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five times jinjin was their pillar of support, and the one time he wasnt able to be.

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Jinjin stirs awake at the ungodly hour of three in the morning, breaking through his slumber like a bubble popping in the sun. He blinks blearily at the wall, trying to figure out why he’s awake this late, and then tries to figure out why MJ is awake this late; he’s pretty sure those are his hyung’s feet dangling over the edge of the upper bunk.

So he’s understandably confused when MJ drops to the floor on his feet lightly and pads out of their shared room. He slips out quietly, barely making a noise for someone so loud, and shuts the door behind him with a soft click. Jinjin’s pushing himself up before he knows it.

He wanders out into the living room with his blanket around his shoulders. The lights are all off, and the bathroom is empty, and Jinjin is so confused because he can’t find MJ anywhere, where the heck is his dumb hyung–

He does a double take at the balcony doors and sees a tiny opening. Jinjin blinks and heads straight for it without thinking, and slides the door open.

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Honeyworks『 僕じゃダメですか?』album countdown

Seiyuu → Kaji Yuki as Mochizuki Souta

So Far Away

Chap 1 | Chap 2 | Chap 3 | Chap 4 | Chap 5

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Series - Fluff, Comedy, will get Angst

Summary: You are a happy-go-lucky rookie director, and you couldn’t know that your new job in a visual and design agency would bring you to directly work with the famous idol group “BTS”. You couldn’t neither imagine that you would grow fond of one of the members, the hot-headed and peculiar rapper Min Yoongi.

A/N: Here we are! Sorry I’m really busy these days and I shouldn’t even be here posting and writing stuff but well… ;-; New comeback is coming closer and I feel more motivated now. I hope you enjoy! Please support!

First Song

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Imagine Woozi feeling really proud when he finds out that you use one of his songs as your ringtone/alarm.

Me or Her? // Pt. 2


a/n: hi babies! here’s me or her pt 2! I hope you guys like it! I’m so sorry it’s a bit short and I’m sorry if it sucks, but this was created with the help of my 2am thoughts! enjoy!

He hated it. He hated coming home to an empty, silent apartment. He hated waking up and knowing she wasn’t cooking breakfast in nothing but one of his old shirts. He hated feeling alone all the time. But what he hated the most was feeling as if he lost his home. She was his home. But she’s gone and he’s lost.

He couldn’t get her out of his head. He’d think about her in the shower, on the way to the studio, during concerts, he’d think about her whilst cooking dinner, walking his new puppy, writing songs. And sometimes when he couldn’t sleep and it was already past 4am, her voice was the only thing he could think about. There wasn’t one moment she wasn’t on his mind, and it was slowly killing him.

He left her multiple texts, missed calls, voicemails and tried to see her so many times, he actually lost count. He’d randomly drive over to Michael’s apartment but it was always Mikey who answered the door and every time he asked if he could see her she “wasn’t home”. He kept trying for a few months, but she was really fucking good at avoiding him. It was almost as if she moved away, which she did, just three months after she left Calum behind, and once Luke told him, Calum’s world came crashing down. He called Michael as soon as he found out, begging him to give him her address but Michael hated Calum for all the pain he put her through, he didn’t even think about giving him her new address. But Calum didn’t feel like giving up, so he decided to drive over to his friends place.

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so wake me up when it’s all over
when I’m wiser and I’m older
all that time I was finding myself
I didn’t know I was lost

Taehyung Scenario - ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

[ REQUEST: TAEHYUNG scenario in which I’m an idol, and my dorm is being filmed- like a reality show (daily routine and so on) and I start to sing different bts songs early when I wake up, but only Taehyung’s parts and producers see that and realize that I like him and next day they bring him? And he asks me out or something like that ]

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Ellie ( A/N: Thank yall for being so supportive and cute, like cute feedback really motivates us all to keep up with all of this so a big big thank you :))

You sat yourself up as your alarm clock went off. You knew that the cameras were on 24/7 so you actually didn’t care about how they would catch you on camera. You tossed the blanket off of your body and stepped out of bed. Unfortunately, you started singing some lyrics that were stuck in your head as you walked to the bathroom. You really liked the lyrics of the worldwide known band BTS. Most of all, you like the parts of the lad Tae, who had some of the best parts in your opinion. So you sang a bunch of their songs, including War of hormone, Butterfly & Just one day. You danced and sang your soul out not giving a single fuck about the millions of people watching you. You changed, still singing from the top of your lungs, knowing they could hear you in the other room. You laughed because it was actually ridiculous that people were watching this. Then you went off to the studio to get some music done.
You were sitting on the chair next to the reporter, taking a sip of your water as he spoke. 

