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Callout Post for Murray Gold

Murray Gold, you guys, does not get enough love. So I am here, armed with a list of my favorite pieces from each series of Doctor Who. It was meant to be an orderly list, with one favorite per series, but it kind of devolved into a shouty mess about music. (Which should be expected. Last year I got an email from Spotify detailing my listening habits over the past year and apparently I’m in the top 1% of Murray Gold fans. THE MAN IS AWESOME OKAY.)

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Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 20

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

Episodes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

A/N: When I started writing this chapter…. well I didn’t know where it was that I wanted to go but two things happened. I watched the episode referenced in this chapter, and I listened to Linkin Park’s new song Heavy and thought that I should do something to tie this into this chapter…. you’ll understand once you read the chapter.

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Imagine Fili forgetting your birthday and he's trying to desperately make it up to you.

Inspired by the request on imaginexhobbit

A/N: Hey! So I got a sudden burst of inspiration as I was looking through imaginexhobbit ’s requests, and I felt like I should try to fulfill at least one. So, here you go! 

Notes: This is written in a AU where everyone survived BOTFA.

Warnings: No proof-reading! Other than that, none in particular. Fluff.

Word Count: 1863 (I got a bit excited… :D)

I also listened to Let It Go and Need The Sun To Break by James Bay and Fiction by The xx while writing this, so if it helps to get you into the mood I suggest you listen to those amazing songs. :)


The sun shone through the window of your small house, slowly waking you up. You had once again had a restless night due to the excitement of your birthday. You had always been one of those who counted to your birthday, always feeling giddy when the day neared. 

So it happened that today was your birthday. In the moment of realization, you sprung up, squealing with delight. Quickly, you changed your clothes and washed up, ready to celebrate your day. Not only that, but you wished to see your best friend, Fili, so you could celebrate it together. Never did it once cross your mind that he would forget it, since he had never done so.

As you skipped from your room to the kitchen, you saw a plate piled with your favourite breakfast; honey covered pancakes. With that, there came a note with scribbled handwriting, which you recognized as your mother’s. She had had to go to work early and won’t be back till sundown, but she bid you a great birthday. Bummed that you couldn’t spend it with your mum, you sat down at the wooden table, but soon the deliciousness of the pancakes made you forgive her. “At least Fili will be able to spend it with me,” you thought, a small smile forming from just the thought. 

After you had finished and washed your dishes, you grabbed your cloak and headed out. The fresh spring air surrounded you, instantly bringing you to a good mood. Your favourite bird, the starling, was singing in a nearby tree as if to grant you a happy birthday. Smiling more than ever, you went off to search for Fili. As you passed several guards, - no doubt your father, who was one of King Thorin’s royal guards - you spotted Dwalin, the captain of the Guard, and a family friend. 

“Good morning, Dwalin!” you exclaimed, tapping his shoulder. He shouted, turning around to face you,  mumbling a Mahal in the process.

“Dear Durin, you frightened me [Y/N]!” he said, while grasping his breast, chuckling. “What can I do for you?”

“Pardon me, I was only wondering if you’ve seen Fili, don’t really feel like searching for the whole kingdom for him,” you said, feeling slightly embarrassed for frightening the dwarf. 

“Aye, I have,” he said, after having a thought. “He was in the armoury last I saw him.” This information made you glad and giddy inside, and you thanked him by giving him a hug. Before you run off, you heard Dwaling calling after you. “Oh, and happy birthday [Y/N]! Have a most delightful one." 

Smiling, you granted him a thank you, before turning around to go to the armoury. Once you got there, you had to squeeze through a mass of soldiers, who were being armoured. You heard a commanding voice through all the racket, and you recognized it as Fili’s. If you could just… squeeze.. Now you could clearly see him standing on a podium like place, where he could give out commands to, what seems like, new soldiers. 

