songs in a minor

un-creativeguitarist asked:

im making a switch from acoustic to electric; whats the first thing to learn ?

It depends on what level you’re already at and what you learnt on your acoustic. I’m assuming you know the basic chords. My advice would be to learn how different effects sound, this all depends on what amp you have (unless you already have a tonne of pedals), if you have an amp with reverb, overdrive, flanger, chorus, delay and whatnot built in, then just make a hella big noise with it and see what sounds tickle your fancy.
As far as the first thing you should learn, I would recommend learning some pentatonic scales (especially the minor pentatonic scales). Most songs in popular western music are made up of pentatonic runs, so if you learn that everything will start becoming more familiar to you.
Also just have fun learning your favourite songs! That’s always a great way to learn a thing or two!
Hope this helps and I wish you luck.


Alicia Keys - Fallin’