“So as we’ve seen on the latest episode of your TV show you seem to really like BTS“ He said. You started laughing to hide the fact that it made you flustered hearing the truth. 

“Well, yeah, I do“ you truthfully spoke. He nodded in answer. 

“But we noticed something else,” He said,  “you seem to only really like Taehyung’s lines“ he poked you playfully. You nodded laughing. 

“The others have amazing parts as well, but I kind of feel like every part Tae sings is made for him, you know what I mean?“ he nodded. 

“So he’s your bias?” He asked boldly and you laughed. Are you even allowed to confess this like this on national TV? 

“You could say it like that” you laughed your nervousness off 

“That’s it for today then. Thank you Y/N for joining us today!“ He said brightly as the interview came to a close. You smiled, walking backstage to get something to eat.

You had just grabbed something when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You quickly turned around, having half of the food stuck in your mouth. Your eyes widened as you saw who interrupted your meal.

“You must be (Y/N).“ He said, smiling widely. You cracked up stuffing the last bit of food into your mouth.

“Yeah, and you must be Tae.“ You said and he smiled even wider.

“I like that nickname.“ 

You offered him something from your plate and he thankfully took a piece. 

“You know, your feelings for me aren’t very well hidden, and I’m not really good at stuff like this but…” he paused slightly shaking. You found it absolutely adorable how nervous he suddenly became, “Would you like to go on a date with me?“ 

You smiled widely. Could this day actually get any better? 

“I would love to.“ You said. He smiled, giving you a shy hug. 

“And just to let you know, I always your lyrics as well. The boys went crazy on me today.“ he laughed.

“I’m Not Like Other Girls” by Jessa

i’m not like other girls because i don’t go drinking
that life’s not for me
i’d rather read alone than hit up a party
and i still have my purity
and i’ll put myself on a pedestal
because my introversion makes me special
oh my gosh i’m so unconventional
because i’m not like other girls

i’m not like other girls because i don’t drink coffee
and if i do, i take it black
i’d rather drink my tea with lemon and honey
staying off the beaten track
i’m the first girl in the universe to ever like tea
so applaud me for my originality
and ignore my internalized misogyny
because i’m not like other girls

i’m not like other girls cuz i’m a flying tarantula
terrorizing the town
i’m a eight-eyed eight-legged giant spider
so don’t you tear me down
cuz i’ll crash and burn everything in my way
in an effort to be extraordinary
and other girls ain’t got nothin on me
because i’m not like other girls

anonymous asked:

1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 19, 22, 24, 27, 44, 45 - { cvlt-of-personality }

  1. What does their bedroom look like?

My bedroom looks JUST like my cabin at Camp Campbell, of course! If I can’t be at camp, I might as well try to be as close to it as possible, right?

2. Do they have any daily rituals?

Every morning I wake up and sing my camp song, and then I immediately go and take care of my daily hygeine! 

11. Intellectual pursuits?

I LOVE wilderness survival, and as you may have already figured out, I’m a little bit of a musician to boot!

12. Favorite book genre?

All of them! So long as I have time to read, that is. I guess if I really had to pick, though, I’d choose Coming of Age.

13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?

Gay! ((Mun is bisexual)). I’m definitely okay if I see a girl I really like, but I think I’ve pretty much figured out that I’m into men. And I think that love is love, no matter what! I support everyone’s sexual orientation, so long as it isn’t a fetish disguised as a sexual orientation.

19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?

Every night I lay in bed for eight hours, awake, thinking about what camp’s going to be like tomorrow!!

22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

I would start making a new strategy for how to properly make Max love Camp Campbell as much as I do! Max + Positivity = Success isn’t working, so I think I’ll have to add another variable. Maybe Enthusiasm?

