songs that everyone should listen to at least once

Sunday slow jams

Lazy Sunday’s are just the best aren’t they? Especially when you’re nursing a small hangover *cough* Here’s a selection of some of my favourite soothing melodies.

Let’s start with a sexy slow jam. Delilah’s cover of the Minnie Riperton classic is EXTREME hotness (I’m not gonna lie…I actually prefer this version, sorry Minnie.) I’ve added the live version because Delilah is an actual goddess with the most spine-tinglingly amazing voice, and everyone should see this performance at least once in their lives. WARNING some of the lyrics are a bit NSFW…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This song makes me emotional (*DISCLAIMER* most music makes me emotional) It reminds me of my friends who have either moved to different countries or who I’ve lost, so I always get a bit misty-eyed when I listen to it. If you like this version check out the acoustic version, which is equally as good

This is one of my all time favourite songs, and I also have this video to thank for my sexual awakening! I was maybe 11 years old when this song came out (pun intended) and I could NOT STOP looking at Helena Christensen….I still can’t stop….she’s soooo fucking hot! This is surely one of the sexiest pop videos ever made?

This remix of Midlake’s ‘Roscoe’ is so dreamy. Close your eyes and go on a journey. 

Don’t know about you, but I feel chill AF now…bye x

Songs of my Summer
  • I Choose U by Timeflies - the white team counsellors did this for their colour war lip sync and i smiled the whole time because it’s SO happy
  • House Party by Sam Hunt - my girls played this at least once a day during an activity period or when cleaning the mess hall
  • Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius - one of the older boys divisions did this for their lip sync. Everyone claimed they should have won (my girls won, for the 4th year in a row, oops), purely for using this lyrical genius song. It became a joke for the rest of camp.
  • Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya - the Soph 1 boys did this for their lip sync and cam in third; awesome song, awesome message. Feminist anthem.
  • Classic by MKTO - song of my Summer really. I played this each morning as my alarm and in the shower, then on the last (and best) night of camp after I’d been out having fun in the rain, I went back into the lodge and this song started, and I loudly sang the entire rap to everyone with the biggest smile on my face. Then sang it daily on the subway with Rin.
  • Up On The Roof by James Taylor - one of my all time favourite artists and songs, this reminds me of my most favourite times in New York
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith - reminds me of the days after New York, listening to this on the plane and singing it in the car with Gab. Kills me.
  • Good Day by Nappy Roots - another song I played in the bunk, my girls loved it so much they ended up using it in our Friday Night Service
  • Summer Love by One Direction - gotta laugh at this one
  • New York State of Mind by Billy Joel - my favourite place, always.
  • New York, New York by Frank Sinatra - i played this when I left LA to fly back to New York and it might have been the greatest, happiest song-induced mood i’ve ever experienced
  • Welcome To New York by Taylor Swift - finally, i played this as my plane was landing, the sun was just setting on the horizon and the sky was stained a vibrant pink over the Manhattan city skyline. Best welcome home ever.

What songs remind you of your Summer (or Winter)?