Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who had wandered over the continent in the Dreamtime, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path—birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes—and so singing the world into existence….

Each totemic ancestor, while travelling through the country, was thought to have scattered a trail of words and musical notes along the line of his footprints … these Dreaming-tracks lay over the land as ‘ways’ of communication between the most far-flung tribes….

In theory, at least, the whole of Australia could be read as a musical score.

—  Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines
Fic recs - Autism Spectrum

@7-percent asked me for my favorite portrayals of neuroatypical glory, a.k.a. “ASD Sherlock”. Although this is one of my all time favorite things, I must admit that I haven’t got as many such stories bookmarked as I would have liked to, partly because I haven’t read all of the available ones yet (I tend to get side-tracked, and a bit single-minded in what I read, and I shy away from some stories. but that’s due to other neuroatypicalities, one might say), and partly because I’m a bit picky when it comes to what kind of illustration of ASD it is, as I look for a certain kind of characterisation (I very much need him to be his usual brilliant and emotionally constipated self and use all that as well as a lot of different coping mechanisms for me to really take it to heart). But here are three of my current favorites:

The Old Familiar Sting by @songlin​ - fragments of life from a neuroatypical point of view with a focus on sensory integration and sensory issues in a way that always makes this story feel… tactile. Interesting perspective on stimming and pain as well as touch, and I so love the backstory of The Coat.

The Cold Song series by eldritchhorrors - This story has both ‘technical violin porn’ as well as some very intense actual (BDSM) porn which is also interesting on a social and sensory level, but it’s also an interesting insight in a very specific ASD Sherlock’s mind, and the way it uses music to illustrate most of the things he finds it hard to tell in any other way is just so techinical and perfect, with the metaphors that people often claim ASD people can’t use, but I find that they often excel at. Patterns are, after all, one of the most calming and beautiful things there are.

On Pins and Needles series by @7-percent​ and @jbaillier​ - All the things I could possibly want to know about GBS and it’s complications (yes, I’m perfectly serious - this was most intriguing to me!) as well as a slowburn love story in which an unusually nuanced and multi-layered ASD Sherlock fights until his fingers are bloody (very literally) to keep himself upright when things that no one could have foreseen changes everything and he has to start from scratch in many regards. Coping mechanisms, both functional and less so, compensation, over-compensation, in-depth descriptions of meltdowns and an interesting medical approach to neurological differences.

I’ve already mentioned The Progress of Sherlock Holmes on an earlier rec list, but I like to mention it here as well, as I find that while it’s not specifically ASD, to me it’s just a very interesting tale in regards to sensory information, morality, being unable to say what’s really on your mind, because what is on your mind is so complex and fragmented that the risk of not being understood makes you withdraw from even trying, and it’s so much inside Sherlock’s head that I simply must mention it. The beginning (especially) of Observe, Control, Delete might also be mentioned and nicked from my other fic list for its descriptions of how Sherlock approaches ‘his pathologies’ in the most logical (well…) and awesomely intellectualised way.

On the tenth day of Christmas TJLC gave to me…

1 Absolute Favorite

2 Heartbreaking Fics

3 Underrated Authors

4 Fantasy Fics

5 Post-Reichenbach Fics

6 Novel-Length Fics

7 Kinky Fics

8 Unofficial Recs

9 Case Fics

10 HS/College Fics

You Give Me Fever (michi_thekiller | 16,122 | NC-17)

Thou givest fever when we kisseth, fever with thy flaming youth
Fever I’m afire; fever, yea, I burn forsooth
“He’s the kind of boy you want to take apart.”

School For Scandal (rubberbird | 222,199 | NC-17)

Sherlock lusts from afar. John tries hard to fool himself.

Celestial Bodies Series (songlin | 18,907 | NC-17)

They watch the omegas in their class miss a week at a time for their heats, or turn up pregnant, or drop out entirely, and see even the nicest, brightest boys and girls get rude and dumb and aggressive after presenting as alphas. Privately, they wonder what the rush is about.

John and Sherlock are eighteen years old and still haven’t presented as alpha or omega, though they’re both sure they know how their cards have been dealt. That is their first mistake.

Feel the Tide (positivelymeteoric | 45,314 | R)

Things John Watson doesn’t expect to do when he transfers to a new school:
A) Befriend his (possibly) mad roommate.
B) Investigate a particularly nasty streak of murders with his (most likely) mad roommate.
C) Fall slightly (or not so slightly) in love with his (definitely) mad roommate.
D) All of the above.

A Finger Slip (pawtal | 46,637 | PG)

“You may be the most interesting person I’ve ever met.”
“We haven’t met.”
“A minor detail.”

How to be brave (stillaseeker | 8,005 | R)

Love is so short, but forgetting is so long - Pablo Neruda

Of all the places to run into his ex, it had to be at a Tesco’s when he’s wearing his bloody pyjamas. At three in the fucking morning.

Ego Versus Eros (Lunavere | 23,531 | R)

John Watson had heard warning after warning about taking one of Professor Holmes’s courses. He knew he should stay away if only for the sake of his grades. However, when he reads the description for the module “Proper Criminal Investigation and Forensic Techniques,” he cannot help but enroll himself in the course and merely hope beyond hope that he doesn’t regret his decision.

Surprisingly enough, though, Professor Sherlock Holmes takes an immediate interest in him, although whether that is good or bad is up for question.

Saving Sherlock Holmes (earlgreytea68 | 139,393 | R)

Sherlock Holmes, schoolboy. Yeah, that basically sums it up.

Common Grounds (couchbarnacle | 66,875 | R)

John Watson is working at Holmes Manor for the summer and is caught up in the whirlwind that is Sherlock Holmes.

The Clash of Storm and Sea (quinnanderson | 19,318 | NC-17)

Music School AU. The first time John heard Sherlock play, he knew he was done for.

For @imayjustbesherlockholmes, who requested sickfics, ace!sherlock fics and/or autistic!characters fics. These are all Johnlock, because that is how I roll. 


Random Numbers by songlin

Though Greater Far, Is Innocent by penumbra

Compromises Lead to the Best Experiments by SailorChibi

Tuesday For Health by veronamay

Practical Angora Goat Raising (The Observer’s Paradox Remix) by Mad_Maudlin

If John Ain’t Happy … by wendymarlowe

Domesticity by hoc_voluerunt


Electric Pink Hand Grenade by BeautifulFiction

To Light Another’s Path by BeautifulFiction

Warm Me Up by halloa_what_is_this

The Case of the Uncommon Cold by fakinbrilliance

Hay Fever by avawtsn

Autistic Character:

Too Much To Hold by Sparkle_Free

The Old Familiar Sting by songlin

The Contingency Plan by mightypog

The amount of work that goes into a fanfic is incredible, and it all comes down to the authors. I’m recognizing just eleven of my favorites in this list.

On the eleventh day of Christmas TJLC gave to me…

1 Absolute Favorite

2 Heartbreaking Fics

3 Underrated Authors

4 Fantasy Fics

5 Post-Reichenbach Fics

6 Novel-Length Fics

7 Kinky Fics

8 Unofficial Recs

9 Case Fics

10 HS/College Fics

11 Favorite Authors

In no particular order…












There are, of course, plenty more favorites, but then there’d be too many to list! I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve or a lovely last night of Hannukah or simply a lovely holiday.

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