Day of the Dead, your sound has evolved since your previous albums and you’re going into some uncharted territory. Now, there are so many influences at work that it is hard to just pick one! Were there any artists/sounds were you being most influenced by when getting down the sounds you wanted to produce?
  • J3T: I don’t listen to music when we’re recording. Things can get stuck in your head, so I abstain from music when we’re writing. [You] don’t want to accidentally write a hook that’s someone’s else’s. Our music taste is very eclectic and when we write music, we mix things that we feel good about. We try to push the envelope so the band can have music that sounds like us, that we have fun doing, and that is no-holds barred. We write about 30-40 songs per album, and [some of it gets really] whacky that we can never put out. We’re always going to try to push the envelope in that way; always have to change and keep things interesting.
  • Question: Where Notes from the Underground was a bit more rock (and a raw, emotional rollercoaster!) Day of the Dead seems to be a more of the gangster rap side of Hollywood Undead, specifically in “Guzzle Guzzle,” what influenced that shift?
  • J3T: We try to write the best songs that we feel good about and what is relevant to our mindset at the time. “Guzzle Guzzle” is the product of what happens at 6am when you’re [intoxicated] in the studio. It’s a lot darker and we made a late schedule 12am-8am – we did it kind of on purpose. When you’re there in the studio [anything can happen]. Like the song “Medicine” on Notes from the Underground, it was kind of outside the box and I had always wanted to write a 1950’s Doo-Wop-style in honor of my grandfather and that’s what came from it. Sometimes, you have to dig to find songs inside and those are the results of those things.
  • Question: Partying is a big part your lyrics and that’s really evident on this album in particular. It doesn’t sound like the house parties necessarily in your earlier songs. On the tracks “Party By Myself” and “Live Forever,” it’s a bit more club-sounding than we’re used to seeing from you — what prompted that shift?
  • J3T: “Party By Myself” is a really dark song when no one wants to go out with you. It’s a concept from Trent Reznor which is taking a happy song, a party song that’s not happy. It’s [just] one of those things. “Live Forever” is meant to be uplifting – you want people to feel good sometimes, [and] the common denominator that we so much more in-common than we give ourselves credit for. Also, we try to make the songs more of an experience and that comes into play as well. “Live Forever” is meant to be live.
  • Question: Did you guys collaborate with any new people on this album?
  • J3T: No, just we don’t collab with other artists unless it’s someone like Trent Reznor. We’re a pretty self-contained band.
  • Question: You guys have gone through a few personnel changes in the past couple years. How has that made you stronger as a band/team with those members gone?
  • J3T: Honestly don’t even think about it anymore because it was like four years ago that anyone left. People move in different directions and we wanted to go in different directions. Sometimes, artistically you think two different things. You get passionate about it and you have to people on board that you have to leave those things out or it just doesn’t work.
  • Question: Your tour started in this great City of Brotherly love! Was there anything special about Philly that you guys particularly enjoy or made you want to start it all here?
  • J3T: We wanted to do a show for the core fanbase that’s here and it’s definitely a connection. When you’re in a smaller venue [like Underground Arts], it’s kind of fun being there right up close and personal and [makes the show] much more personal. It’s the only hour of the day I enjoy myself. We were supposed to go the TLA–what is it–the Theatre of Living-whatever–and it just a last-minute change. We all grew up skateboarding, and Love Park was in a lot of the skate videos we watched. It’s such a cool, historical city that’s underrated. Glad we actually played there. Just didn’t work out with the TLA. An acoustic set would be fun [at Underground Arts] there, too.
  • Question: You guys have a lot of interaction with fans at your shows, and the interaction seems to be both sides (band/fan). Where does that energy come from?
  • J3T: Playing shows can get very boring soon. And, we [have] played over 2000 shows. If you don’t try to make it fun and try to enjoy yourself, it’s not worth it. A lot of people want to do want I do, and I used to think ‘Well, I’m better at it’ when I was [younger and arrogant], but now I have learned to appreciate that I am able to do it every day. And that part of the appreciation and you owe it to the people that pay to see you and make it fun for yourself and thus make it fun for everybody else.
  • Question: What’s next in the world of the Undead?
  • J3T: Just touring. It’s a cycle: record a record then tour. This big US one, Europe for six weeks…basically, just a lot of touring. It can become really routine after a while. When you play shows with people and especially a band’s been in a band for 10 years. It’s kind of sad when you think, “Ugh ten years!” and you’re still together. I think we’re all really reinvigorated and excited to see what happens.

