songs that deserve more credit than they get

  • me: davey jacobs definitely deserved his own song. i mean, jack got one, katherine got one, crutchie got one, but davey's basically the only main character who didn't get his own song. yeah, he could've had his own song, something about how his world was flipped and he started seeing things he hadn't seen before, but disney chose to focus more on the romantic subplot between jack and katherine more than a character who had the potential to be three dimensional. give davey a better plot line than "the brains of the operation" give him DEPTH
  • target cashier: ma'am are you paying with cash or credit
callout post to the gorillaz fandom
  • Murdoc is a canon bisexual.
  • Any ships with Noodle and (insert 2-D, Murdoc or Russel) before Phase 3 is pedophilia.
  • 2-Doc is abusive.
  • Lorazombie, A-KA and a shit ton of artists deserve a fuck ton of credit for their amazing fanart for the fandom and they don’t deserve to not get that credit because of reposters.
  • The Fall should not be bashed because it is different from the discography.
  • Gorillaz have always been political.
  • The reason why the new album is more mature than the rest of the discography is because the young Gorillaz fans of the 2000s would be adults in the decade after.
  • Asking for more content repeatedly (anything about the album, songs, artwork, new television show, fixing the Gorillaz app, etc.) will not make the progress of them doing so more faster.
Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 1]

F.T. Island 

Fave Songs: “Pray”“To the Light”“Puppy”“Memory”

Reasoning: Honestly bands aren’t acknowledged enough in the Kpop world, not that there are many to begin with. They are an extremely talented group. And Hongki’s voice is amazing. It’s so unique and different. You really need to listen to him. 


Fave Songs: “Don’t Flirt”“She’s Mine”“Someday”

Reasoning: Seriously I feel like so much could have been avoided had U-Kiss had more popularity. I mean I won’t talk about all the member line up changes and stuff here but honestly I think things would have turned out better for U-Kiss if people didn’t sleep on them all the time. Their vocals were/are really good and their songs are good too. [Well maybe not so much their earlier stuff but you know..]

Highlight/previously Beast

Fave Songs: “Beautiful Night”“Yey”“Good Luck”“Breathe’“12:30″“Shadow”“Gotta Go to Work”“How to Love”“Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Reasoning: Seriously if you are still sleeping on Beast/Highlight…I don’t know what to say to you. Amazing songs, amazing talent like….what else could you want. Sadly Beast is no longer Beast and now only 5 members but in my heart Beast is still Beast and I’ll forever be a Beauty. 


Fave Songs: “The Eye”“Bad”“Back”“Last Romeo”“Be Mine”“Before the Dawn”“Destiny”“Request”“Man in Love”“That Summer”“Hey Hello”“Paradise”“Come Back Again” [I have second hand embarrassment from this last song though….like why did they debut this way hahaha]

Reasoning: UGH WHY SLEEP ON INFINITE!!!??? They are amazing, all members can sing well. They are literally known for their synchronization. Their songs are amazing. Like what is there not to like? And all their personalities are different so I promise there will be one that you like. Also check out their non title songs as well. I swear that list of fave songs is so long like I can’t even put them all on there. LOVE INFINITE I’M BEGGING YOU! Also check out their sub units: Infinite H, Infinite F, and Sunggyu’s solo albums and Woohyun’s solo album. 

Teen Top

Fave Songs: “Miss Right”“Rocking”“Ah Ah”“Crazy”“I Wanna Love”“Love Fool”“Walk By”“Snow Kiss”

Reasoning: Honestly Teen Top is so underrated. Like they are super talented, their songs are really good and like still they hardly ever get noticed at all. 

The Boss/DGNA

Fave Songs: “Lucky Man”“Rilla Go”“Why Goodbye”, “Love Power”

Reasoning: Well….have you heard of them? I honestly happened to just stumble upon them and fell in love with them. Sadly their sales are pretty much shit in Korea and so they mostly promote and release songs in Japan which unfortunately are not as much of my taste. I like that one that I listed. But their Japanese singles don’t fit them as well as their more manly Korean ones. But whatever money talks and they do what sales. That’s why you won’t see them promoting much in Korea.Sigh….if only they were more popular. 


