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Moana Had Brothers?! Meet 'em in Exclusive Deleted Scene From Disney's Animated Blockbuster

How far did Moana go from the initial drawing-board version? Fans who snapped up $565 million worth of tickets worldwide might not recognize the story of the plucky teen wayfarer as originally conceived.

With the Oscar-contending animated hit heading home (the Digital HD version arrives Tuesday while the Blu-ray/DVD hits shelves on March 7), Yahoo Movies has an exclusive deleted scene (watch it above) that shows how the title heroine evolved as a character.

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As they set up the clip, directors Ron Clements (the one with the beard) and John Musker reveal where it originally had fit in the film.

“This is a very early scene in the movie, where Moana had six older brothers,” says Clements, “and this was a showcase for Moana’s sailing proficiencies and how she really kind of outdoes her brothers.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“We lost her brothers and wanted to make her less proficient when she was sailing so this scene went away,” adds Musker. “But it’s a fun scene.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“The scene went away as did her six older brothers,” says Clements. “Somehow she became an only child and probably is much happier as an only child.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

The “Lost Brothers” deleted scene is one of seven included on the home edition, along with a Lin-Manuel Miranda tune, “Warrior Face,” that also wound up on the cutting-room floor.

(Courtesy of Disney)

As Musker and Clements explained earlier to Yahoo Movies, they ultimately decided the film is about Moana’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment and the story was streamlined accordingly. For example, the directors said an early iteration of the story had Maui performing more heroics in the climactic battle, but, after discussing with some female coworkers, the filmmakers realized Moana didn’t need Maui’s help in defeating the vengeful goddess Te Kā. Likewise, the subplot with her battling a half-dozen brothers for the attention of their chieftain father felt superfluous.

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Disney is notorious for its intense story-vetting process, with many films undergoing radical changes, and Moana is no exception. Musker and Clements, whose joint credits include Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Frog, told us earlier that the heroine’s breakout sidekick, the daft rooster Heihei, was almost excised from the film because they had trouble figuring out how best to organically fit him in the story.

In addition to the excised scenes and song, the Digital HD and Blu-ray versions of Moana will include the Maui-Moana short “Gone Fishing,” the theatrical short “Inner Workings,” music videos, making-of featurettes, director’s commentary, and a guide to the film’s Easter eggs.

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“Sing to me.” W/ bestfriend!Luke orr “Sing to me.” W/ husband!cal

bestfriend!luke or husband!cal

It was a long, beautiful day, and you couldn’t be happier with your head resting on your newly wed husband’s chest. Your right fingers were intertwined with his left as his right arm was pulling you closer into him, almost subconsciously trying to make your hearts beat as one. It was only the two of you left on the reception dance floor, the lights were a dim glow and everything was silent thanks to everyone going back to their designated hotels. This right here, was your favourite part of the whole day- just dancing in silence with your head rest on Calum’s chest.

Sing to me,” You whisper quietly, just loud enough for him to hear you, and he doesn’t even have to ask what song. He just starts to softly sing ‘Ma Belle Evangeline’ from the movie Princess in the Frog because he knew that you had a soft spot for it (even though you’d never admit it to him out loud). 

‘Look how she lights up the sky..’ He hums as you sway from side to side, your heels long gone under one of the many tables that used to be filled with friends and family. 

‘Ma Belle, Evangeline…’ Your smile is soft as he presses his lips to the top of your head, lingering for a little bit before softly continuing to sing the song in a raspy voice, not that you minded. 

This right here was your forever, and you’re so thankful.