Apparently, the Doctor was playing a bit of “I Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd before Clara walked into the TARDIS (thank @dominustempori for pointing it out here.)

Here are the lyrics:

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

(Everything that is bold is relevant to my two theories and meta about their relationship.)

Now the end scene is a hundred times more painful than before and it makes sense when he said “I’ve missed you, Clara Oswald.

Now we have three songs that are linked between the Doctor and Clara.

And they seem to be getting more depressing…

(And its still no coincidence that the video editors picked “Run Boy Run” as the song for the trailers.)

ok here’s the thing:

I always talk about how Clean is my favorite song off of 1989, how I cry listening to it, relate to it on a spiritual level, etc… But for some reason I’ve always had a hard time pinpointing why i resignate with it so much, why I believe it is so relevant in terms of dealing with pain. 

So yesterday I was on a ridiculously long car ride, and Clean comes on. I was doing my usual “try not to cry while singing along” thing, and it just hit me. I finally knew why this song is so ACCURATE.

The song starts out with the line “the drought was the very worst,” and continues through the first verse with very deep, very sad lyrics. The pre-chorus gets even more intense with the talk about wars and black skies and all that. So basically what I am getting at here is that the song starts off with a very dark mood. 

Once you reach the chorus, the first line still fits with the dark mood of the first verse, but as you continue on, the mood gradually gets lighter. By the time you reach the ending line, “I think I am finally clean,” the song seems to be carrying a happier tone. 

But don’t let it fool you, the second verse starts off in the same dark mood as the first verse. The lyrics continue to switch from dark to light throughout their entirety, and that is what I think is so relevant about this song. 

When something significant happens to us–whether it’s heartbreak, someone passing, losing someone or something you thought you would always have–we have dark days and light days. When that pain is fresh, we have dark day, after dark day, after dark day, (the first verse). We’re sad, hurt, and upset. But you get past that stage, and start to see things look up a little bit, you maybe have a few light days, and things seem to be going okay, (the chorus). Then, all that initial pain comes flooding back in. You’re angry, you’re broken, and you feel alone. You try to rid yourself of the memories, the pain, and the loss, but no one is listening. (the second verse) As time moves on, you start to see the lesson in your experience. You escape that unbelievably dark area, and you realize that maybe this was meant to happen to you for a reason. You never want to feel that way again, so you teach yourself to walk away from the pain. (the bridge). Then, maybe two months or two years later, you turn around to look back on that hurt and heartbreak that you endured, and you smile. You smile because you emerged from the storm a stronger person, and you know so much more than you used to. You smile because the rain that you thought would was you out actually made you clean

And that, my friends, is why this song is so important to me. Pain, loss, and grief is a thing that I’m not sure anyone fully understands, or knows how to cope with, but this song taught me that no matter how rough it might feel now, you’re eventually going to walk out of this as a stronger, wiser person. 

taylorswift I’ll never be able to thank you enough for this song. 


anonymous asked:

I think people are making a little too much out of the use of "The Gambler," it was most likely a simple call back to "Weekend at Bobby's." Of course the big thing no one has apparently picked up on was that Dean ordered a "Hervé Villechaize" at the bar, Hervé Villechaize was a dwarf actor who killed himself due to his health issues. Take that for what it's worth.

I don’t think you CAN make ‘too much’ of a song in a show tbh - even if the meanings/ideas taken from the lyrics/timing/etc. weren’t intentional by the writers/editors, that doesn’t mean that any relevance to the plot/characters fans find in the song aren’t still valid. If nothing else song lyrics can be a springboard for people to discover and explore themes within the story.

Generally in spn, however, I get the feeling that song choices are often v. deliberate - Robbie Thompson talked about wanting “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” v. specifically for Meta Fiction last season for instance - so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was more intent behind “The Gambler” than just a nod back to a previous ep… 

…in fact, there’s something to examine there in itself ie. the RE-USE of previous songs, since this marks the SECOND time that has happened this season. The other example was “Cherry Pie” in Reichenbach that harks back to use of the song in The Song Remains the Same… ha, I’d never actually sat down and realised which episode “Cherry Pie” was originally used in before! What a fitting title, since the song indeed remain the same :p

You could argue that the re-use of songs, harking back to old episodes, is partly designed to set up a comparison between how things were before, when the song was originally used, and how they are now - highlighting what has changed, what hasn’t, and leading to contemplation on whether that’s a good thing or not. 