Fave Songs: “Breathe”“The Ghost of Wind”

Reasoning: Honestly has anyone even heard of them? Do you know them? Most people don’t. Except maybe now with Hyunsik making waves in the acting world. But still….they are relatively unknown. Unfortunately they are on hiatus, there was a statement that the group disbanded but members themselves have said that’s not true. So maybe when they eventually come back more people will know of them. 


Fave Songs: “Solo Day”“A Lie”“Lonely”“Beautiful Target”“Sweet Girl”“Tried to Walk”“What’s Happening”“Baby Goodnight”“Baby I’m Sorry”

Reasoning: Truthfully they are much more popular than most that will be on this complete list. But they honestly don’t get the amount of recognition they truly deserve. They are so talented; Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful. CNU and Gongchan are talented as well despite not being the main vocals. Baro’s rapping is great as well. Their songs are all amazing and a lot of them are upbeat and cute and playful and I love it. They are so adorable you should honestly listen to and love them. 


Fave Songs: “Witch”“Bounce”“Janus”“I-Yah”“On & On”“White Out”

Reasoning: Boyfriend is one of the most looked over 3rd generation idol groups. [that’s debatable but in my own little system they are 3rd generation] Anyway point is they aren’t very popular, you hardly ever see them on any variety shows, they haven’t even had a proper comeback since 2015. Their company screws them over and has basically thrown them in the basement not to see light of day while they focus on their other more popular groups. Someone support Boyfriend please omg! 


Fave Songs: “Just Tell Me”“Too Very So Much”“Baby I’m Sorry”“Just That Little Thing”

Reasoning: Have you heard of them? Probably not. They aren’t very popular, aren’t promoted well. And basically no one hears of them. But I really like their songs and they are really talented so you should at least give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Excalibur”“Black Out”

Reasoning; I’ll be honest I’m not like stanning them in the sense that I know their names or personalities or anything like that. But I do enjoy their music and when they do come out with new stuff I always make sure to check it out. You should too. Honestly they deserve more popularity. 


Fave Songs: “Hey You”“Still 24K”“U R So Cute”“Secret Love”

Reasoning: Again I don’t know their names and all but seriously they are worth a listen to. At least one good listen. They are far more talented than they get credit for. 

Big Star

Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Moonlight Sonata”“I Got the Feeling”

Reasoning: I swear no one has heard of them, they are never on any shows. I seriously only know one member because I’ve only ever seen them on one show. So I haven’t really got to know them. But what I do know is they are talented and I like their music so you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Movie”“I’ll Be Your Man”“Wow”“You’re So Fly”“The Winter’s Tale”“Insane”“2nd Confession”“Remember That”“When I Was Your Man”“You Can Cry”

Reasoning: Seriously BTOB gets mistreated and underrated all the time. Even some music shows don’t like to have them because of their unpopularity. It’s so ridiculous I just don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They are adorable and cute and sweet and talented. They are versatile too. Originally being a normal kpop group but they have transformed into an absolute beautiful ballad/pop group. Honestly they are amazing you should love them. Everyone should love them. 


The first installment of my vinyl shares coming your way. Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Double LP (Neon Green & Hot Pink). Fucking amazing album for fans of the remarkably unique. The guy is the culmination of centuries of storytelling and the evolution of Hip-Hop. I’m not blowing smoke up unguarded asses here when I say that he is the absolute greatest lyricist every to script words over a beat. Granted, there are different aspects of “great”. Some (emo kids and delicate damsels) may take “great” to mean how an artist’s words “move” them. Okay. Roll with that. lol But that can’t be measured other than in volume, as in, “how many people the song has moved”, which isn’t a fair scale because of marketing. Duh. But I’m talking about unique talent. Originality. Complexity. Design. Creativity in the art of writing. Take it from a writer. This fucking guy is a freak genius. His lyrics are extraordinary. SO extraordinary that they leapfrog over most peoples’ perceptions. He won’t get the credit he actually deserves for a few hundreds years. Maybe more. But art schools and collage-course Creative Writing classes in the far future will be dissecting this guy’s words like they do Shakespeare’s now. They are that fucking amazing. And unlike most of his earlier albums, this one comes with the lyrics and it’s more decipherable in general. I don’t want to say dumbed-down, but maybe just more “clearly stated”. One of his most obvious critiques is that nobody can understand what the fuck he’s talking about (shocker lol). This one still needs to be studied to fully appreciate, but you can pick up a lot more from it just by casually listening than you could with his past works. 

