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Better Boyfriend, Better Lyrics

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1070ish

Warnings: Crappy Ex-Boyfriends, Swearing, Fluff

Summary: A song your ex-boyfriend wrote about you plays on the Impala’s radio while your current boyfriend is driving

A/N: This is a quick, fluffy little oneshot I wrote for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Season 3 Challenge. My song was 40000 Miles by Goodnight City. Feedback is always appreciated!

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“Hey, hey! No eating in Baby,” Your boyfriend scolded, making a grab for the chips in your hand while he drove the Impala. 

You pulled them out of his reach and argued, “You eat in her all the time!”

Dean made another swipe at your snack, causing you to jump as far away from him as the front seat of the Impala would allow. You reached your hand inside the bag and obnoxiously began to munch on your chips, giving Dean a smile of pure innocence that only made him roll his eyes.

Suddenly, the rock station that was proudly blasting Led Zeppelin through the Impala’s speakers changed to a song that Dean usually described as “Whiny Teenage Crap.”

Dean groaned at the blasphemy playing in his car and reached to change it.

“Oh no, wait! Turn it up!” You commanded, scooting closer to Dean and smacking his hand from the radio.

“You listen to this crap?” Deans asked, shooting you a look of shock and disgust.

“Only when it’s a song about me written by my jackass ex-boyfriend,” You revealed, cranking up the stereo.

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I swear I’m starting to think the powers that be behind Emmerdale started listening to Lady Gaga’s album Joanne. With Perfect Illusions and Million Reasons and thought those are perfect soundtrack songs to apply to Robron. Because stories about cheating with your ex at the first little hiccup in marriage isn’t cliche at all. 

Didn’t watch your ex’s set. I just left and thought about you; like when your teeth graze those lips, when you begin to smile. Later, you took my hand. You lead us to the doorway, but you let go of me once you saw all your friends. And I’ve known you forever. At least that’s what I tell Jake, when I’m too drunk to walk home, when your brother is away. You suggested I write a song about the first time we met, but I can’t seem to remember where or when. Couldn’t watch your ex’s set. Instead I wrote this song about you. Thought, “would you show your kids, if you found the time was right?” You’d tell them where and when. You never thought I’d leave the east coast. We were young and full of sin. And I too dumb to understand. Yet I’ve loved you forever. At least that’s what I tell Holt, when I’m too drunk to lie, too drugged to be alone. You suggested I write a song about the first time we met, well I don’t wanna remember there or then. So, is this the hook you wanted? Is it stuck inside your head? Can you sing it with your friends, or alone? So, am I what you needed? Say you love me to my face, grin and gossip, walk away and then go… “So is this the hook you wanted? To sing about me to my friends? Well you’re just stuck inside your head, all alone. You were all I needed. Said I loved you to your face, but you just laughed and walked away.”

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100, 15, 19, 12 ,22, 1

1-  what’s your middle name? i actually don’t have a middle name!!! crazy right?

12- what was your last dream about? my ex

15- what’s your favourite song? like, EVER?? holy. that’s hard. but imma go with ring ring by mika??

19- do you want a church wedding? probs not, i’m an athiest

22- have you ever gotten in trouble with the law? no, but i have had a few close calls

100- colour of your room? the walls are regular old white but the colour scheme is black, white, rose gold, and pink

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(I'm that anon with Bad Blood request) You wrote in your tags that you like famous!y/n concept and I just wonder if you ever wrote it or if you have any recs on it? Thanks again love, I'm happy you're feeling my idea! {but honestly tho 1989 Tour is so good like some songs are so badass like WANEGBT and Trouble but other are just so cute and sexy and ah I love TSwift}

I have a few that I’ve written below, but I don’t have any recs off the top of my head :( i’ll start a tag for it though!! (BUT YES OMFG I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT I’M GENUINELY CONCERNED I WON’T LOVE ANYONE IN MY LIFE MORE THAN I LOVE HER)


  • Post Break-up prompt - “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” / “The song was about you.”
  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue - In which you see your ex’s mom at the grocery store three years after the breakup. // Part 2 - In which you’re invited over for dinner by Luke’s siblings and things happen.



  • “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” - In which being 5sos’s makeup artist had it’s perks, but covering the hickies of someone you had a crush on definitely wasn’t one of them. (this is vaguely famous!y/n??? idk)


That’s right. Time for the best damned list around. This is...

Television: Otherwise known as the third parent.

Sherlock returns! Eventually to TV, now to Fandometrics (No. 11).
The Walking Dead moved up two, but at what cost? (No. 4.)
Girl Meets World meets disappointment, falling six spots to No. 14.

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Movies: A good week for good movies.

Back to the Future meets its density (No. 1).
The Force Awakens awoke again, sitting pretty at No. 3.

