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Give me all [MAFIA!AU]

Summary: He wanted supreme control, but one pawn was missing from his board, so he went out to get it.

Warning: Language, sex, drugs, violence, gore


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It was clearly, most definitely moans.And they have been going on for a while now. ‘The best’ thing in this situation was his bed installed on the other side of the wall that connected their rooms, which happened to be the wall her bed was fixed to. Not only did she hear everything, but she was also shaken by Jungkook’s thrusts as his bed’s headboard banged into the wall mentioned earlier.

She tried to be smooth about letting them know they were too loud. She tried turning the TV on to a high volume, she slammed the door, faked a cough so bad she started coughing for real and even smashed down, ‘by mistake’, a beautiful perhaps crystal lamp. They were unreal, her anger was boiling hotter and hotter, to calm herself she even took the situation at hand and she determined he was fucking a whore, thus the exaggerated moans.

They’ve calmed for a minute or so, and she thought they were done. Mei closed her eyes, let out a heavy breath and tried to catch some sleep.

“Ahhhh, Ma-Aster J-Jeon!”

‘Are you fucking serious?!’, she screamed in her head. This is the moment her nerves left her to deal with this on her own, and she did the first thing that came up to her. Her hands fumbled with the lock, but once opened she firmly grasped the barrel and stormed out of her room.


The door rattled under her hard blows, her fingers hurt from being pressed down so hard and her palm stung with each blow when the muzzle dug in it. But no pain was to be felt when her anger was at its maximum, only the slight throb of the blood pumping at her temples.

Jungkook just blinked once at the gun grip which was dashing towards his forehead, luckily for him, it stopped 2 cm away. He saw her frowning the moment she spotted him, he kept quiet as she put up her most fierce demeanor before speaking.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing messing with my sleep?” The loud tone hit his eardrums. The gun grip pointing at his chest with every word, taunting him.

“Can’t you see I’m kinda busy right now?” Jungkook gave a brief look to his groin while giving her a slight smirk.

His eyes are agile, searching for any type of reaction from her, a hasty breath, widened eyes, shaky arms, something to tell him that she was impressed, taken aback. He found none, not even the slightest. Jungkook saw her head shifting, rising up from looking at his crotch and little by little the defying smirk she wore was revealed. It struck him, what kind of girl has no reaction when a man comes on glistening in sweat and displays his cock to her?

“Do I look like a give a fuck? I have no interest in seeing your hard dick unless it’s for me.” His eyes squinted at her tongue poking out to wet her lips, his eyes with hooded eyelids stares at her jaw being pushed towards him. He kept his posture while she strenuously pushed the gun into his chest, exactly where his heart is. Jungkook’s low ‘It isn’t even that hard’ barely reached her somewhere in her unconsciousness.

“You and your whore better let me sleep or else I’ll come and end you both!” Mei’s voice forced him to look up at her again as she holds his gaze for a couple of minutes before turning around and entering her room.

He stood in the doorway even after hers slammed shut. ‘Or else I’ll come and end you both’, Jungkook chuckled, what did she mean by ‘end you both’? More exactly to end our lives or making us orgasm? While thinking this he closed his door and languidly made his way back into his room, but didn’t go for the bed, instead choosing the cabinet over it, pouring himself some whiskey. He kept silent for a while, his butt pressed against the hard wood of the cabinet, mindlessly watching over the two sharks swimming around in the massive tank set up in one of the walls, at the same time enjoying his drink. The thought of having Mei in all the ways he wishes left Jungkook unwanting of another woman.

“That’s all for tonight. Go back to the lake house!” he commanded with his back turned to the woman waiting on the bed for him.

