songs of faith & devotion

Songs of Faith and Devotion

(songs for signs)

Aries: One Caress

Taurus: Mercy in You

Gemini: Walking in My Shoes

Cancer: Rush

Leo: Judas

Virgo: In Your Room

Libra: Judas

Scorpio: Walking in My Shoes

Sagittarius: Get Right With Me

Capricorn: Higher Love

Aquarius: Condemnation

Pisces: I Feel You


#DepecheMode Release Single ‘I Feel You’ 15|02|1993

I Feel You was the first song released from the album Songs Of Faith & Devotion. It was the band’s highest-charting single worldwide.The B-side “One Caress” is a vocal track by Martin Gore from Songs of Faith and Devotion.

Highest Chart Peakings: 

#1 in Spain, Finland,Poland & US Modern Rock Tracks Billboard