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HFK Commentary

The Prologue - I knew this was a concept album with a Romeo + Juliet story but she actually read the actual prologue of Romeo + Juliet my love of both Shakespeare and Halsey have been truly united and I can die peacefully.

100 Letters - With the exception of the three singles released this is the first actual song I’ve heard off HFK and it’s so different from Badlands but I already love it. I’m glad despite this being more of a radio album that the lyrics are still pure Halsey.

Eyes Closed - Honestly, I prefer the stripped version of this but I still enjoy it. I feel like I need to drive around with this on repeat for a few hours.

Heaven In Hiding - I got chills during the chorus it’s so good. I feel like an alternate version of this could’ve been on Badlands.

Alone -  This is so different than anything I was expecting from this album but I kind of really love it wow.

Now or Never - I don’t care what anyone says I loved this song when it came out and I still love it no matter how many times I listen to it.

Sorry - I was wondering if she would do a slow song at all and I’m glad she did aside from the fact that I want to rip my heart out and cry until I die. 

Good Mourning - I feel like this is the people of HFK speaking but I could be wrong. Either way I feel like I’m late for an appointment.

Lie - I feel like Halsey was super pissed when she did this. I really wish Quavo wasn’t in it though just because I don’t care about him at all. I just want to hear more Halsey. She sounds good in the background though.

Walls Could Talk - I’m curious if this is about Lido. I really it like it but it’s so short.

Bad At Love - This is just all kinds of great and I hope she performs this live because I’d love to hear it so much.

Don’t Play: I was pretty bored with this one until I heard Halsey say “motherfucker” a bunch of times and now I feel revived.

Strangers - I’m not really a fan of Lauren but she sounds so good with Halsey and I really do love this song.

Angel on Fire - The lyrics for this are so good. I also feel like this would’ve worked on Badlands. Anyways, this song makes me feel like screaming or smashing dishes around my house or showering with all my clothes on.

Devil In Me - This makes me feel sad. I want to give her a hug.

Hopeless - I was really nervous about this because of Cashmere Cat but I think this is actually one of my favorites on the album and I’m so happy with it.

Overall: I was so worried about this album because I love Badlands more than anything but I’m so happy with this album. I don’t really know what else to say besides that I adore Halsey and will listen to nothing else this summer. 

Favorite Songs: Hopeless, Sorry, 100 Letters, Angel on Fire, Devil In Me, Alone, Bad At Love

Least Favorite: Lie


Our white tiger, Baekho, you showed people they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Even though they wanted to make you the bad guy of the show, your warm personality broke through and people were able to see you for who you are. I was glad when we got to hear your distinctive laugh on broadcast and I hope you only laugh from now on. I’m proud of you for making people fall for your voice and realize what they have been missing. Yours is a voice that should be listened to at all times, not underappreciated and forgotten. Though it was tough at the beginning, you pulled through and managed to adapt to that scary atmosphere and gave us some really good performances and for that I’m really thankful. I wish to hear more of your voice and hopefully you’ll gift us amazing songs for your next comeback.


Another long hiatus that lasted 1 year and 2 months, reorganization from 5 members to 4. Upon its release, WINNER’s third mini album, “FATE NUMBER FOR” wiped out all doubt that surrounded them and recorded first place on the iTunes Charts in 21 different countries. Even now, two weeks since the release, “REALLY REALLY” refuses to drop from the top of the digital charts. We met with the two people who are at the center of all this talk, Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo of WINNER. We will suppress the urge to share all the details about how they were deeply natural with each other and how the melodies they hummed together matched so well. That is because it is unnecessary to talk about how WINNER is strong like they always have been and the fact that they still have much to show us.

I saw you two at a restaurant the other day. It was the day after the release of your album and the music videos for “FOOL” and “REALLY REALLY”.




Oh, that was the day we went to eat nasigoreng and pasta!

It was fascinating. Your songs swept the charts and your music videos recorded ten million views in a day but you guys were eating lunch as if it was just another ordinary day. How did you feel?


The amount of attention and love we received for our debut album was unusual for a rookie group. We experienced many different things after that and after a long hiatus, we’re receiving so much love with our comeback so the greatest feeling we have right now is gratefulness.


Oh, could you wait a second? Song Mino just video-called me saying that he wants to be interviewed with us. Hello? Hello? Oh, I can’t hear him well so I’ll hang up.

(Laughing) Is it really Mino?


I just hung up (laughing) Like Jinwoo-hyung said, we received a lot of love with “Empty”, which was in our first album. Personally, I think I tried not to have much expectations for this album (FATENUMBERFOR). I put in the effort not to get excited even when our song got first place on the charts because it might drop soon after.

