songs about ducks

I have so many feels about Minkowski’s Polish roots
  • Her deep deep love for space that came not only from reading too many Lem’s books and just getting so much into it?  
  • Cursing in Polish/French whenever she’s really pissed off.  
  • She can speak perfect English without any sign of Polish accent whatsoever. She can also perfectly speak English with very heavy accent.  
  • Getting really pissed off whenever anybody suggests her that she made a gramma error following with her giving a lecture on English grammar
  •  Knowing lyrics to musicals in 4 languages and comparing them? Also this (legit polish musical for kids. this song is about a duck)
  •   “Oh I read this book in original” 
  •  “Why don’t you have a word for that?!”  
  • Arguing with Hilbert in Russian. Also just talking to Hilbert in Russian whenever she’s really, really pissed at Eiffel. (Eiffel finally starts learning it at some point). 
  • All kinds of hybrids of Polish, French and American food? aka. why is there so much cabbage on our thanksgiving 
  • Drinking straight vodka or posh wine (followed by “how is your head so strong?”)  
  • Rolling eyes whenever someone mentions how communism is the best solution to everything 

imagine a pocket sized mino taking a bubble bath inside a teacup as you’re in your regular sized bath tub and he starts rapping about rubber ducks.

“My rubber ducky got that mhhmm~ It’s so swag you’re nose will bleed from the epicness that is my bath toy. Look at Ducky’s hip hop swagger and three dolla gold chains. You like? You liiiiike~”

“Did you just quote Suga and T.O.P?”


UNIQ's animal nicknames
  • Sungjoo: Kim Pig
  • Seungyoun: Monkey
  • Yixuan: Turtle
  • Wenhan: Pigeon
  • Yibo: Wang Duck

Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

Does anyone remember the duck song… the one about the duck and lemonade stand… because i’m pretty sure that song would give a herondale a panic attack and/or a fear of lemonade stands