So my dad’s going to be hanging out with my and Tamster at Katsucon, and I was going to have him cosplay a UPS guy like last time, but he had a better idea. 

He’s going to (he has ‘people’ apparently haha) go out and obtain everything for a 'wonderful cosplay’ and he’s planning on going as someone different as each day. 

I asked him what he was interested in Cosplaying, and he immediately listed off: (He’s mainly looking for evil scientists and such) Vector and/or Gru (Despicable Me), Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Mr. Crocker, Borris (From Rocky and Bullwinkle), and Sherlock. But he said if any of my friends and fellow Con goers had better ideas, he’ll take those!

I think it’s just really cool that I’m getting my dad into Cosplaying (too bad he  didn’t want to be Dad from Homestuck ;;)