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Lena watching Disney movies headcanons
  • Kara’s seen all of them. Probably like 5 times.
  • Lena has never seen a single Disney movie because of course Luthors don’t watch such frivolous things, and when she was old enough to break away from that she figured she was too old for Disney movies.
  • Kara gasps and says that you’re never too old for Disney movies and now they have to watch them. “All of them?” “Yes!”
  • She gets really uncomfortable when Cinderella is being abused by her stepmother and the stepsisters are (debatably) loved. When Cinderella finds happiness with the prince, even though she doesn’t like the whole being rescued thing, she tears up and hugs Kara tight. They talk about the movie later and Lena asks things like if Kara thinks Cinderella’s stepmother was capable of loving. Kara knows they’re not talking about the movie anymore.
  • She loves The Aristocats. She wants to adopt all the cats. She semi-seriously tells Kara that she agrees everybody wants to be a cat before laughing and cuddling closer. Kara later walks in on her watching singing cat videos on youtube.
  • When they watch Beauty and the Beast, Lena tries to pretend she doesn’t feel similarities between herself and Beast, with Kara her Belle. She’s not very good at hiding her feelings from Kara so it doesn’t work; she can tell Lena is uncomfortable. Kara just cuddles her closer and reminds Lena how much she loves her.
  • Mulan is Lena’s favorite of this era of films. Partly because Mulan is a kickass, strong woman working hard in spite of the social limitations put on her and overcoming them, and partly because it doesn’t do the whole damsel in distress being rescued by a prince thing.
  • She loves The Princess and the Frog and it becomes her new favorite. She admires Tiana so much for working so hard to make her dreams come true.
  • They don’t watch Tangled. They start to, but then Mother Gothel appears and Lena is caught off guard and it feels too familiar. She starts to get uncomfortable fast and by the time Gothel is singing “Mother Knows Best” she feels like she can’t breathe. Kara immediately stops the movie and does her best to help her through it. When the panic has subsided, Kara apologizes and reassures her that they don’t have to watch it, and promises that from now on she’ll warn her if she knows there’s something like that. They re-watch The Princess and the Frog, Mulan, or The Aristocats and just cuddle the rest of the night.
  • She likes Frozen pretty well. Tries to pretend she doesn’t relate to Elsa, and the sibling dynamic makes her slightly sad because of Lex, but at the end – from when Elsa starts thawing everything – she’s grinning the whole time. They watch the “Frozen Fever” short and Lena can’t help a goofy grin through a lot of it. After that, sometimes when Lena thinks no one can hear her Kara notices her singing “Making Today a Perfect Day.”
  • They watch the Cinderella live action remake, after Kara checks a couple of times that Lena is okay with it with the stepmother, warning her that it’s worse than the animated one. But they proceed and Lena loves it. She tears up more than once; the phrase “have courage and be kind” really strikes her because it’s basically what she’s been holding onto ever since Lex’s betrayal, and sometimes, like Cinderella, it felt like the only thing that kept her going. She can’t decide whether it or The Princess and the Frog is her favorite, but Tiana remains her favorite princess.
  • Inside Out fascinates her. Afterward she confesses, “I never thought I would learn something from a children’s movie,” and cuddles into Kara. It helps her feel a little less ashamed of her emotions.
  • Lena starts secretly singing or humming Disney songs to herself from time to time. Only when nobody is listening or at least she thinks nobody is listening, though. (Kara doesn’t mean to eavesdrop, but she can’t always help it.) Her favorite is probably “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

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if blurb requests are still open, would you mind maybe writing one for sirius based on the princess and the frog? like, the line where naveen is translating and is like 'i love you, i adore you - what? i'm just translating!!!' ??

I love that song…Is there a character more pure than Ray the firefly???? 


It was a small cafe in Paris. A group of you had opted to take a brief trip to get away from the stresses of home. A singer was crooning from the small band stage as people sat and milled around, either engrossed in their conversations or far too tipsy to care.

Your group had spread out as the night had gone on. Lily and James were off to one side, seemingly forgetting anyone else was present. Marlene was off with some French guy she’d met. Remus, Peter, and Dorcas were having a spirited debate as to who would be eaten first on a desert island. You found yourself focusing on the music, Sirius seated next to you, surprisingly quiet. 

“Je t’adore. Je t’aime” trilled the singer. 

“I adore you, I love you,” muttered Sirius out of nowhere.

You turned to him in shock. Had you heard him correctly? Surely he wasn’t talking to you, right?

Sirius shrugged, his eyes twinkling, “Just translating.”

“Oh, right,” you nodded, slightly disappointed. 

Sirius watched you closely. Had he imagined the way your shoulders sagged when he claimed to simply be translating. Had he detected a hint of sadness in your eyes? A small frown on your lips?