But even after 2 weeks have passed, it is still at the top of the charts. Is that satisfying?


It is very satisfying.


I am a little satisfied? We were in a situation where we had to prove to people that it was possible for us to overcome the unfortunate things that happened to us and I think that’s been proven to some extent. Also, how it does on charts isn’t very important to me. I’m satisfied that our fans are liking our music.

You talked about which song you liked better in your V LIVE, right? I like “REALLY REALLY” a little more than “FOOL”.


Seungyoon made that.

Seungyoon took part in writing lyrics and composing the songs, right? And Jinwoo shouldered more weight as a vocalist. How did you feel when you listened to the songs for the first time?


Seungyoon usually sings the guide. He knows the color of our group and the vocal tones of the members so he makes songs that suit those things. Seungyoon took a large part in bringing a song that matches my voice well. I practiced and thought about how I should sing it but it feels like I didn’t need to prepare something more than my usual singing voice.

(Laughs) Aren’t you being too thankful to Seungyoon?


I think the reason why “REALLY REALLY” is doing well is because all the members shine in it. For a group to get known by many people and to receive love, it is important for one member to really pull in the attention but the whole group getting shown is also important. I felt that this song could spotlight Jinwoo-hyung so I purposely put a lot of emphasis on Jinwoo-hyung’s parts. When someone thinks, “This person’s voice is pretty good,” then they can comfortably listen to the song while enjoying that vocalist.

Thanks to the start of the song, Jinwoo has also been called the “Where Are You Man” so it seems like what Seungyoon wanted is coming true.


I’m personally very happy because Jinwoo-hyung’s voice tone and singing method and his other styles balance the song.

“REALLY REALLY” is a feel-good love song because it is really honest. Have you ever taken the step forward to honestly confess your feelings like the song?


I did have a time when I was innocent.

Do you think honestly confessing to someone would be difficult now?


No, I think I’ll always be like that…


I didn’t write my experiences into the song. I just wanted to write the feelings I felt when I was very young. In a vague context. If you look at the lyrics, it doesn’t sound like a love story between adults. It has the vibes of a middle school student in a shoujou manga saying, “Where are you? I came because I missed you so come outside.” I purposely did not include the words, “I love you” in the lyrics. It’s not about loving someone, it’s about liking them.

Because you didn’t use strong words, it became a more lighthearted and innocent love song.


It is also my style. I’m straightforward on a daily basis but when I’m confessing my feelings to someone, instead of saying, “I love you”, I say, “I like you” like a tsundere.

So it’s something like, “I love… I love… No, I like you”. On the other hand, “FOOL” is a breakup song. Excluding dating, what is the most regretful thing you have done?


Hmm. You can say that we were at fault for our long hiatus after releasing our second album, “EXIT:E”. That is regretful to me. When I think about our fans who waited for such a long time, I become more regretful about that. I feel like I should’ve worked harder to do something. When I think about it now, I might’ve been blinded by the overwhelming response we got with our first album.


I regret small things. For example, if I had worked harder and studied a foreign language or learned how to play an instrument when we debuted, I would be really good at it now. I regret how I started learning how to play the drums but that has fizzled out now.

You learned the drums? Why?


There were no special reasons at first. But while I was learning it, I relieved stressed with it and my sense of rhythm improved too.

Talking about instruments reminds me about Seungyoon’s guitar. You were always with your guitar when you were on “Superstar K2”. What about now?


I always have my guitars in my room but it’s been awhile since I properly played them. There is a preconceived notion that playing the guitar means that the person does rock or acoustic music. Because of that, I felt that WINNER’s music was getting discolored by me. It’s possible for people to think, “Kang Seungyoon probably does this kind of music. He plays the guitar so he probably can’t do that kind of music.” I wanted to avoid those kinds of obstacles when I’m promoting as WINNER. It is not like I didn’t practice at all but in the past year, I haven’t purposely used my guitar.

There are many people who look forward to your solo activities. Is the music you are working on right now going to influence solo activities?


I think there will be some influence to an extent. Acoustic and rock music will not be completely gone. That type of music is one of the fields I can do. However, once WINNER solidifies as a group more, if I receive the opportunity for a solo album, I have an indefinite wish to title it, “Everything You Want” and include hip-hop, jazz, ballad, rock, and dance songs. I want to make an album that contains all kinds of music so that I can enjoy it, as the person making it, and so that people who listen to my album can enjoy it too.

Both of you are members who act. Jinwoo, do you have plans for any solo or acting activities in the future?


