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℃-ute’s Top 5 Best Songs (English Translation)


(1) Jump - All of the fans smiles appear, so let’s sing to the end!!

(2) Massara Blue Jeans - A song that we suffered a bit through due to pressure. I was afraid of failing and this nervousness even appeared in my dreams.

(3) Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi - A song from Tsunku specifically for Budoukan. As this “light” appears before my eyes; thank you for such an amazing song.

(4) Wakkyanai (Z) - Actually, this was the first track I recorded. The first time I had a recording. I was impressed as everybody practiced hard for the first original song for ℃-ute. 

(5) Sakura Chirari - Here it is, our major debut song! I have strong memories of performing this at many various places. Actually, it was originally “Yuki ga Chirari.” 


(1) Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko - I like cute songs, so this one has the best feeling to it. 

(2) Kanashiki Heaven - I hardly sing in this one, LOL. But I can focus all my power on dancing!! 

(3) Massara Blue Jeans - This song is essential since it was our first song. 

(4) Iron Heart - I love the feeling it gives off when everybody is singing. 

(5) Jinsei wa STEP! - The song, dance, outfits, and the ℃-ute of today all make this GOOD! 


(1) Namida no Iro - I get nervous when singing in falsetto, but this song is my favorite. This includes “Juliet Juliet.” 

(2) Wakkyanai (Z) - When I sing this song, it makes me nostalgic for when I was a child. I naturally smile once the introduction starts. 

(3) SHOCK! - This is a song that can’t be removed from my past. So, I would like to cherish it even more from now.

(4) Kanashiki Heaven - A powerful battle song that can be embarrassing no matter how you put it. I sang it at festivals and various places.

(5) Iron Heart - Everyone is free to join this song. So we can all be a part of a ℃-ute performance. 


(1) Jinsei wa STEP! - A song that shows some great points. Like ℃-ute’s teamwork. 

(2) Bokura no Kagayaki - I always get courage and energy when I hear everybody cheer “Chisato!” 

(3) Kanashiki Heaven - A song where I thought that I won’t lose to Airi. We both worked hard together!

(4) Final Squall - It seems like the end has come!

(5) To Tomorrow - It’s truly Tsunku!  It conveys a message of “Thank for everything you’ve done.” 


(1) Gamusha LIFE - A song with lyrics that are purely about ℃-ute. When I sing it, I cry.

(2) Iron Heart - The setup for the stage is fun. It’s a relaxing song. 

(3) EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi - It’s the first main song that filled me with happy memories. 

(4) JUMP - It reminds me of “Megu.” It’s an important song. The second half is pretty intense, but it always makes me smile. 

(5) SHINES - Despite the fact that I sang this as a child, I feel good with the lyrics. You can become energized from this song. 

*I apologize for any mistakes in my translations*

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely holiday :) I recently decided to start an Art Journal and I came up with some prompts I thought I’d share with you! Most of these are supposed to be pretty loose so you can be as creative as possible! Draw, paint, glue things, make a collage; however you want to answer these prompts is up to you!

  1. goals for the year
  2. the weather outside
  3. your favorite character
  4. draw/paint without lifting your pen/brush from the paper 
  5. how you feel today
  6. how your favorite song makes you feel
  7. 2016 bucket list
  8. one thing you’ve always wanted to do 
  9. draw something with your eyes closed
  10. blue color scheme 
  11. fill the page with song lyrics
  12. your favorite memory (or memories) 
  13. something that’s bothering you
  14. inspired by your favorite food
  15. dream house
  16. your happy place
  17. inspired by your favorite artist/band
  18. things that calm you down
  19. cute outfits
  20. nostalgia 
  21. choose one: the sea or the sky?
  22. a place you’d like to travel to 
  23. fill the page with pretty things
  24. your favorite animal
  25. a map of your city
  26. what’s on your mind? 
  27. try painting with watercolors 
  28. your favorite city
  29. favorite musical albums
  30. inspired by your favorite book
  31. summarize your month in pictures

If you enjoy these, let me know and I’ll come with some prompts for February. Also, if you do any these and post them on tumblr or instagram, please tag me (i track #coffeesforstudiers on tumblr) and my instagram is coffeesforstudiers

H.S. Album Series: Two Ghosts

Word Count: 1035

A/M: I hope this came out right. Hope you enjoy it! Tell me if you do!

