songs i have cried about


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?


S o n s  o f  W i n t e r f e l l .
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  • Hoya: Was that fun ? [holds out mic]
  • Fans:
  • Hoya: You don't know Korean that well right ? [holds out mic]

You got me thinking twice to just breathe
Then you say I won’t survive if I leave
But I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve
I no longer need your attention, at ease


Entire appearance of Alex Kingston at John Barrowman’s panel at Emerald City Comic Con [ECCC] (Seattle - March 29, 2015)