“Want to dance?” Sirius asked, his eyebrow quirked. 

“This isn’t exactly a dance hall, Sirius,” you chuckled. 


He stood, taking your hand and pulling you to your feet with him. He led you to a small open area in front of the stage. 

As the song continued, Sirius guided you across the ‘dance’ floor, twirling and dipping you every so often. 

By the time the song came to an end, you once again found yourself disappointed. As you began to walk back towards your table, Sirius stopped you. 

Pulling you tight to his chest, he breathed into your ear, “I’ll admit I wasn’t just translating. I very much adore you and I seem to be falling even deeper in love with you.”

Your mouth fell open momentarily as you processed his words. He began to say something else but you swiftly cut him off by pressing your lips to his. The kiss was filled with the words neither of you seemed to be able to say and it ended far too soon. 

As you pulled away, both of you flushed, your ears were greeted by the sound of applause and your eyes met with a room full of joyous onlookers. 

“I think we have an audience,” you laughed, burying your face in Sirius’ shoulder. 

“Shall we take this somewhere more private, then?” he murmured, his grin evident in his warm voice.

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How “Happily Ever After” Inspires Pro-Activity Through Classic Storytelling

On May 11, 2017, Disney presented its final showing of “Wishes”, a show that has been kissing guests good night for a good thirteen years, enough to solidify it as a favorite among many Disney Parks fan. Right out of the blue, Disney has announced the conclusion of this show in favor of a brand new show that would be on-par with the other state of the art nighttime extravaganzas around the world at both Disney parks and even rival theme parks. This was, obviously, met with a lot of mix reactions as fans both mourned “Wishes” and reminisced about all the memories they created around that show, but were also ecstatic to see what Disney could create with all the new technology and modern stories they had at their disposal.

Just a mere 24 hours after “Wishes” bid us farewell, “Happily Ever After” made its grand debut to near universal acclaim. While there were still many detractors that claimed the show had too much flair too it and lacked the warmth and nostalgic sincerity of “Wishes”, the overall reaction has been beyond positive, with guests quickly embracing the show as one of the best Disney has created in recent years.

As someone who was there to witness its grand debut, I sense that the overwhelmingly positive reaction deals with more than just nostalgia, extraordinary technology, and that trademark Disney showmanship; “Happily Ever After” may just be one of the most inspiring shows yet, presenting us a Disney that celebrates pro-activity in achieving life goals and ambitions through the celebration of classic and modern stories and characters. It’s a show that doesn’t just represent modern Disney as a whole but also the lofty goals and ambitions its guests carry in their hearts and souls each day as they pass through the main gates of the park.

This matters a lot because for decades, Disney has received more than their share of criticisms for indirectly implanting unrealistic expectations about life goals in children; from making ANY sort of dream a reality, despite how impossible they may seem, to obtaining true love with just a dance and a kiss. Critics have stated that setting up high expectations at such a young age may create a frustrated adulthood due to the realization that life-long terms and goals take more than just wishing for them.

Many may balk at the idea of fiction influencing youth, but it has been proven that we are emotionally impacted by the stories and characters we are introduced to, especially at such a young age. We tend to admire fictional heroes more than real world ones. This can become a double edged sword in that while we can gain significant life lessons from these characters, and fiction often draws a lot of inspiration from the real world, we can also take them for granted and only see them at surface level (ie, they are pretty, they gain what they want, therefore it’s what we want, too).

Disney’s modern-day productions, though, have caught onto that, and have slowly evolved to represent that; films like “Frozen” have celebrated love beyond just between a man and a woman, showing us a female lead that becomes queen without being forced into marrying a significant other. “Moana” also showed us a young lead that endures a dangerous journey to save her home. Even Merida from Pixar’s “Brave” represents the universal bond between mother and child, something that has been presented in fiction as the evil queen and beautiful princess trope in fairy tales.

These stories have shown us how far we as a society have come; we draw far more inspiration from characters that brave the worst just to get what they want out of their life, often facing many failures before reaching success. That’s not to say that Disney’s classic staple of characters like Snow White and Cinderella can’t be inspiring. On the contrary, they also teach us that compassion and forgiveness are very important. But their stories are, if you were to ask a modern scholar, are about being a passive participant in what you want out of life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t represent what audiences believe in nowadays or what society as a whole wants out of them.

