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Found this video of  the last song of Elisabeth das Musical  -  Der Schleier fällt - being both sung and signed in German Sign Language! O_O

Apparently it’s from a performance in Essen in 2002 which was translated by a Sign Language Interpreter and captioned - but in which the actors themselves also signed the final song while on stage!

I had been considering what a signed version of Elisabeth might look like - but this just renews my interest and makes me think!  It’s inspiring!

I find it especially powerful how the directions of the “pronoun” signs (signs like “you” “me” “yours” and “mine”) seem to “hook” into echother or have an interesting interplay between moving together the same way and then at the end snapping into symmetry as they both sing “belong to me”!  I also love how Elisabeth and Der Tod/Death seem to be throwing signs through the air at eachother and catching them at the beginning of the song.  Sending their thoughts and feelings eachother across the abyss between their perspectives and between life and death.

Honestly, so much in the musical is about how people relate to eachother, and to the forces that come through their lives - and that gets expressed in the choreography so wonderfully. There are so many opportunities to express that in sign and I would love to see them all!

vhyral  asked:

"Trembling hands" for Mordred? :D

Thank you!

15. trembling hands | microfic (or in this case, not so mini…but I was inspired)

It hurt it hurt it fucking HURT, waves and waves of searing pain radiating from his left leg where Mordred forced himself to not look because he knew the ogre had mauled it. All he could see from the corner of his eye was the white of bones and that was enough.

But the ogre wasn’t fucking dead yet. It was standing up, the whole front of its body red with blood. Slowly, unsteadily, it turned to him, dislocated jaw slack, teeth crimson and black.

Mordred raised trembling hands, empty hands, to the tall yet forbidding ceiling of the Deep Road’s tunnel. Come on, he mouthed, waiting for mana to surge back into his body. Come on, come on, you piece of shit, please–

The ogre roared, a choking and high-pitched and hideous noise and stumbled towards him, drawing its fist back for one finishing blow–

And heaven answered, a vortex of Fade-blue lightning crossing the Veil, flashing bright as the sun’s second rising. It seared the flesh from the darkspawn, cast it to the ground where it lay smoking, twitching.

The same lightning recoiled in the air, twisted to Mordred’s outstretched hands, raced down his leg, and mended the torn flesh, shattered bones. He collapsed against the bloodstained ground, gasping for breath as his Creation magic did its work. All around him the bodies of darkspawns and allies alike lay in a field of grotesque carnage. He cast a sickened, desperate gaze on them, then gritted his teeth and stumbled to his feet.

With numb fingers he wrangled a sword from the corpse of a Warden recruit and a shield from a darkspawn. The Song was rising to a steady beat in his blood, the inaudible lyrics intensifying, pushing his heartbeat to an almost painful rhythm. The sound spewed out of Mordred’s throat, seven notes hummed to herald the end, and he turned in a trance to the far end of the hallway where a door stood barred no longer. The alpha ogre had opened it.

Come home, murmured the Song. Come home.

Fuck you, Mordred wanted to say. My home is here, he wanted to say. 

They both knew it was a lie.

Come home, murmured the Song, and from the abyss of the world it spewed forth another horde of darkspawns as the welcoming entourage. Mordred Surana raised his sword.

In honor of the anniversary of the Tales series today (yesterday for some in later timezones), what was your first experience with the series? Mine was seeing Tales of the Abyss in an AMV on Youtube, which interested me enough that I decided to pick up the game. I thought Jade was a woman until the game introduced him and my favorite character in the beginning was Guy, but by the end it was EVERYONE. Then I found out there were more Tales games…years later…and now it’s my goal to play them all!

Write in the tags or reply with what your first experience was!

daily writing snippet

Maedori? Kind of. Probably pre-shipping though.

“That isn’t true,” Dorian protested instantly. The wine had loosened his tongue as well as dulled it, however, so he gestured vehemently in place of words, insisted, “You are not–”

“Did I ever tell you about my father?” Maedwyn interrupted him, voice cool and amused and measured.

No, he hadn’t. Maedwyn Lavellan shared many things, fond memories of clan and travels, but he did not mention something so personal. Dorian opened his mouth, the hammer of opportunity pounding in the back of his head like the abyssal Song that must have tempted the darkspawns so, the one that said, I will never have another chance to find an answer again.

It warred with his conscience. They were both people with things to hide, he knew that much, sometimes for no other reason than because the past hurt to mention. And they were friends; good friends, better friends than Dorian had hoped to make when he fled his father’s greed for a legacy to the south. To risk that, to chance that, to even think of it–

Maedwyn saved him from the fight. Eyes fixed on the sloshing liquid in the goblet in his hand, the Inquisitor said in the same languid measured tone, “Dogs tore him apart. Accusations of rape from his lord’s wife. Not true of course. He threw too many bottles at me for my birth that crippled my mother and caused her early death for him to have even thought about anyone else. But what’s a knife-ear’s word to a wealthy man’s spouse’s? So down he went. Two mabaris, finest of their kennel probably. They went for his shoulder first, then his throat. I saw his hands twitching, though I did not hear him scream. The mabaris were too loud.”