The next two albums are Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic together as Hail Mary Mallon. Great albums for sure. The two make for a team unlike any that Hip-Hop has ever known. The vinyl is undoubtedly my two favorite pieces. The picture disc is some beastly fucking dark art (The album is called Beastiary. See what I…. nvm…that’s getting old), and the green marble has hand-etched art on side D. Just fucking beautifully artistic shit that compliments they’re style of unique Hip-Hop. 

Some favorite tracks on the 4 discs for you to get introduced to would be Aesop Rock’s Dorks and Mystery Fish, and Mallon’s Kiln and Garfield. -cc

It seems that there are so many new fans getting into kpop these past few years that they only see the rookie bands and assume that the older bands are just ‘old’.  It’s sad that some kpop fans haven’t even heard of BoA, Rain, Lee Hyori, Shinhwa or SS501, and some consider bands like Super Junior and After School ‘too old’. Even if their songs these past few years haven’t the best, some of these older bands were legends back then and now, and deserve much more respect than younger fans give them credit for.  Also, kpop music doesn’t just get ‘old’.  Some hit songs back then are still more popular today compared to the modern hit songs.

BTS Reaction to you writing a song expressing your love for them

Anonymously Requested: Hello!! Can you do a bts reaction were the boys react to you write a song about your love for them? 🎶💕Thanks😊

A/N: Hello! It’s our first official post on our new scenario blog.  I hope this is good, Anon! :) These actually turned out a lot longer than I planned. I get carried away sometimes. lol 

Written by: 「 bby.seokjin 」

Kim Seokjin: You would probably be really nervous to sing the song for him, and every time you go to sing it for him, you quickly change your mind and tuck it away.  Jin would be curious as to what you’ve been working on, but he wouldn’t press you, instead he’d give you your privacy and wait to see if you’d come to him if you had a problem.  As you’re thinking how you’re finally going to show him the song, you come up with a wonderful idea.  You love Jin’s voice, so instead of singing it to him, you’d give it to Jin and ask him to sing it.  

At first he’d be a little confused, wondering why you’re shoving a piece of paper at him.  You’d ask him to sing it for you because you thought his voice was soothing and with a smile, Jin couldn’t deny your request.  He would start singing the song that you wrote for him in any random tune that he thought of, and when he got a fourth of the way through, he’d realize who the song was about.  

His voice would trail off and he’d looked over at you with such adoration in his eyes, before reading the rest of the song silently and smiling back up at you. Wrapping his arms around you, Jin would kiss your nose before placing his lips softly against yours.  

“Thank you so much, [y/n].  This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

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It's episodes like tonight's that make me think we really need to give Evan Peters some Emmy nods. All of his scenes with Del were fantastic. In the alley was my personal favorite because you could just read all of the emotion and pain in his face. And he played drunk really well without making it look cheesy or fake. Then he went from that to running into the grounds loudly and drunk and hilarious. Then he had a touching moment with Del. And this was all after he sang a kick ass song. He is so much more than just a pretty face, he is an amazing actor and does not get half of the credit he deserves.

i wish gaga would get the credit she deserves on tumblr. she is incredibly talented, she has sold more than 100 million records and has 6 grammys. she is a feminist, she is queer, she fights for gay rights, she has a non profit foundation for queer youth and youth who struggle in general, she was the first mainstream to put the word “transgender” in one of her songs, she writes/produces her own songs,s he sings live, she loves and cares her fans, she gets fans on stage, she buys them food and let’s them come backstage for free. she also spoke up about ferguson and didn’t attached hashtags like #alllivesmatter.

im not saying that she isn’t problematic at all, but everyone is and just because she isn’t that popular on tumblr doesnt give anyone the right to go off on her all of the fucking time…

HEY if you have some spare pocket change or some credit left on your itunes account consider picking up a few songs from NU’EST!