"Fili!” you chanted, trying to grab his attention. “Fili!” Nothing. On what seemed like the thousandth time, you shouted. “FILI!” You noticed his figure moving around, searching for the source of the sound. Then, his blue eyes landed on you. It seemed like you saw a wave of relief wash over them, but then his face toughened up. He hopped down the podium, walking towards you. 

“[Y/N]! What are you doing here?” he asked, his eyes curious, stained with another emotion you couldn’t put your finger on. 

“I came to see you. I was hoping we could spend-” you started only to be cut off with his apologetic gaze. 

“[Y/N], you know I’m busy with handling the new soldiers, I can’t just take the day off. Thorin would have my head.” he said.

“But surely you know it’s my-” you tried again, but now that the racket was getting louder, Fili would have none of that.

“[Y/N] stop. I can’t, and that is final. I’m sorry.” His eyes now tried to find your gaze, but the tone he used was harsh and cold,sounding nothing like the Fili you knew, but the Fili you didn’t want to know. Rejected, you looked at the floor, trying to keep your tearsome eyes from flooding. Without another word, you left the armoury, and ran towards your home. For a while Fili stared at the door which you had just gone through, feeling guilty, but remembering his duties, he pushed his feelings away.

Even though the day started well enough, the words that Fili said pierced through your heart like a knife, your good mood crumbling down. The rest of the day you stayed at home, either reading a book, embroidering or baking. Each time, the memories of you and Fili doing these things together brought tears to your eyes. You even tried to gather your strength to go up and visit Dale, but you broke down at the door. ‘Why do I feel so? He can’t possibly mean that much to me. He’s an heir to the throne, of course he won’t have time to spend with me. But he has never forgotten my birthday before…’ These were the majority of your thoughts that raced in your head the entire day. 

As you looked out the window with tear-stained eyes, you saw the golden sunset that coloured the sky. 'Mother will be home soon…’ you thought, but even that couldn’t cheer you up. You only wanted Fili, you wanted to laugh with him, smile with him, hug him and breathe in his smoky, woody scent. But you knew he wouldn’t do that, he would be too busy preparing to be king.

A week passed, and you hadn’t taken a step outside. Of course you helped your mother at her craft’s shop a bit, but that was about the only socializing you did. You only did chores and moped around. That’s when you decided it was enough. Even though your heart ached, you knew this would happen sometime. It was not only about forgetting your birthday, but forgetting you entirely. Once Fili became king, he wouldn’t have time to spend with friends or best friends, only the nobility of Erebor, his kind. For the first time during the week, you grabbed your cloak and headed outside.

You headed to your favourite place in Middle-Earth; to the lake. At the foot of the mountain, there was a small patch of forest, which also situated at the bank of the Long Lake. There, you and Fili had carved two tree trunks, one for you and him. Each time you came down there, you carved a small figure on the tree trunk, as a memory that you’ve been there that particular time. This time you carved a stick figure, resembling Fili. When you were done, you glanced at the small pocket knife you had, which was made by Fili himself. Everything around you reminded you of him, which was just as heartbreaking as it was comforting. 

The sun had already gone down behind the mountains far away, but it left a few specks of colour on the sky, welcoming the pale moon. Suddenly, you heard a twig snap. You immediately were on your feet, snatching your small dagger from your boot, pointing it towards the trees. Just then, a disheveled Fili appeared. He clutched his chest, gasping for air, as if he’d run all the way here.

“Fili?” you questioned, unsure of what to do. Assuming it was safe, you put the dagger back into your boot. You sighed. “What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you” he said, breathing normally again. “Where have you been? I’ve searched for you through out the kingdom. Only then did I think of you being here.” You never answered him, because the hurt was evident in your eyes. As he looked up at you, he understood your silence and sighed. “You don’t know how it hurt me to say those words, but I can’t imagine how they hurt you. I’m so, so deeply sorry [Y/N]. I should have never said those words, but I can’t help but wonder, why did you so desperately want to spend time with me then?”

'He forgot.. Oh Mahal, he doesn’t know.’ You sucked in a breath, your eyes getting glossy. Finally, you stuttered out the four words. “It… It was my birthday.”

