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The rules are simple! Post ten characters you’d like to role play as, have role played as, and might bring back. Then tag ten people to do the same (if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people). Aside from that,please repost instead of reblogging!



  • JAIME SOMMERS (probably will be happening) / Bionic Woman (2007)
  • ZOE SLATER (probably won’t happen unless I make a multimuse) / EastEnders

HAVE PLAYED: (Tyson note: please take note that I am only picking ten characters as I have played a countless amount that spans over the lifetime of 9-ish years and are actually too many to remember. Also most of these I don’t have/remember the URLs too)

  • THE EIGHTH DOCTOR / Classic Who / @iheldbackdeath
  • THE FIRST DOCTOR / Classic Who / @thefirstmydear
  • NICKY NICHOLS / Orange is the New Black / @sxpphicvibes
  • FINN HUDSON / Glee / many many, multiple accounts for RPGs that are now gone
  • JESSE ST. JAMES / Glee / many many, multiple accounts for RPGs that are now gone
  • SEBASTIAN SMYTHE / Glee /  many many, multiple accounts for RPGs that are now gone
  • MARK SLOAN / Grey’s Anatomy / DELETED
  • WOLVERINE / X-Men / DELETED (back from my Sitemodel days)
  • RUMPELSTILTSKIN / Once Upon A Time / DELETED (Sitemodel daaays)
  • Some OCs, some Twilight characters (shhh I was a young’in), an assortment of various characters from movies and shows I cannot even begin to remember, some more Glee stuff, LOOK I HAVE PLAYED A LOT OF CHARACTERS OKAY THERE ARE SO MANY AND TINA IS EVIL


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Bard Week: Magically Musical Equipment

I decided to come up with a bunch of bard-friendly or bard-specific magic items since bards don’t get much love in terms of treasure other than generic weapons or that short list of magic instruments that just cast spells. These are at least unique or interesting, but some are a bit “out there.” If you are a loose DM and your players like having a laugh, these items are perfect for you.

Accelerating Wardrum

Uncommon, requires attunement by a bard

This Behir skin stretched over a black wooden drum can be beaten as a bonus action once per round. Doing so moves a creature the bard chooses to be moved one step ahead in the initiative order.

Rapier of Harmony

Very Rare, requires attunement by a bard

A thin silver +1 rapier that hums when swung. The wielder can use a bonus action to make a Performance check. On a result of 16 or higher, the rapier vibrates and creates a tone that harmonizes with the wielder’s voice. The next attack deals bonus damage equal to the bard’s CHA modifier.

Resounding Scimitar

Rare, requires attunement by a bard

Whenever a creature fails an attack roll against a bard wielding this gleaming white scimitar with a wavy hilt and pattern, the bard can use their reaction to whack the creature’s weapon with the scimitar and cause a loud, grating noise to deal 1d6 thunder damage to the attacker if they fail a DC 14 CON saving throw.

Song of Activation

Special (Song)

A specific song that when played, will activate known magical items or runes in the world. [Use this song as treasure that can progress the plot, almost like finding a key to the next room of a dungeon. Think of learning a new song in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]

Song of Prestidigitation/Thaumaturgy/Druidcraft

Special (Song)

A specific song that when played, can mimic the effects of a Prestidigitation, Thaumaturgy, or Druidcraft spell, respectively. [A song that can be learned by a bard that is relatively harmless to the integrity of your campaign’s storyline]

Biting Words

Special (Words)

Powerful words that the bard can speak with their magic to deal 1d6 cold damage at a range of 60 ft. This damage increases by one die at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels. [basically a new cantrip for bards that deals more damage than Vicious Mockery but doesn’t impose disadvantage]

Orb of Radiant Song

Common, requires attunement by a bard

Much like a Driftglobe, but only produces light while the bard is singing. [It has slightly less uses than a Driftglobe thanks to negating attempts to move silently with it lit, and its attunement restriction, so it’s meant for the very early game.]

Backup Golem

Rare, requires attunement by a bard

A tiny golem or animated object that comes to life only when the attuned bard is performing. The golem gives the bard advantage on its Performance checks as it embellishes or harmonizes with whatever the bard does for their performance.

Sassy Friend


A tiny totem or charm that is shaped like a mask. When the wielder attempts to make an Insight check to determine if a creature is lying, the Sassy Friend charm animates temporarily with a backhanded comment, which it says aloud (whether or not the creature was lying). This decreases the DC to determine any lie by 1. This bonus does not stack with itself or other Sassy Friends.

Sassy Friend (Greater)


 A Sassy Friend charm that can also cast Zone of Truth once per day, centered on itself.

Nolzur’s Marvellous Pigments

Very Rare

This is an item that many bards would love to use but people always forget it exists. Whatever you paint becomes real! As long as it isn’t magical.