24. Is there one subject of study that they excel at? Or do they even care about intellectual pursuits at all?

I really like to learn, but it’s more of a hobby for me! The thing that I’m best at is camping, of course!

27. What is their biggest regret?

… I really regret the fact that I let myself get so petty when Daniel was a counsellor here at Camp Campbell. I was ready to fire him for no reason other than my own jealousy, and that just isn’t right!

44. Religion?

I’m agnostic, and I fully support everyone else in their religious views, so long as they don’t use those views to hurt others!

45. Superstitions or views on the occult?

Oh please! Are you still going on with that “Daniel is a cultist” thing? That’s really rude, guys. Let it drop, he’s just a normal counsellor!

((thanks for so many asks!! O: ))

The Baby Topic - Tummy Talks

Find the rest of The Baby Topic blurbs here.


Your stomach was barely even showing, but every night he moved down in the bed to converse with it. His head laid on your legs as he played on his phone and chatted away, “I can’t wait for you to get here so I can play with you.” You doodle along in your sketch book, just listening to him. “If you’re a girl I’ll even play tea party with you. Even if you’re a boy I’ll play tea party with you.” He’d put his phone down and turn to face you, tracing his fingers along the non-existent bump. “I don’t want to wait six more months but I know you need six more months to grow.” “Babe, you’re very adorable with the baby but it doesn’t even have ears yet.” You laughed, brushing your fingers in his hair. “Well.. I’m speaking to it’s soul…” He looked at you as if you should have known. “Oh, okay. Please continue talking to our babies soul, I’m going to go to sleep.” 


You paced around the airport, trying to bounce the baby to sleep. You then tried rocking back and forth before giving up and sitting down by Calum. “He won’t stop moving, I have to pee every five minutes, this is an eight hour flight.” You groaned, slouching down in the chair as much as your stomach would let you. It visibly stuck out, stretching your, well his t-shirt out. Calum closed his book he was reading and leaned down, “Listen up, Nico.” He rubbed the top of your stomach, “We’ve got to be nice to your mommy, we out number her in the household. You’ve got to calm down even if you’re very excited to see your grandparents…. is it working?” You laughed at his question, “I’m imagining that it’s working, because in reality it’s not. But thank you for trying.”


“If I wake up to you singing one more Nickelback song to my stomach I will use all of my pregnant woman anger and punch you in the face.” You threatened, still laying on the couch with your eyes closed. “I’m not trying to help.” Michael said, pacing the living room with an acoustic guitar in his hands, “I’m trying to get contractions to start.” He knew how miserable you were, six days past your due date. “I didn’t know bad covers of songs were a thing to start contractions.” You laughed. “I was trying something new!” He sighed, “You tried spicy foods and we’ve walked every store in town… you know what we haven’t tried…” He gave you a look as he took the guitar off and walked towards you, “Michael I am dilated three centimeters and if you think I’m going to allow you to get near me down there, you’re wrong.”

Ashton (Talk-ish)

“I just wish she would kick, you’ve been here three hours and I haven’t felt her.” Anne Marie sighed. “You’ve got to give her time, maybe she’s napping.” Ashton suggested, leaning over to rub your stomach. “She’s not napping.” You groaned, “Ash can get her to kick, he does it all of the time.” Anne Marie’s face lit up and Ashton moved closer to you, stretching out his hands. He dramatically counted in, “One, two, three, yeah!” before beginning a drum solo (gently) on your stomach. “She knows what’s happening.” You laughed, grabbing the side of your stomach, “Come over here.” You guided her hand to the spot where she was moving, now full on drumming back to Ashton. “Goodness!” Anne Marie smiled, Ashton stopped drumming, “She knows her daddy’s drumming and she drums right back.”

Sometimes I wake up and it’s the middle of the night, sky clouded black and heart racing from the constant nightmares that nip at my heels.

Other times I wake up and it’s high noon, the sky dim but struggling to be bright, mind fuzzy and clouded with sleep, and eyes burning and watering from rubbing at them far too much.

And a few times I wake up as the sun begins to rise, golden warmth falling over my covers and warming me more than blankets, heaters, or coats ever could. I wake up to birds singing their ancient songs, cars beginning to teeter along to their destinations, and music playing from my computer - a constant source of comfort.

