the sea is my song
for a moment, just a moment, i belong

AU where little lord nico finds his first friend in a merboy prince named percy also i very recently rewatched Little Mermaid 2 and i just had to woops 

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I made this mini cover for Thomas Sanders :) it’s my way of I guess giving him thanks for always making me laugh everyday. His Vines always cheers me up☺️
Thank you so much, Thomas :)
Since I can’t draw, or I can’t really be funny and make a Vine remake, I just made this little cover for you 😊
I hope you enjoy it even though it’s like only 15 seconds long. Haha!


Just now Kradness was having an announcement regarding the new album that going to be released on 2015.3.4

The new album is KRAD MATRiX

The album separated into 2 type, Regular and Limited and as usual Animate, Toranoana, etc. will have a different CD appearance 

Regular Edition:

OniKYOKAN/JesusP (Wonderful☆Opportunity) Feat. Kradness × Reol 
Amanojaku (dubstep remix)/ Satsuki ga tenkomori Feat. Kradness
Bokura no 16 bit sensou/ Kradness
Aimai elegy/ Kradness
Ifuudoudou/ Umetora feat. Kradness
-ERROR/ niki Feat. Kradness
Nounai Denpa/ YM Feat. Kradness
Last Note. New song
YM New song
Camellia New song
MikitoP New song
UtataP New song
Ryu☆ New song

For limited edition, there is currently 1 addition song which is Kradness original music

Kradness Original music / Kradness

*The official site:
*Also i think you can ask Kradness at twitter using #QrAdness regarding the new album 

*Please inform me if i got any of this wrong ww

Stressed out.

A/N:: This is my first request! I hope you like it! Kisses, Red <3 xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut 

Request:  Hey, sweetie! Could you please write a Stiles Stilinski smut where the reader and him are dating but recently Stiles has been very distant because of stress and so one night the reader goes to his house to see whats wrong and it all leads to smut? You can add on to that, it’s all I got for now. Thanks! xoxo

Based on this song

For: @adriannahobrien09

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