Hmm. Firstly, I’m still scared about challenging myself in releasing a solo song. I lack the certainty in knowing what song or style that will suit me best. I do think about continuing my acting. Since I started it, I want to properly work hard in it.

You made an unprecedented decision to perform in the Korea National Contemporary Dance Production of “The Little Prince” last December.


I really wanted to challenge myself in a new experience. When I was spending my days working out, taking lessons, practicing, and wanting to do something other than those things, I received a very good offer. I thought to myself that I needed to work really hard for it. The Seoul Arts Center stage is not a stage where even modern dancers perform on often. I also received a lot of stress because I was worried that I would be told “he’s like an idol”.

You two are part of a company that is known to make the most “hip” content in Korea. There are sub-labels of YG that produce subculture content too. Is there something you find interesting in the mainstream right now?


DPR LIVE. I think he’s cool because he makes his own music, performs alone, produces videos alone, and just makes everything by himself. I also get inspired by what he makes.


I like DPR LIVE too and contemporary dance is fun too. It’s very liberating. I’m not saying this because I was in “The Little Prince”… (Laughing)

There are many WINNER songs that deal with loneliness and empty feelings. It is a universal emotion but are there times when you are more lonely because you are celebrities?


Yes, very often.


It can’t be helped because there are always limitations on what people do every day and where people can go.


I think celebrities are a little different from people who are recognized by others. We are aware that we are people who are recognized by other people, not celebrities. It’s not just about not keeping ourselves from drinking excessively or having harmless hobbies, we can’t easily do anything. In this context, we ended up growing apart from [non-celebrity] friends and the people who we can meet gradually become limited. It’s not like Jinwoo-hyung and I don’t contact our childhood friends at all but because we can’t meet each other comfortably like in the past, it feels like our surroundings are being compressed.


Once that happens, you naturally end up being alone most of the time. Even if I meet someone, it’s usually my members.

On top of that, both of your hometowns are far from Seoul. Jinwoo is from Imjado Island in Sinan and Seungyoon is from Busan. Do you guys like Seoul?


We really love Seoul! There’s so many things to do here.

(Laughs) That’s a relief.


There are many things to do but there’s not many things we can do. But I like shopping and I can do that to my heart’s content. Most of the friends I’ve met while working are in Seoul anyways so I’ve become comfortable with this city. It’s like my home.


There are really not many people on Imjado Island. I like Seoul because there are so many people. But I don’t like how there are many cars too.

You’ve been to many cities [in and out of Korea]. Is there a city you want to live in?


We went to LA recently. Seunghoon-hyung says he wants to live in LA because the weather is nice and it’s relaxing. But if I were to choose between LA and New York, I would live in New York. For now, I like being in a busy place. I feel like if I live in a relaxing place, I would get depression. I think that’s because I don’t have a peace of mind yet.


I want to live in Sokcho. Unlike my hometown which is in the west coast of Korea, the east coast of Korea has really blue seas. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surprised. I thought I was overseas! I want to live in Korea while looking at a clean ocean. I don’t really like busy cities.

Your choice makes sense.


But I still like Seoul best. New York is nice but Seoul is better.


That’s right. I like being in Korea the best.

I’m going to ask a heartwarming question. What are you to each other?


You go first because you’re the hyung.


Hmm… I’ve been with Seungyoon for a long time. I’ve received a lot from Seungyoon but I’ve never directly thanked him before.

Then can you two say thank you to each other while looking into each other’s eyes?




Thank you, Seungyoon, really! I want to tell my other members thank you too. Hmm. I’m really thankful for them.


I’m also thankful. I get lonely easily and even though we’ll probably live separately in a few years, I feel safe that my family lives with me. Jinwoo-hyung is more special to me because we’ve been together for the longest time.


When I look at Seungyoon, I feel really proud.


Hyung raised me like a parent. When I joined YG, he took care of me a lot.

When Seungyoon joined YG as a trainee, he was already pretty famous but Jinwoo didn’t feel burdened by him?


I thought he would act like he’s all that but he wasn’t like that at all. Almost to the point where I found it fascinating.


I really started from the bottom~

You two are more heartwarming than I expected. It’s a beautiful sight


Thank you!

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @goduandme5     

a-very-average-anomaly  asked:

I just saw your 'Jack Posts' and can I just say thanks! I say way too much shade on Jack and it's so nice to see someone explain why he's so interesting!

Thanks! Tbh I’m not a fan of how the fandom handles both him and Bitty in general. There’s so. much. fluff out there that takes away their characters flaws and shortcomings in favor of something so positive that after a while I (personally) don’t see the point? 

