Music spoke to me just as much as my mother did,
the only difference is with music… I listened.
And no disrespect to my mother.
Music guided me.
Told me when to hold on,
and when it was time to let go.
She told me I was not alone, and not to be afraid.
She was there.
Written inside her are the secrets I could never tell my mother.
The broken heart I hid from her when I was sixteen,
the curse words she would faint hearing roll off my tongue.
Music allowed me to feel every emotion, without judgement.
To curse at the wind in anger, to howl at the moon in sorrow,
to scream and dance in joy.
She accepted me. She understood me.
Which is not to say that my mother didn’t.
But music gave me the advice that my mother never knew how to.
Music told me, “your mom loves you, and she is trying. So try too.”
Music is like a third parent.
Perhaps she has taught me more
than my mother will ever be capable of.
For she is only one person, with one outlook on life,
and music has lived a million years.
A million stories, with a million experiences to relate to.
But my mother…
she introduced me to music.
Played me my first lullaby,
and sometimes,
when she can’t find the words to express herself,
she plays me a song.
And I listen.
—  a.p.//I Hear You, Momma

I can NOT stop listening to this song and thinking about Age of Ultron, mostly Wanda and Pietro.


    Now here I go again, I see the crystal vision
I keep my vision to myself
    It’s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams
    Have you any dreams to sell?

Dreams of loneliness?

Like a heartbeat drives you mad
in the stillness of remembering
            what you had
                     and what you lost

Do My Thang: Little Mix’s “Boy”

Do My Thang: Little Mix’s “Boy”

“I used to be the shyest little thing ever. The thing that brought out my confidence is being in this group with these girls… Being around them has brought out the best in me.” – Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Seventeen

I always like to tell people that my interest in boy bands at the age of 18 (Jonas Brothers) and the age of 22 (One…

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