There was no way in hell Maedwyn was sober, Dorian realized with a pang. And very suddenly the temptation turned fully to guilt. Mind spinning from the ruthless, banal words, he nonetheless reached for Maedwyn’s wrist, urging, “You are drunk, Mae.”

“Of course I’m drunk,” Maedwyn scoffed, drawing away. “How else in the Void am I saying all this? But you should know, Dorian. I felt very relieved when he died.” He tipped the goblet back and emptied it of its contents, then set it down on the table with a violent clunk. Dark eyes gleamed balefully in the lantern’s light, and he was smiling as he always did but suddenly it was toothy and bitter, bitter. “The monster who haunted my waking hours in all the years I had to live with him was dead. And he bled and his flesh ripped from him like anyone else. He wasn’t a monster, was he. Just an elf. Just my father.”

The pause fell on them then, silent and suffocating with the atrocities voiced and cannot be taken back. Dorian’s hand hovered awkwardly in the space between them. Then, slowly, leaning away, he took it back.

Maedwyn dropped his head into his hand, covering his eyes. He laughed, half-deranged. “So I’m very sorry for having fooled you into liking me, Dorian, but I am not a good man.” He looked at the looming shadows on the walls, their looming shadows on the walls, and muttered quietly, “What kind of child would have thought so? No matter how ill-treated. I–”

“And why are you here?” Dorian asked him.

Maedwyn startled as though from a daydream. He blinked rapidly at Dorian, uncomprehending, so the mage pushed, “Why are you here, with the little magic trick in your hand, not sleeping for days to learn everything you can about combat and tactics from Cullen, courtly manners from our Lady Montiliyet? You are here to close the Rifts, to ensure victory against this Corypheus, but why are you trying so hard to do everything else?”

“Because you would have approved of them,” Maedwyn replied without missing a beat. “And you are a good man.”

Dorian’s lips curled, torn between flattery and a strange, sour disappointment. “That is all? All this, to impress me?”

“Impress you!” Maedwyn waved a hand, laughing. “No! I do not need you to be impressed. I need you, and Cassandra, and Varric, and Cole, and Vivienne, and many other people to approve. I am no better than rot,” and it caused an unfathomable pain in Dorian’s chest to hear the quiet certainty in that self-assessment, “but I am surrounded by better people. I…don’t know what I’ve become, but…” Maedwyn trailed off and looked down at his hands, folded tightly in his lap. “I…I think I know what heroes look like.”

“You know, you could have made all sorts of horrific decisions and I still would not have stopped you,” Dorian pointed out.

Maedwyn grinned, mirthless. “If only tolerance is such a straightforward measure of morality, Pavus.”

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Top 5 book villains, please!

  1. King Leck from the Graceling books (I am still terrified of him) 
  2. Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles (her novella was so good) 
  3. Roger of Conte from The Song of the Lioness 
  4. Santa Elena from The Abyss Surrounds Us
  5. The Cthaeh from The Name of the Wind

Ask for my top five anything!! 

  • Me: *blasting Bon Jovi*
  • Roommate: *enters* Fuck this shit no. *leaves*
  • Me: *blasting Starset*
  • Roommate: *enters* you sinner *leaves*
  • Me: *blasting Breaking Benjamin*
  • Roommate: *enters* you need help *leaves*
  • Me: *blasting Skillet*
  • Roommate: *rises from abyss* WELCOME TO THE FREAKSHOW!!!!!
  • Me: ..... *changes song to Linkin Park*
  • Roommate: *leaves immediately*

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I'd like to ask you why do you put songs from bands you don't like in The Abyss, for example Behemoth or Emperor. .

As is the case with many bands, Emperor is one that made quite good material in the beginning and then changed into something that I didn’t care for. I like their old stuff, especially Wrath of the Tyrant. As for Behemoth, their Black Metal phase was passable, so in the interest of adding some variety and not just playing my absolute favourites all the time, I occasionally tossed in a song from their early works, such as …From the Pagan Vastlands or And the Forests Dream Eternally

Today, there’s exactly one month left until THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US hits shelves! To celebrate, I’d like to share my playlist.

This playlist is a little bit of a labor of love. I added the first songs to it in the early stages of drafting, and it grew along with the book. These are the songs that sculpted my thinking as I assembled the story of THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US, getting me into the emotional spaces of certain scenes or pumping me up to write moments I had planned months before.

If you’ve read the book already, you’ll probably see where the songs line up. If you haven’t, this’ll give you a sense of the novel’s texture.