Amazing, isn’t it? How when we wake up there can be so many moods.

In the quiet, dark of the night, heart racing and blood pounding and seconds turn into twisted minutes of fear and hate which burn and burn into us. Like an iron brand that will forever leave it’s mark.

In the busy, loud afternoon of a day filled with people swarming. The mind is fuzzy trying to keep up, and thoughts cloud over as they race to figure out what’s happening. Eyes burn as they are constantly rubbed, trying to take in the sights, and the small clock that rests beside the head, minutes ticking over to hours.

In the soft, slow rise of the sun, seconds stretching into hours, and warmth filling every part of the body, clock forgotten, and music dimming to nothing but a background noise in comparison to the world that is slowly waking - just as it has done for millions of years.

Amazing what stories we find just in waking up.

You don't believe in love: Lucas


You groan once more as you toss and turn in your bed. You somehow managed to catch the flu from your little sister and you are now taking time off from the world and spending your days trying to sleep.

“Aww Y/N, you look terrible!” a voice you could recognize from a mile away tells you.

“Thanks Jack, that’s just what every girl wants to hear” you say, turning towards your best friend.

“I brought soup, I hope that makes up for it” he says, holding up the soup as a peace offering.

“Wait! Before you come any closer put this mask on” you yell urgently as you pass a mask from the box at your bedside.

“Why?” he asks, placing the mask over his nose and mouth.

“You have a job and can’t afford to get sick. Plus I’m lonely and I’m hoping you’re going to stay for a while” you say, giving him your best puppy eyes.

“I flew all the way from Maryland, I better be staying for a while!” he says in response before he goes underneath the covers and gives you the soup he brought.

You both decide on watching your favorite movie before falling asleep on his chest.

That morning you awake with the noise of your phone ringing with a facetime call with Luke, your boyfriend.

“Hey what’s up?” you ask. Luke’s on tour at the moment so he facetimes or calls you whenever he can, which is a lot more frequent than you expected when he left, but it shows how much he loves you.

“Why is Jack in bed with you?” he asks, noticing the sleeping man behind you. You don’t want to wake Jack up so you get out of bed and head to the living room to talk.

“He’s my best friend and he’s taking care of me” you say, not really understanding why Luke had a problem with it.

“But he’s sleeping in the same bed and I saw that picture of you two cuddling on Instagram” Luke says, looking very worried.

“Luke it’s fine. And I’m making him wear a damn mask around me! I’m not going to cheat on you if that’s what you’re thinking” you reply, finally realizing his whole problem, which is weird considering you were friends with Jack before you met him and Jack’s a close friend of Luke’s as well.

“Babe I don’t think you’re going to cheat, but…” he reassures you.

“But nothing. I miss you and I can’t wait to kiss you once I feel better” you say, making him blush.

“I love you Y/N” he says out of the blue for the first time. You freeze. No one’s ever told you they loved you except for family members.

“I miss you so much Luke” you say with a smile to cover up the fact you didn’t say you loved him back. You see him furrow his eyebrows, causing you to make up an excuse to end the conversation. The call makes you miss Luke even more. You miss his touch, his voice, his aroma, everything.

You slowly go up the stairs to your room and wake Jack up.

“What do you want?” he mumbles before burying his face in his pillow, only to be suffocated by the mask you made him sleep with. “I hate you” he says, fully awake, as he sits up on the bed.

“Luke told me he loved me” you immediately tell Jack, knowing that you could trust him with anything.

“And you said it back?” he assumes.

“I told him I missed him” you reply, looking at the ground.

“Ouch. Do you love him?” Jack asks.

“I don’t believe in love. It’s overrated and something I never want to deal with” you reply, standing from the bed then helping Jack up.

“So you thought that having a boyfriend would help you stay away from love” he summarizes with a chuckle at how ridiculous it sounds.

“Well I do like him! It’s just not love” you explain with a shrug.


Later that evening you get another call from Luke asking you to facetime. Jack went out to get dinner so you let your instincts allow you to answer the call.

“Hey Lucas!” you greet.

“I can never understand why you always insist on calling me Lucas” he says with a chuckle.