With all of that being said, what does all of this have to do with Disney’s two nighttime shows? Well, “Wishes” represented the passive Disney that once told us that believing in wishes and faith could be strong enough to make things a reality, all drawing inspiration from Walt Disney’s masterpiece, “Pinocchio”. The show relished itself in its nostalgic and innocent views on life, with beloved characters wishing out loud their biggest desires, the key word being WISHING, not proactively getting out there to make it happen themselves.

As stated earlier, Disney has shown more progress in how its themes and characters are presented to a more discerning audience. With 2009′s “The Princess and the Frog”, Disney finally stated that it takes more than wishing to make dreams and goals a reality; it also takes courage, determination, sacrifice, and most importantly, pro-activity, and that sometimes even that doesn’t guarantee success. So it makes more than enough sense that a new fireworks spectacular would reflect that new, forward thinking Disney, and “Happily Ever After” more than succeeds in that regard thanks to a mix of characters, themes and songs that beautifully reflect that.

The following WILL contain spoilers for the show, so if you are saving your viewing of the show for a future park visit (which I highly recommend witnessing in person as crowd reactions add so much to it), the spoilers will be presented right after the cut.

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idk if it's just me but I seriously would love a live-action Princess and the Frog movie (with more screen time for human Tiana would be even more perfect)

me too anon!!! 

the possibilities would be endless– great songs, charismatic characters (i really really want to see what live action dr. facilier would look like), gorgeous settings…but yeah i definitely want tiana to be in human otherwise i don’t care

disney’s live action movies do often diverge from the animated ones in terms of character representation and storyline (i’m thinking of maleficent) so there’s no reason why they have to make tiana an animal for most of the movie…they can and should take smart creative liberties

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KBTBB Fairy Tale AU

yet another self-indulgent AU…. lmao im so sorry

I decided to put some twists to classic fairy tales!

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Eisuke: Beauty and the Beast

With nowhere else to go during a stormy winter night, MC decides to take refuge at the long-abandoned castle in the heart of the forest. However, the rumors speak of an hideous flesh-eating beast that inhabits the castle. They say the creature is shrouded in so much darkness that the light of the sun never reaches the forest. Despite that, MC braves herself and takes a step inside. What she doesn’t expect is meeting a cold pair of eyes, not from a monster, but from a man whose heart has long turned into stone.

“You do know that trespassers won’t be forgiven, don’t you?”

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Images from the Almost There sequence in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. The Almost There animated sequence was inspired by and styled after the artwork of Aaron Douglas (the last three images are works of his). Douglas was one of the major figures of the Harlem Renaissance.

Disney Songs Correspondence in Witchcraft 🎶

I was inspired by @kemetduasekhem to create my own post for Disney Song Correspondence pertaining to witchcraft.

Here goes nothing!🎵

*Friends on the Other Side from Princess and the Frog: Spirit work, Divination.

*God Help the Outcasts: Justice, Hope

*Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp: Romance, Love

*Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid: Cursing, Jinxing, Hexing.

*I Wonder from Sleeping Beauty: Attract a Romantic partner

*Go the Distance from Hercules: Inner Strength, Determination

*A Guy Like You from Hunchback of Notre Dame: Confidence, Increase Self-Esteem

*Let It Go from Frozen: Confidence, Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem

*Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid: Determination

*Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast: Love, Romance, Companionship

*I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio: Empowerment, Self-Esteem

*Topsy Turvy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Chaos, Confusion

*I’m Wishing/One Song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Attract Love

*Why Should I Worry from Oliver & Company: Letting Go of Worry or Fear

*Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins: Destressing, Acceptance

*Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas: Connection to Nature and Higher Spiritual Realm

*A Whole New World from Aladdin: Interpersonal connection, Romance.