Music: Featuring two great songs about calling your ex.

☆ “Hello. It’s me. I’m at No. 3.” —Adele
Drake danced his way up nine spots to No. 5.
Panic! At The Disco frightens everyone, returns to No. 4.

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Celebrities: Back To The Future absolutely dominates.

Christopher Lloyd traveled through space and time, landed at No. 3.
Michael J. Fox didn’t get as far as Doc, but still got to No. 5.
BTTF filmmaker Robert Zemeckis came in last at No. 20.
Jimmy Kimmel profited after having Fox and Lloyd on his show. Phew. (No. 14.)

Games: Video games are born when a video and a game make a baby.

Life is Strange moved up two to No. 2. A satisfying trajectory.
Fire Emblem is hot, returning to the list at No. 19.

Web stuff: Your .coms, .nets, .orgs and so on.

Cr1TiKaL installed Snapchat, everyone freaked, debuted at No. 3.
Anticipating the new season of RWBY? Looks like it. Moved up to No. 4.

Just heard this on the radio.....

“Taylor Swift has a new game app coming out.”

“What’s a Taylor Swift game app like?”

“Maybe you write a bunch of songs about your exs and kill them off”


Death Of A Bachelor Summary
  • Victorious: Brendon gets his ass kicked in dodge ball
  • Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time: Brendon gets drunk and fucks shit up in high heels
  • Hallelujah: was it 'em or him? The world may never know.
  • Emperor's New Clothes: Brendon is literally Satan
  • Death of a Bachelor: Brendon loves his wife and Frank Sinatra
  • Crazy=Genius: Brendon watches the Jungle Book
  • LA Devotee: Brendon loves LA
  • Golden Days: MY LITERAL JAM
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty: Tbh cool title but idk I'm not feeling it
  • House of Memories: The song that makes you think about your ex
  • Impossible Year: this one fucked me up real bad

I feel bad for being nitpicky with a lot of songs but I have to say I don’t like “I Bet” where Ciara shames the “new girl” for wearing a weave and referring to her as a “bitch” just because she’s mad at her shitty ex. So many songs about a woman being rightfully mad at her ex always goes back to her contempt for the “other” or “new” woman, and it’s not cool. You can say it’s simply a song about her being “hurt” but honestly, the hurt comes from your ex, not the person who is more or less caught in the crossfire. I can’t change and dictate how every artist writes their songs but they could at least mind the misogyny. The song pretty much reminds us, “Yeah, the breakup is the problem but the women involved ain’t shit and men are clearly more valuable than the women.” It comes off as her more or less being angry that the woman is in the picture, not her shit of an ex. And I can’t vibe with “breakup” or “heartbreak” songs where the “other” or “new” woman is shamed. 

 I guess you can say I’m sensitive because I’ve been in a similar situation where a woman tried that bullshit with me, and honestly, it was hurtful. I was more or less called out of my name. I felt devalued and invalidated as a person and woman. Like I didn’t matter, and she was somehow above me over a false sense of worth and juxtaposition between us two. I’ve never been the “other” woman per se but I’ve been attacked by other women who thought I was fucking with their men. And as black (and darker) women, a lot of us are already told we are not loved and don’t deserve happiness with others, so the side chick label is really hurtful. I know we would like to think the “other” woman is not as important and will never be up to par with us, but the truth is, we’re no better than her.

   People will say, “Well, you just don’t know what it’s like to be cheated on and left for another person.” I don’t know that, but you also don’t know what it’s like to be a woman who is referred to as the “side” and someone “useless” in a situation she really didn’t ask to be in in the first place. Most women don’t want to be with “taken” men or women. So I don’t see why people make it like it’s the woman’s fault if someone’s shitty relationship is put to pasture.

blue night radio - 150419

(on “미안해 (i’m sorry)”) jonghyun: the lyrics to this song are selfish. i mainly wrote likes like: “what should i do? i was really sorry towards you then, and i’m still sorry now.” expressing your apologizes to your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends even if you have no intention of dating that person again, or saying: “are you living well? that time (that we were together) i was sorry.” you could send something like that too (to your exes), so while listening to the song, just listen to it and don’t do it / don’t do anything. i remember writing the song to say to not contact the person (you’re thinking about / your ex). (source: cosmicsticks)

I’m sorry but Taylor swift is so annoying. She complains that men she’s dating jokingly say “so when are you gonna write a song about me?” And complains that we need feminism because of that. NO. They ask you that because all you do is WRITE SONGS ABOUT ALL OF YOUR EXS.

And now it’s with Nikki Minaj. Nikki is talking about race and oppression and just not getting what she and other artists deserve, yet Tswift claims that Mimaj is “pitting women against each other” because apparently this is what it’s about. Taylor, just sit down and stop. Just stop.