He’s a really good character. He’s gruff yet calm. He’s stubborn af but v intelligent. He’s a formerly fat boy who’s now a thick hockey player (which I love because he’s a guy who doesn’t want to take up space but he’s always thrown into center stage and he DOES take up space). I absolutely love scenes where he’s eating while chirping someone or laying down shit calmly for comedic effect. It’s just so real? 

I talk about it some in one of my fics, but he’s constantly negotiating fact from fiction. And I wish more people would explore his relationship to various media (not just THE MEDIA ™). Stuff like what inspires him in his photography, what kinds of films does he enjoy (don’t just say documentaries, there are a million and one topics and subgenres within that), more about how he loves alt rock and country and not just “dad rock”.  More about how his parents were while raising him and how he is with his mom. 

And yea, I wish more people would actually talk about the overdose. I know for some people it really squicks them that people water down Bitty coming out because it takes away his relatability. I feel the same way about Jack’s back story. I want stories about him slipping, stories where he struggles again at some point and has to recenter himself. I would LOVE stories about his freshman year of college when it was just him and Shitty as the “losers”.

((I write this as I listen to “Constant Headache” by Joyce Manor on repeat because it’s such a Jack song)) 

So yea, I’m glad you liked the top layer of the post! 

I’m more convinced that All Too Well is about Emily than anything else on Fearless (even Breathe).

I was listening to it on the school bus one day, and I thought “I wonder if this song’s about Emily”; because I don’t buy it when people say it’s too theatrical. When people say that it sounds like wishful thinking to me, and the song is just too real. Anyway, I listened to the song with that in mind, and…I had to try so hard not to cry (my eyes kept burning, mind you). I got more chills than I’ve ever gotten in my life, and it was all I could think about for the whole day afterwards. It was like I was hearing it for the first time again, just…so much more honest - everything just fell into place. It even made me a little sick, because I was so much feeling what the song was saying. It was so different to how anyone talks about heartbreak. It was like somebody died - your mother. Just different, of course - but that’s the best thing I can compare it with. Before, the song had never made all that much sense to me, no matter which guy I considered it being about, because it was just too powerful to be about a cute boy she dated for a month. But in every little line where it described the subject of the song, I suddenly realised how perfectly it was describing Emily. It was as though I was hearing everything she never showed us. “Your sweet disposition”, “You almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me”, etc. Even the way it described their location “’Cause there we are again on that little town street” sounded like the kinds of places she and Emily used to be in back in 2007. In second chorus when it talked about dancing in the middle of the night, I remember it suddenly hitting me…they were in love. I mean, obviously they were, but I had always been seeing it as this detective case, and I found the thought cute that they dated, but I honestly never thought about it properly, probably partly because Taylor always seemed too good for her, and I couldn’t really imagine her being in love with her. But in that chorus, it just suddenly hit me. Not in a factual way, in an emotional way.

And in the chorus where it said:
“’Cause there we are again where I loved you so
Back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known
It was rare
I was there
I remember it all too well”
I suddenly imagined - what if Emily was one of those gay people who pretend their straight all their lives to their family, friends - everyone they know, and they eventually get married to someone of the opposite sex, and carry on pretending to be straight, and raise a family, and die having everyone think they’re straight. What if Taylor became the first girl she ever gathered the courage to date, and when they broke up, she went back to pretending to straight because of how hurt she was by the end of it. She’s married to a man now, and was when Taylor wrote the song, I think. She was living in denial, to herself, even. Which was why Taylor said it so strongly. It would fit so much better like that, because everyone falls in love. Deeper with certain people, but not so much that you could say it was the one real, sincere, earnest relationship they had ever been in.

I’m not trying to prove anything, by the way. I’m not trying to back up all the reasons why I think it’s about her, because it’s not extremely logical altogether. It’s a feeling. I promise it’s a reliable feeling, so you have my word, but that’s all you’ve really got, because it’s not a feeling I can describe.

Kris Wu: More young people wanting to get into the hip-hop scene is a good thing

On 2 May, the opening press conference of Chinese Hip-Hop talent show <The Rap of China> was held in Beijing. Three groups of celebrity producers, Kris Wu, Chang Chen-yue & MC HotDog, and Wilber Pan were in attendance.After the press conference, producer Kris Wu accepted the interview by iFeng’s reporter. 

During the interview, Kris Wu expressed his unique views and understanding towards hip-hop music. Kris Wu expressed that although he is the most junior amongst the three groups of producers, his good understanding of trap music is his outstanding point.