And even without comparing to the situation in the original episodes specifically, re-using the same song is on its own a notable REPETITION, which could be a nod to the constant repetitive cycle the show and its characters tend to end up in (ie. Sam and Dean making transgressive sacrifices for each other with dark consequences, lying to each other, going behind each other’s backs etc.) and/or be implying the NEED FOR CHANGE. 

Because thinking back to when the songs were last used highlights how long ago that was (4/5 years?) and how much has happened since then, and perhaps serves to show that to be listening just to the same song(s) still after all that ie. to be repeating the same old (tired) behaviours, mistakes, trying to be the same person despite the influence of subsequent events and gaining of new knowledge/understandings, is a problem. Because it’s denying growth and development, it’s keeping you stuck in a rut, holding you back, and such.

Then, of course, if you expand on this a little further and add the repetition of “Cherry Pie” to the possible ‘pie-cake as symbolic of bisexuality’ reading going round, then the re-use of “Cherry Pie” was perhaps partly about implying that Dean’s womanising persona, like his love of pie, is getting old/repetitive and becoming unfulfilling for him, and thus, like he is trying something different in his choice of dessert by tasting cake instead of pie, he needs to try changing his romantic/sexual partners, say to a different gender ;p …although it also works as an implication that his casual sex-focused one-night-stand relationships are getting old, of course, and that what he needs/wants is a more serious, lasting, romantic relationship, which doesn’t have to involve bisexuality - that’s the thing with interpreting symbolism/subtext, there are usually multiple readings you can find!

Repetition of “The Gambler” can also be connected to the theme of ‘playing games’ that has been around in the show for a while now (going back at LEAST to Pac-Man Fever), which is also about the destructive cycle the show/brothers get stuck in and how it needs to change. Repetition of a song about gambling, therefore, implies that the boys destructive cycle is like Charlie’s Djinn induced fear game - one that if they keep playing will ultimately destroy them completely, and the only way out is to STOP PLAYING ie. change. This is an idea I think Bobby reinforces when he tells Cas how working behind Dean’s back to save him is right out of the ‘Winchester playbook’ - a GAME metaphor. And yet Bobby too is unable to change/stop playing in the episode, basically admitting he wouldn’t have done differently to Cas and, ofc, going along with the plan to spring Metatron, so he’s as much a part of the cycle as the others (as is Cas).

…I’m SO SORRY, you messaged me to say that you weren’t interested in lengthy musing on possible significance of “The Gambler” basically, and I’ve responded with a MASSIVE ESSAY about it! If it’s not of interest to you you can just ignore all that x

VERY INTERESTING about the Hervé Villechaize connection - I had NO IDEA about that, so thank you! :) That is indeed perfectly fitting for Dean’s current situation with the Mark - he is ALSO v. much moving towards suicide (if he can find out HOW) because of his ‘health’ after all. Nice catch! :D

The fact that people still use the excuse with leafy that he’s 21 and still a kid like no…I’m 18 years old and I have more common sense than that like? Really? He’s a manipulative cunt. Once you get past like idk 16? The excuse “they’re just a kid” shouldn’t be relevant anymore. By 16, you know what’s right and what’s wrong. He does this same song and dance every time someone knocks him on his ass by addressing it (SOMEHOW DODGING EVERY POINT THAT WAS MADE) and finishing off with “thanks with all the love and support guys.” Somehow I still have anons in my asks defending him. Crazy af man.
His content? WACK
His hair? GREASY.
His personality? SHIT.
Edups, Joji & Max? Tight as fuck!

My Way


Originally posted by legomuke

Summary: You get home from an extremely long day at work to find Michael waiting with a pleasant surprise for you.

Word Count: 1218

Triggers: Swearing

Publish Date: April 29, 2016

a/n: okay so I really love this song and I haven’t seen a fic like this yet, so I thought why not give it a shot. A link for the song is right here if you’d like to listen to it while reading. I’d recommend starting it at the middle of the third paragraph bc that’s where the song becomes relevant in the story. pls enjoy.

PS: this is my first 5sos fanfic so please don’t judge it too hard.


You slammed the car door shut with a grunt of effort. You were livid. Absolutely pissed off. How the ever-loving fuck could your boss get with that? You took in a deep breath, trying to calm down. Just fucking ridiculous. You continued to cuss in hushed tones, as to not disturb the neighbors. You breathed deeply a few more times, your fingers pinching the bridge of your nose. After you felt you had cooled down somewhat, you began to make your way towards the front door.