*Disclaimer- obviously this is only (one of) my interpretations of what I think about when I hear the songs. Of course you may have your own, these are just one of mine.*

H.S. Album Series Masterlist | Ask

You got into your car and turned on the radio. It just so happened that the song that played was the song that reminded you of him. 

Your mind suddenly filled with the happy memories, and how the song came to mean so much to you. You remembered how at the school dance, when everyone else had already found a partner and it seemed for a second you’d be left alone against the wall, he came up to with his hand stretched out for you to take with a smile on his face. 

It didn’t seem forced or like it was out of pity. He gave his hand for you to take, and with his charming smile he teasingly asked, “What? Are you allergic to slow dancing?" 

At one point you definitely were. Not thinking that any one would ever want to share a slow dance with you. But this boy did. You took his hand and you both walked to the dance floor with his hands placed on your hips while yours stayed around his neck. 

It was the first memory you had with him and the first time that you saw that the song had meaning. From a high school dance you never thought that anything become more. After school was long over and you both had reconnected, the song held more meaning. It was your song, the song that brought you together. 

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Awhile back, I told my boyfriend to make a list of things that makes him happy. Like anything. It could be filled with favorites, memories, songs, etc. So whenever he gets sad or when his anxiety hits him again, he could read it (or write more) and he wouldn’t have to focus on the bad stuff again. 

So we were on the phone and I was focused on something else and he randomly tells me to laugh. And I did and I asked him why. Cause tf. We were so quiet and he just tells me to laugh all of us sudden. 

And then he says “It’s in my list of things that make me happy. Your laugh” 


how is he so cute all the time

Seduce Me Holiday Week

 Day One: The Incubaes First Christmas 


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James is aware of holiday traditions and is more than happy celebrate. But his idea of celebrating is simple, classy, and charming.

The best part of the holiday for him is just sitting back in a comfy chair, sipping a hot drink and reading a book, most likely something about christmas or holidays.

For you, his significant other, he prepares a delicious dinner and surprises you with the house beautifully decoraced and lit up with lights.He tells you that your eyes are  sparkling beautifully in the lighting and holds your hand gently as you eat their meal. Then he takes you out on a walk around town to look at christmas lights.

On Christmas Day, James wakes you up with a small present. He then leads you to the living room, giving you presents along the way, and you find larger presents under the tree. He then makes you breakfast and you two eat while opening presents.


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But he also thoroughly enjoy placing mistletoe around the house in places he KNOWS he can catch you under. Just to name a few, on the door frame of their bedroom, archway of the kitchen and living room, and directly over the couch. He also has one on him AT ALL TIMES. This just gives him an excuse to kiss you as often as possible, which you are usually more than happy to return the favor with a giggle or two. 

Erik spent Christmas Eve with you inside, listening to holiday music and watching the snow fall. When night falls, Erik takes you out to a fancy dinner and a slow ride in the car to look at the christmas lights.

On Christmas Day, you wake Erik up with kisses on the neck. Erik then takes you in his arms to carry you to the dining room so you two can make breakfast, then open presents.


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It all started when Sam looked out the window the morning after a huge snowstorm swept over the land and left a blanket of fresh snow. Of course, he tried playing it off that he wasnt too excited about it, but when you pulled on your winter clothes, made him put on his, and dragged him outside, he changed his attitude real quick. You started a snowball fight with him, which turned into him tackling you into the snow to wrestle with you. He pulls you into a kiss as you started making snowmen and an igloo together.

On Christmas Day, Sam woke you up with your present in his hands and a smile on his face. He kissed you on the cheek as he said he will do whatever you wanted to do together. It turned out to go out on the town and just have fun. The night ended with a dance in a gazebo lit up with lights.