NU’EST are an incredibly talented  group who deserve so much more popularity and fame than they get; they’re celebrating their 3 year anniversary (on the 15th of march) at the moment! they have two albums on itunes- one for £7.99 and the other for £4.74 or they have a special single for just £1.74! Even if you just picked up the single and see if you liked it it would be real damn cool! i’d love to see some of my followers giving them a chance!


I’m late but, I wanted to make some edition for Milky’s birthday, so I get inspired by Katy Perry’s song Roar, wich is perfect to this photoset. [credits to the gifs makers]

you’re gonna hear me ROAR!

Happy Birthday to my #1 Rol-model, I love you sweetie ♥ I’m the happiest girl in the planet because you won this Janken, you deserve it.
Your smile make my days shine, please, smile forever.

Idk what I’m going to do, but I promise you, that you will rank more than 16 on the next year’s sousenkyo!


705 impressions

Finally watched the episode.

Was it amazing? No way. Was it good? YES. Again, this season is incomparable to season 6B. It is very very good.

Just some quick thoughts:

- I told you Elliot isn’t Archer! Uber A is still signing their messages as AD. Uber A is Archer but since Elliot is dead, uber A is putting all the evidence on Elliot because he’s not alive to defend himself. The real question is, who is Archer? Literally a repeat of the Charles storyline of 6A.

- can’t wait to see Ali’s reaction that the girls prioritised Hanna’s life over hers. I had a feeling AD would expose this just to divide the group some more because why not.

- I couldn’t help but think that Caleb is gone because he worked out what the girls did and so he wants to protect them; he disappeared because he’s off using Elliot’s credit card to make it look like he’s on the run thus protecting the girls.

- Not into Sabrina. I just can’t buy this whole storyline. She’s been getting way too much screen time than she deserves.

- Elliot taking Ali’s entire money is a golden storyline. Finally something with big stakes at hand!

- couldn’t help but think Mary singing that song was actually Jessica (Ali said her mother used to sing it to her). The “Mary is Jessica” theory is still in play.

- I need to just accept that Sara Harvey isn’t going anywhere. The sooner I accept that the sooner I’ll stop hating her scenes so much.

- Is she seeing Jenna romantically or is it just a team up to get revenge on the liars for the damage they’ve sustained due to them?

- if Jenna is back because she wants to get revenge for the Jenna Thing, I’ll be very disappointed. Yes it’s terrible, yes it’s so sad what happened. But it was 7 years ago (in the storyline of the show). I know it’s permanent damage forever, but surely she’s gotten over it 7 years later. Okay maybe not gotten over it, but it would just seem so random to come back to Rosewood during this exact time to avenge an incident from 7 years ago. Her motive needs to be linked to the present day story.

- are they actually going anywhere with this Wilden thing? Is there more to him than just a mask, or is he actually still important?

- Mary is starting to annoy me. Annoy me in the sense she’s not as mysterious as she was in 701. Her conversation with Spencer in 701 and Hanna in 702 was creepy as hell, and so damn intriguing. Now, I feel like all that is gone. Yes we don’t know much of what she’s up to, so she IS very mysterious, but she’s lost her creepy vibes the longer this goes on with no answers, if that makes sense.

- this was the second or third lowest rated episode in PLL history. I can’t see the ratings ever going up again, only down. They really lost their audience with the Charlotte reveal, unfortunately.

- EZRIA. I knew it. I don’t know if I liked THAT scene though. I love the outcome; the fact he proposed, but they way they did it wasn’t as special as I expected it. It just seemed rushed. And I am very annoyed they ended the scene there. They should’ve included Aria’s response this episode while we were all in the heat of the moment. For Ezria shippers that was a culmination of 7 years, everything they have ever wanted! Everything should’ve been in the one scene. Now we have to get in the heat of the moment AGAIN next time. Clearly they’re dragging that out to get people to tune in 2 weeks later, but for the sake of the show… forget the ratings… her answer should’ve been in this episode.