“Because I love your name. Luke’s okay, but Lucas is better. Plus I love how I’m the only one who calls you it” you honestly tell him, but oddly, his face drops instead of brightens like when he usually talks to you.

“So you love my name but not me” he simply assumes.

“I never said that” you quickly reply.

“But you’ve never said it. I’ve been waiting to tell you for so long and when I did this morning you didn’t say anything. It’s been bugging me all day” he confesses, not having the guts to look at you through his phone.

“Luke I like you, more than any other guy I’ve dated, but I can’t tell you it back” you explain truthfully. Luke lets out a sigh and finally looks at you with a pained expression.

“Why not?” he says more aggressively, not understanding your explanation.

“I just can’t Lucas, let me be!” you yell back with more intensity.

“We can’t go on with this relationship if you’re not willing to fall in love!” he argues.

“I’m not having this conversation right now” you say, clearly mad. You hear the door open and see Jack carrying a packet with Chinese food.

“Babe-” Luke says, softening his words.

“I have to go” you tell him before hanging up. You let out a sigh and ran your hands through your hair before resting your head in your hands.

“Luke problems?” Jack asks, sitting next to you and rubbing your back. You nod and rest your head on Jack’s chest before getting up and eating dinner while watching a movie.


It’s been three days since you’ve heard anything from Luke. Three. Whole. Days. And it’s eating you alive. Jack left yesterday so you were all by yourself now. You were a jerk the last time you spoke to Luke and you knew it, but this was not like him at all. Even if you were the one to mess up, he’d always call you to apologize and make up. You’ve had your share of fights with him, but during those times you still went to sleep with good night texts and woke up with a good morning message from your boyfriend. You called Michael to make sure everything was alright and he told you he didn’t even notice anything wrong with Luke. Maybe he didn’t love you, just like you expected.

Maybe this is his way of saying it’s over. You’ve definitely fought over bigger things with him, but he must of really been hurt by your lack of affection towards him. You grab your journal from the side and open it to the first blank page to write down your thoughts. Just as you were about to write your first word, you hear a sound at your window, like a bird flew straight into it. You quickly get up to see what it was and see Luke in your driveway with his acoustic guitar.

“Luke you’re here!” you say, unable to form any other words. His face lifts once he finally sees you and you can tell by the bags under his eyes that he hasn’t slept well in days.

“Come down here” he yells back. You dash out of your room, almost skipping a step and falling, to meet your boyfriend. Once he sees you enter the driveway he starts to play the intro chords to Wherever You Are.

“I love you Y/N. I don’t care if you don’t say it back, but you had to know. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you in three days, but to be fair you didn’t even try to call me so I think we’re even on that” he says once he finishes the song and slings his guitar to his back. You immediately launch into his arms and hug him.

“I want to tell you it back, I really do, but you have no idea how scared I am Lucas” you admit, closing your eyes to prevent yourself from seeing his reaction and from him seeing how sad you are over it. He takes your hands in his and kisses your forehead.

“What are you so scared of?” he asks, making you open your eyes and look into his ocean blue ones.

“I’ve never been good enough for anyone to ever stick around me. I’m so scared that you’ll be like everyone else and just leave me one day. I’ve had so many friends tell me how much I mean to them, then they all left with no explanation. I can’t handle that again” you confess. Luke pulls you closer and wraps his arms tighter around you.

“I’ll never be like those other friends because I love you so much more. I used to think I loved this other girl, but then I realized that it wasn’t love. But when it comes to you everything changes. When I’m not with you I only think about you. Every song that I sing is for you. As soon as I wake up I make sure to text you and before you go to bed I text you because you mean so much to me. I never thought I’d feel this way about any girl, but you changed that. You don’t have to tell me you love me, but you should know that I love you and I would never leave you” he reassures you, keeping eye contact the entire time. You feel a tear roll down your cheek, but Luke immediately wipes it away and smiles as one rolls down his for you to wipe.

“We’re such a clique couple” you say with a giggle.

“But you love it” he responds as he leans down to kiss you.

“I’m sick you shouldn’t kiss me” you tell him, trying to dodge it.

“I don’t care if you’re contagious” he says before placing his lips on yours.

“I love you Lucas” you say against his lips.

“I love you more.”

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