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As soon as December came around, Matthew spends all of his free time planning the PERFECT gingerbread house. He wanted to make something fantastic with you. So you helped him gather all the ingredients and a wide selection of candy to use as decoration. When the two of you started it, he was getting a bit upset because it wasn’t staying together, but with your patience, guidance, and 3 tubes of frosting later, the gingerbread house was finished. A small, simple one, but decorated very nicely and it honestly looked very good. But thats not to say that you and Matthew ended up looking just as nice. YOur faces were covered in frosting and peppermint dust, but you laughed with him as you two looked in the mirror. Once you washed yourselves up, you guys took all the leftover candy and snuggled in bed to watch Christmas specials. 

On Christmas day, Matthew woke you up with tickles and you two made breakfast together before opening presents. 


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 You decided to keep the christmas decorations simple with a tree, stockings, decorations, and presents. The house ended up looking like its own winter wonderland and when he saw what you did for him, he started tearing up. On Christmas Eve, the day was filled with memories of laugher and song. You took him caroling, around town for him to experience the public Christmas cheer, and even got him to go on a sleigh ride. Boy did he love that. At the end of the day, you gave him a collection of classic christmas stories for him to practice with. So you made hot chocolate to share, wrapped him and you up in a blanket, turned on the fireplace in your shared room and sat next to him on the bed as he read to you. After the second story he read, you decided to give him a break and read to him. But halfway throughout the story, you found him asleep, head placed on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair.

In the middle of the night, you gently slid out of him embrace and snuck out to the christmas tree in the living room and placed at least 10 presents under the tree, then went back to the room and back into his arms.

When he woke you up with kisses, you smiled and lead him to the living room. When he saw the presents, he couldnt believe his eyes. Throughout the rest of the day, he would not let go of you.

when a heart is still here [yoongi&you]

Summary: When your best friend had passed away, you then pushed everyone away too, including your other friend Yoongi. You thought if anyone is less loved, you wouldn’t pain if another leaves, but Yoongi assures you differently.

a/n: here is your long awaited request, @jiminights!! sorry if this was nothing like the song four walls by little mix. i ended up listening to butterfly and apology while writing this, and my angst feels are everywhere at the moment. i hope that you still liked it though!

warning: minor death triggering and suicide

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“Today, our hearts are here gathered altogether for the loss of young…” And the voice becomes inaudible, along with everyone’s cries.

Your eyes remained on the one and only person’s portrait in front of you, Jung Hye Rim. Your long time best friend — best childhood friend, that is. She was your sworn sister. You two did basically everything together — from climbing trees since the age of five, to getting chased by wild stray dogs at the age of eight. You two had multiple sleepovers. Building forts, sharing secrets, and braiding each other’s hair as well with chopping each other’s hair off; what such great memories they all were.

But within that tiny glimpse of only memories left to keep, Hye Rim leaves the world without even having to say goodbye. You’re not one to want closures, but with Hye Rim, it would’ve been great to have. She was your sister, and never to hear her voice again truly kills you inside.

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i want you to know that my intention is to validate every form of catharsis. i do not think any form of catharsis is invalid or wrong unless someone is in physical or psychological danger.

write a song. draw. write a poem sing. 

that’s catharsis. and it’s valid.

rip up a piece of paper. as small as you can get it. write your favorite song word for word by memory. see how many pen dots fill up a sheet of loose leaf paper. count your shoes. count your shirts.

do something to keep yourself safe. you don’t have to move me. 

i’d love if you did. i love art. but that’s not the only way to release your emotions.

coming from someone who has been there.


It’s been a while since Phil left. 2 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days to be exact. And among the tears, nightmares, and blackness, there is only one thought on Dan’s mind. “When will I see you again?

Please note:
This fic is based off the song Stardust by Mika. Similar to The Real World, you don’t need to listen to the song to enjoy the fic, although, unlike TRW, it might help a lot. I have attached the song here if you want to give it a listen. This fic also includes Musician!Dan and Youtuber!Phil.