Jungkook did not move a centimeter until the door clicked into place and only then he allowed himself a deep long exhale, his fingers ravishing his hair, turning it into a mess. The whiskey in the embellished crystal glass was finished in one swig, he bowed to reach inside the cabinet and retrieved two plastic zip bags and a lighter from it. His finger meticulously rolled up a joint, he grabbed the lighter and heard his own footsteps pacing on the marble floor as he was strolling towards the big french windows. He opened them and stepped on the balcony, cool air making his hair stand up on his arms and legs. Jungkook sat down on the chair facing the garden, lit up his joint and took a long drag from it. His head fell back on the chair and he opened his mouth to let the smoke rise forming a thick cloud, only watching the stars for a fragment of a second before closing his eyes. Completely giving into the calming feeling Jungkook had no idea what a sight he was.

His head back with sweaty hair strands stuck to his forehead, both arms stretched over the tub chair’s armrest, prominent throat with veins cracking up, chest rising and falling meekly, legs parted widely and his erection sprawled on his abdomen. The moonlight falling on his skin softly highlighting his muscles, his slightly flexed arms and long legs. The smoke from the joint lavishly playing on him giving him that surreal look, handsome and intangible, just like a god.


Black suede boots with heels clicked on the marble, slowly making their way down the stairs and along the hallway until they’ve reached the dining room entrance. The seven men could now see the tip of the boots not only hear them and soon after them, the rest followed. Coal black material covering her legs up above the knees, the red tight skirt just the perfect length to cover her ass and a crop top with cut-out shoulders and a chocker to top it off. They were waiting for her, Yoongi played with his matches, Mino and Seunghoon were laughing and Taehyung listened to Jungkook as he explained something and traced some lines on an open folder.

With the exception of the bomb twins, they all looked at her unfazed. Jungkook tossed the folder to a servant with bored eyes, Yoongi blew the match out and took a normal position while Taehyung took a sip from his coffee. She took her seat near Taehyung and waited in silence with all of them for breakfast to be served.

“Are you trying to integrate better in your soon-to-be whore title?” Jungkook said instead of a ‘good morning’.

“I am a mafia lawyer, might as well look like one!” She didn’t even spare him a single gaze.

“No, you kinda look like those girls at the club who come to suck you off  of both cum and money.” Yoongi’s platonic voice spoke. “Don’t you worry, though, they are usually good at giving blowjob.”

“And you kinda look like you need a blowjob.” Mino’s nose scrunched in amazement and covered his mouth while snickering, everyone could smell the burn. 

It was all silent for a while after that, Yoongi thought of plenty good comebacks at that time but he kept his mouth shut, she was a woman and he didn’t want to go too far into insulting her, at least for now. Everyone was enjoying the silence and ate their food in contempt when Jungkook decided it was time to talk business.

“Yoongi, Mino, you two are on to that transaction in Songpa-gu today at 12:15. Yoongi! Don’t let Mino do anything unnecessary!” Jungkook took some more bites off his plate before talking again.

“Seunghoon, you go check the info we’ve got on Choi about him washing some money away from us in Mapo-gu. Taehyung, I’ve assessed you the task of discarding the Baem, you know what to do but that later tonight, now just see if everything’s fine back at the factory and bring back some reports.” He took a pause to drink from his coffee and shrug. “I want you all in my office by 10:30 p.m. so we can talk about Namjoon sneaking into my business like I don’t know he is the one who took out my lawyer.”

With this, the schedule for that day was laid out and all of them made a plan in their head on how to approach their problem. Not Mei, she was just enjoying the good food and the silence which she longed for last night. But then her peace started crushing and from somewhere she could hear someone calling her name.

“Mei, I have taken the day off only so I could pass you down your responsibilities and bring you up to date with what’s going on around here. Try to keep up with everything as I have no extra time to spare for you and your slow mind.”

She straightened her back and swallowed her food before responding. “Roger that, Jeon!” Mei’s index and middle finger went to her brow and saluted him like a soldier with a provocative smile and a wink.


They walked past the garage where she saw her car, Jungkook’s and a few more she couldn’t recognize. Here and there were 3 empty spots. Taehyung, Seunghoon, Mino and Yoongi left immediately after breakfast was over and she was left with Jungkook.