How would you define hip-hop?
Firstly, this spectrum is a little broad, kinda huge, because hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a culture, like sports. It consists of many different forms, I guess it depends on each individual’s understanding. I feel that one major point that hip-hop wants to express is a certain attitude. Next is the method of expression, many people express themselves through rapping, but there are actually many other methods, like example other musical sub-genres, which are also included in hip hop. For example right now, what is currently in trend is EDM-based hip-hop, and right now there are more people who like trap hip-hop. These are all very different genres of music, so it’s a little hard to define hip-hop.

As you’ve just mentioned, these days more and more people are listening to trap music, and there are much fewer people who listen to 90s and old school music. What do you think of this?
I feel that this is inevitable, but what I’d like to say is, the [trend of] trap will pass too. This is something that I would really like to tell the contestants, because I believe that based on my personal experience, and including the current hip-hop scene in China, there are actually many contestants, perhaps 70%, 80% who have a better understanding of trap music, and who prefer trap music as well, which of course is inevitable because this is the current hottest trend. However there is a problem too, it’s that when you do something that is currently in trend, when this trend dies down, the same would happen to you too. So you would still have to know where your roots are. I’m not saying that you have to like old school music, but you have to have a listen. Like I’ve just mentioned, in the 1990s boombap music was extremely popular, so you have to understand the musical style of the golden era of hip-hop as well. And then not only that but also many different types of genres, like understanding jazz hip-hop too. It would be very beneficial to your development. So these are some of my views.

Right now there is an emergence of many Asian rappers like [Rich] Chigga on an international scale. Do you have any expectations towards the development of Asian hip-hop?
I feel that this is a good thing, for everyone to start liking hip-hop and think that it’s cool. There are many young people who want to enter this industry, although it has a small audience, because at times there would not be many opportunities available, for example these kind of programs did not exist in China before. It’s the first time that there’s such a program, and this is why I feel that this program is meaningful. I hoped that I would be able to participate because I feel that it is a very good platform to reach even more people who love music. However, this culture has a small audience, and in China there are definitely much, much more people who listen to ballads than hip-hop music, so in order to make hip-hop music more mainstream, we would need even more people.

So what are the kind of contestants that you wish to see the most on <The Rap of China>?
I hope to see contestants that are more all-rounded, because like I’ve just mentioned, there are many people who feel that hip-hop is just merely rapping, but this is actually not the case, as there are many forms of expression. Even now there are many more melody-based tunes, melodic rap, songs which sound like singing but are actually a sub-genre of hip-hop. More and more [of such songs are produced], for example a key representation of the genre is Drake, many would wonder if he is a singer or a rapper. So when I select contestants, I hope to see that they have the basic foundation of right pitch and other elements, and are able to carry a tune, sing the chorus and rap as well. These are the type of contestants which I hope to see, who have more varied abilities.

Right now Kendrick Lamer is very popular, and the MV for his new song <Be Humble> isn’t something that other musicians have tried before. What do you think of this?
I feel that he is incredibly talented. His ways have always been at the top of trends. I feel that those who like hip-hop can listen to his music more, because it would be really helpful.

Generally, rappers who like hip-hop music will freestyle or battle, so do you usually freestyle with friends in your personal time?
At times I would, it depends, if I have an opponent we would have a go.

We can see from Weibo that you really love playing basketball. What position do you usually play?
In the past I played the position of point guard, right now I play the position of center forward more often.

At the NBA Celebrity Game you mentioned that you love Kobe Bryant, right now it’s the first anniversary of his retirement, so how do you feel about it?
After his retirement, I kept up with NBA news less often.

Are you a loyal fan of his?
Yes, I feel that I’m missing something worth watching, so right now I don’t really watch finals, and I’m still a little sad.

translation: @wu_yi_fan





Can I just say that every single middle-aged man with stereotype ideas about 1D should not be allowed to write about something they clearly know nothing about? It’s starting to annoy me more and more. Just read a Dutch review from someone at OOR magazine (thanks Tessa). A Dutch music magazine.

It was so clearly full of stereotypes. It was clear that he doesn’t like 1D and probably hasn’t listened to a 1D song in his life besides WMYB. It’s so frustrating to read and see this as a fan. I wish people were a bit more open minded and actually did their research. He basically said 1D’s songs had no meaning and that Harry put his 1D past in the trash with this album.

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Thunderstorm- Josh Dun Imagine


You were curled into a ball of blankets on your bed. The clock striking 11pm as rain came down as hard as hail. Thunder rang in your ears every 30 seconds. Lightning filling the sky.