*You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan: Family, Love, Protection

*Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King: Love, Passion, Raw Emotion

*I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan: Masculinity, Strength, Determination

*Give a Little Whistle from Pinocchio: Friendship, Reliability

*Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas: Journey, Inner Strength, Spiritual Growth, Crossroads, Decisions

*Almost There from The Princess and the Frog: Strength, Determination, Business

*Circle of Life from The Lion King: Cycles, Birth, Life, Nature

*Family from James and the Giant Peach: Appreciation, Companionship, Love

*Be Prepared from The Lion King: Organization, Military, Leadership

*Out There from Hunchback of Notre Dame: Exploration, Appreciation

*Hakuna Matata from The Lion King: Relaxation, Acceptance of One’s Past and Choices

*Stand Out from A Goofy Movie: Confidence, Self-Esteem, Courage

*In a World of My Own from Alice in Wonderland: Dreams, Hope, Imagination

*Friend Like Me from Aladdin: Friendship, Companionship, Trust

*What’s This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas: Curiosity, Exploration, Magick

*The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia (orchestral piece): Magick, Spellwork, Confidence

*When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio: Hope, Dreams, Desire, Wishes

*Reflection from Mulan: Self-Examination, Convictions, Honesty, Inner Truth

*Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast: Hospitality, Kindness, Entertainment/Parties

*I See the Light from Tangled: Realization, Awareness

*Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty: Dreams, Attract a Romantic Partner, Hope, Love

Disney songs Lana Del Rey should cover

and then for good measure tack on her Once Upon A Dream cover

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Hi! Could you please make a hufflepuff/thunder bird playlist and if possible could you use songs from musicals. That would be great, thank you!

Johanna - Sweeney Todd
Drink With Me - Les Miserable
No One Is Alone - Into The Woods
All I Ask Of You - Phantom Of The Opera
Hey Dragon - A Very Potter Musical
The Wizard And I - Wicked
Let It Sing - Violet
Almost There - The Princess And The Frog
- mod vi

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What are your guys favorite Disney song?

Mod Mellow:

I really like “Topsy Turvy” from THOND, “I See the Light” from Tangled, “Snuff Out the Light” which was a deleted song from the original production idea of “The Emperor’s New Groove,” & “A Girl Worth Fighting For” from Mulan. Also if you play that piano opening from BatB I’ll start to cry.

Mod Sync

Uhhh… “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid, several songs from Pocahontas, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Lion King, “Friends on the Other Side” from Princess and the Frog…


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Lipstick or chapstick: I DONT.. ACTUALLY REALLY USE EITHER.. Bc like no matter what I lick it off hAHAH… Bad habit from when I was a kid I guess???
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Last movie you watched: Princess and the Frog!!!
I’d never actually seen it before so Bun and I watched it together c:

Last song you listened to: Osananajimi no Kyori!!!!
I’ve uh- been listening to it on repeat basically whoops,,,

Top three shows/dramas/animes: Gonna go with anime bc I don’t really watch TV or dramas, so… Magic Kaito, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Yuri on Ice! I mean, MK and YOI are obvious from my url and recent reblogs, but KNK is the anime of my heart, bc it’s the first anime I ever watched with Dani!! <3
I’d also toss in Gosick, Detective Conan, and Noragami if I could.

Top three favorite characters: why do yOU HAVE TO MAKE ME CHOOSE I  C R Y. A’ght just going with my current loves then- Kaito from Magic Kaito, Aoko from Magic Kaito, and Akihito from Kyoukai no Kanata~!

Top three favorite ships: DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE JSUT THREE…. MCFUCK. Okay uh- I’ll just go with the animes above then?? So in that case..
Kaito x Aoko from Magic Kaito (ShinRan, KaiShin and Aoko/Akako is also good)
Akihito x Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata (….mirai/mitsuki is also g o od)
Yuri x Victor from Yuri on Ice

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so @lekawaiimelon tagged me so here are my ten songs

Rules: put you music on shuffle and post the first ten songs that come on, then tag ten others

1) Work Song (Live in America) by Hozier

2)Cold is the night by The Oh Hellos

3)Cherry Wine by Hozier

4) Almost There from The Princess and the Frog

5) Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara

6) How about you? by Frank Sinatra

7) Indigo by Milky Chance

8) I only have eyes by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie

9) Fairly Local by 21 Pilots

10) This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco

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Relationship status: Been with Dr Boyfriend for 8 years as of last week. He is the perfect mixture between Combeferre and Bossuet, but kinda looks like a cuddly lumberjack IMO.