You’d already texted Michael a quick debriefing of what happened at work–while still at work–a few hours earlier. Not the whole thing, just enough to get the point across.

You turned the key in the doorknob and stepped into your house. As soon as you shut the door, you leaned against it and shut your eyes. You were pretty certain you were close to sobbing when you suddenly noticed a quiet, muffled sound coming from the kitchen.

It wasn’t like you’ve never come home to hear Michael shredding on his guitar, or playing one of his favorite albums, both while usually having some friend or other hanging around. But this was different. It was softer, sweeter. Almost… almost melancholy.

Curiosity enchanting you, you set your bag over on your coffee table and trekked up the staircase.

The closer you got to the kitchen, the clearer the song became. You started to recognize the lyrics.

I’ve lived a life that’s full

I’ve traveled each and every highway

But more, much more than this

I did it my way

It was Frank Sinatra. His smooth voice sent a wave of calm through your body. You wondered why Michael was playing your old vinyl records. Sure, he liked them, but–as he so elegantly put– you can’t, “rock out,” to them. Your mouth hinted at a smile as you rounded a corner into the kitchen. Only hinted.

You had searched for only a few moments before you saw Michael.

He was standing right in the middle of the kitchen–which seemed to be dimly lit–with a bouquet of roses in hand. He was smiling sheepishly, but proudly, seemingly waiting for your reaction.

“Mikey…” You whispered softly, after a beat longer. “What is all of this?”

His smile warmed as he explained. “It sounded like you were having really rough day, so I thought it might be nice to, I dunno, come home and just get flowers ‘n stuff, so yeah…” Michael rambled, becoming sheepish again. He rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand and looked down at the ground.

You took a miniscule step closer to him, pulling at the sleeves of your cardigan. “Mikey-” You sighed.

“Oh!” He exclaimed, before you could get another word in. Not like you could, anyway. “I also made dinner. Your favorite. Although, it’s probably not as good as you make it, to be honest, because you always make it just right. I probably under seasoned it, as well-”

“Mike,” you said.

He kept to going on and on, gesturing over the pot that had several servings of linguini still boiling. “-and I may have overcooked the pasta-”

“Mikey,” you said a bit louder, more stern.

He didn’t hear you. “And I also probably sc-”


His head snapped back towards you, his cheeks a rosy color of embarrassment.

You closed the gap between the two of you and put your palms on his cheeks–which caused his face to squish up in that super adorable way that you loved– forcing him to look you in the eye. You assured him, “It’ll taste fantastic,” then planted a firm, yet gentle kiss to his lips. When you pulled back, you locked your eyes with his. You glanced down to notice he was still holding the flowers. You plucked them out of his grasp, deeply inhaled the scent, and then set them down on the counter.

Michael opened his arms and you followed suit; you both were wrapped in each other’s warm embrace, with chin resting on the top of your head, and your ear resting against his chest, listening to his strong, constant heartbeat. After a few seconds of silence and just standing there, Michael spoke.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

You responded with a gentle ‘no’.

You two stood there in the middle of the kitchen for a few more moments. Before you realized what was happening, you two began swaying to the music as its volume increased. You shifted your body against Michael’s in search for his hands. He seemed to have the same idea. He slowly interlocked your fingers with his own, his left hand settling on your hip. You brought your other hand to rest on his shoulder. Michael took the lead and danced in small circles on the kitchen tile.

You didn’t think you heard it at first, yet you soon realized Michael was singing the lyrics of the song under his breath.

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried…  I’ve had my fill, my share of losing…”

Without meaning to, you started to tear up, ironically.

And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing…”

You’re not sure what it was, but for some reason, Mikey singing one of your favorite songs in raspy, hushed tones and him trying to cook when the both of you know he can typically fuck up something as simple as ramen and after what your day had been like– it just got to you.

Michael paused his singing, and brought his lips close to your ear, just barely grazing it, and sang the next few lines directly to you.

For what is a man… What has he got… If not himself, then he has naught…”

You bit your lip, trying so hard to keep the moisture out of your eyes. It became more and more difficult with every single syllable that came out of Michael’s mouth.