Normally, you’d love thunderstorms but with Josh being gone since 5am to record songs and the thunder being as loud as it was, you hated every aspect of it.

Tears streamed down your soft face as the power went off and on. You’re mind couldn’t stop thinking about where Josh was. He was supposed to be home hours ago.
Did something happen?
Is he still recording?
Did he get in a wreck?
These thoughts only made you cry harder.

You were too busy being engulfed by the sound of your sobs and the thunder to comprehend the sound of your apartment door being unlocked, until you looked up when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, why are you crying?” Josh said to you softly, face full of concern. His hand reaching up to wipe the tears from your cheek.

You smile up at him, “I missed you. I thought something happened to you… the rains coming down so hard and the lightning is almost blindingly bright and the thunder… the thunder is so loud. I was worried. I was alone. I..”
You were cut off by Josh’s lips against yours. So full of love and care. When he pulled away you took a deep breath to calm down but another round of thunder and lightning only made you continue your sobs.

Josh kept trying to calm you down but nothing was working. He had you sat in his lap, straddling him so he could hold you and scratch your back. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you cried into his shoulder, making his shirt wet, but he didn’t mind. He had tried almost everything to make you stop crying. There was only one thing he hadn’t tried, so he gave it a shot.

“Turn away.
If you could get me a drink
Of water ‘cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my aunt Marie
Help her gather all my things
And bury me in all my favorite colors
My sisters and my brothers, still”

You lifted your head off of his shoulder. You stared at him in awe as he sang. You knew him and Tyler were covering Cancer by My Chemical Romance, you even got to hear it before they released it but hearing Josh sing it, hearing him sing one of your favorite songs made you fall in love with him all over again. He knew how much you loved when he sang to you.

“I will not kiss you
'Cause the hardest part of this
Is leaving you”

He stared right into your eyes as he sang. His hands on either side of your face, thumbs gently caressing your skin. He just kept singing, despite the fact that the tears stopped, he knew you didn’t want him to quit now.

“Now turn away
'Cause I’m awful just to see
And all my hairs abandoned all my body
All my agony
Know that I will never marry
Baby, I’m just soggy from the chemo
I’m counting down the days to go
This just ain’t livin’
And I just hope you know”

You couldn’t stop staring at him, the boy you loved more than anything. His lips moved perfectly as he sang and his eyes lit up watching you smile at him.

“I will not kiss you
Lips are chapped and faded
Call my
Turn away
Lips are chapped and faded, faded
Kiss you
Lips are chapped and faded
Call my
Turn away
Lips are chapped and faded, faded”

Time seemed to stop as you listened to him. His voice was so soothing and so…. indescribable. You wished more people could here him sing but you were glad that at least you were able to.

“If you say
Goodbye today
I’ll ask you to be true
'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you
Yes, the hardest part of this…

I will not kiss you
Lips are chapped and faded
Call my
Lips are chapped and faded, faded
Kiss you
Lips are chapped and faded
Call my
Lips are chapped and faded,

By the time he finished the song you had stopped crying, you were breathing like a normal human being, and you couldn’t stop smiling at the man in front of you. You grabbed his face and pulled him to you. Your lips moving with his as he moved a hand to the back of your neck to pull you closer. His tongue licked your bottom lip and you instantly gave him access. You’re tongues fought for dominance but you gave it over to him after a while. You pulled away to catch your breath after what felt like hours.

You rested your forehead against his, “Thank you. I love you Josh.”

He smiled, “I love you too, so much (Y/N).”

The Sunday Currently, volume 8

Hi all!

This week has been exciting for me but I will just share more of this in future posts, when the news has already been confirmed. Nevertheless, I am so blessed to have witnessed the Lord’s movement in my life! He is indeed good!

For today, I’m writing another volume for The Sunday Currently:

Reading more of the Bible lately. It feels so nice to ponder more of His words!

Writing lesser for my freelance work since the load’s lesser than the usual and I’m also busy with my job search.

Listening more of worship songs by other Christian artists lately. There are great songs that are produced other than by Hillsong or Planetshakers, and I love how Spotify has been holding these gems for me!

Thinking of what will happen in the next few days or weeks. I am both excited and nervous!

Wishing for more time for my personal endeavors! I’ve been slacking with art for quite a long time now.

Hoping for the best for the people I love!

Wearing a braver heart with the Lord everyday. It’s a humbling experience.

Loving how I’m learning and realizing more of what is important in the world! I’m gaining more wisdom about life.

Wanting to experience change, but at the same time, I’m also scared. But I can do this!

