i don’t know this song but it’s klance and the video is just so well done??


EDIT: @linxixy you did a great job!!


I’ve probably shared this before but I love it a lot so I’m gonna share it again

Music tag

I was tagged by the lovely @semper-femina <3

I will just write down all the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat recently (in no particular order).

Ten songs:

-Isobel Anderson, In my garden

- Valerie June, The hour

- Tchaikovsky, Valse sentimentale

- Sasha Siem, Crow 

- Coldplay, Fix you 

- Leonard Cohen, Famous blue raincoat

- The Smiths, This night has opened my eyes

- Elliott Smith, Rose parade

- Nina Simone, Sinnerman 

- Maria Callas, Un bel di vedremo 

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and anyone else who feels like doing this! 


영원한 건 절대 없어
결국에 넌 변했지
이유도 없어 진심이 없어
사랑 같은 소리 따윈 집어 쳐
오늘밤은 삐딱하게
“Nothing ever lasts forever. In the end, you changed; there is no reason, no sincerity. Take away such a thing as love. Tonight, I’ll be crooked.”

Song: 삐딱하게 (Crooked)
By: G-Dragon

Please respond

Would you guys be okay if I started posting covers of things like “Letter from the Refuge” and “Santa Fe (reprise)” and “Watch What Happens?” and “Requiem” and “Waving Through a Window” and “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” and other musical songs?

You are the moon
and you are the stars,
you’re so much more
and the sun above,

you are meant
to light my path,
you are meant
to guide me through the dark,

you are beauty
and you are grace,
you are so much more
than a pretty face,

you are bright
and you’re complete,
you are full
and what I need.

—  // you
I am fascinated by the idea of falling out of love;
of finally being able to let someone go who has been in control of your mind for so long,
to free yourself and start all over,
or simply to experience how unrequited feelings vanish,
making room for better things.
—  // there is beauty in every ending