Cloak of Dancing

Rare, requires attunement by a bard

A bard who dances while wearing this audacious red cloak can fascinate nearby creatures, affecting them in a manner similar to an Enthrall spell, once per day. The bard need not concentrate on this effect, and in fact may make a Performance check against the onlookers’ Insight checks any time during the cloak’s Enthrall effect to animate the cloak and sneak out of it as it continues to dances and enthrall its audience.

Horn of Calling


An iron-bound animal horn acts as a magic megaphone that amplifies the volume of noises that pass through it. The Horn of Calling can also cast Whispering Wind once per day.

Cursed Collar of Tongues


A golden lace choker that allows the wearer to speak any language, but never quite what they intend to say. Whenever the player wishes to speak, the player says what they intend to say and then the DM blurts out what they inevitably say instead. A DC 20 Insight check will determine what exactly is wrong with the victim and a DC 18 Insight check will allow the player to get their true message across to a character. The player must overcome a CHA save to avoid having their next sentence bastardized by the DM. Each successful saving throw deals 1 psychic damage to the wearer as it the collar fights back against their efforts. The collar cannot be removed except by repressing its magic long enough to remove it, or by casting a Tongues or Comprehend Languages spell upon it along with a DC 15 Arcana check.

Death Whistle

Very Rare

A small bone whistle carved with symbols and imagery of death. The whistle, when blown, casts Circle of Death centered on the whistle. The DC for the spell is equal to the blower’s spell save DC. Once used, the whistle crumbles to dust as its shrill, eerie note echoes into the distance.

Ribbon of Hyucks

Rare, requires attunement by a bard

When this purple ribbon with white polka dots is worn by a bard, whenever the bard makes a pun, all creatures within earshot that understand the wordplay must make a DC 11 CHA save or take 1 psychic damage. This ability can only occur once per round and does not discriminate friend or foe.

Crossbow of the Fartongue

Rare, requires attunement by a bard

This crossbow is fitted with a cone at the end of the barrel, and a scope that is sculpted to look like a mouth’s opening. The weapon allows the wielder to bestow their ammunition with a noise or verbal message of their choosing not exceeding 10 words. This noise plays once when the imbued bolt hits, but then its magic fades. The crossbow can be used to relay information at a distance, create a distraction, or mislead other creatures. If the wielder wishes for the noise to be an explosion, the ammunition deals 1 bonus Thunder damage on hit to all creatures within 5 feet of where the bolt hit. An explosion noise can be heard up to 600 ft. away. The crossbow is dotted with holes and can actually be played as a wooden flute when not in use as a combat weapon.

Cloak of Deflection


This garment appears to ebb and sway of its own accord even without any wind. The wearer of this iridescent blue cloak may spend their reaction to deflect a single, nonmagical missile targeting them to another creature within 60 feet of the wearer. If the new target of the attack’s AC is equal to or less than the original attack roll, the attack hits the new target and the attacker rolls for damage as normal.

Book of Dreams

Uncommon, requires attunement by a bard

The cover of this book is made with soft leather and is bound with spider silk string and rare bird feathers. The tome is blank, but when a story is told by someone attuned to it, illusionary imagery appears hovering above the book, acting out what the storyteller describes. In addition, when a story puts someone to sleep, the storyteller may allow the book to display and act out the sleeper’s dreams, which usually somehow tie in to the story that was being told. It can be useful for coaxing information out of friendly people without their knowledge.


I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
Where the wind don’t change
And nothing in the ground can ever grow
No hope, just lies
And you’re taught to cry into your pillow
But I survived

I’m still breathing
I’m alive

How to become a True Eurofan

1. Sing Lasha Tumbai for 1944 days straight
2. Become a turkey and award 12 points to Ireland
3. Burn a fake piano
4. Do a naked with wolves photo shoot
5. Twirl like Loïc Nottet 84 times non stop
6. Perform “Moustache” while wearing a 1km long mustache
7. Dance at a Party for Everybody while being a Russian grandma
8. Rap in Montenegrin
9. Finally, create an ORIGINAL EXTENDED DISCO VERSION for every single Eurovision song since 1956

-You must be able to do everything on the short list above and provide evidence.
-People who fail to follow these instructions WILL be excluded from the official True Eurofans
-No exceptions!

Drabble Request - Feels Like Losing

Ok this is so fun! Thank you for the request darling anon. I don’t even care that the song-lyric rule is out the window… I need this… Also I’m, like, not even editing these, so we’ll call it even.

Prompt: Angst drabble For Bucky and he and Y/N have/ had an argumentbefore a mission and it was more his fault and she gets hurt on the field and he’s just “I fucked up man” and you take the wheel lol

Warnings: aaaangst, descriptions of death, swearing


You’ve had this argument so many times before that it feels like a part of you now. It should hurt more than this, but it doesn’t and this is your normal. It’s always over something stupid. He brushes you off when you try to slip under his arm in front of Sam or Steve, or you laugh when he gets angry. And then he shuts down completely. He just wouldn’t talk to you. And you scream and cry, begging him to care enough to let you in, but he never does.