Warnings: some swearing, light pre-panic attack, sadness

Word count: 4861

Genre: angst, some fluff at the end


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“Maybe it’s pain and love
‘Cause the past has the way of holding in…”

Monday night. Nakaupo lang si Julie sa kama niya at pinapakinggan ang mga kantang kakantahin niya sa online gig niya kinabukasan, nang biglang pumasok si Jac.

“Ate…” Simula ni Jac.

“Yes baby. Ano yun?”

“Si kuya gwapo bakit hindi na po pumupunta dito?” Inosenteng tanong ng batang kapatid.

“Ah. Eh. Kasi busy si kuya mo eh.” Hindi niya alam kung pano sasagutin ang kapatid. “Baka hindi narin siya makapunta pa dito.”

“Bakit po?”

“Eh kasi baby, busy si kuya sa work. Wag na maraming tanong please? Magpahinga ka na kasi may pasok pa bukas.” Lambing nito sa kapatid.

“Miss ko na siya ate eh. Pero hindi ko na po siya tatanungin kasi ayaw kita ma-sad.”

“Ha? Ayaw mo kong ma-sad? Bakit?”

“Kasi pag tinatanong ko si kuya gwapo yung face mo nasasad. Ayaw ko na ganun ka ate. Miss mo na ba siya?”

“Hmmm. Sige na baby, matulog ka na. Gabi na oh. Bukas maglalaro tayo pagkauwi ko. Sleep ka na.” Iwas sa tanong na sagot ni Julie.

Nagliwanag naman ang mukha ng batang kapatid at niyakap ang ate nito. “Opo ate. Magsleep na ko. Goodnight ate. Lalab kita. Wag ka ng sad.” Sabi nito sabay halik sa pisngi ng ate nito.

“Lalab din kita baby. Sige na. Hug mo na ko ulit ng mahigpit tapos magsleep ka na sa room mo.” Niyakap naman siya ng batang kapatid at tuluyan ng lumabas ng kwarto.

“Ayaw ko naring maging malungkot.” Nasabi nalang niya sa isip niya,


“Every song that sings of you fills my head with memories we shared…”

10pm. Matutulog na sana siya ng biglang nagring ang cellphone niya. Tinignan niya kung sino ang tumatawag at agad siyang napabangon nung makita kung sino yun. Sinagot niya ang tawag pero hindi muna siya nagsalita.

“Hello…” Bungad ng nasa kabilang linya. “Julie, are you there?” Hindi parin siya sumasagot.

“Julie, alam ko naman na nakikinig ka eh. Please talk.” Pagmamakaawa nito.

“He-hello…” Mahinang sagot niya.

“Baby… I want to hear your voice. Damn, I want to see you.” Lambing nito.

“Don’t call me that. Lasing ka nanaman. Nasan ka ba? Umuwi ka na nga.” Pagtataray nito.

“I’m not drunk. Di ako lasing, nakainom lang ako. I can still think straight.”

“Eh ano bang kailangan mo?” Pinipilit niyang tarayan ang boses niya para hindi mahalata ng kausap nito na nasasaktan nanaman siya.

“I want to see you. Please?”

“Elmo naman eh…” Umpisa niya.

“Sige na please. Miss na miss na kita eh.”

'Siguro nga panahon na para magkausap na kami ng maayos.’ Isip niya. “Sige kelan ba?” Sagot niya.

“Now, I’m actually outside your house.”

Nagulat naman siya at agad tumayo para sumilip sa bintana niya and true enough, he’s there standing outside their gate looking lost.

“Siga bababa na ko.” Binaba na niya ang tawag, nagsuot ng jacket at bumaba na. Pagkabukas niya ng gate ay agad naman siyang niyakap ng binata.

“I miss you…” Sabi niya habang yakap siya at sinubsob ang mukha sa balikat niya.

“Elmo. Bitaw nga.” Pagalit na sabi nito pero ayaw parin bumitaw ng binata. “Bitaw sabi eh!” Sigaw niya.

Nagulat ang binata kaya agad niyang binitawan si Julie. “Galit ka ba?”

“Ako? Galit? Tingin mo Elmo?”