Unexpected of him, he suggested that they start with a tour around the estate. So he showed her the garage, the stables, the pool, the garden and they were now walking towards the lake. As they got closer to the shore, she started to distinguish the silhouette of another house, not as big as the other but clearly imposing. At the entrance, there was a rather large terrace with white marble floor and greek columns from which were graciously hung pieces of pale blue silk chiffon, swept by the mild breeze. Two men were seated at the entrance just like they were everywhere, they stood up when they saw Jungkook and bowed opening the doors for them.

A nice laugh tingled in her ear. So this house is used as well, Mei deduced. She followed after Jungkook in what looked like a luxurious, sweet smelling and sunlight-filled living room. Occupying different seats among the room, Mei counted eight women. All beautiful, dressed in lingerie and caked up to the last detail, three of them were over a corner of the massive white table in the middle and snorted cocaine. Other two were laying on a single cream recamier on the farthest corner and smoking weed from what Mei could tell from this distance, a brunette was trying to set some peonies in a tall vase while the remaining two applied cream on their legs. The girls turned their attention to Jungkook the moment he stepped in, they hurried to form a line before him, bowing deeply.

“Is she new meat, Master Jeon?” A girl with sun-kissed skin jerked her chin at Mei.

Jungkook chuckled, grabbed her jaw with his right hand and kissed her open-mouthed. “She’s not, not yet. She is to be in two weeks.” He entered further into the room and took a seat on one of the armchairs, soon after that a tall redhead handed him a flute of sparkling champagne. Mei walked confidently, pushing aside the girls so she could pass and sat down in the other armchair.

“I’ll have some champagne too!” She smiled at the redhead. All girls looked at her in disbelief and the one who brought Jungkook a glass looked at him with an inquiring glare. He just nodded, signaling her to proceed. “So, is this your whore house, Jeon?” She asked before taking a small sip from the champagne.

“Whore house?… Well, yes, you can call it that too, I suppose. We, here, refer to it as the ‘Lake House’.”

Mei could feel the women’s glares shooting her venomous arrows in her chest, but she cared not. “And, you’ve brought me here so I get to see where I’ll be staying. If I am to lose the deal, that is.”

“Mmm, I understand you are not as dumb as I thought. That was indeed my plan all along.”

Mei turned her head, observing closely her surroundings and the people around her and then spoke: “I can deal with this. This kind of luxury isn’t achievable with an income of a lawyer resolving divorces. And the girls, they are all very beautiful and…sexy.” She downed the rest of the sparkling champagne and gently placed the slim flute on the short marble table near her. “Say, these two weeks, may I request for one of them too?”

Jungkook turned to stare deep at her with dark eyes, so dark you could see the lust in them from miles away. He broke his scary look into a devilish smirk which turned Mei’s sense on.

Jungkook broke the visual contact and turned to finish his champagne as well. “Feel free to do so!” He stood up and smoothed down any creases in his suit and leaned his head on his left shoulder demanding that she should get up and follow him.

 Jungkook left the Lake House in a big way, not saying goodbye because that would not go well with his superior bad attitude, he stepped outside on the terrace with both hands in his pockets, tongue poking inside the right cheek and his eyebrows were cockily furrowed while scrutinizing the glossy surface of the lake. He rearranged his trousers while his hands still inside the pockets, the outset of a boner making his crotch stand out more in the tight material and then he started walking tall and proud.


As Jungkook ordered Yoongi and Mino were in Songpa-gu for the monthly transaction where they gave the drugs to their men and their men gave them the money for the last batch of drugs. Normally, this type of action was a piece of cake, but sometimes, mostly when Mino was involved, they’ll get messy.

“That’s all? Huh, Mino gave his best cocky smile, so you’re telling me this is all you have managed to make this month?”

“The selling went bad, boss! Motherfuckers got no money for cocaine no more, boss!” He held up his hands it defense, trying to wave off Mino’s anger.

