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top 10 soundtracks/albums

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  1. am // arctic monkeys album
  2. meteora // linkin park album
  3. american beauty // soundtrack
  4. the theory of everything // soundtrack
  5. amelie from montmartre // soundtrack
  6. sneeuwland // oskar schuster album
  7. how to be a human being // glass animals album
  8. pure heroine // lorde album
  9. aventine // agnes obel album
  10. only by the night // kings of leon album

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When he saw her, he realized how much she had changed.
Her stomach had flattened and her body gained more shape,
Her hair longer and darker than ever, falling in large curls.
Her usual scars and imperfections had left her face,
Revealing even more of her sun kissed skin.
Her laugh was louder and her smile was brighter.
And for the first time in 8 months he noticed her beauty,
And realized he had lost her
—  A.P