“I think you’re mad. But I don’t know why.”

“You don’t know why?! Manhid ka ba talaga o bobo lang?!” Hindi na niya mapigil ang emosyon niya. Ang sakit eh.


“Wag mo kong tatawagin niyan! You’ve already lost the right to call me that!” Pinipigilan niyang umiyak dahil ayaw niyang ipakita dito na mahina siya.

“Julie. Ano bang problema?” Pa-inosenteng tanong nito.

“Anong problema? Sige sasabihin ko lahat.” Bumuntong hininga siya at nagsalita na. “Elmo, anong nangyari?”

“Nangyari saan?”

“Satin. Anong nangyari satin? Bakit ganito na tayo? Bakit nasasaktan na ko?”
Nanghihina na siya pero alam niyang kailangan niyang gawin to para nadin sa closure na gusto niya.

“I…” Hindi naman makasagot si Elmo.

“Ang sakit sakit kasi. Nagkaron tayo ng something. Masaya tayo eh. Pero anong nangyari? Ano ako ngayon? Nasasaktan! Kasi naaalala ko na may memories tayo pero never kang naging akin. Hindi ka naging akin.” Tuluyan ng tumulo ang luha niya.

“Julie, hindi totoo yan! Sayo ako. Simula pa noon.” Pilit nito.

“Akin ka? Wow, nagjojoke ka ba? Parang hindi naman. Simula pa noon may kaagaw na ko sayo dba? Nawala siya, akala ko okay na. Pero hindi parin pala. May bagong dumating. At mas masakit kasi siya yung pinili mo. Nasa harap mo lang ako pero di mo na ko nakikita.”

Bumuntong hininga siya. “Alam mo, tinuring kitang isa sa mga pinaka-importanteng tao sa buhay ko eh. Kahit magulang ko nasaway ko para sayo. Naging matigas yung ulo ko. Kasi ano, kasi mahal kita. Ikaw lang yung significant other ko. Pero hindi pala. Ako lang pala nakaramdam nun. Ang sakit sakit di ba? Wait, di mo pala alam kasi hindi mo naman naramdaman. Ako lang yung nakaramdam. Kasi aminin na natin, sating dalawa ako pinaka-nagmahal. You said you’ll wait for me. Asan na yung pangako na yun? Wala na.” Napaupo nalang siya dahil sa sobrang sakit na nararamdaman niya. Umupo din naman harap niya si Elmo at hinawakan ang kamay niya.

“Julie. I’m sorry. Pero alam mo naman na minahal kita eh. Fuck, mahal parin kita.” Naiiyak na din na sagot ni Elmo.

“Mahal mo parin ako? Pero bakit ganito? Pinili mo na siya di ba? Kayo na. Bakit sinasabi mo parin sakin yan? Gustong gusto mo ba talaga akong makitang nasasaktan?! Elmo pagod na pagod na ko eh. Maawa ka naman sakin.”

“Julie, no. Ayokong nasasaktan ka.”

“Kung ayaw mo kong nasasaktan, bakit paulit ulit na ganito?” Tinitigan niya ang binata. “You know what? Ikaw yung ideal man ko eh. Lahat nasayo na. Akala ko ikaw na yung para sakin. Akala ko magiging masaya ko hanggang sa huli pero hindi pala. Panandalian lang yung saya tapos sobrang sakit pa pagkatapos. Alam mo yun, yung gabi gabi halos mamatay na ko kakaiyak sa kwarto ko. Pero paglabas ko ng kwarto dapat masaya ako. Di ko dapat ipakita sakanila na hindi ako okay, kasi ayokong mag-alala yung mga tao sa paligid ko. Kasi ginusto ko naman to eh. Pero tangina! Ang sakit talaga! You’re my ideal man, you were my everything. Pero ako hindi ganun para sayo.” Di na napigil pa ni Julie na magmura dahil narin sa nararamdaman niya ngayon.

“Julie stop crying please. You’re my ideal girl. Alam mo yan.” Lumuluha na din na sagot ni Elmo.