“Do you realize the shit you are saying? Since when do cocaine addicts stop snorting cocaine when they no longer have money?”

“I d-do-don’t k-know..a-ah-aAAH!” His head was raised by his hair strands being plucked from his scalp with an iron grip by Mino’s hand. He blinked when the watch clasped around Mino’s hand bumped his skull. His men were watching everything from inside the car not daring to move a finger.

“You don’t know huh?” With a hellish smile, he pulled the man’s head backward causing him to stumble and then pushed his head in the headlight while screaming at him “Where’s my money, bitch?”

 The headlight plastic broke and the light emitting from it turned red, clack-clack, two tiny white squares dropped on the cement. The man recoiled and escaped from Mino’s grip, he felt the car on his right and pressed his back to it. Blood was flowing from several parts of his face, his nose bridge, his brow, but the most generous amount of liquid was coming from his mouth. His finger shaking pushed hastily past his lips feeling around in his mouth, he screamed in horror when instead of touching his two front teeth he felt nothing.

Mino just stood there, that smile which lets you know that hell broke loose still plastered to his face. “Now I am all dirty because of you. This, his fingers pinched the material of his shirt, costs a thousand times your lame ass! Guess you have to pay for this too!” And Mino started walking his direction again, but he stopped when the mirror brushed against his stomach. His arms were at his sides leisurely and the thumb was running over all the fingertips as if brushing off dust.

“You are such a fucking pain in the ass!” Yoongi complained as he was sat against his car’s hood a few meters away from the fiery scene. He played with his matches as always, he lit them one by one and when the flame got to his digits he will toss them into a dirty puddle.

“I’m just trying to be a good replacement for Jungkook, that’s all!” Mino waved his left arm calmly, assuring Yoongi that everything is under control.

“You fucking suck! Just hurry the fuck up!” With a slight flick of his wrist, the match flew from in between his fingertips and its flame died down in the puddle with a dull ‘tssst’. He opened the car’s door and slid into the driver’s seat, he leant his head back watching Mino with sleepy eyes.

“Where were we? Ah, yes..” Mino said before slamming his bare fist trough the windshiled. They were all stone, none of them would dare cross Mino, they were regretting listening to their boss in agreeing to steal money from them. Everyone who has heard of Mino feared this psycho with an immense sexual appetite, he was one of Jungkook’s trusted men after all. Even with his sprea fame, Mino came third when talking ‘the creepy psychos of Jeon’s gang’. First was Jeon himself, of course, the things that went around about what he does in his free time made even the bravest piss themselves. And he was so dreaded because theay all knew it wasn’t just talking when it came to Jungkook, the mutilated bodies left by him on purpose here and there so they know what will happen to them if he is to get mad, talked for themselves. Second came bomb artisan Taehyung, if Jungkook left bodies, Taehyung left a mush of blood, a paste and some bits of meat and an eye here, an ear there.

Mino clutched a triangular piece of glass, blood trickled down his forearm, he pressed his flesh against the sharp object not feeling the pain. He pressed his chest against the man’s and pushed the glass under his eye.

“I wonder, will you look better with a missing eye?” 

A sharp pain shot up Mino’s left side of the body, the glass fell from his grip and he rested against the car, but was forced to stand on his feet when the car sped off. 'Fucking pussies’ ,he thought. Yoongi jumped out of his car, pulled out his gun and sprang off to Mino’s help.

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Seoul: Songpa Naru Park’s Cherry Blossoms by Seoul Korea
Via Flickr:
Lotte World at dusk. Songpa Naru Park is one of the finest places in Seoul to view the spectacular annual cherry blossoms. Located in the south-east of the city in the Songpa-gu district, the park is conveniently adjacent to Jamsil Station, Lotte World and the Lotte World Mall complex. Every April the two central lakes are surrounded by the beautiful sight of hundreds of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, making this an ideal place to enjoy the warmer spring weather whilst taking a walk in amongst the trees. Accessible from: Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 and 8), Exit 2, 3, or 10.