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Reasons why the Batman Lego Movie is arguably one of the best movies of 2017

  • Batman blankly says the lines of “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson and claims it as his own quote.
  • Uses every opportunity to call Robin “Master Dick” and still manages to keep a U rating
  • Patrick Stump writes and performs a heavy metal song both praising Batman and outing him for tax evasion
  • Proceeds to make 3 Suicide Squad jokes/references with 2 of them calling it stupid, then proceeds to use it’s plot for twenty minutes
  • Kite Man is there
  • The Bat Family bond by blowing up the Eye of Sauron
  • Voldemort, the Wicked Witch, Daleks, Jaws, the Gremlins and the raptors from Jurassic Park are all there for some reason and it’s never explained
  • The Justice League throw a party without Batman and he gets sad
  • “you’ve been union jacked”
  • Mentions Iron Man to remind you that Lego also has the rights to them
  • Puts in loads of pop songs to remind you that Lego bought the rights to them too
  • Actually makes a reference to Dick Grayson being able to speak Romanian
  • Has a genuinely amazing soundtrack
  • Is great and honestly if  I had the money I’d have already seen it 5 more times
My Girl
The Temptations
My Girl

My Girl by The Temptations from my Motown Grammy Rhythm & Blues Performances of the 1960’s modern classic vinyl.

Enjoy the ticks and pops. Let Smokey treat you right.

OK, let’s talk about it, Salvador’s winning speech.

It’s more than obvious that he wasn’t just talking about Eurovision music and he wasn’t throwing his competitors under the bus or criticising them. However yes, I agree that he should have worded it better or even kept it to himself.

Was it pretentious? Of course! Am I upset that he said it? Yes! But people have flaws, they make mistakes, they do things they perhaps shouldn’t do it’s all part of being human and I can’t believe that after years on this hellsite people still need to be reminded of that. People don’t start off perfect and loose “good people points” as they go through life that’s not how it works and Salvador’s speech isn’t an excuse to start calling him a bad person.

TL;DR: Should Salvador had said what he said? No. Is that a reason for y'all to call him every name under the sun and be nasty to him? No.

Can we leave this now please?

Salvador Sobral: *covers other countries’ eurovision songs, praises other contestants in interviews, wears a SOS Refugee shirt during press conferences, actually learns ukranian to thank people involved with the event, can’t show excitement cause of his heart condition, poorly expresses himself in a language that’s not his own in front of millions of people about how pop music should have substance and not be about fireworks*


Like a stallion mounts his mare

@bloodstained-porcelain-doll requested: Sup. So can I request a Sandor Clegane smut? ;D Where the reader is practicing sword fighting and it turns him on and ends with rough smut outdoors? Maybe from behind, ya know… “Like a stallion mounts his mare” NAH “Like a Hound fucks his bitch”. Thank you Ily
Pairing: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x Reader
Warnings: Porn with minimal plot; dirty talk; oral sex; shameful smut.

Oh God, it’s my first time trying this. Please, tell me I didn’t suck, guys.

“Stop staring.” You tried to ignore Sandor’s eyes burning your skin as you defended yourself from the man in front of you.

What was his name again? You couldn’t remember. He was hired by your man  – not your husband, your man – to help you practising your sword fight abilities.

“Make me.” He drank his beer.

You and the Hound… You were something Westeros couldn’t quite understand, and you honestly didn’t give a fuck about it.  

“You’re distracting me.” You stated, defending yourself from the man in front of you.

“You’re making me horny.” He stated back.

The other man tried not to look embarrassed by the conversation, and you rolled you eyes. He was supposed to be used to that already. After all, you’ve been training with him for more then a whole month.

“You’re always horny.” You accused.

“You’re always around to make me horny.”

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What Does Colorism Look Like?

- Songs that praise light skin by devaluing & disrespecting dark skin

- Telling children to “stay out of the sun” because you don’t want them to be darker

- “”“Preferences”“” for light skin 🙃

- People with light skin being listened to more often than people with dark skin

- Light skin being associated with beauty & intelligence in and outside the black community while dark skin is associated with aggression and ugliness

- Favouring family members with light skin immediately over those with dark skin

- Media depicting acceptable blackness as light skin

- When actors/actresses with dark skin are cast, their roles are often loud, aggressive, ghetto, etc

- Or casting actors/actresses with light skin to play characters with dark skin instead of just fucking hiring somebody with dark skin

- Dark skin being the punchline of shitty “jokes” about how nobody could love dark skin

- “We all niggas to the whites” being said to shut down conversations about colorism

- “I don’t realize that talking about colorism isn’t dismissing the struggles I face as a black person, so I’m going to derail conversations about colorism whenever I see them and not bother to learn about it” 🙃

- When the above thing happens people with light skin always think they in the right because colorism teaches us that we’re smarter than people with dark skin and by default right

- Tbh somebody with light skin could just be breathing or doing something mediocre and they get praised to high heaven, which goes back to the idea of light skin being so over valued in our community

- Half of us ain’t even all that we just light

- Makeup catering to people who are white passing or have light skin

- People with dark skin being told they can’t wear certain colors/patterns

- I can guarantee we (light skinned people) salty when a woman with dark skin gets more attention than us because colorism is so pervasive it’s taught us that we’re better and deserve more attention automatically

- Language differences: in daily conversation people with light skin are less dehumanized and more respected than people with dark skin

- I really believe if I wasn’t light I would not be able to do this project because nobody would listen to me. I’m not even saying anything new or inventive, I’m just repeating what people with dark skin have been saying

- If any of this is outta line I’d be more than happy to be corrected by somebody who has experienced/experiences colorism 😊

Litha/Midsummer (Summer Solstice): June 21-22

Midsummer, or Litha in some traditions, is the Summer Solstice—the longest day and shortest night of the year. The power of the sun is at its peak and plant life is flourishing. However, contained in the moment of the sun’s triumph is the seed of its decline, for the days begin shortening again after this point. (In Celtic traditions, this is dramatized as the Holly King of winter defeating the Oak King of summer in combat. The situation is reversed at Yule.)

This is perhaps the ultimate “live in the moment” Sabbat—enjoying the abundance of the present without worrying about the future. There will be time for that later in the year.

The closest Full Moon to this date is known as the Mead Moon, so mead and honey have a special connection with Midsummer. It is also said to be a time of intense faerie activity, hence Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Things to do for Midsummer, whether or not you’re Pagan:

  • Have a picnic lunch in the park.
  • Hold a sumptuous barbecue feast and invite the neighbors.
  • Visit the beach.
  • Go camping.
  • Visit an apiary (bee farm) and get honey and beeswax right from the source.
  • Harvest herbs from your garden or a plot of land where you have permission.
  • In an example of the delightful appropriateness of nature, sunflowers are usually in full bloom at this time. Obtain an especially nice one, or a bouquet of them, and give it a place of honor.
  • Make a playlist of songs praising the sun and summertime and listen to it all day.
  • Build a bonfire in the evening (with the proper permits and following all fire safety regulations, of course). After it dies down, jump over the embers.
  • For the really hardcore…stay up all night and watch the sunrise. At least it’s a short night!

Midsummer falls on June 21 this year. Have a blast!