“Yeah, I am your ideal girl but I just wasn’t enough. It just won’t work out. Gets ko na.”

Napatigil nalang silang dalawa at napatingin nalang sa langit.

“Alam mo sabi ni Maqui, I need closure. Tama siya eh. Gustong gusto ko ng mag-move on pero hindi ko magawa kasi I’m still stuck in the past. Kasi hindi ko alam kung ano bang nangyari satin. Hindi ko nasabi sayo noon lahat ng iniisip ko. Kaya eto na, this is the chance. Kinukuha ko na yung closure na kailangan ko.” Tumingin siya muli sa binata at hinawakan ang kamay nito. “Elmo, can you please give me the closure that I need? Pagod na kasi talaga ako eh. Binigay ko lahat sayo pero anong napala ko? Luha at sakit lang lagi. Tama na, naaawa na ko sa sarili ko. Gusto ko ng makaalis sa pagkakabaon ko sa lupa. I need to move on.”

“Julie… Pano ako?”

“This time wag naman yung sarili mo yung isipin mo. Pwede ako naman? Ang sakit sakit na talaga. Baon na baon na ko eh. Gusto ko na bumangon. You’re always asking me that question tuwing may ganito.” Binitawan niya ang kamay ng binata. “Ako naman yung magtatanong sayo. Elmo, pano ako? Masaya ka ba na ganito ako? Kasi ako hindi na. Hindi na ako yung Julie na kilala niyo dati eh. Gusto ko ng bumalik sa dating ako. Gusto ko ng makahinga ulit. Gusto ko na pag narinig ko yung pangalan mo wala ng sakit. Gusto ko na maka-move on sayo.”

“Ayaw mo na sakin?” Parang batang sagot nito.

“Hindi sa ayaw ko na sayo. More on, ayaw ko ng masaktan ng ganito. Nakakasawa na, Moe. Paulit ulit nalang. Hindi naman kasi ako pampalipas oras na pwede mo puntahan pag busy yung isa. This is the last time that I’ll ask this. Let me go. Please?”

Tinitigan niya ang binata na para bang minimemorya niya sa isip niya ang itsura nito. “I’m not giving you an option. I’m asking you to let me go. Yun lang. Tama na to. Maybe you’ll be happy with her. But for me, I just want to be happy again. I want to be that Julie Anne again. Can you do that for me?”

“You know that I can’t do that. Pero I love you and your happiness means the world to me. You’re right. All I’ve done was to hurt you. Gago ko noh? Siguro nga hindi talaga ako marunong makuntento. Hindi ko natupad yung promise ko. Di ako marunong maghintay. I always want something new and I didn’t realize na sobra na kitang nasasaktan, Sorry ha? Tanga ko talaga eh.” Bumuntong hininga siya. “I’ll let you go. Ayoko ng nakikita kang ganyan. Gusto ko nadin makita ulit yung Julie noon na nasira ko dahil sa kagaguhan ko. I’ll try to be happy with her. But please promise me one thing…” Seryosong sabi nito.

“Ano yun?”

“Find your happiness. Find your happiness that you didn’t have with me.” Hinawakan niya muli ang kamay ng dalaga. “Be that Julie Anne again, yung Julie na minahal ko dati. Yung walang nakakaapak. I’m so sorry for hurting you. And always remember that I’ll still love you no matter what happens. This hurts so much but I know this is nothing compared to what you felt. So. For the last time I’ll say these before I leave. Para masabi ko man lang na you were still mine before I leave this house.” Ngumiti ang binata na tulad ng dati. Yung parang wala silang problema.

“Pasok ka na. Malamig na oh. Matulog ka na, wag kang magpupuyat. I love you baby. Forever and always. Goodnight my princess. Ingat ka lagi. Last na yan promise. We can finally let go of each other.” Sabi ni Elmo tsaka pa hinalikan ng mariin si Julie sa noo at tuluyan ng lumabas ng gate nila at umalis na.

Tumulo na ang mga natitira pang luha sa mata niya. “Thank you, Elmo.”

“Feels like you had me, but I never had you…”

- END -