songs for kukua

#SongsforKukua is an album with a story. Its plot begins in track 1 and ends in the 15th, telling a semi-fictional tale about Kukua & Kwaku. I’ve been working on it ever since I finished #Solar. Had a couple of titles floating around, but ‘Songs for Kukua’ tied everything together. Who is Kukua? Though the songs themselves should tell, 6th March 1957 (day of Ghana’s Independence) was a Wednesday. Ghana is Kukua. Kwaku, as many of you know, is one of my names. 

Kwaku’s character, though quite fictional, borrows a lot from my personal life. Much of the story is told from his perspective. Kwaku embarks on a voyage that finds him learning important truths about love, faith, wealth, power, prejudice, virtue, among others. I won’t give away too much about the story.

Sonically, I totally flipped the sound on this one. Compared to #Solar, It’s more minimalistic, mellow and emotional overall. A lot more singing, a lot less rapping. So to those who don’t like my singing, sorry but this won’t be the album for you. To those who love good music though, you shall be pleased. It’s the kind of album that takes several replays to fully digest. I took a lot of creative risks, and I hope you’ll risk enjoying it.