songgwangsa temple


Songgwangsa temple 1|2 by Edvenchers

“Songgwang-sa is located, snugly like a nest, in the lower edge of Mt. Jogye, Songgwang-Myeon Sooncheon Jeollanam-Do.

The name of Songgwang has several legends. First, it means a temple in which 18 great monks will spread the teaching of Buddha. In other words, ‘Song’ indicating ‘18 great men’ means 18 great monks, and ‘Gwang’ indicating the wide spread of Buddhism means a temple in which 18 outstanding monks will expand the Buddhism extensively. 

Second, there is a legend related to Jinul, the national master Bojo. In other words, as the master selected a site for moving Jeonghyegyeolsa, he flied a black kite made of wood in Mt. Mohu, and it landed at the back of the current Guksajun. Hence, the name of the back was called Chirakdae(the place where a black kite landed). Based on this legend, Yookdang Nam Sun Choi expounded Songgwang-sa as the Solgaengee temple by paraphrasing the meaning of Songgwang as Solgaengee(the dialect of a black kite). 

Last, it was previously called ‘Pine Hill’ due to many pine trees(Solgaengee), and Mt. Songgwang stemmed from it so that the name of the mountain was changed to the name of the temple. ”