- she doesn’t say yes, we all know because of the promo. But that’s okay. They will find their way back to each other before the show ends. And I’m happy to see the journey to get there.

- NICOLE IS COMING BACK. I’m calling it now. No way are they going to NOT explore that storyline. That call was her trying to call for help while being held captured by some sick minded freaks. It’ll be the final obstacle before Ezria gets married.

- I feel personally offended that they had to tease us with Noel at the end!!!! Hahaha to include him for one sentence is a bit weird. I get they want hype and mystery, but if I were the writer, personally I would’ve had a bigger entrance in the following episode where he starts revealing what he’s up to without waiting 2 weeks…

Overall great episode :) 7/10

anonymous asked:

Why are you so mad? You always complain when Baekhyun get a slight hate, you need to stop fussing over every little thing!!

Every or most member get the praise they deserve and getting encouragement they deserve but Baekhyun gets nothing from this fandom. As soon as a member is criticised being hated on there are always 10s of people both from their own stan and from others making post defending them, whereas when the same thing happen to Baekhyun nobody give a fuck. I am fucking BITTER that my bias don’t get the same praise like most of the members get, that nobody bother defending him or spoke up for him no matter how unfair, harsh and nasty the criticism was.

People only look at Baekhyun when 1. He looks at Chanyeol, 2. When he interact with the member you ship him with, 3. When you need to use him for your (lame/offensive) jokes, 4. When he dyed his hair black but within 2 second he is forgotten. People treating him like a clown or something and nobody take him seriously. As soon as he gets an offer, no matter how much effort he put in, how well he done during a performance people turns a blind eye on him. 

For every singly project or offers he get he put so much effort and worked so hard to produce a good quality song/show/performance but nobody take him seriously. People are quick to assume that he’s going to embarrass himself, screwing up and that he will make you feel “second hand embarrassment” when he didn’t do it yet. And you know what, I am always laughing at those people getting all surprised when he proved you wrong. He’s been serious with every work or project given to him and people don’t give him the credit he deserves. People thinks he’s childish, stupid and an embarrassment but so many of you don’t even realise that Baekhyun is more mature than people who called him “childish”. He said so many times that he wants to be an all round entertainer, he pick “success” over happiness, he wants people to remember him through his voice not his face, this is how determinant and serious he is with his work but nobody take him seriously,

Baekhyun hardly get any offers at all, within this year all he had was the “Dream” project with Suzy, and a acting role for a historical drama. And last year he sang a OST for EXO Next Door, acted as one of the main for EXO Next Door, participated in the “I am Korea” project, appeared on cool kiz on the block and MCed on “The Competent Chuseok Special” and that’s about it but people complaining that he get too much offer. There are other members who gets more offers than Baekhyun but people are complaining as soon as Baekhyun gets one saying that he’s getting too much and he received his offer for his POPULARITY alone. No credit for his talent and hard work was ever given to him because apparently everything about Baekhyun is a joke and his popularity is the only thing he have LMAO!. Baekhyun is one of the vocal line (along with Chen and D.O) who can sing and he prove that he can at many performances but some people says he is irrelevant and complaining that he gets too much lines and sm should divide his lines to other member. There are other member who sang more than Baekhyun at some other songs, but people only complaining when it is Baekhyun that gets more. Baekhyun is one of the vocal line and was given many lines for a reason, but people speaks like he’s the one who distributed the lines LMAO!!

I am fucking MAD and BITTER, there are so many times I want to ignore the hate he is getting but there are always some random people like you coming to my blog complaining every little thing Baekhyun do, every time I spoke up about issues that bothered me, and for stanning my own bias. I am sick and tired of people asking me to stan someone I don’t want to stan. If my posts are bothering you then BLOCK ME!!!!!!