Below is the tracklist. Each song I’ve listed has a little note about where it fits in TASU. Some are character songs, others match story moments, while others fit relationships or themes. All of them helped make the book what it is.

  1. Oh Sailor // Mr. Little Jeans // but if you’re tired of them breaking you into two/I hope you know that you could sail right on/I hope you know you’ve got the ocean blue // a song for Cas
  2. Y.A.L.A. // M.I.A. // alarms go off when I enter the building // a song for the Minnow’s approach
  3. My Work Is Done // Dragonette // I don’t wanna work/just give me the money as if I had a gun on me/’cause my work is done // a song for Swift
  4. Judas // Cage The Elephant // and though your fingers never really pulled the trigger/your hands are just as guilty, you’re the one who brought the blood // a song for Santa Elena’s truth
  5. Do My Thing // Estelle feat. Janelle Monáe // my road it ain’t your road but trust I know/I know just where I’m going // a song for two sides of the same coin
  6. Buzzcut Season // Lorde // and nothing’s wrong but nothing’s true // a song for being lost at sea
  7. Islands // Electric Sons // but in this whirling pool that grows/I feel my colors start to blend with the shore // a song for getting turned around
  8. Ain’t It Fun // Paramore // you’re not the big fish in the pond no more/you are what they’re feeding on // a song for the realities of the NeoPacific
  9. Ribs // Lorde // you’re the only friend I need/sharing beds like little kids/and laughing ‘till our ribs get tough/but that will never be enough // a song for Swift’s room
  10. Rather Be // Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne // if you gave me a chance I would take it/it’s a shot in the dark but I’ll make it // a song for Flotilla rooftops
  11. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid // The Offspring // show me how to lie/you’re getting better all the time // a song for Santa Elena’s mentorship
  12. Unbelievers // Vampire Weekend // I’m not excited/but should I be?/is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me? // a song for Swift’s secret hopes
  13. Dreaming // Smallpools // we’ve got nowhere to run/they’ve all got loaded guns/oh no, please god tell me we’re dreaming // a song for being trapped in an unwinnable situation
  14. Get Lost // Icona Pop // no I won’t be long/before I take that money, money and run // a song for wakeboards and envy
  15. Afterlife // Ingrid Michaelson // we are, we are, we’re gonna be alright/we got, we got, we always got the fight in us // a song for moving on after the worst has happened
  16. Immortals // Fall Out Boy // I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way // a song for the Slew
  17. Iscariot // Walk The Moon // but tell me are you even aware/that all that we did, you undo/Iscariot you fool // a song for someone who had it coming
  18. Girlfriend // Icona Pop // all I need in this life of sin/is me and my girlfriend // a song for the dream
  19. Home // Ingrid Michaelson // this is my home/where I go when I’ve got nowhere else to go // a song for what’s missing
  20. Weight of Living, Pt. 1 // Bastille // can you carry it with no regrets?/can you stand the person you’ve become? // a song for Cas going limp in the water
  21. Black River // Wolf Gang // you’ve regressed to the sting/chasing your shadow in the mirror of the king // a song for Swift’s ambitions
  22. Angel With A Shotgun // The Cab // I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back // a song for Cas in armor
  23. Blame // Air Traffic Controller // now the road laid out before me is in flames/and the bridges that I’ve crossed have collapsed // a song for hollow victory
  24. The Writing’s On The Wall // OK Go // I just wanna see some pleasure in your eyes // a song for the last chance
  25. Hurricane// MS MR // didn’t know what this would be/but I knew I didn’t see/what you thought you saw in me // a song for hard choices
  26. Jungle // X Ambassadors // I feel too cold to live, too young to die // a song for the smash cut to credits

A Life update:

I accidentally left my break doodles in the break room at work, and returned to work to find that someone drew a response to my Asch doodle!

I got super excited and drew a response to their Mieu!

I wondered for the last week who was the cool Abyss knowing coworker, and where in the building did they work?

Cue yesterday: I’m sent into back room to make sure I have completed some computer-based training things, and while I’m in there, I start hearing “Karma” by Bump of Chicken playing. I’m at first like “that’s familiar” (I was super focused on my work), and then it hits me WHY the song is familiar. 

I look up, and see someone answer their phone.

THE ABYSS OPENING SONG WAS THEIR RING TONE. I was so excited and all I could say was “YOU DREW MIEU!!!”

…long story short, I had an awesome talk about Abyss, Tales, and life with a coworker yesterday during my lunch break, and we are now facebook friends haha!

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Put your music on shuffle and post 10 first songs
1. Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
2. Rotting Christ - Gaia Tellus
3. Death - A Moment of Clarity
4. Sentenced - Awaiting The Winter Frost
5. Cannibal Corpse - Cyanide Assassin
6. Dissection - A Land Forlorn
7. At The Gates - All Life Ends
8. Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
9. Repulsion - Horrified
10. Helloween - Don’t Run For Cover

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