Needing to finish all my requirements for my soon-to-be employment in another company. Quite hassle but worth it!

Feeling more sensitive with people’s emotions, as how I want others to be on me.

Clicking lesser on Jobstreet and Kalibrr since the great news came!

There has been a lot of challenges and happenings that I’ve been praying for, and after a few months of waiting, I’m so blessed to see how things are falling into place with His perfect time. I’m loving life lately, and that’s important.

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Favourite song and why?

I don’t have a favourite, I love too many songs///// but one of my first fav of my life has been Lullaby of Birdland, the version of Sarah Vaughan. I discovered it while I was in middle school during music class, and it’s the song that made me love jazz and listen more of this genre :) so I have a personal connection for this song ^^

Favourite movie and why?

Singing in the Rain by Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly <333 
This movie is how I wish life could be ; full of positivity, love, music and kindness. Also, the choreographies are very inventive and the songs memorable for life <3

Favourite book and why?

Shining by Stephen King. I think I read it like 5-6 times? xD
It was a period where I was into thriller and SF books and I asked my mom if she read once a book that gave her the chills. She rec me this book. It was my first Stephen King and I swear, I was reading it at night, it was the first time I got scared by reading a book. The writting style is so weird but captivating, it gives such creepy and heavy feelings, and the story is just amazing.
After that, I read almost all SK books lol

Favourite anime and why?

Natsume Yuujinchou (all seasons). It has been an instant crush, at the moment I began, I knew I was falling already in love with it. I love the style, I love the ambiance, I love the characters, I love the music, I love the story, I love the pacing, I love the emotions of it, I love how there’s no one episode that didn’t make me feel more in love with it.

Favourite manga and why?

I was hesitating with FMA, but I’m gonna go with Ranma ½. It’s my first manga, I bought all the volumes, all the dvds, I even called my computer P-chan for years lol I love how it mixes a lot of genre at the same time ; humor, action, adventure, romance but also some parts of the japanese folklores :)) 
Also all the characters are lovable, I was really sad to end the manga ;v;

Dog or cat? Explain why.

I really like both so much////// but I have a preference for dogs/// because I’m a big dog myself lol and cats intimidate me a bit////

What do you do when you are sad?

I search for anything fluffy to make me feel better ; fanarts, fanfics, headcanons with friends…oh and I certainly eat chocolate x)

If you could travel around the world where would you like to go and why?

It’ll sound as if I didn’t have any ambitions but really, the first thing I’d like to do is just to meet each of my tumblr friends because I truly love them so much and I would be the happiest to be able to give them a hug and finally talk with them directly ;__; otherwise, I would like to go to Japan (with all of them lol) but also Itialia because there are some places I’d really want to see *v*

Do you believe in wedding?

I believe in love. And for me, wedding is mostly a way to show this love in the eyes of the society but of course I can understand that celebrate it can be important for some and that it would be an important moment and memory in someone’s life. But in my eyes, it’s not what matters the most. Married or not, I believe to a love that lasts a lifetime~

How long could you resist without internet? Hours, days, months?

During summer, I was away from internet for a month x) but I missed it a lot, I was away from friends and I also missed seeing some ship fluffs.
If I have access to the internet, I would not resist even a week I think lol

Do you believe in angels? Please explain.

I know one already ;)) @yorekichan

Thank you for those questions :) I’m sorry I don’t have new though so I won’t tag anyone this time >///< or if you want just take the same questions if you want to do it ;))

Sam Hunt - Drinkin' Too Much

Oh, I drink and take a sip of it
Feelin’ like a hypocrite
Go for more and I don’t give a shit
I never used to talk, I never used to talk like this

I’m sorry I named the album ‘Montevallo’
And I’m sorry people know your name now
And strangers hit you up on social media
I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio
And drive out to the place we used to get peaches down in Pelham
I know you want your privacy
And you’ve got nothing to say to me
But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans
With these songs you gave to me
'Member the first time you stayed with me?
Overpacked, and drove up, and went to the CMA’s with me
Two years later, it felt like you were a million miles away from me
And I was the one on stage, drunk
Barely holdin’ on, on ABC
Hope your dad still prays for me

Drinkin’ too much, drinkin’ too much
Since you been gone, I can’t get gone enough
I’m on top of the world, I’m going down
I’m gonna drink it all 'til you’re not around
Drinkin’ too much, drinkin’ too much
Since you been gone, I can’t get gone enough
I’m on top of the world, I’m going down
I’m gonna drink it all 'til you’re not around