The record shows… I took the blows… and did it my way…”

Tears began spilling onto your cheeks, soaking the front of Mikey’s shirt. He felt them then, pulling back to look at you, a knowing pain hiding behind his eyes. While he was figuring a way out to comfort you, you began drinking in his features. You sometimes would forget how much you loved to look at Michael. His lips and his eyes were your favorite; you could never decide between them. They both were so expressive and emotive, you could just find yourself having a conversation with him, and be more focused on what his eyes say rather than what his words did.

Mike lifted his hands up to brush the water away from your cheeks. You reveled in the feeling and leaned into his touch, closing your eyes. You sighed and opened your eyes to peer up at your beautiful boyfriend.

“I’m sorry you had such a shitty day today, (Y/N).” He stated.

You replied. “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault… besides, after all that you’ve done for me? It has made my day a thousand times better. So thank you.”

Michael spoke after a few beats. “I love you, (Y/N).”

You didn’t utter a word, but reciprocated the feeling by leaning up and placing your lips on his own.

Yes, it was my… way


a/n: thanks for reading! please give me any feedback or anything if you so desire. Maybe if any of you like it enough, I’ll do another part to it?

Contest Time!

Howdy, ZE fans! With the Thank You project and Aksys getting the Art Train rolling, we’ve decided to hold our own little art contest! This contest will be open to everyone not trapped in a third world country, as I’m not too sure if I’d be able to ship one of our FABULOUS PRIZES to Uganda!

- First place will win a Jap version of ZTD that should (hopefully!) come with one of those fancy Premium Booklets that I’m jealous of.

- Second place will receive a Steam copy of Root Double, so you can double up on sci-fi-ish Visual Novel goodness alongside ZTD’s release!

- Third will be a small $10 giftcard of your choice, be it eShop, PSN, or maybe even Togo’s, up to you! If you’re British, I GUESS I’ll pay extra for those Euros (prayin’ for ya, American artists).

- After this, I might expand the prize pool a bit if the yen weakens, but Abe is trying his damnedest to make sure it doesn’t…

All kidding aside, you’re probably wondering how to earn these prizes, or at the very least how to be a patriot and out-art those other countries that you don’t live in. Pretty simple stuff, just make some art, and message us on Facebook with it! Once we have enough, we’ll post them in a public gallery, and you can vote for the ones you like most by just giving them a like. Once we cut ‘em down to a good clean 9 entries, we’ll put up a vote so that everyone can just pick their top 3. If we don’t have a clear winner by then, we’ll just keep shortening the list and putting up more votes, but it should probably settle out pretty quick with the first voting event.

Most importantly though, this contest is to help get Zero Escape out there! So if you enter our contest, take the extra time to link us with any pages that your work can be found at, and make sure to post your art in any relevant communities you know, whether it’s a tumblr, subreddit, facebook group, or some more obscure site you’re fond of (wink wink). It’s a good way to take advantage of the situation to help get both you AND Zero Escape a little more famous!

As for what is fair game, make profile pics (~we could use a new one~), banners, cosplays, paintings, songs, etc. If it’s even REMOTELY artsy, no matter how technical, give it a shot! What matters most is that you do something you think is cool, and get the word out there! Even if you don’t win a prize, taggin’ your art with your page might get you some more fans anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to try!

We’ll close off entries on the 28th, then we’ll start trimming 'em down after that and put up the finalists. Good luck, fellow ZE fans, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! - Admin Saturn

Okay now that it’s a commercial break here’s my rant about the iKON/BTS bullshit.

First off, BTS is relevant but let’s get something straight, their company is in no means on equal footing to try and compete for stuff like stage time at MAMA with YG. YG has way more influence over something like this which in turn will most definitely lead to more stage time for their artists. Especially with BB back there is no way that MAMA would NOT be influenced by YG’s “power.”

With that said, don’t get your panties in a fucking bundle because iKON sang three songs on stage and BTS only got to perform Run. Can’t you be happy that BTS got to debut Run on the biggest stage in Asia?! They could not have been offered a more amazing opportunity to perform that song if they tried. iKON has also “been around” for almost a year but has only just debuted in the last few months. So for iKON to even be at MAMA is allowed because technically they were there last year too. And in all fairness give them a chance to perform what they have because you know they won’t be around for another year+ so just let them perform while they have the chance.

AND instead of getting mad at iKON for getting to sing three songs maybe instead get mad at MAMA for allowing people like Jessi to perform on stage.

Also, face it. You wouldn’t be getting pissed off had it been Seventeen or Monsta X instead of iKON.