You can’t even describe how white his face went. The guilt shone through him like a bright light, and he fell to his knees. He stooped so low, and you wondered if you’d ever seen him so sad. “Oh god…Oh Mahal…[Y/N]”  He looked up at you with those glossy blue orbs, and you let out a sob. Soon hot tears were pouring out of your eyes. “Oh god, [Y/N], I’m so sorry.” Once he saw you crying, he got up and rushed to pull you into his arms. Even though your head said no, your heart had longed for him, so you didn’t push him away. 

“You forgot about me…” you mumbled into his chest, the hot tears wetting his shirt. 

“I never forgot about you [Y/N], don’t say that. I think about you all the time. You are my first and last thought. You are the light of my life, [Y/N], and I’m such a fool for forgetting the day you hold dearest to your heart.” He rambled on and on, lifting your face. You felt his rough thumbs wipe your tears away. As you looked at his eyes, you saw streaks of tears go down his face. “I love you, [Y/N].”

Once you heard those words, you gasped and the tears stopped flowing. Your mouth shaped into a small 'o’ as you waited for him to continue. He started smiling through his tears, his eyes crinkling. “I have always loved you, but I only discovered it recently that I can’t possibly hold it back anymore. You are the dearest, the one I love the most. Mahal,” he said, while looking at the sky. "I don’t know how it is possible to love someone so much.“ 

You chuckled at his words, feeling a warmth spread in your chest. "I love you, Fili.” If it even is possible, his eyes lit up a thousand times brighter, and softly, he enclosed his mouth upon yours. You had never felt this way before. It was a kiss filled with so much love, so much electricity, that you would’ve collapsed if it weren’t for Fili’s hands around you. As you both pulled away, he made a promise. “I promise to love you forever, cherish you, and whenever you need me to be there I will. I also need to get a blow to the head so I would remember better.” He stopped when he heard your soft chuckle, smiling more brightly than ever. “And I promise, that tomorrow we will possibly spend the best day of our lives, and you will be treated like a queen, because you deserve it and more." 

With that, you both shared a kiss and stood there, holding each other close.

New Music: Ameriie “Out Loud”

As Ameriie’s only stan, I feel morally obligated to bring her new single to your attention, mostly because it’s the first one I’ve jammed to in a while.  She keeps putting out these one-off’s that don’t really connect and I can’t tell what sound she’s been reaching for, but she got back with Rich Harrison (”1 Thing”) and caught a corner of that magic again.

But seriously y’all, I wasn’t kidding about being her only stan.  Her limited vocal capacity notwhitstanding, Ameriie has so many slept on jams because she has such good ears for a banging production, and even though her voice is thin, she stay layering her backgrounds.  If Brandy has the bottom range of the Background Army covered, Ameriie is definitely trying to capture the top.  I just want to introduce y’all to some of this production and background arrangement.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, big fan here. What do you think are some obscure folk records you think everyone should listen at least once in their lives? Keep making great music, man.

Hey, thanks. I really appreciate your support. 

I love questions like this. “Obscure” and “folk” are remarkably subjective words but a few records come to mind. These are all absolutely wonderful. They are treasures to me. I highly recommend them:

Al Final de Este Viaje - Silvio Rodríguez

Colour Green - Sibylle Baier

Argentine Folk Songs - Octavio Corvalan

Mr. Scrapper’s Blues - Scrapper Blackwell 

Y Sus Jibaros - Ramito

New Orleans Street Singer - Snooks Eaglin

Cantos Revolucionarios de América Latina - Soledad Bravo

Old Time Country Music - Mike Seeger

La Historia de José Feliciano - José Feliciano 

1966 - Karen Dalton

Texas Songster - Mance Lipscomb

Catalonian Protest Songs - Raimon

Remember Me - Robert Wilkins

The Greatest Hits - Víctor Jara

Old-Time Music From West Virginia - Various