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Yuri On Ice Themed Asks
  • Michele Crispino: What makes you jealous?
  • Kenjiro Minami: Who do you look up to?
  • Sueng Gil Lee: Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  • Guan-Hong Ji: Describe a time when you were brave.
  • Christophe Giaccometti: What's your most embarrassing memory?
  • Emil Nekola: What do you do for fun?
  • Georgi Popovich: Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Leo de la Iglesia: What was the last song you listened to?
  • Yuri Katsuki: What is something other people tell you you're good at?
  • Jean-Jacques Leroy: Do you consider yourself a confident person?
  • Phichit Chulanont: Describe one of your firsts (first kiss, first date, first love etc)
  • Viktor Nikiforov: Describe a time when you were spontaneous.
  • Otabek Atlin: What do you look for in a friend?

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Okay so my sister (who's been a fan of kpop for years) is saying I'm not a real fan of kpop cause I only listen to bts(lie, it's just that I'm obsessed with that group) and says that I'm also faking my fanatism for its, and I'm just like why can't you be happy that your sister started noticing kpop like every other sister would???!?!!

lol honestly i’m so sick of people who go “ure a fake fan!!!!!!!”? like it only deters them from exploring the genre of kpop further?? there’re lots of great kpop groups and songs but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to just bts either, so don’t take her words to heart and enjoy what you love my chinggu



Songs to listen to when you’re super emotional but don’t want the world to know. Or your teammates. Especially them.

Super Rich Kids | Frank Ocean >> for him. | Troye Sivan >> Pursuit of Happiness | Kid Cudi >> FOOLS | Troye Sivan >> Art Deco | Lana Del Rey >> Often | The Weeknd >> Young God | Halsey >> It Will Come Back | Hozier >> Coming Down | Halsey >> White Teeth Teens | Lorde >> Flashed Junk Mind | Milky Chance >> Wet Dreamz | J. Cole >> Budapest | George Ezra >> Georgia | Vance Joy >> Brooklyn Baby | Lana Del Rey

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Do you know of any songs with a lot of emotion that aren't about drugs, love, or sex? I want to find some catchy, (clean!!!) songs that I can enjoy without having to listen to other people's relationship issues...

A majority of the songs by Twenty One Pilots are clean, emotional, and not about relationships. They’re pretty catchy tunes too. Anyone else have any songs/artists? 


i just realized everything in my life happened so i can be whom i am and its good i mean it was bad but i love myself and my memories


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Why do you hate 21p so much they have more songs than just stressed out u know

yeah i know i used to listen to all their other albums & songs & its whiny white people garbage

Hi, just popping by to say can we not shame people for liking or not liking tracks from the album, it’s not very nice to make people feel bad about it

Woooooo first lyric video for Kamigami no Asobi~ 

I made this a while back because I wanted to learn the lyrics and not have to look them up every time I listened to the song…

And then I realised, “hey I bet other people would enjoy seeing this. Maybe I should come out of my quiet hide-y hole and share it”.

Disclaimer: I did not do the translations myself; I got them from Silvermoon249′s livejournal.

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This is random but I was wondering abt your taste in music? What are some songs you like ?

i have a really wide range, i’d say… i listen to just about everything but i do have a list of songs that i really like that i’ve always wanted to show other people! a lot of songs i listen to are either indie or hip hop or pop, although listening to hip hop has to be a given since i grew up in an area where it was really popular. there’s also the occasional EDM. i’ll put a list of my favorite songs down below, and thanks for sending this ask in!


i am absolutely obsessed with this entire thing and you need to listen and watch it right now please

[170516] Yixing Weibo Update

caption: "May 26th, Huawei Nova 2 press conference~ I’m waiting for you all in Changsha" 

[The Nova Star you want to get to know, Zhang Yixing]
[Getting closer to the target]
Interviewer: Hello Zhang Yixing!
Yixing: Hi! Hello!
I: I have some questions I want to ask you.
YX: Ok, go ahead.
I: Where (on yourself) do you think is most handsome?

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Hi :)

like yellow parchment is his skin

girl im gonna take you on a date tonight

i saw mommy kissing santa claus

oh well imagine, as im pacing the pews in a church corridor

boys and girls of every age

Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

i’ve been thinking recently about how a lot of current media uses black music to describe white people

like nina simone’s “feelin good” is so fucking iconic but how sick am i of hearing that brass line play while someone opens the door to a ferrari and a bare white leg in a high-heeled shoe steps onto the pavement, you know? that song is so sexy and emphatic and it’s BLACK it’s SUCH A BLACK SONG, it is a sexy black emphatic hot weather song, you know

idk i saw a preview for the new transporter movie the other day and it starts with all these shots of like expensive watches and fast cars and designer clothes and like sexy shiny untouchable what-have-you and it’s all to a soundtrack of rap music and it turns out it’s about this british white guy??? it’s so fucking incongruous??? again it’s music that describes BLACK wealth, BLACK crowds, black sexiness, black car drivers, black voices and faces and bodies, that is what makes you sit up and take interest, and then it’s actually a bait-and-switch to be about a white guy

just another example of all of us valuing black culture but not black people, you know? we’re evoking everything that is compelling about blackness without actually portraying blackness at all


Home, soon to return……!