Wanda squeezes your hand gently as you step off the jet, she doesn’t need to look inside your head to see that you need it, it’s all over your face. You steel yourself up for the mission and take off into the field, as Steve commanded. It would be good to get your mind off of the argument. Or half an argument.

Except you couldn’t. Bucky ran past you without a word and you were too busy trying to keep your heart in place to notice the man creeping up behind you until he had already slipped a strong arm around your throat. You gasped when you felt a sharp pain in your side between your ribs and it burned with a searing hot agony when the man twisted the long jagged knife before he ripped it out of your lungs, letting you fall to the ground gasping for breath, gripping the sticky warmth spreading over your body.

Before you can even look up Bucky’s scooped you up in his strong arms, completely panicked but determined, running back to the jet. Wanda is holding off any gunfire. He’s holding your body tight against his chest on the ground of the jet but you can hardly focus, your fingers are so cold, and your throat is dry and there’s blood everywhere. 

“What the fuck were you thinking, Y/N?!” He asks, but he isn’t angry. His voice is breaking. Is he crying? “You can’t…” He stops himself, wiping a piece of hair off of your forehead, but his hand is warm and sticky. Blood.

“I was just… I was worried about you. You’re so reckless when you’re mad.” You huff out closing your eyes. You’re just so tired now, you think you’ll just rest for a minute.

“Hey, Y/N. Baby, you have to stay awake. Y/N! Hey!” You force yourself to open your eyelids slowly. It’s hard, every limb feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I walked away from you. I fucked up. I should have been right next to you.” He’s stroking your hair.

“S'ok.” You breathe, but your whole body hurts and you’re just… so tired. You know he’s holding you close, and this is all you had wanted, to be close to him, but somehow he feels further away than he ever has.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He’s whispering over and over, clutching your hand to his lips. He’s been so stupid, pushing you away when all you ever did was try to be close to him, to care for him. But he knows it’s too late. Right now he’s losing it all.


when I met you
i really didn’t like you
first impression was that you were somebody who
walked right by when I waved at you and say ‘Hi’
but they say
bad beginnings make happy endings
and now that I know you I begin to understands things
turn around a hundred and eighty degrees
i found my missing piece - bandaid, pixie lott
Draw what you hear, Art challenge

This is something I decided to make up, out of songs I randomly picked, and a
Couple songs I actually like.

Rules: 1. You can only choose a song randomly, so close your eyes while you choose. 2. The songs must be shuffled after 2 songs, 3. You can only use two pages and will have to add on to one of them. 4. You can only replay a song once. 5. Have fun.

If you have an other questions, please let me know.

  • Tears for Fears
  • Songs from the Big Chair
  • Mercury
  • 1985
  • 422-824 300-1 M-1
  • 12”
  • 33 rpm
  • Album
  • Significant tracks:
    • “Shout”
    • “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
    • “Mothers Talk”
    • “I Believe”
    • “Head over Heels”
  • Price sticker from store on front cover
  • Joe’s Record Paradise, Silver Spring, MD
This is one of the biggest albums out of the 80s. To put it simply, I love it. At a minimum, you probably know at least two songs from the album: “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.
Christmas Prompt: My “snow” angel

Jason x reader where she sees snow for the first time in her life? Based on the song “white Christmas” ;) - @nightwing-rules 

@whovianayesha @civilwarkilledme @too-many-fandoms666 @tamanamohain @insideoflit @jadedhillon @dc-reader @littleredridingtodd


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the treetops glisten

and children listen

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

He lit up his cigarette and took his initial drag and heard the window open above him.
“Babe, we’re out of -” Your head popped out to greet him and he watched as your tired expression woke up and excitement grew into a wide smile. He’d once been this excited over the weather, when he was younger, but it was different watching you light up.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white

He chuckled and counted down whilst shaking his head.
You’d spent so long up last night watching the snowflakes fall past the window that, he expected you to be sleeping still.
Of course you, once again proved him wrong as you beat his countdown.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the treetops glisten

and children listen

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Bounding out the door, you ran out still in his shirt and barefeet.
Yelping slightly as the cold powder shocked you - and he watched with a grin.
He didn’t expect this although he should’ve considering you had never seen snow before. He had however greatly overestimated how much you listened to his warnings of “it’s cold as fuck” - but your excitement obviously overwhelmed you.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white

He smiled as you snuggled up to him that night, bundled in layers of his clothes.
Your hair tickled his nose as the flames flickered upwards from the fireplace.
“Tomorrow, i’m going to build my snowangel a snowpet.” You said  out of the blue.
“A snow angel is on the ground sweetie.” He tried to correct you but you shook your head stubbornly.
“It’s my snow angel modeled after you.” You objected
“I’m no angel sweetie” he chuckled and kissed your head
“You’re my angel.” You corrected him and stuck your tongue out at him and smiled “You think i’m childish don’t you?”
“No.” He smiled back at you “Just wait till tomorrow. I’ll invite Roy over and you can learn  new ways of hitting him.”