Favorite color: You know that cerulean blue crayon that Crayola had in the 90s? That one.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick more often (because my lips are very determined to shrivel up and die no matter how much water I drink) but I like lipstick a lot too!

Last song you listened to: …Probably Rouge, La Flamme de la Colère from the Les Mis 1991/2 Paris cast. :D

Last movie you watched: Princess and the Frog last weekend, ahaha.

Top 3 TV shows: Parks and Rec, Broad City, and uh… either Rick and Morty or Love ;)

Top 3 characters: Enjolras, Combeferre, and Courfeyrac are in constant conflict for my favorite Ami. PROFESSOR ARONNAX. And uh… Pescade and Matifou because WHY NOT.

Top 3 ships: Enjolras/Combeferre is the only one that really matters to me.

Books you are currently reading: Count of Monte Cristo, and rereading Les Mis SUPPOSEDLY.

Top 5 Musicals: Honestly, I’m not super into musicals besides Les Mis? They’re fun to watch and I like songs from a few here and there but I’m not a massive fan of any others in particular.

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W - Wild Card - Yearning


Donatello yearns to be your prince. Sure, he looks more like the frog than the handsome suitor (in his opinion - in yours, no man could be hotter), but he’s spent his childhood reading books and fanfics online that give him the idea of what a guy should act like around his lady-love. He makes you feel like a princess.

He’ll bring you flowers (“I found these up top today… you like lilies, right?”), make you mixtapes of your favorite songs (“How long? Oh, it really didn’t much time to compile the songs… maybe three, four hours?”) and whisper sentiments to you straight from Shakespeare (“Hear my soul speak. The very instant that I saw you did my heart fly to your service, there resides make me slave to it, and for your sake am I this patient log-man”).

He might be a total nerd, but when it comes to making you feel special, he’s a pro. He calculates every little reaction you have, so that the next fairytale surprise will be that much grander to you.


Raph yearns to be your protector. He is willing to do anything for you, and I mean ANYTHING. You have him wrapped ‘round your finger. No matter what time of day, what mood he’s in, or whether he’s preoccupied, he will drop everything to rush to your aid. For the first time, you feel as if there’s finally a man in your life you can depend on fully.

He will be whatever he needs to be for you. It could be something as small as spotting you while you lift weights, or providing you company while you grovel over the latest homework assignment. Other times, the circumstances are more strenuous. During battle, he knows you are more than capable of handling yourself. But that doesn’t mean he’ll leave your side for a split second during a fight. As long as his heart was beating, he vowed to keep you safe from any danger.

He was perfectly fine with laying down his own life for you. The brooding, angry and distant Raphael had finally found someone he was willing to do anything for. Through tears and laughter, rain and shine, he will ensure your well-being 24/7.

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Hi! I was wondering which Disney animated movies would be the favorites of the Karasuno students and what would be their favorite Disney song? ^^

Sawamura Daichi digs Alice in Wonderland, his favorite song, though, is He is Not One of Us from Lion King 2.

Koushi Sugawara, His favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp, but his favorite song is that piano song from Up.

Azumane Asahi likes Aristocats, it’s so cute and pure.  He likes Everybody Wants to be a Cat.

Yuu Nishinoya loves the Lion King, and he’s always loved Be Prepared.

Ryuunosuke Tanaka, this fucking loser loves the Little Mermaid, and he loves Part of Your World.  Don’t lie you know it’s true.

Tobio Kageyama, The Hunchback of Notredame, Hellfire.  This song is so dark and intense and he fuckin jams.

Shouyou Hinata, this boy loves Lion King, I Just Can’t Wait to be King.  That is his pre game jam.

Kei Tsukishima Mulan, Reflection, it’s lit fam.

Tadashi Yamaguchi is all the way in love with Princess and the Frog, so in love that he cannot pick a favorite song.

Hitoka Yachi loves Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl makes her think about Kiyoko awwww.

Shimizu Kiyoko’s is Mulan hands down.  Make a Man Out of You.  You cannot disagree this is fact.

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