A year ago I was in a hotel room in Pheonix
Wonderin’ if it’s ever OK to lie
Cause I knew the truth would make you wanna die
But I told you everything, and you told me to have a good life
But you still couldn’t believe it was really goodbye
Every night you’d fill the bathtub up
Lie there for hours, put your face under water, and cry
I never wanted to be a heartbreaker
Turn your sisters and friends into matchmakers
I know you think my dreams came true
Since you been gone
Singin’ these songs are just something to do
The only dream I ever had was you
Hope you know I’m still in love
It’s the kind you can’t fall out of

Drinkin’ too much, drinkin’ too much
Since you been gone, I can’t get gone enough
I’m on top of the world, I’m going down
I’m gonna drink it all 'til you’re not around
Drinkin’ too much, drinkin’ too much
Since you been gone, I can’t get gone enough
I’m on top of the world, I’m going down
I’m gonna drink it all 'til you’re not around

I know this might seem like a contradiction
The last thing you need is more unwanted attention
But you changed your number, and moved
And this is the only way I could reach you
So wherever you are, turn it up and listen

Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you
Nobody can love you like I do
I don’t know what I’m gonna say to you
But I know there ain’t no way, I know there ain’t no way
No there ain’t no way we’re through

I was tagged by @english-lit-and-green-tea to do this tag so thanks bby! Here it is-

Relationship status: single forever (it’s true tho)

Favorite color: turquoise or teal

Chapstick or lipstick?: like 80% of the time I wear chapstick, but ill occasionally wear lipstick

Last song listened to: I actually don’t remember! I’ll just hit shuffle.. Touch by Troye Sivan!!

Last movie watched: The Giver for English class😂

Top 3 shows: Probably American Horror Story, Supernatural and Riverdale (even though I literally just started it)

Top 3 ships: My forever #1- Phan. Then probably Drarry and then maybe wolfstar or malec

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“ Before the song is released there are a couple things I’d like to share. This song took me a lot of courage to write because I was always apprehensive of the subject it talked about. I’ve been doing this job for a long time and right now I speak not as Amber of f(x) nor “celebrity” Amber, but just Amber. Just plain, simple, human Amber. “Borders” is more than a song; no glamorous concepts, no “trying to be cool.” Its a raw and real story about reality. Its shares, not only about my personal experiences but of people very close to me. Everyone involved in this project- the producers, my team DPR, the actors, to the staff- were people specifically chosen as they have never given up on me and believed in my vision. For that, I want to thank them for making this possible for me. When you guys listen to “Borders”, there is just one thing i wish everyone could take from it: NEVER give up on yourself. There is always hope in the midst of this dark, demanding world. In the end, live for those that did not get the chance to and just keep fighting. Always, thank you you guys. You guys made it possible.

Amber Josephine Liu, ‘Borders’ ( 2016 )

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I guess a lot of Lana fans hate the idea of Harry collaborating with her. But to me, I was really impressed with SOTT even though I don't care for boy bands and I didn't care for 1D. I could see why Lana followed him on twitter recently. I think she likes his style. It's also funny how that anon called the song boring. That's what people who are casual listeners call Lana's songs... that or "depressing". I wish people were more open minded when it came to music. They're missing out.

RIGHT. I agree 100% I mean he joined that band when he was what.. like 16?He’s not a shallow teeny-bopper. I think the song is great, it sounds so classic and I heard his song Sweet Creature and enjoy it aswell. Anyone who writes him off before knowing anything about him (other than his past) is missing out I think.

“But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself,
To be honest, quite often, I really hate myself”

“I wish I could love myself”

“One morning, I opened my eyes
And wished that I was dead
I wish someone killed me
In this noisy silence
I live to understand the world
But the world didn’t once understand me, why”

At this point I think it’s kinda impossible to deny Namjoon’s Depression. I think what most people don’t understand is that unlike Suga who’s very upfront with his lyrics, RM never makes a real statement out of the themes in his songs. This is why the point of Yoongi’s Mental Illness was easier to understand in his mixtape, because he stated it openly. Rapmon on the other hand writes more like a poet, and prefers that the listener read between the lines. He’s not gonna say that he’s depressed, but just reading through these lyrics is telling enough I think.

Lyric Cr to @bts-trans

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hi! what have you been up to lately :D

Grateful to be alive, feeling less depressed, more positive and relaxed, was drawing fairies and angels for fun, writing my feelings, worries and prayers directed at certain people I care about in my journal, sending well wishes their way, listening to my fave songs, it’s been a self care day. 🌸💖 thanks for asking cutie, I hope you’re day is going good and happy weekend to you.